Free music for the soul

Hi All,

I just had a really lovely Mother’s day with all of my kids. We had a most excellent lunch of all kinds of breads, cheeses, salads, meats (lots of non-vegan’s in my crowd 😉 ) and antipasto type veggies plus a couple of avocados, my personal favourites. We also had gourmet ciders and they even remembered to bring Steve one of his favourite brews, Little Creatures beer. Aside from all of the fun (we are a loud bunch) Stewart loaded up a game that he had gifted me a few weeks ago on a free gaming platform called “Steam” where you can play games for free or choose to pay a token amount for all kinds of games. Stewart bought me a bundle of games for $2 and I ended up with about 10 games but hadn’t looked at them yet so he loaded one up called Reus. A most interesting game indeed where you get to be “The boss” and direct the construction of a planet and the direction of its civilisation. I am still working on my PR. You can squash your civilisations if they get too big headed and I am not sure that I am ready for that kind of megalomania!


Sir Earl has appointed himself grand keeper of the cheese…I don’t know if you can spot the small yellow smudge of cheese on the windowsill behind Earl but that’s put there for the Grey cuckoo thrush that comes throughout the day and takes bits of cheese back to it’s mate…Earl HATES the grey (freeloading) cuckoo thrush and as it is ignoring his barking and chasing it down the deck he has decided to defend his territory studiously


“How long do I have to sit here?!”

Stewart also told me about a free radio station called “Spotify”.  I get the feeling that it’s the same radio station that my friend Kym told me about recently but as Stewart was here he loaded it up and it’s a really excellent online radio station that customises to your tastes. I don’t know if you are like me but I can’t STAND jamster music. “Jamster music” is the rubbish phone tunes that came out and disappeared almost as fast as they rose to fame but have left us with a legacy of people who need a machine to sing and who get contracts more for their looks than anything that comes out of their mouths. I can completely bypass the Jamster music with this radio station and that makes me a VERY happy little black duck. You can choose genres of music and then just click play and away you go good music to dance around the kitchen singing into your tea-towel with. Another good feature is that if you like a song that they play you can click “like” and it adds it to your playlist so after a while you can bypass the odd ad that plays completely by just playing your saved list


Part “A” of the delivery of horse manure (which is now spread most of the way over everything under the deck that you can see here thanks to the chooks…sigh…)


Part “B” of the horse manure delivery and an angsty Stevie-boy waiting for the RAC man to turn up as our little 4×4 decided to take Mother’s Day off…

I just made a vegan chocolate cake. I got the recipe from here…

It’s called a “Deep, dark, rich and sexy Vegan chocolate cake” and it isn’t kidding! A very easy cake to make but just don’t look at the ingredients as it couldn’t be called low fat in anyone’s book but if you want a real luxury gorgeous silky velvet chocolate cake that you would be proud to put in front of anyone give this baby a go. I am going to forgo the decadent coconut cream ganache that the cake is supposed to be iced with as I don’t want to give the recipient a heart attack so will go with something a lot simpler in a vain effort to rein in the calories


“”Ok…so it’s obviously chocolate but sexy? Nope…not buying it narf7…I am going to need MORE proof…



“Oh NOW we see it! S.E.X.Y. indeed!” add a smothering of vegan coconut cream and chocolate ganache and this baby is pure supermodel…only thing is that Stevie-boy isn’t a great fan of “so moist it hurts” so anyone thinking of luring him away to paint their garage or tile their gazebo had best use something other than this delectable baby…anyone want half a cake?

Steve and I are working on creating a 16 page booklet in our course at the moment. We are learning how to put content and images within the parameters of a booklet and apparently InDesign does most of the work for us…we shall see about that! If something can go wrong with the program it will do it for us. We don’t mind, it gives us more of a chance to learn how to use it by working our way backwards out of our problem. You learn more through stuff ups than you ever do by acing things every time.


Isn’t this gorgeous? My amazing and most wonderfully generous mate Kymmy made it for me 🙂 I don’t know how, but it makes tea brewed in this little terracotta teapot taste SO much better (even if it IS only tea-bags 😉 )


Mr Terry Pratchett wrote a book called “A hat full of sky” and this is a hatbox full of pretty. Although I have a ridiculously small amount of natural talent when it comes to crafting (please don’t protest, I know my strengths 😉 ) I found a sack of these gorgeous ribbony thingo’s at the tip shop and after untangling them and cleaning them up I was left with half a large hatbox of satiny pretties…anyone have any ideas for what to do with them for the artistically/craftically challenged? Pauline has already given me some suggestions which I duly noted but as most of them involved having a degree of talent that is almost incomprehensible to me I set them aside tenderly for the day when I learn “skills”.

I (foolishly) decided to take my camera out with me on my early morning walk with Earl. It was just over 0C when we set off at a brisk trot as Earl doesn’t like his tender little tootsies to stand still long on the cold soil (that’s his excuse and he is sticking to it!). Earl was very happy to oblige me as I stopped every few metres to take a photo but after a while he got bored and decided to put his muscle into it to get me moving again. I don’t know if you have ever tried to take a photo with a 34kg American Staffordshire terrier doing his best imitation of a Mack truck in opposition to your intents. I did manage to take some good photos but I also took a lot of burred images and a disproportionate amount of images of my foot (cheers Earl!). I even walked all the way to Deviot beach where Earl proceeded to attempt to wee on every single shrub in the area having not been there in well over a month. Sometimes I wonder about my sanity when I choose the places that I am going to walk Earl…but I am never going to need to go to the gym, I guess there is always a positive if you look hard enough for it…

Jim in his beanie

My foolish little brother actually put this on Facebook and I told him (warned him) that I was going to have to share it here. I don’t think he thought I would…”World, meet my brother Jamie…Jamie…World…” 😉


Oh DEAR…someone spilled the beans! 😉

Thanks to a combination of a desire to replenish my poor addled sleep deprived brain by dousing it in 10 hours straight of sleep on Saturday night and my need to get up at 2.30am this morning after going to bed at 10.30 last night (do the maths…I am no longer capable…) I am in a sort of suspended animation at the moment. I just turned up “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and my brain is convinced I am in a night club somewhere back in the 90’s. If your days are a little mundane it might be a bit of fun to deprive yourself of sleep for a few days, the world is a very different place when your brain is being funnelled through haze and Van Halen. I can think of worse feelings to be honest 🙂 In saying that, I might head off to bed nice and early tonight…


General tomfoolery when asked to pose for a Mother’s Day photo (note Earl photobombing…)


“OK YOU LOT, STOP MUCKING AROUND!”…sigh…(poor Stevie-boy is NEVER going to hit the bigtime as a photographer with subjects like us 😉 )

Its Wednesday again (why oh WHY did I choose hump day as my blogging day?!) and here I am listening to Thin Lizzy (Oh MAN I am the coolest of the cool!) and procrastinating my derrière off again about studying. If you asked me any other time to hunt down some images to make a booklet with I would be on it. I would be hunting late into the night but tack the harmless little words (“HA”) “for your studies…” onto the end of that sentence and suddenly I need to find something else to do pronto. I think it’s just me being bolshie and not wanting to do what I am told. A problem of mine ever since I was a child. Looks like I haven’t grown out of it yet (most probably won’t). I took some photos on my (drag) walk with Earl but as I hadn’t bothered to bone up on what exactly constitutes a design “principle” or “element” (I foolishly thought that I would remember that from last year’s course…) prior to heading out the door, I mean seriously folks what was I thinking? It wasn’t yet 7am and I was being propelled backwards down a slippery driveway to my obvious doom, why on EARTH wasn’t I thinking!!! I ended up taking some images (too many) of “lines” as that was pretty much the only design principle/element (see I don’t even know where “lines” FIT in design!) that I remember… The rest of my photos are sort of hopeful. They have “things” in them (note to self – STOP USING INVERTED COMMAS AND BRACKETS!) but not anything concrete enough to be able to use for the required purposes.


A great shot of Madeline…me…not so much…but at least I don’t have my tongue sticking out Qi! 😉


I think those hand signals are “DUDE!” in Korean

My creativity in finding things to do rather than study has me gobsmacked. I think I would even attempt complex calculus rather than do what I was told…what IS it with procrastination anyway?! Earl and Bezial are trying their hardest to help me by requesting their dinner 3 hours early. I am almost desperate enough to give it to them! I guess I could pick up my camera, have a vague read over what constitutes a design principle or element (or whatever they are) and actually take a few photos that might satisfy what I need to do but where is the Catholic guilt in that? I am not even Catholic but for the purposes of this post I am a convert. My angst is being somewhat tempered by listening to 70’s music on Spotify. As a child of the 70’s these songs are entertaining me far more than they probably should if I want to maintain my hip cool narf7 image but they are doing double duty as stress relief as I contemplate my rapidly approaching deadline to get this work handed in (and another unit in my inbox this morning…EEK!) so if singing “My Sharona” is going to help me cut the mustard (err…mixed metaphor folks!) then so-be-it!


Me doing my finest Nana Mouskouri impersonation and good try getting out of the shot Bethany, Stevie-boy is onto you!


And so is Nana Mouskouri!

The garden has gone to heck by the way. That’s why you haven’t seen any images of it lately, that plus it is COLD OUT THERE and I am doing my level best to not venture out into the real world aside from my early morning (drag) walk with Earl. Once is enough to remind me that I prefer to be on the inside looking out when it’s cold outside. Brunhilda is doing a sterling job of keeping it toasty warm inside.  You might not have realised it (but you might just have suspected it…) but I just went AWOL to eat my lunch and go to Facebook for a while. I found this…


Thank me later. If you don’t like Mr Downey Jr…what the heck is wrong with you?!!! I suppose you don’t think that Mr J Depp is a hunk either eh? Sigh…some people…NO taste…


Stewart appears to have been rendered armless by all of the cider that we drank


Steve demanding payment for being forced to take all of those images!

Ok, I just checked and I have 1675 words. Significantly less than my usual misc. and boobity boo-zillion but I HAVE to do some studies folks. Even sitting here procrastinating for 5000 words isn’t going to get this studies done so I might have to make this post short (boring) but sweet and get it scheduled to post later on when my brain has been turned to mush by too many thoughts about “Design” and “Elements” and “Principles” and pretty much anything to do with them. I ran out of socks to roll, I resisted feeding the dogs (to their disgust) and my lunch was delicious (steamed veggies and dhal) so off to face up to my creative future…wish me luck (I am going to need it, it’s a grey, cold old day out there so good luck to me shooting anything other than “dinge” 😉


I thought I would share a photo taken at the bottom of our driveway taken on that eventful photo shoot accompanied by Earl. At least some of the shots are nice, although not entirely sure how I could use this as anything to do with design 😉 Have a great week folks. You should start praying around about now that I actually “do” something next week so that the next blog post contains something other than procrastination and Mother’s Day 😉


34 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thecontentedcrafter
    May 14, 2014 @ 17:35:39

    Chortled, stomped and whistled my way through this one narfie! For heavens sake, NONE of the suggestions I made were that hard – you can’t be that skill-less can you – can you?? Can you plait? Can you make twisties? Make yourself – or Stevie-Boy some pretty/manly boho bracelets……… 🙂 You’re welcome!.

    Love the early morning shot – looks so gorgeous it would be worthwhile being out in that brisk air!

    Earl offering his sour grapes to go with the cheese is hilarious – that dog is such a bad-ass! And poor Beziel the only shot or mention of him and he is caught looking like the village idiot. Poor boy!

    The cake looks moistly – MOIST-LY – delectable ganache or no. I’d happily pop over and share the other half but am afraid I would drown on the swim back. The family looks suitably shy/ abashed in front of the camera but obviously the gathering was a lovely fun occasion and I for one am really pleased that you had such a lovely Mother’s Day gathering.

    Mr RDj as you are aware, is a great favourite of mine and I applaud your lack of content thus allowing him to be snuck in for no particular reason other than you happened to be looking at him on facebook and needed to fill another paragraph in your blog post – good job narfie!! 🙂

    As to the studies, as most of your course references veer towards the area of gobbledy-gook to me I wish you luck, some degree of perseverance and a happy outcome at some stage 🙂 Again, you are most welcome xoxo


    • narf77
      May 14, 2014 @ 18:02:58

      Those ribbons are very wide…it would be a large boho bracelet indeed! ;). Yes, it is most beautiful out there in the big wide world early in the morning and narf is out there taking a nice stroll (drag) every single morning. Bezial is trying to blend in to the background as the language that was coming out of Steve due to the car being kaput was somewhat colourful 😉

      Oh BABY is it moist! The cake that is…Glad you noticed my use of RDJ to fill a gap. I mean seriously folks, any gap is better filled with Mr RDJ and I shall stop right there as I think I am veering into the pornographic with that comment! 😉

      I think I might make some boho bracelets for poor sufferers of Giantism. Someone needs to do something for them and everyone needs a boho bracelet 🙂


  2. Lynda
    May 14, 2014 @ 18:47:18

    Fran, i was thinking of you when i watched an episode of The River Cottage and Hugh was doing a summer of vegetarian. He spent a day with and helped do a dinner of raw food and they made a chocolate cake using your favorite ingredients – dates and avocado. It looked amazing.

    My link to ABC doesnt work anymore as they are no longer showing it but i found a youtube clip. There is no sound my end but im sure you will work it out.


  3. brymnsons
    May 14, 2014 @ 19:25:05

    As I said on fb I just love that picture, so I stole it 😀 So beautiful. You look like you had a terrific mother’s day, lots of fun to be had by the look of it. If you ever want to rename the farm it could be “Place of Silly Business” as lots of fun seems to happen inside that place. Glad you got the car going again, poor bloke tinkering with a car smelling like horse sh@# lol. The cake looks amazing! Yum!!
    In regards to inserting the word document into my blog I’m pretty sure I did as you suggested, but will try it again, just in case. We are off to Perth to sort out some business on Friday. So a quick visit to the big smoke for us…
    Get down to it and get that blasted study done you procrastinating junky!! There I’ve tried my best 😛


    • narf77
      May 15, 2014 @ 04:18:32

      I managed to get a mottley collection of photos together that may or may not do for the purposes of creating a booklet but I guess if we are missing something we can just stage a photo for it, the beauty of being a camera junky 😉 I think “The funny farm” might be a more fitting name for Serendipity Farm? 😉 That horse shite was not stinky by the way, it was aged so it just smells like dirt and obviously insects as my chooks all set to it and spread it EVERYWHERE! I am going to have to get out there and rake it back up into a pile but then they will just get busy on it all over again…sigh… Using that process that I described was how we managed to put word docs into our school blogs. Hopefully you can work out your issues? Have fun in Perth. The best bit about a quick visit is that you get to go home quickly 🙂


  4. rabidlittlehippy
    May 14, 2014 @ 22:29:58

    I’m going to keep this short so you don’t use replying to my comment as an excuse to procrastinate further. 😉
    Snorted and giggled my way through this post. Too funny. The Mothers Day pics look like you all had fun and great to see pictures of all your family too. 🙂
    Now, go and behave, cut a huge slice of that evilly delish looking cake, set it somewhere Earl-proof but visible and then promise yourself you can earn it with some solid study hours!


    • narf77
      May 15, 2014 @ 04:21:10

      I ate quite a bit of that cake. It was completely and utterly delicious…I actually feel a bit ill today because I ate SO much of it so now I am going to have to live on miso soup to get over it today ;). Thems the breaks for them that indulge ;). I managed to take some vague images that may or may not be good enough for our purposes today but we can always take more photos (staged) if we need to illustrate something and they are pretty quick to set up (so long as you have worked out just what “principles” and “elements” of design are…still working on that one as they are pretty “grey” to be honest 😉 ) Hard slog today but almost finished (and there is always Pinterest…my dear friend 😉 )


  5. christiglover
    May 15, 2014 @ 04:11:51

    Wow, I just LOVE the pictures of you and all of the kids! Madeline and Bethany, too! In the past, it seems like they’ve been reluctant to pose and be posted, but here they are — a lovely family full of fun and tech savvy. 🙂

    And all the kids are still living in the house in Launceton, right? This is absolute evidence of extraordinary love and character. Molly and Annie would be severely challenged, methinks. And guess what? Austin is coming to Hawaii! He will volunteer at Kalani for 3 months (work in the kitchen, learn lots of yoga) and help us do stuff to the Hippie House when we move in. Best Mother’s Day news this mama could have! Love the picture of your river. And love you, too!


    • narf77
      May 15, 2014 @ 04:27:25

      COMPLETELY reluctant to pose and probably not happy that I used their graven images here but whatchagonnadoeh? (put me in a BAD nursing home when I am older 😉 ) They are all very tech savvy and clever clogs Christi, can’t have got it from me as I know BUGGER ALL about technology and spend my life bumbling around it using Stevie-boy as a sort of technological shield 😉

      Yup, they are all living in the house in Launceston but the girls live in the house and Stewart and Kelsey live in a unit out the back of the house so they have their own space. AWESOME on Austin coming to Hawaii but lets be honest, who wouldn’t want to come to Hawaii?!!! I am thinking that “I” might migrate there myself. The more you talk about those tropical fruits and plants (COCONUTS!!!) the more tempted I am to just up sticks and bugger off and live the life of Reilly on a tropical beach someplace 🙂

      If I ever do wash up on your shores I will come and give you a hand with The Hippy House…when I have finished eating ALL of the coconuts 😉 HUGS from frigid Sidmouth where we are enjoying this delicious cold and Brunhilda’s constant wafting blissful warmth. I LOVE that you guys are fully immersed in your new home and Hawaii and that it suits you to a tee. Indeed, the best Mother’s Day gift around and Austin will be handy helping out indeed although tell him to ease off on the yoga prior to helping, can’t be having him TOO relaxed 😉


  6. quarteracrelifestyle
    May 15, 2014 @ 04:19:43

    Pleased you had a lovely Mother’s Day 🙂 You made me laugh with your procrastination strategies …you sound just like moi! Our garden has gone to the pack too, though we still have quite a bit in it it just mud right now and not at all tempting to play in., plus it’s just cold and miserable. Love your photos, love seeing Earl guarding the cheese 🙂 🙂


  7. quarteracrelifestyle
    May 15, 2014 @ 04:20:50

    Forgot to say thanks for the link…I listen to music all the time when at home on my own so will check it out.


    • narf77
      May 15, 2014 @ 04:39:54

      You can pay for an upgrade where you don’t get advertisements but to be honest you don’t notice them as the music is excellent :). Love it and completely immersed myself in 70’s rock yesterday, feeling all nostalgic for last century 😉


      • quarteracrelifestyle
        May 15, 2014 @ 04:44:28

        Ah, a girl after my own heart – 70’s rock is generally what I listen to 🙂 Or some late 60’s stuff. Exactly, it is nostalgia and I love it!

      • narf77
        May 15, 2014 @ 04:47:04

        You can choose…they have all of the genres as well as 60’s; 70’s; 80’s; 90’s and 00’s where you get a constant changing selection of what was truly representative of the era. I LOVE the selections because they are the best of the best (in my opinion 😉 ) only got 1 KISS song in the whole day of listening so that HAS to be a bonus 😉

  8. Littlesundog
    May 16, 2014 @ 01:19:45

    I don’t care if anyone else finds Mr. J Depp sexy or not… the less the better I say! That way we get to keep him all to ourselves! That last photograph is stunning… so serene and peaceful. I believe I could sit there for hours (unless you have pesky insects that bite and bother). Oh, and Earl… ya gotta love that boy in all of his handsomeness and manliness. I’d love to have him on my front porch. However, I’m afraid he might find chasing Daisy and Spirit deer entirely too fascinating and exciting… alas, I will have to be happy to hear about him via your stories. He is a grand beast though, and I love him!


    • narf77
      May 16, 2014 @ 05:54:03

      No insects at all as they are all hibernating (hopefully in my bug boxes 😉 ). It is still…it is freezing cold and it is gorgeous :). I fear you are right with Earl, he was born to hunt. A chook burst out of the shrubs in front of us the other day and it was all I could do to stop Earl from rendering it into a pile of feathers :(. Earl thinks that he is a grand beast. I reckon that if he was ever gifted the chance to return to earth in human form, that he would look a whole LOT like Robert Downey Jr 😉


  9. Robbie
    May 19, 2014 @ 08:07:17

    Happy Belated Mothers Day to you too!!!! I had only two of my kids here since one is in UK. My son brought his girlfriend, my daughter and her fiance ( and 11monthgrandson), so we played board games. They ordered food out for me since I refused to cook! They got chinese food which was fun + no clean up for me or my hubby or kids-lol.
    What a fun and lovely family you have, but I have to ask. How many kids do you have? or do you collect extras ( girlfriends, boy friends, etc) like we do over the years:-) We always have extras at our home ,but not any this Mother’s day.
    Your cake looks AMAZING!!! From your picture it does look sexy-lol!
    When ever I read your posts I feel like I am reading a letter from a pen pal from the golden days of years past! YOu have a fun life + what the heck if you are 50 you just “take your time” have earned it…I am 5 yrs older than you , so 50 seems young to me!
    Love your dogs…they are a “hoot”….:-) we had snow in Chicago last week,but we are warming uphere soon…Ido believe summer will come sometime!


    • narf77
      May 19, 2014 @ 08:16:20

      3 of that mass conglomeration were mine and the lovely dark haired girl with the glasses is the son-and-heirs Texan sweetie :). That cake WAS sexy…TOO sexy 😦 I ate half of it myself. NOT good when you have put on almost 10kg in the last 6 months and really REALLY don’t want to go back to being unable to fit through your doors again…time to renegotiate cake, bread, potatoes and anything else that has been finding its way into my beak of late 😉

      I AM a penpal…I just use my nifty twitchy trigger fingers to tap away here rather than write (which is lucky as you couldn’t read my writing thanks to me not having practiced using it for years 😉 ). I have a fun life because I always try to look for fun. I am an optimist so I am slightly ahead of the pack when it comes to sniffing out fun and I love to laugh and have taught all of my kids to have good senses of humour over all else. When the chips are down, if you can have a good laugh you are most of the way towards surviving. Our dogs are currently sulking. It’s raining, they are sooking away in front of the fire and Earl is about to poke me in the side as the sun just came out from behind a cloud…funny how he can’t seem to comprehend “sit” or “stay” or “GET OFF THE FURNITURE YOU NAUGHTY BOY!” but he can managed to mainline a skeric of sunshine and read it’s nuances in order to get me out of my chair and putting on his lead…dogs are amazing things 😉 I hope we have the same thing with a LONG winter. I am over our summers…they are like Californian summers and last summer we got 2 rain “events” in total…the rest was bone dry. Not fun gardening in bone dry 😦


  10. Chica Andaluza
    May 19, 2014 @ 23:58:48

    Sir Earl would have a lot of cheese in my house to guard right now – we had a French market visit town yesterday and i went a bit mad…the fridge is a bit stinky too! Mind you, I bet your manure is a bit stinky too….! Glad you had a great Mother’s Day 🙂


    • narf77
      May 20, 2014 @ 02:45:41

      Lots of stinky Froggy cheese? You lucky girl! Earl would indeed guard the fridge (like he guards the grey shrike thrushes cheese and Steve’s Parmesan feet…) Our horse manure doesn’t smell but is full of chickens hunting for worms and insects so I might have to stake Earl out on it to guard that too! 🙂


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  12. Hannah (BitterSweet)
    May 20, 2014 @ 11:45:48

    Oh yes, that does look like one luscious, sexy cake indeed! A dessert that decadent has no need for frosting or ganache. It looks perfect just the way it is, if you ask me. Perhaps that’s just my impatience speaking though… I know that if it were in my kitchen, I would want to dig right in immediately without wasting the time to whip up a topping. Given the choice, of course I wouldn’t turn down a smattering of extra chocolate… 😉


    • narf77
      May 20, 2014 @ 13:07:14

      Well the problem is it WAS very sexy and I couldn’t resist… I ate half of it! It was delicious, I didn’t regret ANYTHING at the time…the imperative words are “at the time” now, I am regretting…oh well, the things we do for chocolate eh? 😉


  13. Tandy | Lavender and Lime
    May 20, 2014 @ 14:03:40

    I’m here visiting from Chica’s blog (Tanya). What a wonderful life you live. Love the sound of that sexy chocolate cake and I agree, it’s no fun being outside when too cold 🙂


    • narf77
      May 20, 2014 @ 15:22:31

      Hi Ms Lavender and Lime. That chocolate cake was amazing. Probably the most moist cake I have ever made but Stevie-boy the expat from The Old Country (Sarf-end-on-sea) didn’t like it much as it was TOO moist (can a cake ever be too moist unless it is dipped in a mug of tea?) back to the drawing board ;). I ate half of it and had to give the other half away before I couldn’t fit through the door any more! I am hiding from outside as outside there be gardens that need a LOT of attention…I am scared of them at this point as the blackberries and spear thistles have decided to form a cohesive union and are marching on the front…I am afraid I am a little out numbered and have resorted (with my crochet) to hiding under the bed with my metaphorical fingers in my ears (I need my real once for the crochet…) saying out loud “I CAN’T HEAR YOU I CAN’T SEE YOU” in the (vain) hope that they will just go away. Might be time to make another one of those sexy chocolate cakes methinks! 😉


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