Time is fleeting

Hi All,

“Let’s do the time-warp again…!” Err…maybe not! Who has time to do the Time Warp eh? Certainly not old narf7! I have just dropped in for a very quick visit to share an awesome website that I found recently and clamped down into my RSS Feed Reader as its pure gold. For those of you dear constant readers (who are still reading my posts) who garden, this is MAGIC! Go here, revel in this generous souls amazing adventures into creating awesomeness for the garden from bugger all and the smelly bits that would otherwise get shuffled shamefully into the bin or hoarded behind the shed and buried on a moonlit night furtively (outside the compound so that Earl couldn’t dig them up and bring them into bed as his trophies…sigh…). I bring you “The Unconventional Farmer”!


That’s pretty much all I have time for at the moment folks. Life is crazy and time is fleeting. Sanctuary has gone over to the white fly’s and rats (for now) but no possums have invaded so I am calling that a sort of win. Stevie-boy and I have been hauling trailer loads of wood up from where they were cut and dried and stashing them under the deck for the promise of a cold winter. No log splitting for Stevie-boy this winter :). The front “garden” (jungle?) has run amok…even more amok than usual thanks to our 3 weeks worth of summer that went straight into winter and TAFE has seen us cramming so much information into our middle-aged heads that we are wondering if they can hold it all.

Pretty soon “The Road to Serendipity” is going to move to her new forever home. Stevie-boy, in all of his newfound wisdom (that man is a technical maestro) signed us up to self-host and as part of that dealeo, we get as many websites as we want. I just want “1” and so we bought the domain name “The Road to Serendipity” and sometime soon, when the whitefly have shuffled off, the rats have all been eviscerated by the feral cats and life has settled into shuffling from the warmth of Brunhilda to the frigid cold of the car for our 30 minute trip into the city for school, we will move the blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. I will let the three of you who are still following know well in advance.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and that at least some of you got to put your feet up and give thanks. Catch you soon and please make time to visit that site if you garden in the slightest. You won’t be sorry 🙂