Enter the Pamplemousse…

Hi All,

While I have your attention and before you settle into your blissful state of somnolence as you read this post whilst allowing your minds to wander to pastures green and escape the hustle and bustle of the real world…”What the HECK is a Pamplemousse?!”. I thought that might wake you up. I have been dabbling in blogs in other languages. Why not? I abuse the English language enough, may as well incite the grammar police in other countries to riot. I can’t have Madeline (my eldest daughter who is the self-appointed chief of police of the English vernacular) working 24/7 now can I? So I decided to head off and check out what other countries are doing with food blogs. Turns out they are doing just fine without the English language folks…so fine in fact, that I am veering side left to check out some of the amazing recipes that they are tossing around like so much flotsam on the sea. Every recipe looks amazing! I want to make every single one of them! Partly because they are exotic (grass greener on the other side of the fence anyone? 😉 ) and partly because they just look so damned good! I can’t believe that everyone outside English speaking countries has a masters in photography so some of this gorgeousness just HAS to come from the recipes themselves.


This is NOT Ms Sihem. This is narf7 hanging out in front of her bestie Brunhilda with Earl who appears to be ripping up yet ANOTHER soft toy. You can’t see the hole in my track pants from this angle but you CAN see those split ends. The t-shirt is David Bowie and I am just about to feed Brunhilda yet another log to add to her log quotient for the day. Ms Sihem is an attractive well coiffured French woman who dresses in the gypsy style. I, am a strange demented West Australian who dresses in the style of “HoBo”.

Another part of the equation that makes it so tantalising for me is that I don’t understand what the recipe is about. It’s a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be solved before I can dish this lovely (but completely unintelligible) creation up to Steve (a.k.a. “Only 1 man!”). It looks good enough to bath in BUT what is it?! So I head off to my old mate Google Translate. I have studiously avoided swapping over to Google Chrome. I KNOW it automatically translates folks but it doesn’t have a favourites bar and that’s where I stash my pirates treasure of website bullion just waiting for me to revisit and roll in whenever I have a few secret spare minutes to indulge. Without them I am nothing…NOTHING I tell you! The day Google Chrome gives me a favourite’s bar is the day I jump but till then, they are going to have to drag me kicking and screaming to Google Chrome! So for the purposes of this post let’s just say that I have been spending a goodly amount of time going back and forwards between Google translate and undecipherable blog posts with drool worthy images. Some of them have been quite a revelation leading me off to hunt down rare and wonderful ingredients. Some have had me excited about the possibilities of growing said ingredients myself! It’s a world of information and excitement out there folks if you don’t plan on actually doing anything with the rest of your life. You could just sit here poring over the net and becoming a resident expert on just about every cuisine in the world…but some of us have work to do and so I just cram these little undecipherable beauties into my groaning RSS Feed Reader (almost 500 again…) to delight me another day.

The word for today had me tapping the thick wooden doors to my wordy mental basement dungeon where I apparently store every single word that I have ever heard. It’s my talent… that and knowing that I spelled something wrong but not knowing how to correct it. I am just waiting for the game show that combines the two and I am IN! I have visited the great “Pamplemousse” before…just not sure where, so off to my old mate Google I go…type in P.A.M.{.{.: (bugger…fingers went too far right on the keyboard…backspace…backspace etc. till you get to the . before the M…try again dopey…) M.P.L.E (you know the rest, just building tension…I have to practice my writing skills or I am ASSURED that they will abandon me and move to a nice new human who is willing to allow them to flourish…) and the results are in folks…

A Pamplemousse is… (Drumroll….)… a grapefruit.

I can hear the palpable deflation of your expectations as I type this…you were waiting for something exotic, something amazing and delicious and utterly and entirely foreign weren’t you? Well misery loves company and so was I! It’s just very lucky that I don’t have more followers (and more of my followers that actually read my posts and aren’t just sleepers 😉 ) or I might have just been the cause of some serious literary depression there.

Now that we have our pamplemousse folks, what the heck are we going to do with it to render it so delicious that narf7 decided to take the time to translate the recipe? I might be tenacious but I am also bolshie, I am going to make this bloody thing come hell or high water! Here is the recipe folks…follow along…


Here is my Google Translate version of what I am going to do with this grapefruit cum pamplemousse…

“Comfort cake with pink grapefruit and bitter almond

My cake comfort of these days, I love the combination of bitter almond and grapefruit is very special for me finally all cases. Because I made small madeleines for small (my son and his friends) but apart from my son who is used to off-tastes in common, other did not really like! I promised them chocolate madeleine’s for next time!

To go to the recipe, see more photos and leave a comment at the bottom click


100g soft butter
80g sugar
2 tbsp almond cream
150g flour
30g of wheat flour
2 large eggs
1 zest of a grapefruit
The chair of a grapefruit
3 melee yeast
1 pinch of salt
50g ground almonds
1 tsp orange extract
1/2 melee extract of bitter almonds

Extract of grapefruit zest, peel, remove the thin skin of each slice and keep the chair.
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Beat the butter and sugar; add eggs, flavors, almond cream, and zest. Beat again until the mixture is smooth. Stir chair grapefruit and mix gently with a wooden spoon full of beauty.
In a separate, put the flour, yeast, salt and ground almonds, mix well container.
Stir egg mixture to the flour mixing very gently.
Butter a mold, pour the mixture and bake 40 minutes more or less.”

Note: the closest I could come to shining a light on what “melee” means is “lively crowd” so if you choose to make this recipe you need to first source yourself a lively crowds worth of bitter almonds and yeast and THEN proceed with the recipe. Always prepare your ingredients first folks! Mise en plus… By the time you get to making your recipe, you might need to enliven both crowds again so I dare say you should tell the bitter almond crowd that the yeast crowd said that their “mother was a hamster and their father smelled of elderberries” and vise-versa and that should keep them occupied and enlivened sufficiently to arrive at the desired results.

So there you have it folks…narf7’s next pamplemousse conquest. It is citrus season here in Australia and we are just about to be almost crushed under a deluge of “le citron”; “d’orange” and “le citron vert” along with our new friend “le pamplemousse” and now I am completely prepared to deal with this onslaught of citric goodness. I hope you checked out Madame Sihems’s gorgeously photographically bedecked blog. Madame Sihem appears to be the epitome of well-aged French cougar on the prowl and when checking out her “About” page (using my rudimentary 3 years of French as a guide) I discovered that she loves honey and spice for their “purity preparations” and she discovered using spices 6 years ago to (I quote) “I looked forward to my mother to turn the sleep laboratory kitchen spices.” Any younger men reading this blog who aren’t gay (that’s you Spencer 😉 ) might want to get in touch with Ms. Sihem as aside from being quite a presentable member of the middle aged woman confraternity and able to bake complete deliciousness that transcends the language barrier she is French! I rest my case. She has left her email address on her site for anyone wanting to contact her. I doubt she would be interested in any correspondence that I might generate or, indeed, my crazed pamplemousse post but I dare say she might exhibit a Mona-Lisa degree of pleasure at someone in Tasmania promoting her otherwise completely anonymous blog as furiously as this. She might even display a little pride in her blog, little knowing that my mania was fuelled by a lack of sleep and buggery-bollocks-all idea of what to post about today…

“So…how’s that garden going narf7? How are those walls holding up? What have you planted/done towards your coming springtime garden?” The answer to that is sweet bugger all folks! It’s cold out there…It’s cold and it’s covered in feral cats and chooks that are doing their level best to remove anything vaguely mulch like from every single acre of topsoil on Serendipity Farm. We are getting eggs again but we have to play “hunt the chook” to find them. We have our trusty egg hunting dog Earl (to be honest he is a “chook hunting” dog but after he extracts the chook, there are usually eggs as an added bonus…). We spend our early mornings dragging our cold and sorry carcasses out of our lovely warm bed, assembling a motley crew of clothing that makes us look strangely Russian in appearance to ward off the cold (and to cover every available inch of skin space possible), rendering us human weebles. “What’s a weeble?” I hear you say? (Yes…I hear you mentally…talent number 3! 😉 )…well a weeble is err…sort of…err…well I think I can illustrate them better in images…

Holy Crap we had this one!

This…is a “weeble”. If my sister Pinky is reading this she will probably recognise this as it looks a whole lot like a weeble that she had as a child in the 70’s.

Steve and Fran Weebles

If Steve and I were weebles, these 2 would be our anti-weebles…the day I get on a skateboard (safety helmet or not) and the day Steve takes up soccer are the day that we allow Earl out on his own to let the chooks out in the morning.

Come and sit on evil nanas knee while she sticks knitting needles into you!

I call this one “come-and-sit-on-evil-nanas-knee-while-she-sticks-knitting-needles-into-you” weeble. She appears to be modelled on Peter Griffin from Family Guy but predates him considerably so maybe the weeble creators might have a law suite in the offing (I am pointing this out in case they are looking in my direction!)

Children of the damned weeble

Lastly we have “Children-of-the-damned” weeble. I don’t think I really have to explain that do I folks?!

I have decided to use some images that I sourced from Morgue files, my free go-to site to find open source images. I might not always get what I am after but I rarely leave empty handed and I am often amused. That’s more than enough reason to go there…that plus it is one of my bullion sites anchored (so it can’t sail away) on my favourites bar. I wanted to see if I could illustrate Madame Sihem without plagiarising her image. I learned early on in my posting history that it isn’t nice to pinch other people’s images (even though I just pinched every single one of those weeble images because when I entered “Weeble” into Morgue File it came back with “?”…) and indeed it might even be fiscally painful if the other person chooses to home in on the pinchee and litigate. I try to use my own images but nothing around here (let’s face it…nothing in all of Tasmania!) is going to replicate a middle aged French cougar so off to Morgue Files I went, all bright and wide eyed and thinking “Brigitte Bardot”…and I ended up with 3 choices…here they are, so you choose which one illustrates Madame Sihem in your mind’s eye (which, let’s face it, is your very own word processor and television and film studio all rolled into one so you had best satisfy it if you want to live an interesting mental life…)…I am favouring the first image BUT you just never know how the wind blows…


This is no doubt how Ms. Sihem would like to look…


One of my 3 choices for “French Woman” on Morgue Files…it looks like this is the pigeons choice…


I think we can pretty much discount Joan of Arc as being in ANY way similar to Ms. Sihem apart from her nationality. Remember this is a “pick your own ending” post so you at least have a couple of choices (some more likely than others 😉 )

I then tried to find something to replicate the “pamplemousse and amande reconfort gateau” (please excuse my terrible misuse of the French vernacular…Mrs. Quinllivin, my long suffering French teacher in high school would be rolling in her grave to hear me abuse it so…) images that Ms. Sihem has so deliciously pasted into her elegant post and Morgue File came up trumps again… I initially entered “Pamplemousse” and got “?” Ok. I then entered Grapefruit and got this…


Excellent! Grapefruit is a good start. Now let’s just enter Grapefruit cake… I got “?” How about some other form of citrus cake…needs must you know! Ok…let’s try “orange cake”…I got this result…


Yes…I can see that there is a very small proportion of “orange” on this cake however red is the predominate colour here so no idea how it got lumbered under “orange cake”

And this…


Indeed this is orange. I think Ms Sihem would rather be tarred and feathered than have this cake featured on her illustrious French food blog!

Not quite up to Ms. Sihem’s gorgeous and entirely scrumptious photography illustrating her wonderful recipes and most probably not something that is going to have anyone racing from Pinterest to her site BUT it is the closest I have come to illustrating my point without getting sued! A good start as far as I am concerned. Again, you choose which one of the above images to insert into your mental word processor (I am assuming it can handle images as well and isn’t from so far back in the ether of last century that it writes in calligraphy!) This post is rapidly degenerating into a sort of “Make your own ending” post where some of you have mental images that aren’t quite congruous to the rest of you. How interesting! Has narf7 stumbled onto a new type of blog post format? I am not sure but for now I am having fun so let’s keep going…let’s see if we can’t find a cake a little more comforting…enter “cake” into the Morgue files vault…I need to first clear something up…what is it that exists in some people that makes them upload every single aspect of their lives for the whole world to see? Some of the “cakes” that have been uploaded by obviously proud photographers (and I use that word MOST loosely 😉 ) are so terrible that I would have binned and banished them from my mind forever let alone hit “upload” and “share”! I just can’t wrap my head around it folks so for a roundup of creative (open source) license let’s be at them Lawrence of Arabia Style…”NO PRISONER’S!!!)….


This is the best I could do for Lawrence of Arabia. We shall speak no more of this image ok?


First we have this slightly cake related image…it would seem someone was able to illustrate my daughter Madeline’s early “blue” phase in her baking career. She has completely eclipsed her earlier efforts and is a cake maker to be reckoned with now but that early “blue” phase is going to stay with us all for a long… long time…that and the blue mashed potatoes with the stone…but I digress…this aint what we are after today folks!


This is the stuff that caterer’s nightmares are made of… 😉 sorry, a small aside but hey, we have all been here! 😉


Most of we women of a “certain age” would associate the word “cake” with this image. I just don’t think that Ms. Sihem would go for anything as plain and nondescript as this…


This dry, burned, misshapen excuse for baked goods is what I used to turn out in Home Economics as a young (and frustrated) narf7 late last century when home economics was specifically for girls only and the boys got to tinker around with wood and metal. It is the antithesis of what Ms. Sihem’s blog is all about…please disregard it completely and move onto the next image…


“Move along…nothing to see here either!” (unless you count the fact that this “cake” appears to be a meatloaf in drag masquerading as cake but it’s probably best to just forget you ever noticed that and go straight to the next image…)

Wedding photos 129

Aside from being WAY too much cake, this image is somewhat disturbing because it was obviously created by someone who just wasn’t able to get into university to study architecture like they really wanted to and had to fall back on the career path of the masses and head off, tail between their legs, to catering school…


I can find the plate… but not the cake! This plate is SO what Ms. Sihem would use to enhance her delicious baked goods…I just can’t find the baked goods worthy of placing reverently on its vintage green beauty!


This slice of cake has all of the lusciousness of a pamplemousse. Let’s just say it appears to be dripping… but mere lusciousness alone can’t illustrate the sheer unmitigated heaven of Ms. Sihems glorious creations…back to the batmobile Robin, we have work to do!


Too cute…


Too flowery…


Too plain…


There’s that attention hog of a meatloaf trying to steal the limelight again…”I am onto you meatloaf!”…


Not enough cake…


And despite the obvious joy that this cake has brought to this man, this is altogether too much cake…


Too disturbing…


Too “other” fruity, not enough pamplemousse!


What the heck! Let’s just decorate 1 cake to last all year. No-one likes fruitcake anyway so we can just wheel it out and get the kudos and put it back into cold storage for the next holiday on the calendar…we could do this for years!


Let’s just say it is midway between this…


And this…

And be done with it folks! We shall speak NO more of it! Either way I have been enjoying my early morning French lessons. Who knows, it may be Spanish superlatives next! How about some Latin lusciousness or at the moment I will settle for some Russian Rustic rather than be outside dressed like a weeble being dragged protesting along behind Earl in the frozen tundra’s of Sidmouth. I am all caked out folks. Ms. Sihem has managed to get to the end of my post and despite my most tenacious efforts, remain elusive and enigmatic to most of you. There is a great big world out there cram packed with interesting people and I have decided to head off and do my level best to bypass my lack of linguistic ability by honing in on our culinary differences and adapting them to my baking prowess. Narf7 is going to bake her way around the world! Wish me luck and see you all on Saturday when if this fine weather keeps up, you might just get another glimpse at that massive great walled garden, even if it is only to put up the last wall ;).

Invasion of the Choko

Hi All,

It’s 3.13am Thursday morning and I have decided to tap away here for a little bit because I am waiting for my RSS Feed Reader to load. After it reached 525 posts and my eye started to twitch involuntarily I decided to head off for a bit and distract myself. Steve and I are juggling studies and dog walking with our annual winter wind-down. I have almost knitted a pair of gauntlets. I live in the knitting world between day and night. I spend a few short moments of my time knitting furiously before I start to fall asleep and have to lay my needles down and go to bed. Usually I am pretty tired by this point and have to make sure that my half asleep brain remembers to put the knitting back into my knitting bag and hide it in the spare room. There are always a pair of eyes watching me when I knit. I must admit, the pair of eyes has learned not to jump on me and steal my wool while I am knitting. I figure the pair of eyes turning 3 this year might be part of it but it is a small victory and something to be celebrated. When I was untangling the wool that I got from my daughter earlier in the week (and no Bethany, you STILL can’t have it back! 😉 ) he trotted past the tangled heap on the table and did a classic double take. He trotted back in a most interested way and after I told him “NO” he trotted off to a safe distance away (obviously my “NO” has a personal space…) and proceeded to watch me like a hawk for any signs that my defences were down and he could launch in to take possession of the delicious tangle of fun on the kitchen table. Alas…my defences didn’t drop and he didn’t even get to sniff the wool.


As soon as Earl realised that I had picked up my camera to take a picture of him completely upside down with his legs in the air, both he and Bezial decided to turn away…party poopers!


Steve thinks I am not going to use this photo and the next one. Earl is looking decidedly demented in this shot 😉

Earl isn’t like other dogs. Earl is as close to a wild dog as you are going to get without adopting a wolf. Up until now we have often felt like we are walking a tightrope with him because he just did what he wanted to do and we didn’t know how to deal with it. There were times when we first bought Earl when I would look into his eyes and see “alien”. He just felt completely and utterly foreign to me. Not a dog, sort of a bunch of muscles from mars. After numerous attempts to try to train him he seemed untrainable. It would be easy to think that Earl was stupid. He doesn’t listen, he eats the furniture and even after the humans go spare he still does what he wants. Nothing worked and unlike Bezial, he didn’t learn from his mistakes, he just kept making them.  He obviously thinks he rules the roost but something has happened to Earl over the last 6 months. He has decided that he loves us. He even loves his fat old sofa buddy Bezial. In allowing himself to love us he has also allowed himself to start fitting in to the hierarchy here. He is starting to listen to commands. “NO” is something he understands now. I don’t ever think he didn’t understand “NO” I just think he chose not to worry about it. Now he wants to please us and get cuddles and have us say “Good Dog!” and pat him. Earl is an attention hog. He loves nothing more than being loved and it’s lucky that Bezial could care less about cuddles because Earl is always there to lap up any attention that anyone wants to give him.


I think this is priceless…all 3 of my boys looking completely and utterly doo-lally! SHHH! Stop laughing…Steve will hear you! 😉

Now the following image isn’t going to make an OUNCE of sense to anyone outside of Australia and of a “certain age” but here it is anyway…doesn’t Milo bear a canny resemblance to Steve in this image?! 😉

Milo with guitar

If Steve EVER finds this post it could be enough reason for a divorce! 😉

Where I said earlier that it would be easy to think that Earl was stupid I meant that he never seemed to learn anything. We spent 6 months trying to teach him the benefits of shaking hands. He eventually learned it and if you pull out a treat bag that little front paw is straight up in the air. Earl is the least “stupid” dog I know. What Earl is, is his own dog. He might have a feral edge a mile wide but that edge is completely tempered with how a dog should act. The problem is that Steve and I aren’t dogs and Bezial doesn’t think that he is one either and Earl is trying to teach us the ways of the pack. Obviously he is top dog in his pack order but after 3 years he is starting to see that there are benefits in allowing the pink hairless ones to think that they are the boss. There are some quality games to be had when you drop the toy that you are holding. Dropping prey is foreign to a dog. Why would you drop your hard won fluffy squirrel for another dog?! Earl recently showed me how clever he was. He often brings a toy in to the computer in the afternoon and presses it gently onto the knee of whoever is using the computer at the time. It’s his way of saying “a game would be nice around about now, you obviously need to check off that seat before you start to resemble Bezial…” it is also the precursor to his long and convoluted series of stages that he goes through before his meal. He brought the toy to me and pressed it onto my knee looking up at me with enormous doe eyes. Earl is VERY good at doe eyes. Nature gave him Chinese eyes but he has learned to open them wide and can melt hearts with those eyes. I think it’s the fact that you don’t expect that adoration and innocence from that body.


Admittedly this doesn’t look tasty. It looks like something that might once have been tasty but that has passed through the digestive tract of the enjoyer and is on it’s way to the sewer. It is, however, delicious! This is date paste that has had a good slug of Jack Daniel’s, a splosh of Hazelnut liqueur, a glug of Stones Green Ginger Wine and a gargle in some delicious maple syrup (all with the complete acceptance of my daughters who owned all of these ingredients 😉 ). It tastes like scrumptious smooth fruit mince and I am going to make some coconut vegan vanilla ice-cream and swirl some of this gorgeousness through it.


This is a choko that has broken it’s banks and that is growing. I am happy for it to grow, in fact, I am ecstatic! Jean of the wonderful blog “allotment adventures” has been waxing lyrically about choko’s for a while now and has reignited my memories of these humble tasteless vegetables. I have eaten them boiled and this is what turned me off them BUT I have also enjoyed them immensely without even knowing that they were in what I ate. They are carriers of flavour, sort of the green vegetable equivalent of tofu (except nothing like it 😉 ). They work well in jams, marmalade and eke out the prize tasty ingredients by being content to stay in the background while the prized fruit shines. Love them or loath them, Serendipity Farm is about to have a choko vine :). Those strange looking things underneath the choko used to be red Jerusalem artichokes. For some reason once I put them into this bowl and they all deflated! The white stuff is not mould but is flour (Steve is a messy cook 😉 )

Earl and I have a special bond. Apparently he sees me as his property. He knows that as “property” I have my disadvantages. One of them is that I go ballistic at a moment’s notice. To own property like me you need to be dedicated. I am like owning an old degrading WW2 bomb, I am unstable and I am dangerous. I might look barnacled and benign but beneath my pock-marked surface I am ticking and Earl knows it. I would like to think that he has decided that I am his mistress. That I rule the roost here and that I am to be listened to but I fear I am barking up the wrong tree and Earl has just decided to let me do what I want to do so long as I keep scratching him in the right places, cuddling him and telling him he is a good boy and I let him sleep at my feet on the bed. There is a whole lot more to Earl’s love than that. I am doing him an injustice there. When Earl loves, he adores. If he was a human he WOULD be a Viking. He would be all man muscular and handsome and when he fell in love it would be that amazing real deal. There would be roses and feet being swept off and forever and lots and lots of fluffy squirrel donations but he isn’t a man, he is a dog and that makes him a little more manageable. He is satisfied with his lot aside from a constant need to be the cream that rises to the top. He knows that Bezial was here first and that Bezial has a part of Steve’s heart that he will never be able to fill. I give Earl that love that he craves and as the only “bitch” in the family I qualify for his undivided attention and Earl IS learning to fit in now. I wouldn’t trust Earl with anything other than a human but with a human I would trust him implicitly. Earl is the sort of dog that you could send your 10 year old child off with and KNOW that nothing was going to happen to them. He instinctively knows how he is supposed to act. There are no fears in Earl (aside from squirty water bottles and a strange terror of noises that come out of mobile phones that send him running) and I know that if any of us, Bezial included, were ever to be attacked he would fight for us to the death. I know that like I know the morning will come. I love Earl and my early fear of his animalistic alien-ness has mellowed to acceptance and real love. We have an understanding now that runs much deeper than the here and now and Earl and I navigate through our day’s one fluffy squirrel at a time.



Lastly…you tell ME how you pronounce that without the library lady jumping over her desk and washing your mouth out with soap! 😉

Sorry about the bad photo but it was raining and a bit dark today so the flash kept going off. Here’s todays library haul. James Wong is a legend and the other 2 books are some recipe books that I have been interested in messing about with. The black book has some most interesting recipes in it “crack pie” and “cereal milk ice cream” are only 2 of the choices but I am having fun going through the yellow book that has recipes for making your own ramen…now who wouldn’t want to know how to make good quality ramen!

It’s windy and rainy and thundery and lightning and absolutely LOVELY! It’s great to have a bit of foul weather for once and to know that it really is winter. The weather worldwide seems to have become somewhat confused. Steve and I have been so grateful that we bought Brunhilda when we did. She is certainly paying for herself now with endless hot water, free cooking and house warming. We have been cracking through our media course and are learning heaps about Adobe Flash and have recently been animating household objects. Steve animated his coffee cup and I animated a set of 3 Babushka dolls that I picked up somewhere. Lots of fun and another feather in our caps should we ever need to look like Indian Chiefs. I am lusting after getting out into our new veggie garden. I need to source some hay but at the moment we are starting to prep ourselves for the impending visit of friends and family for my rapidly approaching “big” birthday. There is snow on Mount Wellington Kymmy! We can go up together and make a snowman. I want to post a picture of Kym and I making a snowman and throwing snowballs at each other (not sure how I am going to take a photo of us BOTH throwing snowballs but hey, leave it with me! 😉 ). My sister Pinky is coming over as is the son-and-heir and his Texan sweetie Kelsey so there will be quite a few more than usual hovering around Serendipity Farm.


Here’s my gauntlets so far. It’s just about time to swap over to that brown wool so I am going to have to bite the bullet and cast off!


These are my daughter Bethany’s. I forgot to take them off when I borrowed them the other day and only remembered halfway home so Steve will be taking them back on shopping day. I wonder if anyone out there would know where I could find a pattern (and the knitting ability) to make a pair of these? I LOVE them!

Steve headed off and took a few motion blur images of Glad’s little waterfall that runs through her property. She was out raking leaves (not bad for 91) and said “Knock yourselves out!” when we asked her if she minded us taking photos. She recently burned the junction where the waterfall meets the outflow pipe (into the Tamar River) to remove all of the oak leaves that were clogging it and its lucky that she did because this recent rain has caused the stream to flow wonderfully and it would have backed up into her garden if it was full of leaves. The roosters are crowing in unison under the deck. I wouldn’t care so much if they weren’t situated directly underneath me. They are big roosters and those large lungs are apparently there to increase the noise. We just discovered that one of the smaller “hens” is a rooster. It is going to be a most beautiful rooster because it is a cross between Big Yin (a standard golden Wyandotte rooster) and one of Effel Dookarks offspring (She was a blue Wyandotte) and it has a lovely grey tail. We might even keep him and see what he looks like. The other 2 are living on borrowed time. We were recently given the bones from a piglet purchased from a local producer by our friends. They were ostensibly for the dogs but Earl is “funny” about bones and when he saw how many bones were on offer he started to strut around and we decided to stop a problem (with Bezial) before it occurred. He got a couple of bones (that he promptly ran off to hide with his nose) and the rest went into a stockpot with lots of water while I was away. If I had been here, I would have done something with them but Steve just let them simmer till they reduced down to about ¼ of their original weight and the next day they had turned to jelly. The dogs didn’t want to even contemplate eating it. They are VERY fussy for big dogs. The feral cats got it all and enjoyed every single jelly filled mouthful. I think Steve just made instant canned cat food…”Jelly meat anyone?” 😉


Here’s the back of them. Note the cute mitt conversion kit that…


Flips over when you need your fingers to be warm

I am just finishing off todays post whilst waiting for my RSS Feed Reader to download todays haul. I have dumped a few peripheral blogs that I no longer read and am tailoring my blog feeds to what I am now interested in. My interests tend to evolve on a regular basis but revolve predominately around vegan food and recipe blogs and baking sites along with some gardening and environmental sites. Most of the blogs that I follow post infrequently which is amazingly lucky for me because I have so many of them. I have almost managed to get back to a maintenance level where I empty my feeds every day. It takes me about a week of intensive shuffling to do it after a weekend away. I am going to have a LOT of feeds after my week with Kym but there is an option called “The Panic Button” that you can press that eliminates all posts older than a specified date (you choose) so I might just have to get ruthless on them or die trying to eliminate them. My choko is sprouting nicely, my gauntlets are almost finished and now I found a tutorial reminding me how to cast off, I should be able to finish them soon :o). That should tell you how long it has been since I last knitted! We are enjoying using rainwater in our kettle to make our daily beverages now. I also use it to make my kefir. I have been batching up my excess non-dairy kefir and freezing it in ice-cube trays ready for warmer times when I can get back to drinking green smoothies for breakfast without sustaining frost bite of the lip.


These are my lovely rainbow wool socks that my son bought for me one mothers day a few years ago. Earl “redecorated” them :(. I am in the process of pulling what is left of them apart, re-joining the hand dyed wool together and then I might just attempt to recreate a pair of those lovely hooded mitts. I know that they will probably be HUGE and I won’t be able to do or feel anything with them but as they are chunky wool, at least I won’t have cold hands!


The biscuit barrel is starting to get low…time to bake some more! That’s my non-dairy kefir doing its thang next to the bickies

I just found an excellent blog site (that I promptly added to my feed 😉 ) all about making and using worm wicked water beds. An excellent resource and here is the website for anyone interested in this wonderfully water-wise way of vegetable gardening…


And here’s another great blog with free PDF’s about soil mycology and how to build and use water wicking veggie garden beds. You can now get an idea why I never manage to get entirely through my RSS Feed Reader…I keep finding new and amazingly useful sites! 😉



This is one of Steve’s sponge cakes. He just tossed this one together for a friends birthday tomorrow. He will be taking orders when he recovers from the effort 😉


I KNEW this choko had designs on taking over Serendipity Farm! This image was taken this afternoon…the image at the beginning of the post was taken about 2 hours earlier…it is growing exponentially! By Wednesday we will all be trapped inside and it will be demanding to be fed…actually…look at the end of it. it bears an uncanny resemblance to “Audrey” from The Little Shop of Horrors!

It would seem that I have fallen prey to the dreaded lurgy folks. Not bad, but definitely making me feel tender and sniffy. How lucky am I that I can settle down next to Brunhilda and fall asleep over my knitting or a book. Steve is off hunting Aurora Australis somewhere in Deviot. Apparently there are sun spots at the moment and that means a greater than average chance (60% if you care) of seeing the Aurora Australis from the Southern states of Australia. As Tassie is about as far south as Australia gets (apart from our vested interests in Antarctica…) we have a good viewpoint. Steve has plans for taking some time-lapse photography tomorrow involving the river and some yachts. This wind brings the yachters out en masse. I think I might be just about to call this post done and dusted folks. Today has been “smooth”. Not bad to be smooth when you are sick, just coasting along and nothing major…just “smooth”. Tomorrow will hopefully be just as smooth and won’t have me crusty and with a handkerchief permanently welded to my nasal area. Wish me luck and see you on Wednesday :o)


At least if the choko manages to eat me, it will get its just deserts! 😉

Dr Karl the champion of the curious mind


Hi All,

I am nose deep in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. I am starting to appreciate the odd romance novel (lucky really as Mary Anne Shafer’s list is cram packed full of them…) so long as it is written well and most of Mary Anne’s choices are. I was slightly skewed against Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by the movie version starring good old wooden Nicolas Cage, but remembering that novels often give you so very much more than movies, I am allowing my brain to disassociate itself from the movie to see if I can’t find a gem of a novel underneath. I am running the risk of turning this blog into a book club for you all dear constant readers. I love reading and know that several of you do to, but there are just as many of you who could give two figs for books so whenever I am rambling on about books you have my permission to look out the window, make yourselves a coffee and skip over these bits. You are missing out on one of life’s most wonderful sidelines by choosing not to read however… There are some most interesting titles coming up soon in Mary Anne’s list. I am taking out other books as well as Mary Anne’s list and am ending up with an interesting and eclectic mix of fiction, non-fiction and cook-books that are keeping my mind stimulated and happy. One of my latest cook-books requested from the library is The River Cottage Handbook No. 8. This is the cakes book of the series and is one of those books that I had to wait ages in line to get from the library and it is packed full of amazing cakes from yesteryear. Some of them have been reworked to make them gluten free or more interesting. There are cakes from other countries and most of them utilise fruit and vegetables in one form or other. A very interesting book and one that I am going to be pilfering recipes out of for the next 2 weeks. I often spend long hours typing out good recipes from library books and this book is no exception. I find it hard to believe that there are so many people out there who skip over books as a medium to learning. Perhaps it harks back to being forced to use books as educational texts at school? I know that books are so much more to me than merely paper and print. I have been known to end up totally immersed in a book and being rendered deaf, dumb and blind to my senses, all focus trained on the lines of tiny neat printing leading my eye as well as my mind.


This delightful little boat ramp is just 10 minutes from where we live by car. Steve takes the boys down these ramps to let them have a swim if the tide is out and the oyster beds are prickly. Oyster cuts are usually bad news for dogs feet and get infected badly so we make sure to keep the boys out of them. Today the tide was out but you can see that at 8am it was a most magnificent (albeit hot) day


Check out this example of how a tree will simply absorb whatever is refusing to budge if you give it long enough. This thick metal rope was sucked up and is now part of this ancient old juniper tree


Here is the trunk of that old juniper to show you the rope now trapped inside its trunk


This photo shows the dark volcanic sandy beach covered in pebbles and that rope wrangling juniper is directly above me. Pretty place isn’t it?


It’s not just your mind that heads off on a journey of discovery when you read. It’s your imagination that goes along for the ride. If it was just your mind you wouldn’t be able to make much sense out of books and you wouldn’t be able to put yourself in the position of being able to see what the book was talking about. I am all for reading to children and did so with all of my children who are all readers now. I think it develops so much more than reading skills, it exercises your mind and causes you to have to think about processes, concepts and so much more. Where else can I let my mind wander about hunting for ideas and homing in on new concepts that someone has thought about before me and wants to share? I would list books as one of my most precious things. Our neighbour’s daughter Wendy just phoned up and asked us if we would like some produce from her garden. She used to keep dad in veggies all summer long and he would, in turn, bring most of them to us in town. I have been feasting on the most delicious small bright red pear tomatoes that taste more like strawberries than tomatoes they are that sweet. There were some larger blood red ox heart tomatoes and some zucchinis and apples. I am not sure what kind of apples they are but they have the most curious (not altogether pleasant) tasting skins! I might have to peel them as the skin tastes like the smell of birds mixed with the flavour of pork…the apple itself is flavoursome and even though I am not a fan of apples per-se, I am most definitely in favour of their flavour when it is delivered to me for free. Despite the porky sparrow flavour of the skin I will make short shift of these apples over the next few days. Cheers Wendy! I have just been into the spare room to retrieve some dried shiitake mushrooms that I have in the spill over pantry cupboard. I am someone who likes weird and wonderful ingredients and weird and wonderful recipes and as such I need lots of space to house my collection of ingredients. I have 3 different areas with various types of “regularly used”; “sometimes used” and “infrequently used” ingredients and the dried shiitakes are moving cupboards from “infrequently used” to “regularly used”. Mushrooms used to be something that we bought weekly and used fresh. Now we usually shop once a fortnight and after a week mushrooms are NOT at their best (believe me…). I have a dehydrator and used to dry these on the turn mushrooms and grind them up to add to soups etc. but the amount of electricity used to dry a few mushrooms can’t really be justified so we just stopped buying them in bulk. With my new desire to eat healthier and wiser (forget wealthier, I will let my inner city Melbourne dwelling son do that for me) I have been opening up my 2 lesser used cupboards to find those dried ingredients that might deliver some additional nutrition to my diet with a bit more preparation. Prior to eating healthier I lived on frozen vegetables and potatoes. Low fat, boring and probably not all that good for me. Now I am experimenting with dried beans, all different kinds of soups especially Asian and grains. I have come to the conclusion that to be healthy is more important than being thin. I have also decided that once my body achieves a degree of optimum health, that it will naturally assist me in reaching my bodies “Angle of Repose” and therefore my own personal ideal weight. Not Jenny Craig’s idea of what I should weigh…not grain free, carbohydrate free, protein packed, but something that I can live with and that interests me. As such the dried shiitakes have now become regular staple items in the pantry to be used in the place of their more perishable cousins, the button mushroom. I invented a fat free soup the other day using Massell vegetable stock powder which is Australian made using quality sea salt and powdered vegetables and no added oil.


Go check it out for yourselves, it truly is delicious and doesn’t have that real salty taste that Marigold or Vegeta have (Yuk!) very easily assimilated into whatever you are making and I use it for everything. Delicious chicken and beef flavours available as well but all vegetarian. Give it a go, you are helping an Aussie business and helping your taste buds be delighted at the same time. Plus, it’s a lot healthier than the other stock cubes and powders using quality ingredients. No…I am not being paid by the company; I just want to share one of my culinary little secrets with you all because you are so dear to me

It’s truly delicious and if you use stock powders do try it, it is one of our staple purchases and we use it in most of our food. I made a stock using the Massell stock powder as a base. I put garlic, ginger, pepper and chilli into a mortar and pounded the heck out of it all with a pestle. I added this to the stock and then added carrots, green things (leaves) and soaked shiitake mushrooms and dried wakame. I expected something lacklustre and slightly boring as I stirred Steve’s prawn laksa that I made for his meal but was totally delighted with the delicious seafood flavour imparted by the dried wakame and how meaty the mushrooms made the texture of the soup. Far be it from being boring, it has been scrawled down to be deciphered upside down and sideways (my writing is atrocious) at a future date as “worthy of a remake”. A most high degree of praise from me. I have also been messing about with risotto and paella (vegetarian versions) and am trying to incorporate more grains and legumes into my diet (except lentils which are not actually food but are punishment for vegetarians for daring to be smug about their lifestyle). I am also interested in eating only fresh vegetables whenever possible especially home grown. When you make your own it starts to get interesting and the same with growing your own, you can grow all sorts of heritage and weird vegetables that are simply not commercially viable and that you won’t ever see on supermarket shelves.


Check out this persimmon tree and its copious quantity of fruit right next to the harbour. Beauty Point has a really interesting microclimate and wandering around this small town you can see many plant species that you would not image that you could grow in Tasmania. Persimmons are used to cold temperatures and are indeed one of Japan’s most favourite fruits so this one is most content with her mild temperate garden situation and is going great guns


Another shot of one of the Persimmon branches heavily laden with fruit. My daughters love persimmons and were scoping out a small tree next to their home for ages waiting for the right moment to pinch one. a few were duly liberated, cut into and sampled with great disgust…astringent persimmons are NOT something that you want to eat unless they are overripe…take this warning with you and karma struck again


It’s funny how this sleepy little beautiful seaside town is only 5 minutes away from Beaconsfield and the extreme contrast in houses and gardens between the 2 locations. This is a really lovely garden and a good example of how fertile the local soil is


I just soaked some dried shiitake mushrooms ready for making fried rice tonight. We both have the same basic rice but Steve adds chicken and egg to his and I add zucchini (Steve’s equivalent of my feelings about lentils) and other veggies to mine. I might dice up some fresh tomato and toss it in at the last minute. They are so fresh and sweet that I can’t help wanting to add them to everything. We were very clever about the last few days being so hot and prepared things to be used from the fridge earlier in the week. We are using the covered bbq outside to cook in so we keep the house cool. Again, I will say, you really have to think smarter not harder. The fried rice was absolutely delicious. I am going to be using dried wakame and dried shiitake mushrooms a whole lot more because they certainly gave the fried rice a real sea taste and ‘bite’ that I don’t usually get when using only vegetables. You can buy dried shiitake mushrooms at the supermarket and the wakame isn’t all that hard to find so long as you have an Asian supermarket somewhere nearby. Don’t buy small packets, they are not good value; get the bigger ones as it keeps forever. Just a quick note about wakame here. It might look like shrivelled black hair but when you soak it, it suddenly swells up amazingly and becomes green again and you really have to wonder how it could have been the same product that you wrestled into your soaking bowl in the first place. I really like the taste of it. It isn’t too salty or fishy like most seaweed. I had real trouble swallowing kelp when I decided to buy some because it is “good for you”. So are alternate nude romps in the snow and sauna exposure but I am not going to even BEGIN to think about doing that so kelp can be relegated to the rubbish bin of my health food experiments. I think you have to be very canny when you deal with most of the health food claims that get blasted all over the place. Remember goji berries? The last and greatest most amazing antioxidant fantastic lifesaving healthy thing that you are ever going to need again? Well apart from them being pains in the derrière to grow, they taste horrible. Even in their concentrated dried form they are little more than rose hips with a very similar taste. EVEN dipped in dark chocolate (another way that they tried to get us all to eat them…) they are nothing to write home about and at well over $60 a kilo they are simply not worth it. We all like to jump on the band wagon whenever someone makes a claim to healthy fame. They are always the beautiful people…young, thin, radiantly tanned and making wild claims about their latest discovery that has allowed them to live forever…the people endemic to the country that these amazing berries, nuts and fruits are found in use these products and are no doubt amused at all of the hype. The hype is to make a massive big fat profit people. That’s all it is…if a few people get a few extra antioxidants that will go a whole lot of the distance to making these shysters feel better about telling porky pies about their products to make their millions and disappear. We never learn do we? I remember going on the carbohydrate starved Atkins diet when I was about 14 and now it has been trotted out again as the ONLY diet that you will ever need…sorry folks…been there…done that…still fat…there is always someone out there wanting to make a quick buck out of our desire to better ourselves. It is just up to us to sift our way through the shysters till we find a few of these super foods that actually do what they are purported to do and that are worth of the money and the flavour. Hemp seed is one such product. Delicious, full of Omega 3 AND 6 and soon to be grown en masse in Tasmania. I wonder if the price will come down from $65 a kilo (cracked and imported from Canada) when we are growing it ourselves? They like to keep the price elevated, but as soon as I can get my hands on some whole seed, I will be planting out a nice crop of hemp myself for our own personal use…that is going to make it a whole lot more difficult for the police to sort out who is growing what for which use isn’t it? I dare say the food grade hemp seed looks a whole lot like its THC filled cousin marijuana when it is growing. Watch this space…Steve might have to take over my blog for a bit while I am languishing in the hoosegow being presumed guilty before I am proven innocent…


This is for all of you City Slickers out there who scorn country folk for driving their cars everywhere…this is the bus schedule on a Saturday for the good folk of Beauty Point…no bus service on Sunday and not much more than this (a few earlier and later buses for people wanting to work in town). Imagine this sort of strict timetable (and the buses are NEVER on time) and you can see why a car is a necessity rather than a luxury out in the sticks of Tasmania


Pretty white cosmos…not put here because of their flowery value to this garden but as a triumph to me. I found the white cosmos! In Animal Crossing I am trying to breed something like this…this is just a little reality check for my Animal Crossing infused brain


No idea what this palm is but it is beautiful isn’t it? Palms are not something that you see much of in Tasmania apart from the usual enormous date palms that were planted a Century ago and to see this lovely specimen was quite rare.


I have a slight miff with those of you constant readers who abandoned ship on Saturday and allowed Steve’s “24 Bowie Posts in 24 hours” to go to your heads. The maximum views that I have ever had on any one of my posts was 55. Steve got 88 views yesterday for what was effectively a few visits to youtube to filch someone else’s hard work so that he could indulge our love of Bowie shamelessly whilst promoting his blog. I had 13 views yesterday…pathetic people! You were like rats leaving a sinking ship even though the ship wasn’t taking on water as far as I was aware! What fickle creatures you are and what a fat head Steve has today! You have done him no good at all…he is making plans for Jimi Hendrix days…Punk days and even Christian Death days (one of his old first run Gothic bands that he used to love)…you had better hope that he doesn’t run to “The Virgin Prunes” (one of Bono’s mental mates and his friend who have to be seen to be believed) and you will only have yourselves to blame if he does! Turncoats the lot of you…I shall speak no more of this matter!

I am typing this post on Sunday (yesterday) and it is a little bit cooler than it was on Saturday. We took the dogs for a lovely walk at Beauty Point where the water was sparkling, everything was blue and green and you could hardly see it was so bright (note to self…take sunglasses next time dummy!). We took the boys down to the beach for a quick splash as at 8am it was already quite warm and even though the tide was out and the oysters were threatening the boys feet they had a nice quick invigorating splash before heading off on our walk. We have to be especially careful when walking the boys in Beauty Point. There are a lot of irresponsible dog owners in Beauty Point who allow their dogs to wander about off lead. We keep our boys on lead at all times because we are well aware that their breed reputation precedes them and that people might be worried about them. The problem isn’t because our dogs are dangerous, the problems occur when off leash dogs run up to us barking and growling at the boys and we have to shoo them off and hope for the best that they don’t attack. Just because your dog is usually a good dog doesn’t mean that it won’t take offense at some other dog (or person) just around the corner while you are having a nice stroll with your partner. We got a couple of off leash “problems” on our walk. One of them belonged to a couple who had moored their yacht and were walking their spaniel off leash but the dog was well behaved and stayed with its owners so no problem there. The second one was a teeny little white fluffy dog that suddenly appeared in the middle of the path that we were walking on. The dog was fine…it just stood there wagging its tail at the massive behemoth’s that were bearing their manic way down on this new found best buddy that they were just about to frolic into immediate terror. Our boys are not “bad”…our boys are not “dangerous”…our boys are big heifer’s hell bent on having a good time and like their human male counterparts, tend to do a fair bit of collateral damage in the process without realising it.

We really don’t know how our habits affect our infrastructure. Steve is watching something about how one man controls all of the power stations in the U.K. from his office. His name is Simon and he was just talking about how 1 75 million kettles go on after East Ender’s at 7pm every day in the U.K. This causes a MASSIVE power spike that can’t be dealt with using U.K. power alone, they actually have to draw from French power sources as well! I have mentioned about how we often lose power on hot or very cold days thanks to the power grid having to meet the demands of so many people suddenly turning their air conditioners on or heat pumps in winter and there simply isn’t enough power to go around so we, out in the sticks, get the power cuts first so that others may bask in their warmth/cool. We just bumble around in our day to day lives completely forgetting that someone out there has to make sure that when we turn something electrical on, it gets reliable power flowing to it. This interesting show gives us a little glimpse at how this constant need is juggled and managed and just what it takes to maintain a constant flow of electricity and water and how all of our other needs are met on a massive scale. I just thought that you would like to share that little insight into the power usage in the U.K. and you now have an interesting little sippet of information to share at your next dinner party or happy hour at work.


Note the plane contrail on its way to Melbourne straight over Beauty Point and Bass Strait


These people have moored here, slept here, they walked down a little pathway that leads to the beach and took their dog for a lovely morning swim and then headed back to languish their day away on their yacht…what a life eh?


The Beauty Point (a.k.a. Dalrymple Yacht Club after the original name of Georgetown) yacht club.


Talking about sharing little sippets of information, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is back on the airwaves of our local ABC radio station. There is precious little to interest us in the mornings apart from on Saturday when Hobart’s D.J. has to manage both the South and the North of Tasmania and is a most entertaining man indeed. Our day to day lady D.J. is “alright” but nothing to write home about. We used to get the local commercial radio when we lived in town and got “Mel and Greg” they were an amazing team and highly entertaining. I actually won 2 tickets to go and see Powderfingers final concert in Hobart for my Powderfinger loving daughter Madeline and myself from Mel and Greg. I had to do some pretty humiliating things along with several other people to do so, but win the tickets I did and we had a really great time going deaf listening to Powderfinger and sharing some quality time together. Mel got a job in Darwin and deserted and pretty soon after Greg headed off to Darwin as well. They were great together and that team deserves to do well wherever they go. We can’t get commercial radio out here. We are forced to listen to A.B.C. radio and grind our teeth in the morning whilst being forced to wake up to Macca on a Sunday morning…sigh… we never listen long enough to get to the good D.J’s or the good programs like Peter Cundall and our resident Chook maestro are relegated to waking up to the A.B.C. news and a D.J. who should stop asking her poor long suffering listeners why she doesn’t get valentine’s day cards…that’s your problem lady, not ours! I was laying there alternating grinding my teeth at the latest news and drifting briefly off to sleep again on Saturday when the Hobart D.J. (the good one) mentioned that Dr Karl was back! I LOVE Dr Karl. Ever since he used to have a show with someone else (not important apparently as I can’t remember his name) on T.V. and shared his amazing enthusiastic views about life, the universe and everything I have been in awe of Dr Karl. When “Sleek Geeks” went on the road (Dr Karl and Adam Spencer from JJJ) my children went to watch it and got their programs autographed for me by Dr Karl. The line for autographs from Dr Karl went out the auditorium door, Adam Spencer’s line you could count on one hand… He has his own site and is most probably the single most amazing Australian that I can think of. This man is truly unique and has done more to further the fostering of intelligence in Australia than anyone else. Here is his site…


And here is a really good interview that Andrew Denton hosted on his television program “Enough Rope” that gives you an amazing insight into what made Dr Karl who his is. Very VERY worthwhile reading dear constant readers and I am actually urging you to read this one…


What an amazing man eh? It’s like all of the brains that should have been shared out amongst the numpty forest workers and other numpty Tasmanian’s got condensed into one mainlander… I remember reading about Dr Karl once and whoever was interviewing him asked him why he thought that he was so intelligent and he said that he couldn’t even get into Mensa and didn’t have a particularly high I.Q. it wasn’t intelligence, it was an intense and passionate drive to know about things. This man has done so very much in and with his life that it makes the rest of us look like we are living in slow motion. I wonder where people like Dr Karl get their motivation to “do” like he has done? I wish I could buy it in a bottle…and there you go…trying to find answers to my own personal shortcomings in a quick fix…I guess that is a good time to finish up this post for today. I hope I have given your brain something to chew on by sharing Dr Karl with your and that you are sufficiently jealous of us for having a lovely little community like Beauty Point within 10 minutes of home to take the boys to the beach at. See you all tomorrow when I can tell you a bit about our day in town and perhaps I might have remembered to take the camera and might get some pictures for you…


This place really doesn’t look like much in my photos but go check out their “For Sale” advertisement, you get to see inside this delightful cottage and anyone out there with an eye for beauty and for clean lines and for a beachside up market pad should love it…if you have a spare $315 000 and want to live the quite life, it’s yours for the picking