Come and visit Serendipity Farm for The Virtual Vegan Potluck tomorrow…

Hi All,


Click this link to take you to the full list of participants. I am SO excited to be taking part in this event 🙂

This is a teeny tiny little post just to test my scheduler is working correctly. I am very excited to be posting in a worldwide event tomorrow and would love for you all to come and take a look. I promise there are at least 800 words less than I usually type and LOTS more pictures and a wonderful and most tasty recipe to boot. This post has taken a whole lot of work and I really do appreciate those amazing food bloggers out there that do this every single day. I would go banana’s! Here’s a gratuitous shot of vegetable head for you all to enjoy…I am using it as a lure for prospective blog followers tomorrow ;). Have a great Friday guys and enjoy yourselves to the MAX this weekend.


narf7 the great Stromboli maestro of old Sidmouth town 🙂


Hows this for a vegan recipe folks? And we grew most of the ingredients and made everything ourselves 🙂