When opposites collide

Hi all,


This blog post is late. It is late because we have been studying hard all day and only just realised that I had to post my blog post today! EEK! The images of Sir Stevie-boy and Ms narf taken in homage to Ms Pauline, Mr Orlando and Sir Siddy are the result of very tired students who are three sheets to the wind as they haven’t had their dinner yet but have certainly not missed out on some wine…here’s hoping Ms Pauline is amused rather than mortified ;). On to the actual post…

We all have this “thing” where we look at other people’s lives or what they do and we add a little touch of fairy dust and “POOF!” that other person’s life is suddenly SO much better than our own. That old saying “you can’t truly know a man till you walk a mile in his shoes” is SO true. Try walking a mile, 100 metres…heck 10 metres in Stevie-boys shoes and you will instantly know what I mean ;). Seriously though, what is it about lusting after other people’s lives? I guess part of it is that we are not privy to the bad bits. I mean who posts about terrible, horrible, no good very bad days? I think that blog authors and blog readers are all guilty of omitting the bits of their lives that they think might not be as amuse bouche as others. If you saw what my laundry floor looked light right at this minute you would have to run to your bathrooms and wash your hands repeatedly (OCD?) but I am NOT going to share that image with you so you can’t really “see” how narf twitches whenever she walks out the back door and looks down at the door mats covered in all KINDS of nefarious things that sometimes get wiped off…but most of the time make their way into the laundry to create a delightful tapestry of nature that narf7 gets the joyful task of removing…



Although this MIGHT look like I am attempting to crochet a dalek from Dr. Who, it’s actually the base of a crocheted gauntlet. Although I did learn a couple of new crochet stitches making this I ended up pulling it apart and starting again



What happens when you leave your crochet alone for 10 seconds to go to the loo…sigh…

So what brought this topic to Serendipity Farm today? Aside from beavering away on studies all week and being holed up like a field mouse hibernating and doing pretty much BUGGER all except for extracting hair from root follicles when Illustrator refuses to do what I want it to do, I mean is it SO hard to just do what I want? I negotiate with it…I put my cup (bucket) of tea right next to the screen so that it can inhale that life giving aroma. It jump-starts me, so why can’t Illustrator just “get” what I am trying to do eh? Seems the brain of a narf and the programming of an Illustrator may just be a step too far apart and something needs to be inserted in-between in order for that miraculous synapse to become complete and start firing. That miraculous in between quotient is Stevie-boy but he is somewhat gainfully employed at the moment leaving narf to try to overcome her natural luddism when it comes to computers. Once you have given the monitor, and then the desktop box, a bit of a gentle whacky reminder of who is boss and it STILL doesn’t work, what’s a narf to do?


A lovely image that Steve took recently

Nothing…that’s what…nothing that suddenly turns into spending hours on Pinterest but that’s another thing that you don’t see when you drop in to Serendipity Farm. You see the water tank installations and the veggie garden (well, when I am not ashamed to take photos you see it…) and pretty close-ups of flowers (that the possums/wallabies/chooks/Earl hasn’t eaten yet) and you get the good bits. No-one wants to air their dirty laundry and everyone wants to hold up their triumphs, their successes in order to garner a small degree of praise that is usually lacking from their significant others (“I am just…one…man!” I rest my case! 😉 ) I will segue back to my point now for those of you wondering what the heck this post is about. I read a most delightful and equally as sporadic post from Ms Pauline over at The Contented Crafter . Pauline is a most amazing woman. She lives with King Orlando and Young Sidney pup and not only manages to survive that maelstrom of animal activity but she shares her ideas, her ideals, her amazing ability to turn wool and paint and bits of string into most magnificent, lust-worthy creations. Craft genius aside, the most wonderful thing about Ms Pauline is that she IS Ms Pauline. A kind, caring, clever, intelligent, and most delightful person who gives damned good comment when the need arises.


Earl having a bit of a rest after a long walk. I don’t get that luxury 😉



Can you see the hole in the ashes in the firebox? I think we have fire moles!

She hasn’t been posting as often as she used to (not that I would know, I haven’t seen my RSS Feed Reader feet past the belly of posts that have built up over the last unread week or so) thanks to Mr Sidney pup who has turned her quiet life of order and routine upside down. There is NOTHING like getting a new puppy to make you suddenly realise how bloody amazing your life was before. Again, you are lusting after the good bits and completely ignoring how there was a dog shaped hole in your life that was missing in action and that desperately needed filling but that gets shunted aside when you look at the chaos that is your life now…the chewed and still wet socks, the skirting boards that are either chewed or peed on, the crafts that you used to be able to leave in a tasteful basket on the floor now up high because not only are the crafts not safe, the basket has a greatly increased half-life as well. Siddy, I salute you young lad. You have most definitely shaken up and stirred Ms Pauline and Mr Orlando who is only just starting to see the benefits of being able to tease a young over-excitable pup


Steve teaching Earl how to use Facebook…

After reading Ms Pauline’s most honest appraisal of Life spent in between Mr Orlando and young Sidney pup I started to realise how much Stevie-boy and I resemble Mr Orlando and young  Sir Sidney. I tend to be a whole LOT like Mr Orlando. I lay about, reclining at various impossible angles (MUST get a new sofa…) for most of the day contemplating my navel…allowing my head to fill with thoughts and then empty without having done a single thing in between. I take delight in my simple processes that blend seamlessly into other simple processes that make up my day. I like my routines, they keep me sane, I am a creature of habit and happily so. I like to crochet, to take my time when cooking, cleaning, doing things. It’s just me. Then we have Stevie-boy. I have never met a man who is more puppy like than Stevie-boy. He jumps from one task to another with a sporadic joy that is both delightful and terrifying to watch. You just never know where that man is going to end up next. He races from one task to the next, often leaving the first task to head off and do something else. When he abandons one task it is my signal to start cleaning up the worst of the mess that was generated from the first task. I am Sancho Panza to his Don Quixote…I am sure he thinks that some miraculous mess fairy flies in and tidies up his mess when he vacates the premises as its most certainly not there when he comes back…


Poor Earl. Not only is he missing opposable thumbs but he also can’t read. If he COULD read he would know that this box once contained “winged sitting pigs” his most favourite kind of pigs of all

Stevie-boy is a notorious half-doer. He leaves a wake of “stuff” in his path that just stays there for days, weeks, months till he needs it again when it has obviously been displaced by “someone else” as he knew exactly where he left it/put it…sigh… our life is a life of chaos on one side and a life of order on the other. The place where these duel lives meet is strangely terrifying and yet completely invigorating. We still have to learn how to negotiate with each other. After 15 years of living together (this year is our 14th wedding anniversary) I still have NO idea about how Stevie-boys mind works and by the look of bewilderment on his face whenever I am angrily voicing my complaint, he is just as equally in the dark as to where my mind is at. It is a conundrum to me. I fear that should I ever wake up and find myself in Stevie-boy’s body (and visa-versa) that we might both have to be raced to the nearest mental health facility STAT.


AHA! NOW we see why Mr E was so very interested in that box (and being on the table in the first place!) I ended up making a pair of knitted long gauntlets for a friends birthday but Mr E decided that he might like to add “knitting” to his long line of accomplishments. I, being the spoil-sport that I am, said “NOOOOOOOOO!” 😉

After finishing reading Ms Pauline’s delightful blog post and her simple desire to have a single photo of her with both Mr Orlando and young Sidney pup the first NOT holding them both by the scruffs of their necks, not a conglomerate image superimposed using Photoshop (yes Ms Pauline, you CAN do that 😉 ) but simply her with Orlando and Siddy (How come “Siddy” isn’t a word but “Soddy” is Spell-check eh?!!!) just sitting together. No Andy Cap and Flo type cloud of feet and whiskers and sibling angst, just Orlando in all his regal serene splendour and Siddy just sitting there, doing his small doggy best to smile. That’s all Ms Pauline wants. Her simple life has been hijacked and the order, the serenity that once was is long gone…BUT the energy, the sheer unmitigated puppy joy, the intense desire to interact with Mr Orlando, the bliss of holding a furry bundle of snuffles in your arms (for 10 seconds till he NEEDS to be put back down…there are mysteries afoot!) is a most intoxicating salve for the wounds of the savaged past that really and truly need to be licked, cleaned, scab formed and gotten over. That’s what shared lives are. A mass conglomeration of negotiations, stand-offs, opportunities to learn, to understand, to grow that we would otherwise never have the chance to understand and appreciate unless we were dragged backwards, kicking and screaming into that melee.

Andy Cap and Flo

Here you see Andy Cap and his long suffering wife Flo. Back last century this comic strip ran on a daily basis in the newspapers. I read a few of them while I was hunting for a strip with the ubiquitous fight scenes (this one has two!) in it and noticed that Andy spent a lot of time punching Flo! This comic strip is SO politically incorrect but back when I was a kid it was apparently funny! But back when I was a kid Rolf Harris was an Aussie Icon. I rest my case!



Stevie-boy and I. I want to know why I am riding a cow!

I decided that Ms Pauline might need to see how much like Mr Orlando and young Sidney pup the first, Stevie-boy and I are like so we took a few photos in homage to the chaos that is Ms Pauline’s life now just to show her that we are standing in solidarity (and similarity) with her on her journey into self-discovery and awareness. I hate to break it to you Ms Pauline but your hope for a quick and painless/seamless easing back to the life that you once knew is probably doomed. Stevie-boy and I have been living together for 15 years now and neither of us has the FOGGIEST idea of how the other ones mind works, what the heck they are on about most of the time or how on earth we are going to solve problems together without bickering. On the plus side, we HAVE learned to live and let live (neither of us likes those Andy Cap and Flo fights) and give each other distance and our own space so maybe that’s the best that you can hope for in this situation. Stevie-boy and I are cemented together now for better or worse and the glue that keeps we complete opposites attracting is pure magic. No idea why I still want to please him, to cook him food that makes him smile, to plump up his pillow when I make the bed…no…bloody…idea! Maybe that’s why opposites stay together? Because they just DON’T get each other and that magic just never gets a chance to be fathomed out and become also-ran? Who would know…maybe there is a book in that, some scientific research, whatever…feel free to poach my hypothesis, my theorem and run with it if you are so inclined.


Everything is right with the world when there are hot sausage rolls to be eaten 🙂

Me, I am TOO busy to do anything about anything folks, Illustrator and I are learning to negotiate the boundaries…to work together when WE are complete opposites. Perhaps a delightful partnership of mutual satisfaction may arise but more likely we will be butting heads where those lines meet on a regular basis and I will learn to tolerate Illustrator from afar with a degree of admiration and awe at what it can do. I hope you enjoy our pictorial homage to Ms Pauline’s Orlando and Siddy conundrum that she finds herself embroiled in. If you would like to read the post that generated this homage, please head over to Ms Pauline’s blog The Contented Crafter  and read, laugh, learn, feel yourself salved by Ms Pauline’s delightful honest word-smithing and know that somewhere out there opposing creatures are stirring…

We will go in order of images posted in Ms Pauline’s post…

1. Ms Pauline was walking Sir Siddy pup the first and in this image, Mr Earl is walking Sir Stevie-pup the first…



2. Sir Siddy had hightailed it with one of Ms Pauline’s shoes…



3. Sir Siddy has Mr Fox but Stevie-boy has big Mr bear…



4. Mr Orlando was staring myopically into the camera with his fur askew…not hard to replicate this one 😉



5. Mr Orlando was curled up on a lovely BIG dresser to remain out of Sir Siddy’s reach. Mr Stevie-boy wouldn’t let poor narf curl up on anything other than this tiny little cupboard…


6. Mr Orlando, still on the dresser (however he looks a WHOLE lot more comfortable and content than Ms Narf!) and Mr Siddy looking up forlornly at the object of his desire (where Stevie-boy is languishing for his tea…)


Just to finish off this homage to the chaos that is now Ms Pauline’s life I would like the opportunity to salve a little of the problem. Sir Siddy the first just wants a kitty of his own. Check out this awesome link where you can knit your very own Sir Siddy Kitty that he can do whatever he wants with about halfway down. A free pattern…knock yourself out Ms Pauline, we all need hope…