When the end of the world is a better option than real life…

Hi All,

Remember when the queen of England said that it had been an “annus horribilis”? Well we just had one of those condensed down into a single day. It started out fine…Steve was off to do the shopping and we were waiting for the end of the world. He said that he figured that I would be washed off the planet before him as he was 50km inland from me and I was on the coast so he was going to phone me every 30 minutes to see if I was still there and to make sure that I answered the phone because he was going to look a right idiot running around the supermarket screaming “THE END IS NIGH!” to the bemused and jaded Christmas shoppers who were still milling around doing their last minute shopping in their hoards if nothing happened… by the way…the end of the world WASN’T nigh…it was another case of us giving some wide eyed loony the publicity that wide eyed loonies should NEVER be given because they tend to run with it and excite hosts of loonies that come flocking out of the woodwork (like zombies) to join en masse and start hallucinating together and causing murmurings in the fringes of the general community. If enough of them get together the mutterings can be registered all over the world and like any good rumour mill…enough muttering starts to give weight to the story, no matter how crazy it seems. We let the loonies take the stage and we actually gave them a microphone…while they were all fighting for the microphone and talking about their latest greatest doomsday prophesies the real world was carrying on regardless and our day started off innocently enough with me having to call our local income support centre “Centrelink” to try and sort out why they hadn’t paid us our student payment AGAIN…sigh…they are a groaning behemoth of a government department that is massively understaffed (how ironic that the workers keep finding themselves on the other side of the desk as the government keeps nibbling away at their population…) and as all good bureaucracies go, they do have to deal with an enormous workload and in the process of trying to keep us all honest, they make a lot of “interesting” decisions.


A peek over the netting of the new chook pen with some incredibly contented chooks. Big Yin is VERY happy because he can see all of his remaining girls in one hit and everyone seems happy with their new situation…the pen extends to the left and right of this view and to the left there are large clumps of agapanthus that the hens are nesting and laying in…all’s well on the Western Front!


I thought you might like to see how the little hazelnuts and walnuts we grew are going…


The closest we are going to get to “snow” on Serendipity Farm 😉

As students we rarely have to deal with them. We receive a payment from the government to re-educate ourselves and ironically our payment is a lot less than that of people who are job seeking. We are not complaining though…we are just very VERY grateful that we live in a country where you CAN get income support to pursue an education to give yourself a better chance to find a job in a market place where the strings are stretched tight enough to give a Stradivarius a run for its money. Every time we get to the end of the year we have to inform Centrelink of our intentions to continue our studies next year…whenever we move on in our studies we inevitably hit the coal face of Centrelink and end up with a few problems…it is expected and this year was no different. We had a few teething problems trying to use the departments website and after informing them of our intentions to study and our course of choice we had our payments cut because they were too busy to update our details even though they were completely aware of them…a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing but again…we just saw it as an inevitable case of bureaucratic fumbling and kept wading through the mire till we informed the right people and everything got sorted out…this happened a few more times and we found ourselves phoning them up last Wednesday to see why they had cut our payments and after talking to a customer service officer we were under the impression that everything was sorted out and that it wasn’t our fault…she apologised profusely in fact, and our payment would be put into the bank on Friday…doomsday… we should have known that it was on the cards to be an “interesting” day…

I got the recipe for this wonderful stollen from a fantastic food blog called “The Vicar Died Laughing…” Tobi is an amazing baker and bakes scrumptious looking breads, cakes and all sorts of other wonderful recipes. I have kept his blog hidden deep in my rss feed reader but I think that as you have all been VERY good…I might just share one of the best baking blogs on the internet with my dear constant readers…



Prior to making your Stollen, you need to make your almond paste. I chose to keep with the frugal theme and skin my own whole almonds and process all of my ingredients together in my vitamix


And here it is ready to store in the fridge until I need it…


This pavlova is NOTHING to do with Stollen but who needs continuity eh? It’s a very overrated thing 😉

Our payment wasn’t put into the bank on Friday and as Steve headed out the door to do his doomsday/Christmas shop I was left with the unenviable task of phoning up Centrelink when they opened the phone lines at 8am. It isn’t uncommon to sit on the phone for hours waiting to talk to a service operator and with the entire department closing for a week over Christmas I phoned up at 8am on the dot! I was reading my rss feed reader and commenting on blogs while I waited on the phone listening to the solitary classical song that they play over…and over…and over…and over again after speaking as clearly as I could to the voice recognition software that they employ to infuriate you and ignore what you are saying and put you through to the wrong department…I finally got through to someone after going through an epiphany before phoning. I had been annoyed that they hadn’t paid us…I had the outrageous indignation of the slighted righteous unpaid student and had girded my loins for battle with the first service operator that I got to speak to (there is a reason why Steve deals with all phone calls to government and service departments! 😉 )…when I stopped in my tracks and really thought about what I was doing…we are so LUCKY to be in the position that we are in! We might have had our payments cut due to bureaucratic bungling BUT we at least “got” a payment and had the security of this payment as a backup unlike most of the rest of the world where social support is only seen as a luxury and a waste of taxpayers’ money. I immediately stopped feeling outrageously indignant…I didn’t have any right to feel that way. I was suddenly infused with gratefulness and thankfulness and rather than getting angry and indignant at the customer service operator I was going to be a beaming ray of pure sunshiny happiness and forgive them their extended ineptitude and scare the living daylights out of them with my shiny shininess…


Mixing the fruit into the Stollen dough


Spot the integral ingredient in my Stollen…

I eventually got through after several false starts…”No thank you”…I didn’t want to set up a phone account…”No” I didn’t have a pin number and “No thank you” I didn’t want to set one of those up either…I just wanted to speak to someone…(which meant, apparently, that I had to wait longer as people with phone accounts and pin numbers get served first…) and eventually after a reasonably short period of time I got through…I shone my shininess at the customer service officer…I beamed at her using my smiley voice over the phone…I commiserated with her over how busy and stressful it must be to be working at the coalface where most of your “customers” were stressed out individuals who were a taught string ready to snap at any given moment and after shining like a beacon of light I asked her why we hadn’t been paid…she then proceeded to pull the rug completely out from under me and say “because you have too many assets and your payment has been cancelled”… that answer came straight from side left and hit me right out of the ballpark…”too many assets?”… “EH?!”… we have been straight down the line with Centrelink from the very beginning and had told them at the start everything that we inherited when my late father died and had been assured that we were under the limit for the assets test that we needed to meet to continue to be paid our payment…according to this doyen of darkness…this purveyor of rug pullers…not only were we not entitled to our payment…they didn’t know why we had been allowed the payment 2 years ago in the first place! Forget doomsday cults…when your world and your security comes crumbling down around your ears the roar of the crazies immediately fades into the background and the “End of the world” fades into the background along with them…I now had the roar of terrifying possibilities to replace them!


The dough ready to proof for 1 hour

Like all good terrified, rug pulled penniless student hippies who see their lifeline being surgically cut in front of their eyes I stopped shining and started to ask incredibly pertinent questions in an effort to go into damage control…the service operator told me that we would have to go to our local office to see what this meant and hinted that we may even have to pay back the payments that we had been paid for the last 2 years…Steve and I worry for a living…we can make a meal of stress and suddenly I was plunged into a 10 course degustatory feast of stress! I put down the phone dazed and confused and wondering “WHY?!” because the service operator (who didn’t deserve my “shiny happy” demeanour at ALL) had completely side skipped telling me anything or answering any of my questions with a bog standard “I don’t know…you will have to go to your local office…” all I could hear was “no payments” resounding in my ears and I did what every good panic merchant does at a time like that…I panicked! I phoned up Steve who was busy doing battle with the nana’s fighting over the last Christmas puddings and shared the load. Steve can worry for the queen and we both went into overdrive. Steve stopped spending and headed immediately to the local office to find out what was going on and a very nice lady in the office told him to bring back our rates notice for the property and a bank statement and as they don’t book interviews any more we would have to sit and wait to see someone. Steve came home laden with Christmas shopping and radiating stress…after a quick hug we both decided that a weekend of stressing and waiting for Monday to arrive to deal with it WASN’T an option…we like to deal with things immediately and so we threw the long suffering dogs into the car…we phoned up our daughters in town and gave them two options…”look after the dogs for us for a few hours or move”…they chose the former 😉 (Thanks girls, it was a good choice 😉 ) And we dumped the dogs unceremoniously and headed off with loins so girded that we could almost taste our underpants at the back of our throats…


Stollen shaped and ready to proof again for 1 hour. You are going to have to wait to see them finished as they are just baking in the oven now :). Thank you SO much for this amazing recipe Tobi and for allowing me to share your wonderful blog with my readers 🙂

Steve dropped me off at the traffic lights and I waited in line while he headed off to find a park in a consumer stuffed city full of Christmas shoppers…I talked to people behind me in line…one very interesting man called Andrew had also had his payments cut because the lady that was supposed to phone him had gotten sick and not informed anyone that she hadn’t phoned up her customers and all 800 of them had their payments cut…I had read about a man who had gone to the Centrelink Ombudsmen (Yes…I had done my homework folks! I had done EVERYTHING possible to understand our “enemy”…it’s what I do best…would you expect any less of me? 😉 ) And had read about a man who was standing in line waiting for his appointment with Centrelink who had a grand mal epileptic fit. It must have been bad because the paramedics were called and while they were dealing with the hapless man, his name was called out and as he was comatose at the time, he didn’t respond. The paramedics told the front desk that they would have to take the man off for observation but apparently that wasn’t good enough and he had his payments cut! He had to go to the Ombudsmen to have them reinstated…that scared me…the power that this bureaucracy had to not only ruin someone’s life…but keep the process going for a long…long time and force this man who was obviously in the right, to go to an Ombudsman to get what he was rightfully owed had me worried. Like all good behemoths, Centrelink has an incredible degree of power over people’s lives and like all good bureaucracies, they regularly run roughshod over the top of their “clients” in an effort to keep the wheels greased and the machinery running…collateral damage is inevitable but due to our most careful and honest dealings with them and our incessant need to shove all correspondence and paperwork into our filing cabinet and our inherent lack of trust regarding past dealings with this bureaucratic giant we were armed with the right kind and the right amount of ammunition to pierce their armour plated tanks and get to the crux of our problem.

After waiting we were seen by the very same lady that Steve had talked to earlier and at this point I would like to say that this lady did EVERYTHING that she could to help us. I want to give this lady my shiny happy voice from earlier in the day but by the time we got to see her I couldn’t find it any more…it was girded inside my underpants too tight to extract and so she got my worried middle aged penniless hippy countenance to have to deal with and she gave us back our hope. She said “This is weird!”… She asked us some pertinent questions and she said “what did you two do to have this happen?”…after that she looked at our papers, she took them off to her boss and she returned after having made a decision with her boss to use our paperwork to substantiate our claim and reinstated our payments immediately. I don’t know if this lady has any idea how her kindness helped us yesterday. Her female boss, although unseen, pulled strings to give us back our lives. This pair of kind women gave me back my Christmas spirit yesterday and my belief in human kindness…Lord knows I would turn into a machine working for this massive department where human desperation was the norm rather than an aberration and where the coalface regularly exploded against the pitted side of “the machine” but this woman genuinely cared. I wanted to reach over her desk and hug her but I settled for thanking her from the bottom of my heart and giving her my special shiny smile because SHE deserved it :o)… the rug has been reinstated and aside from having the value of our “asset” in town (the home that our daughters live in) revalued by the self-same government department that set the rateable value last year at our request (so presumably we shouldn’t see too much of an increase on what they set back then…) we have better than average odds of being able to manage this situation. What was our own private annus horribilus yesterday has been salved… for now…

And this brings me to the end of my post for today…Its walnut day and I have spent the whole post crying poverty and the end of the world and haven’t even mentioned Earl’s walnutty abilities! I wanted to save it till last. I wanted to inject you all with the hope and the smiley happiness that you deserve for surviving not only this mammoth post, but also the apocalypse! We are all true survivors folks…just getting out of bed alive in the morning and waking up is a miracle but we don’t think about that…we just take it for granted that we are going to breath…that we are going to make it to the end of the road in one piece and that we are going to live to old age unscathed…its moments like these that we NEED minties! Sorry…commercial jingles have incredible power over you!…It’s moments like these that you really see what is important and like Sting crooned “how fragile we are”… we really have something to give thanks for this Christmas…our lives have been reinstated…we didn’t have to live off the “kindness of strangers” and Effel Dookark didn’t have to give up her life to become Steve’s weekly ration of meat and we didn’t have to suffer the indignity and dehumanisation of going cap in hand to various community agencies to ask for help to pay our bills…and in the newfound honest and true spirit of gratefulness and thankfulness that a period of dangling over the edge of a precipice can deliver to a person I offer you Earls little walnut of great happiness…

And the winner is…


Here is the video of Earl choosing Christi from the walnut selection 🙂


As our last post before Christmas Steve and I would both like to wish everyone out there the most wonderful Christmas…no matter how big or small it is…no matter how many relatives you have to contend with…no matter what your situation or your story we are all united by a common bond here and the bottom line is that we are all incredibly lucky to be sharing whatever celebrations we are sharing with each other and NOONE knows that more than we do today :o)… see you the day after boxing day where life should have returned to a degree of something approximating “normalcy” on Serendipity Farm and the poignancy of girded loins and walnut draws have melted into the past… gone but NOT forgotten :o)


The winning walnut with Christi’s new wooden spoon 🙂

Steve has just told me that he really enjoyed making the spoon for this prize draw and has promised to make more lovely custom wooden spoons for future Serendipity Farm draws so everyone that missed out on the spoon this time will have more chances in the future to own a little piece of Serendipity Farm 🙂

31 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jmgoyder
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 18:49:30

    Happy Christmas!


  2. brymnsons
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 19:24:24

    Phew what a day! Thank goodness the dust has settled and it is more or less back in place. Congrats to Christi! The chook pen looks terrific too. I had a cat called Mintie because I told Bruce that I needed one 🙂 just like the ad x


    • narf77
      Dec 22, 2012 @ 19:45:40

      I am sure that Christi will be very glad to win the spoon…remember…we will be making more soon to share with our other constant readers (the real reason is that Earl is now addicted to walnuts and will eat the furniture if we don’t regularly let him draw one 😉 ). Mintie is great name for a cat 🙂


  3. Roz Takes
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 19:56:59

    So glad you have been reinstated with Centrelink they can be very obtuse sometimes, however I still maintain that if they cut you off from one payment they have to cover you with another. You may have too many assets for Student Allowance but not for Job Start or whatever name it goes by this year.
    Love the Stollen I have a good recipe for one but did not make one this year. The Family will have to settle for Rum Balls and Coconut Ice.
    Congrats to Christi I am very envious.
    Merry Christmas to you both have a wonderful day and spare a thought for me here with the grandkids.


    • narf77
      Dec 23, 2012 @ 08:34:33

      We did our annual “wine swap” with our 90 year old next door neighbour Glad yesterday and she was saying that she had been cooking Christmas puddings. Steve said “I will order one off you next year” and she gave us one there and then! It smells amazing and is obviously full of rum. It must be a good pudding because her family insists on her making them every year. We made pork pies (Steve’s “must have” for Christmas) and we are going to drop a large one around to her to share with her daughter Wendy. Your family is very luck to have rum balls and coconut ice. I LOVE rum balls and coconut ice but can’t eat them :(. I made Stollen because I didn’t want to make Christmas cake or mince pies because mum used to make them and it didn’t feel right this year so I decided to go with my German heritage and have a go at Stollen. Have a look at that site, Tobi is an amazing baker and some of his bread makes me want to reaminate “Herman” and try sourdough again (or at least build Stewart and Kelsey a vinegar brick house at the top of the property! 😉 ).
      The girls tell me that you asked Robert if he was going to visit us on Serendipity Farm…that would have been “interesting” ;). I am all for the status quo Roz, but I don’t think that I will ever be anyone that Robert would want to discuss politics with ;). It’s good that he is coming over to share some time with the girls. He needs to remember that he has got another family (albeit adult) and that they are actually a lot of fun now that they are grown up :). You didn’t enter the spoon draw! I waited…and I waited…but you didn’t enter? We are having more so PLEASE enter the next one. Steve makes beautiful spoons and you could be the proud owner of one if you enter :). Merry Christmas to you as well…heres a hug from Tasmania and I am certainly sparing a thought for you there with the grandkids. Christmas is only really exciting when you have kids around isn’t it? This year we are off to help out at a local free Christmas event. The girls have their own Christmas plans (a gourmet food event for 2) and Stewart and Kelsey are spending their first Christmas together (you might end up with great grandkids yet from this side Roz! 😉 ) and we are spending a very quiet first ever Christmas together alone. We decided to give some of our time to Christmas Day to give it back some meaning. We will raise a glass to you when we get back in and have our Christmas meal 🙂


      • Roz Takes
        Dec 24, 2012 @ 09:10:51

        Yes Fran I can see the possibilities of that confrontation but I think that is just Robert being Robert. I don’t remember asking the question.
        I did enter the spoon draw, back on Dec 5th blog but you were just getting ready to visit the girls so it probably went unseen. I definately will enter the next draw.
        Do have a great Christmas and I think if Stewart and Kelsey are anything like most of this younger generation it will be some time before I am a great grandmother. Seems that only the late arrivals to Australia are interested in multiplying (there I said it).

      • narf77
        Dec 24, 2012 @ 10:03:17

        Steve holds his hand up for you missing the spoon draw, he says “I can’t appologise enough! and seeing as you missed out, he is going to make you a special spoon in the new year…in fact…he will make it, and will give it to the girls to give to Robert when he visits the girls at the end of January to bring back for you :)” see… you won anyway ;). The girls thought that your question was magnificent by the way…we bred a pair of stirrers ;). They said “why don’t you visit for Madeline’s birthday and stay in the unit out the back?…then you could just wander in for breakfast and we could take a photo of dad’s face and post it on facebook…” 😉 Hey, all in good fun and if Robert ever wanted to drop in on Serendipity Farm he would be completely welcome but as you say, he most probably won’t ;). I agree with the late arrivals but it’s our fault for paying out baby bonuses! Whenever something overpopulates, it’s always because the conditions are too good 😉 (I SAID IT TOO! 😉 ). Have a fantastic Christmas and if we ever manage to get back over to W.A. we should get together for a coffee :).

  4. Joanne
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 00:16:25

    Gah! Crazy day! But at least you survived to tell the tale?


    • narf77
      Dec 23, 2012 @ 08:15:44

      It takes a crazy day to make your normal days seem so much sweeter. I have to admit, I normally don’t like the “Christmas cooking” day, but this years “Christmas cooking” day came right after our Annus Horribilus and you know what? It was wonderful! I enjoyed every single thing that we cooked/did because I was actually grateful this year for our lot. I guess they did us a favour 🙂


  5. christiok
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 03:02:53

    OMG!!!! I won!! I have NEVER won anything in my entire almost 56 years! I am so chuffed. THANK YOU! And it was extra fun to hear Steve’s accent and Earl in action. I’m still laughing and can’t wait to tell Keith but he’s still in bed. More later when the old man gets up. Yipppeeeee!


    • narf77
      Dec 23, 2012 @ 08:21:02

      I don’t like my accent Christi so the odds of you hearing me in a video are slim and next to none…I sound like crocodile dundee! “Git a shrimp orn the baaaaarbi” 😉 I can only dream of my next reincarnation occuring somewhere civilised…Bezial must have done something VERY bad in his fastidious past to have been forced to live with us because he is only happy when the linen is washed and crisp…the house is spotless and there is a nice clean spot in front of the fire and this tends to be a rare occurence on Serendipity Farm thanks to our proximity to “The Country” ;). I am so glad that you won. We watched the video and I said “It looks like I could have substituted a nut there…you can’t see my hand in that bit!” If you look closely at the video, it looks like there is another number “5” that Earl leaves in the bowl but it is actually a number “15”…I was paranoid that everyone else would call favouritism and would hunt me down in a lynch mob! I might have to call on the Earl that caused the controversy to protect me (some of them know where I live! 😉 ).


      • christiok
        Dec 23, 2012 @ 08:34:05

        I saw that other “5” but just bleeped it. Now that you mention it, though, that’s a good explanation and you do not need to go to the nut house. The Stollen is gorgeous; don’t let Earl know it’s available. Thanks again for my best Christmas present ever.:)

      • narf77
        Dec 23, 2012 @ 08:37:26

        You are welcome Christi…not that you are going to get it for Christmas, but you will get it in the New Year, a year of no appocolyptic predictions and lots of Serendipitous jam making with your new shiny, delicious, well weighted (can you see that I want one? 😉 ) spoon :). Earl was on the kitchen table last night before we packed the Stollen away in a vain attempt to hijack a Stollen. We are on to you Earl! (“children” make you ever vigilent!)

  6. christiok
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 07:55:29

    Spoooooon Riiiverrrrr! Keith is singing, and says….Get thee to a spoonery! We are so excited. Since you are already making us one (even though I SWEAR we didn’t send you the jam for a spoon), we feel a tad guilty and are giving hollow lip service to donating this win to charity. It’s a Christmas Miracle — just a little steak sauce on walnut #5. 🙂 The video is genius. Now if you’ll just post an example of Fran’s accent! I love the drumroll. Thanks sooo much! Oh, and hugs to all the other entrants. The Bearded One says hugs to Earl.


    • narf77
      Dec 23, 2012 @ 08:14:14

      Steve said, at the beginning of the draw, that he thought that either my friend Kym in W.A. or you would win the spoon…maybe I should get him to pick the lotto numbers? ;). The spoon draw is all down to Earl. He doesn’t like steak sauce but he does like walnuts. As you can see in the video, he wasn’t all that fussed about walnut scrumping when it was legal…he would rather steal them when no-one is looking…a bigger rush ;). I am really glad that you got the spoon and we know that you didn’t send us the jam for a spoon, we just wanted to reciprocate your generosity and share a little bit of Serendipity Farm with you. It is a shame you are so far away as I have a beautiful Stollen (one of 6) that we made yesterday, heady with rum, fruit, glace cherries and home made almond paste that we can’t think of a home for (sad penniless hippies with only virtual friends 😦 … ). Maybe we should have a prize draw? 😉


  7. thinkingcowgirl
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 10:35:18

    What a gorgeous pic of the chickens in their new enclosure, boy they are so happy! Lucky lucky birds. I might say the same about the cows….apart from the torrential river running everywhere – so much water – and their shed is also now getting squishy. They have been holed up there all day looking very sorry for themselves 😦

    I’m liking ‘scare the living daylights out of them with my shiny shininess…’ – usually it works, though the immoveable mountain of bureaucracy can make it easily tarnish ;). But maybe your beam from earlier in the day had worked some magic – like the butterfly effect. Or something.

    Congratulations to Christi – my vibes to Earl obviously couldn’t get through all that earth.


  8. Sincerely, Emily
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 11:06:26

    Holy Cow – what a day. Glad you got some of it sorted out, but what a pain in the drain. Congrats to Christi on winning Steve’s beautiful spoon! That Earl is such a good nut,isn’t he!? Have a great Christmas!


  9. foodnstuff
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 11:55:52

    Oh yes, Centrelink is a hair-tearing-out experience all right. Been there done that!

    Poor Earl; didn’t look happy about the nut thing, so I’ll forgive him for not picking mine. Next time, Earl.

    Happy Christmas to all at Serendipity Farm!!


    • narf77
      Dec 23, 2012 @ 15:45:13

      Yes…it would appear that the only time that Earl is actually over the moon about picking walnuts is when he isn’t actually supposed to be doing it…apparently it loses something in the translation ;). Next time Bev as we are going to be making more spoons for our dear constant readers and Centrelink? Forgedaboudit! 😉


  10. Hannah (BitterSweet)
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 13:10:54

    Yeah, I’ve gotta say, it was a pretty unremarkable day for the end of the world. Oh well, I’m sure someone will come up with another hair-brained idea for a date for the apocalypse before we know it. Funny how they just don’t give up the concept, despite all the past prediction failures!

    Anyhow, I hope you and Steve have a very Merry Christmas! I’ll be looking forward to you next post after the holidays blow over. 🙂


    • narf77
      Dec 23, 2012 @ 15:47:32

      We are actually going to help out at a local free Christmas lunch for people who are alone or unable to provide themselves with a Christmas lunch so our own Christmas meal (when we get home) will be simple but happy. We will be back on Wednesday full of fizz for the New Year…we have a raving loony friend here who says that the U.S. is going to be hit by terrorists on December 26th so it didn’t take him long did it? 😉


  11. Trackback: A Farmlet Christmas Miracle | Farmlet
    • narf77
      Dec 26, 2012 @ 10:24:03

      Love it girl! You are going to be festooned with spoons by the time you get that parcel, like a veritable Christmas tree of kitchen accoutraments :)…remember to give one to your lovely daughter Molly (you can choose which one 🙂 ).


  12. brymnsons
    Dec 26, 2012 @ 23:09:33

    Funny thing is I have always had the number 5 in my life, and was thinking fancy someone else getting my number 5 lol. So Steve was right on the money, must be psychic eh 🙂


    • narf77
      Dec 27, 2012 @ 04:49:58

      I agree…Number 5 is always in my life too being born on a 5 but at least you already have some of Steve’s spoons :). We are off to the shed today to get stuck into making more and knowing Steve, he will want to make another one for another draw. Earl might get to choose from hazelnuts this time as he was obviously sulking in the video 😉


  13. brymnsons
    Dec 27, 2012 @ 17:37:25

    Yes I know, it brings a smile to my dial every time I look at them hanging over my stove. See you are born on the 5th, that is another “5” in my life 🙂 Told you it’s lucky for me


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