Where do I start…

Hi All

This week has been a study in restraint for me. I have been holed up planning everything that I am going to do to those fecund, exponentially explosive blackberry bushes out there waving at me every time I walk out onto the deck. I have SUCH nefarious plans that I can’t even talk about them here in case those clever buggers have learned to read and find a way to hook into my internet connection to find out what I am up to. I SWEAR I killed them all last year…I swear often to my shame, but they must be made of sterner stuff because they are all back and twice as prickly. I am doing my best to minimise them by eating their tender, black, juicy babies but to no avail…they think they have me bested but not THIS little black duck. Come the cooler weather when I won’t wilt into a puddle of blackberry coloured narf, I am going to systematically remove all of the blackberries from Serendipity Farm. It’s not a wistful want…it is a driven need! Oh “Its ON” blackberries!


“What have we here? A snoring troubadour if I am not mistaken!”


“Yup”…he is fast asleep and still ready to spring into action as soon as he wakes…now THAT is a true musician 😉


We had to make a quick trip into town recently when one of the second hand games that Steve had bought recently refused to work and he had only a couple of days left on his warrantee and we noticed an Indian grocery shop on the way and being me, Steve (without a word being spoken…I have trained him well 😉 ) stopped the car, handed me the wallet and got out to let some breeze into the car as it was a particularly hot day and we had the dogs with us. Look at all of this deliciousness! There was SO much more but I felt too guilty to peruse the shelves for too long as the dogs were hot. I am going to have to return ASAP but this time sans Steve and dogs 😉


Sometimes Steve can make me snort wine out of my nose. Here is one of his nefarious ways to turn my nose into a wine tap (would that make me a cask? 😉 ). This recently purchased “interesting” packet of the Indian equivalent of Asian prawn crackers (except containing no prawn) is, according to Steve, Crash Bandicoot’s Indian Cousin…”Far Far” It took me a few seconds but as soon as I got it the wine started to flow…copiously! 😉

I received a post bag in the mail yesterday (Monday) and when I flipped it over and had a look at the sender I had a little “SQUEE!” moment. To everyone out there who hasn’t been infected by Jess/rabidlittlehippies amazing word that signifies and documents that precise moment where you think your head is going to explode with joy closely followed by your heart thanks to a delicious and most precious discovery/thing that has just happened to you…”SQUEE!” say the word…test it, roll those vowels around in your mouth and couple them with those expletive consonants and “SQUEE!” like a girl in a shop full of 90% off designer shoes ALL IN YOUR SIZE! Yeah I KNOW you know how to “SQUEE!” now! 😉


“Earl…its hot…start the car!”


You can actually see the point at which Earl realises he doesn’t have opposable thumbs…by the way NO comments about how dirty our car is. We are currently living in a dust bowl where whenever you set foot outside the house you raise a small puff of dust as you walk.


I need this…I need this NOW! An old round trampoline base turned into a stringy magic carpet 🙂


I reckon it might be time to plant these cuttings out don’t you? 😉

My mad “SQUEEING” that brought the boys racing up the deck thinking that one of the chooks had turned feral and was pecking me to death (got to protect your interests you know…Steve isn’t the one that feeds them 😉 ) was due to seeing that the parcel was from one Ms Pauline, one of my wonderful and most deliciously artistic followers. I have NO idea what I did to deserve Pauline following my blog. I started off our blogging correspondence by roundly insulting her. She kept coming back for more! What can I say; the girl LOVES a challenge obviously 😉 Seriously though, Pauline makes the most beautiful, insightful comments on every single blog that she follows. You know when Pauline has gifted you her wonderful sense of humour and her delightfully lyrical use of the vernacular because you feel right royally hugged by butterflies.


My camera doesn’t do justice to these delightful hand painted tiny little works of whimsical art. They are all gorgeous and Pauline is the cleverest thing since sliced bread and twice as talented 🙂

Pauline created some cards for me to remind me of just how very lucky I am. She and I share a beady-eyed magpie desire to collect and adore shiny things and each and every one of the cards that she made for me were bright, blissfully coloured and shiny out the wazoo! It was all I could do to not lick them Pauline, I wanted to ingest all of that gorgeousness…they are now OFFICIALLY my preciouses…good luck to anyone or anything that would like to liberate them from me. I am off on a studious hunt for gorgeous frames to frame them all in and will be mounting them on the wall above my enormous desktop monitor along with my sacred “Biscuit of Loveliness” card sent to me by the gorgeous thinkingcowgirl all the way over the seas in old Blighty where they actually get precipitation coming from the sky folks…I know! It really does happen in some places in the world 🙂


This mornings breakfast of cooked buckwheat porridge (fresh ground from whole grain), a chopped red apple, some date paste and some homemade sesame milk. It was delicious 🙂


I now realise why people who post about brownies rarely have good images. Do you KNOW how hard it is to take a good photo of a brownie?! This is the best shot I could get. These are vegan brownies that contain a hefty 2 cups of grated zucchini (something that Steve swears he is allergic to 😉 )and instead of the walnuts (that Steve doesn’t like) I added the equivalent amount of chopped dates that gave these delicious brownies some incredible body and texture. For a man that doesn’t like zucchini he certainly woofed down more than his fair share of these babies. They are dense and gooey and I am SUCH a good narf7 that I am going to share the recipe here with you 🙂



Here’s an image of the 2 mixes ready to be gently folded together. I used raw sugar but the zucchini melted it nicely


This is the point at which you would fold in the walnuts…feel free to sub them with anything you like…dates, chocolate chips, dried or glace fruit, squid, jars of vegemite (aHA so you were reading it eh? Just testing 😉 )


Here is what the mix looked like spread into a buttered and floured cake pan. It rose nicely and was entirely delightfully easy to cook although we did have a bit of crusticular caramelisation occur due to it being baked in a covered bbq. Easy fix, cut off the “caramelisation” 😉

Aside from the cards that are now stamped on my heart, Pauline most generously sent me 3 of her gorgeous printed cards (all destined to be framed and mounted), a splendiferous and most beautifully written (you have lovely handwriting Pauline 🙂 ) card with an image of King Orlando on the front of it and 2 of her gorgeous prototype hippy bo-ho bracelets that I am going to wear shamelessly until they fall off me ragged and sweaty and full of narf7 skin cells most probably someplace in the veggie garden where the beads will turn up embedded in a scarlet runner bean pod at some day in the future where I need me a “shiny thing” moment. Pauline you floored me with your generosity and your talent. All I sent you was a wooden spoon…I didn’t even send you a card! I actually forgot your kefir grains! All will be remedied this week 🙂


I purchased this packet of brown rice pasta when I was staying at my girls and heading to Hobart last. I decided that I might use it to make something delicious out of some leftovers…


Cooked pasta at the back, a pan with butter and plain flour on the left ready for me to cook and add milk to form a roux sauce (which I then tossed cubed feta cheese and an indecent amount of grated cheddar cheese into to make rich and thick cheese sauce) and the leftover component of the recipe, some Bolognese meat sauce from spag bol 2 days before


Tip the bolognaise sauce into the pasta and shovel copiously into a tagine that has NEVER been used to make a tagine


Ladle on vats of rich cheese sauce and then cook in your oven of choice (ours is a covered bbq at the moment) until the top crisps and browns most deliciously. Steve could have cared less that he was ingesting brown rice pasta. He woofed down most of that large tagine full of this creation so I call this re-use of leftovers a success!

Pauline has a delicious blog where you can drool over her gorgeous artwork BUT I need to make this clear…no matter how gorgeous her artwork looks on her blog…don’t be fooled. It is 10 times lovelier in the flesh! Pauline has a delightful Etsy store where she sells her gorgeous things and where everyone can take advantage of Pauline’s amazing ability to take colour and splosh it about and end up with magic…pure shiny magic. As Molly Meldrum, an old Aussie music show host once said…”Do yourselves a favour and race out and buy these”!


Taken just up from our driveway at 6am on my early morning walk with Earl


As you can see it was pretty dark…


A long stretch of road where Earl gets to sniff the delicious smell of fresh warm cows. I wonder if that is the doggy equivalent of fresh coffee and bread to us?


This is the point at which we normally turn around and head back down this hill but today…we didn’t!

I have been walking Earl at sunrise lately. I have been enjoying heading out before the day heats up and we have been catching up with Jan and Mica most days and having a lovely “pack walk”. We were even joined by Bezial a couple of days last week when his dicky leg was up to it but the group frolic after party at Micas house might have just been a bit too much for him. All that frolicking and jumping and racing around left him hobbling around the next day so we are giving him a few days of “light walking duties” before setting out on a longer walk again. Bezial might not need long walks but Earl is the king of long walks. We set off on Sunday morning in order to burn off some of Earls excess energy and we walked our usual beat and when we arrived at our usual turning point to head home, I looked at Earl and said “let’s go a bit further eh?” He seemed up for it so we headed off up the hill and down the road to Bonnie Beach. Once we got to Bonnie Beach we decided (mutually) to keep going around to the end of Camm’s road (just so that anyone reading this who would like to stalk our walk on Google Earth or Google Maps can get a reference 😉 ) where we had a brief sniff of the gate of Rebecca Gibney’s of “Packed to the Rafters” fames gate before heading back home.


We kept going and saw this old fellow on the way…


A sunrise shot of Bonnie Beach where I asked Earl if he would like to keep going…you can probably guess his answer to that 😉


Around the corner from Bonnie Beach and I just wanted to share this image of a “Dead Tree Walking” 😦 That branching fungus fruit there spells the end of this tree. Its a real pity as this is a most magnificent tree in a lovely place. Earl gave it the 3 legged salute to show his solidarity and we moved on…


This embankment completely parted way with the road (that I am standing on) in last years incessant rain and so come clever thinking was put into action resulting in this gabion retaining wall. Most attractive and functional at the same time 🙂


When you are walking 8km and you have to stop every 50 metres for “someone” to have a sniff it certainly makes a long walk turn into a L…O…N…G… walk!

We got almost home when Earl pricked up his ears and the familiar rumble of our little 4 x 4 came hurtling around the corner driven by a worried looking Stevie-boy and one most energetically prancing Bezial “sitting” in the front passenger seat. Apparently Earl and I had been gone for 3 hours…3 hours! And Steve and Bezial had gone for a walk and not been able to find us so they mutually decided to get out the “rescue van” to hunt further afield. Earl and I think that we were taken by aliens because it most certainly didn’t feel like 3 hours’ worth of trundling.  Earl was officially knackered but I was not! Obviously, I was being carried by all of my little microscopic kefir and kombucha inhabitants. I reckon I could have walked a few more kilometres quite happily. We worked out that we walked 8km and I think I might make that our “Sunday walk” from now on


One rodent that I wouldn’t mind communing with 🙂


Almost to the halfway point of our walk!


Earl checking out the fortification on the jetty at the end of our first leg


Lots and LOTS of oysters but you can’t eat them (even if you aren’t vegan!) because they contain 4 times the level of heavy metals considered to be a safe dose…cheers industry!


On our way back and I couldn’t resist taking a shot of this gorgeous Corymbia ficifolia eucalypt. You can see how dry it has been around here by looking at this lovely “lawn” and this is a green one!


It looks like Woolworths and Coles have successfully fooled nature with their nefarious desire to put Easter eggs into shops the day after Christmas…the Easter lilies are here!


This would have to be the loudest beagle on the Pecos in full “BAAAOOOOO” 😉


Heading back home and this shows where we are in relation to where we live. Those buildings are (from left to right respectively) Franks house, The Auld Kirk Church and we are somewhere in the midst of that pile of dark green there to the left of that small island 😉 still quite a while to go but unaware that the rescue wagon is on its way! 😉

I took a lot of pictures along the way and am using them predominately to decorate this post. I am more than aware that most of my dear constant readers don’t “read” my posts and I am down to a select core of stalwarts who are as mental and type A as I am who read the paragraphs between the images. The images are to satiate my followers for whom my aberrant and eccentric use of the vernacular isn’t appreciated (“PLEBIENS”! 😉 )


Now we get to the ubiquitous shots of the veggie garden. Here you can see narf7’s patented (well it should be!) door closing device.


I have stopped trying to achieve order in the garden and am just letting it go feral to its hearts content. Its heart is VERY content!


More feral


Both recent rescue figs are alive along with another adventitious compost tomato plant


If you water them…they will come!


Don’t ask me why this corn is so far away from its brethren…it “vants to be alone”?! No idea! I must have dropped a seed out of my pocket or gumboot (if I had one) or something but here it stands, the tallest of the corns and most majestic in its stately happiness. Are you starting to get an idea about how much planning I put into planting out this garden? 😉


These are garlic chives. Are they meant to be this tall?!


Remember that baseball sized pumpkin from last week? Well it is now basketball sized and has a baseball sized brother


The pumpkins have decided that there isn’t enough room in this crowded spot to grow horizontal so they are growing vertically


There is an experimental compost heap under this lot

Does anyone know what a Nutritarian is?!!! I am hazarding a guess that it is someone who is desperately attempting to make themselves appear to be a whole lot more interesting than they really are. Is it just me, or has there been an explosion of “crazy” when it comes to what people eat these days? It used to be that you ate “food” and some people were a bit more restricted than others due to true allergies, religion or personal choice but these days there are new “arians” coming out of the woodwork on a weekly basis! Someone even has a “Nutritarian” page on Pinterest. As far as I can gather by a quick perusal of the page, a “nutritarian” eats food. Go figure eh?


We cut this sheoak down but it appears to want to come back. Who am I to argue? I might just keep it coppiced or whatever the equivalent is of allowing it to live and look like cousin IT in my veggie garden


Kale that has been growing for almost a year now and is finally starting to look like kale!


I have my suspicions that these aren’t pattypan squash. When they are “pattypan” sized they are bright green…they grow to football size before they turn yellow…


“Oh what a tangled lot we weave when first we practice to get lazy and plant everything out wherever…”

It keeps threatening to rain here today but is holding it in and is making me cranky…”Just RAIN already!” I was guaranteed of a 95% chance of rain today and I had better not be disappointed weather men or I am going to start a campaign to save a WHOLE lot of money and have you all fired. The best way to tell if it is going to rain or not is to stand outside for a bit. If you come back in wet, it most probably rained. Some people get paid an exorbitant amount of money to translate that bit of wisdom 😉


My bottle find that made me happy today. I guess it is natural selection at its finest. I am learning about Permaculture thus it is changing my way of thinking. I no longer see this bottle as “rubbish” I see it for all of the possibilities it contains. SO many possibilities! You just have to head to Pinterest to see what you can do with a humble glass bottle to get excited. I then pick up the bottle from where it had been thrown and take it home with me, thus removing the problem of litter and creating a nice clean patch of soil for someone else to throw out another bottle…Perpetual Permaculture 😉

I am starting to think that there might be something a bit strange going on with me lately. Does anyone else find bottles on the ground and hoot with glee? I was walking Earl over the Batman Bridge this morning and discovered a most delightful bottle sans cap that I found not too far from its bottle and I picked them both up (cap for my bottle cap wind chime) and carried them home along with a pair of twin bottles made by the same company. Here in Australia we do some fine boutique spirits but our old stalwart booze comes in the form of rum made in the sugar cane refinery rich state of Queensland. Distilling your own spirits is illegal in Australia where in New Zealand it is entirely legal (another reason for me to pack my bags and wing it over the Tasman…). The bottle that I found this morning appears to be new on the market for Bundaberg Rum and I was most interested to see a combination of Creaming soda and red rum! Sounds like a kiddies party drink to me but I am assured that it was 4.5% alcohol by volume and the 500ml bottle that I found, when full, could have rendered a child paralytic methinks.  My joy comes from collecting another bottle towards my stockpile that I am going to start using in interesting ways soon. Watch this space…

I have a lot of images to share with you in this post so I might just stop with DSCF7131

Take one packet of organic tofu…


Combine these ingredients any which way you like and then pour them over the tofu that you cubed in between images


Cubed tofu marinating in deliciousness


Sprinkle furitake on top and serve to a husband who could care less that there is no meat in here…”it’s ALL good” 😉

the verbosity about now. I add comments to my images and even a few words add up to an exponentially long post when I use a lot of images. As our hot weather starts to (hopefully) cool down a bit I am hoping a swing in weather occurs for you northerners who could probably do with a bit of sunshine on your pasty snow covered countenances. We brown Aussies will be MOST glad to surrender it to you at your nearest convenience. Have a wonderful week and enjoy your weekend enough so you remember it with hazy joy and see you next hump day when I will have most probably done something but I am not promising anything! 😉

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  1. Linne
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 15:59:29

    I LOVE your posts, Narfie7!! I cannot imagine NOT reading between the photos . . . that’s where half the fun lies . . . the other half is in the photos, with a bit of topping that is added by my imagination 🙂 Pauline’s art is wonderful, isn’t it? I think you both got the best of that deal!
    BTW, I’d like to know what Steve says once he sees that photo of him meditating on his latest composition, with sub-titles suggesting he is asleep at the strings AND snoring! I doubt that man knows how to snore! 😉 and all that AFTER he stopped (with no word from you) to give you a chance at that Indian grocery . . . gratitude, eh? 😉 Some of the pictures did not download for me; we’ve been struggling with very slow and occasionally intermittent ‘net service. I am told the service provider is replacing the cables with higher-speed ones (possible, I suppose), but how long does it take?? Don’t they know I have blogs to read?? Anyway . . . I digress . . .
    So that means I will be back tomorrow to see the photos that today are simple plain squares of white . . . see you then . . . ~ Linne


    • narf77
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 16:09:18

      Right click and “show picture” didn’t work?


      • Linne
        Feb 24, 2014 @ 14:54:17

        Never thought to try that . . . most of the photos came through, so I just assumed it was taking forever to download the rest. There would be a white square where the picture was meant to be. They all showed up quickly just now, though. But I have run out of time. The new Downton starts in 10 minutes. 🙂 (and runs for TWO hours!). I left my email answering earlier to go watch Doc Martin, who was nowhere to be found 😦 Instead, two past episodes of Downton were about to begin. I’ve seen them, so got a few things done, then came to re-read your delicious blog. I’m hungry after those photos of Steve’s yum suppers . . . Ok. Off for pea soup with veg and ham in it.
        Thanks for the photo suggestion and I’ll try that if I have a recurrence. ~ Linne
        p.s. I was thinking that chopped squid in the brownies might give them that now-fashionable salty-sweet touch . . . I do add nutritional yeast to my baking and most of my other foods, so that would be a given for me, anyway. 😉

      • narf77
        Feb 24, 2014 @ 14:56:57

        Depends on who was going to eat the brownies… for someone I didn’t like…maybe some of Earl and Bezial’s crunchy dog bickies? Then they would be “Salty sweet cookie bite brownies” 😉

  2. Margaret Griffin
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 17:53:00

    Mmmm……brownies. I don’t bake but I reckon the best brownies are made by Sprout Bakery who sell their delicious offerings at Wesley Hill market here in Castlemaine.

    And yes….. I understand the experience of falling into some kind of time black hole where one returns from a walk rather later than expected.


    • narf77
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 02:51:23

      Hi Margaret I love to hear where the best food is, especially when its brownies…To all of my dear constant readers in Victoria take note! Sounds like a bit of a road trip might be on the cards (Jess and Lynda D? 🙂 ). Glad to see it isn’t only me who wanders off all over the countryside 😉


  3. brymnsons
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 22:08:00

    Well lots of interesting stuff in this post Fran. Wow and Wow again to your amazing gift! How positively generous of her, and I am so jealous lol. The photo from your driveway was lovely and that tree is looking a little like Beaker 🙂 . The weather is much nicer over here at the moment, no humidity, sigh. No rain in the foreseeable future though. Good luck with yours, I hope you walk out dry and walk back in wet, soon. x


    • narf77
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 02:53:18

      I am a little bit shirty about how we had a 5% chance of NOT having rain yesterday and we appear to have fluked it and managed to find ourselves included in that 5% 😦 I am pulling out my very big crayons as we speak and will be drawing up my slogans on my pickets and will be off to the weather department in Launceston to march! 😉


  4. christiglover
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 03:26:29

    Hi Fran! Good to catch up with you…faithful blogger girl. I’m not posting this week, so I’m getting my Fran Fix and writing you a longer-than-normal Comment since I won’t be seeing you over at the Farmlet. One word for blackberries: Goats. Get a couple of goats and you blackberry troubles will end…but of course others may begin. Steve knows how to power nap. He isn’t even lying down, just gently reclined, hands still in position, no drool. Very impressive. 🙂 I still have lots of frozen zucchini from last summer, and those brownies look great. You can photograph a good-looking brownie, Fran. And Pauline. Yes, I love her, too. I see that one of the cards in your luscious stack is the Hawaii gardener which I have the ORIGINAL of and will be framing for my Hawaii digs. She is magical and came to me just as I felt lost in the world, warming me, showing me my heart path. The painting will be our Hawaii house spirit. The strawberry in your garden made me gasp. I’m serious. I’m ready for the tropics. I’ll document some adventurous walks there, like yours with Earl. I love that you meet up with Jan and Mica. Finally, here is what I’ve been working on — a for sale by owner ad for the Farmlet! I managed to get it together with the new camera and post it on Zillow. We’ll go to a realtor if this doesn’t work… but here’s my effort:
    Love you and your posts, Christi


    • narf77
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 03:43:32

      I am laughing here at the “goats” comment. I was walking past the “new house” (been there a couple of years now) and saw the owner wrestling with his small fruit trees and had a brief chat. I mentioned that I would be wrestling with my blackberries soon before they took over the entire property and he told me that he had been a farmer prior to downsizing and moving to the coast and he said (from his experience) “we tried EVERYTHING…goats, permaculture EVERYTHING to eradicate them but in the end you just have to hit them with poison and burn the bastards!” 😉

      I was SO impressed with his ability to play the guitar in his sleep and note he didn’t drop the guitar? He doesn’t drop glasses of beer/wine either…power napping it is! 😉

      I had a “SQUEE!” moment when I realised that as well and thought to myself “Christi and I can both share it” although yours is original and mine is a card 🙂 I can’t think of a better ethos to start your new life Christi, Pauline instils her paintings with so very much and most of that love and care bleeds into them. Can’t wait to see that post where you place it reverently on the wall in your new digs 🙂

      “SOLD!” I want to buy The Farmlet!!! You have done an excellent job of presenting The Farmlet beautifully, my goodness your home is pristine! I especially love the image of you on the ride on lawnmower heading off down the road to goodness only knows where like Barbara Good from that quintessentially gorgeous WAY before it’s time English show “The Good Life” where a suburban couple decided to turn to self-sufficiency much to the chagrin of their upper class neighbours and friends 😉

      I see you bought The Farmlet in 2007. We moved to Tasmania, our “make a wish” Sea Change that changed our lives. Looks like we are still moving in common cycle’s ma’am only we fully intend to stay on Serendipity Farm for the foreseeable future. That means I get to live vicariously through your gorgeous tropical adventure without the mozzie bites and the humidity ;). Can’t WAIT to see how you create your new garden. You can grow taro!!! You can grow all KINDS of amazing things in Hawaii…I am getting very VERY excited about your possibilities and am sending you mental and spiritual hugs for your journey ahead. You are both going to be utterly knackered by the time you find yourselves sitting in your new kitchen at whatever approximates for tables and chairs in your new home but OH the excitement and the possibilities for amazing adventures that abound! Love, hugs and smooches from Sunny Sidmouth to you both 🙂

      Fran 🙂


  5. christiglover
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 03:34:43

    Oh! I forgot to say that my Serendipity Farm spoons (both of them) have front seats in the car to Hawaii!


  6. quarteracrelifestyle
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 04:26:11

    Oooh, that garden is going off, isn’t it ! 🙂 🙂
    I am going to try your zucchini brownies, I think I pinned that then completely forgot about it. I was wondering what to bake today!
    Most readers don’t read your posts? Why on earth wouldn’t they? I imagine you talking everything you write and often chuckle at your use of words.
    Love the photo of Steve, he must sing himself to sleep, that’s pretty cute. Roger will go to sleep half way through a conversation which leaves me feeling oh so very exciting and worth listening to!
    Beautiful photo of your neighbourhood, I wish I lived that close to the sea, just gorgeous.
    And Pauline, I love seeing her artwork so appreciated and reaching far flung corners of everywhere, I treasure mine and very much doubt anyone will ever receive one as a card!!


    • narf77
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 04:45:39

      Those brownies are the BOMB! Don’t blame me if you eat the whole batch. I would skip the icing and just woof them down as is. They don’t really need that icing, just Steve needed something to focus on or he might have noticed a tiny bit of purest green in the results and started asking questions…

      People have VERY short attention spans these days. Instantaneous almost and as soon as they click on my posts and see how very VERY long they are they think of all of the texting that they could be doing in the time it takes them to read and shut them down 😉

      If Steve decided to sing himself to sleep he would never sleep. He apparently had a lovely voice as a kid and sand in the choir BUT nature is a cruel mistress and decided that if he was going to be allowed to keep a full head of hair, he wasn’t going to be allowed to accompany that with singing or he might have been in a “boy band” and the world simply isn’t ready for that!

      LOL on Roger falling asleep! The poor man must exhaust himself regularly. I have to yell at Steve to change the channels at night as he invariably drops straight to sleep as soon as he sits down to watch television with the remote firmly welded into his palm. Poor Bezial thinks that I am hitlers younger and more angry sister as I keep yelling every time I get bored with the channel (which is pretty much every 5 minutes 😉 )

      I have a strong need to be close to water. I was born on the coast and feel at my strongest and most centred when I can at least smell/hear it. My ex moved me inland one too many times. Probably one of the most understandable reasons why he is my ex…

      I am the same…I tossed up (for about 4 seconds) sending her cards to deserving friends but then thought “I deserve them!” and was a gluttonous and most greedy person and am going to frame them ;). I love her hand painted cards. The woman is a genius with paint! How does she get so much personality and scrumptious colour on such a small piece of card?!!! I lust after those colours and keep peeking at them through my day in the spare room where I have reverently placed the parcel in order to prevent me coming back inside and seeing a pile of brightly coloured glittery confetti that Earl has had a BALL creating…I think I would dissolve in tears!

      Hugs from sunny Sidmouth where we had a 95% chance of rain yesterday and amazingly, managed to slither into that 5% where we DIDN’T get rain…I am well grumpy about it all and I suggest that any weather persons reading this comment stay WELL out of my way for the foreseeable future or suffer the consequences!


      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 05:07:48

        Yes, we do deserve to keep them for ourselves 🙂 🙂 I can’t think of anyone who I would rather have them lol, sounds very selfish but I decided I am special too where they are concerned!
        Same here with the weather….we were supposed to get 5 days of sunshine, the second day cloudy and drizzly, today so far cloudy and drizzly. All that technology and I imagine very good salaries and they can’t get it right.
        I love the water also and native bush, that’s the environment I grew up in. We are heading To Wellington (hometown) tomorrow for the weekend and to go to a Hollies concert….my first ever concert at 54. I love going back there, it feels right in my bones, Seddon is parched, no bush, just dry hills and vineyards and never does feel right the same way.
        Roger always used to lie on the couch with his head in my lap. We don’t do that anymore. After 5 years of him falling asleep lying on the remote and me sitting there pinned to the couch watching rugby, motor sport or fishing I finally sat on the other couch and there I have stayed.

      • narf77
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 05:13:16

        I am an “other couch” sitter as well…makes for easier crocheting and yelling loudly at the news whilst waving my arms around like windmills and Steve learned early on that being awoken by an angry shrew who has taken offence at something (just about anything really) on the television can be a terrifying experience 😉

        A concert? I haven’t been to all that many but the ones I went to were wonderful. There is something about that communal desire to love something that is completely and utterly infectious and when everyone is mainlining the music together something magical happens and it is awesome to be right there in the middle of it 🙂 have a BALL you guys 🙂

        I WISH we had a bit of rain here…the soil (such as it is) makes little “puffs” as we walk out and about the property and seems to all want to relocate inside where it is nice and cool and where I am just as determined to sweep it back out again. We spend our days, the dust and I, moving back and forwards, in and out of the house…still…it keeps me off the streets! 😉

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 05:40:20

        lol, I can well imagine you watching the news!

        I hope you get rain very soon, I couldn’t stand that dryness, dustyness, heat!

        We will have a grand time!

      • narf77
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 05:42:03

        Just reached “Q” in my RSS Feed Reader! I am reading your posts now 🙂

      • narf77
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 10:24:26

        When I watch the news (or even listen to it from the other room) for more than about 3 seconds it aint pretty! I hope that we get rain soon as well. I am tired of dusty shoes and whenever Earl scratches every 50m on his walk (gets a bit tedious after about 4km of it 😉 ) he raises a dust cloud that I could get sued for! Let us all know how your first concert goes, it’s a real buzz 🙂

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 12:18:24

        Will do, and yep, I am a bit like that with the news myself Fran!

  7. thecontentedcrafter
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 06:11:01

    Oh goodness, where do I start? First up, thank you for the ping-back and paean of praise – my head just about swelled and fell off my shoulders reading all your so lovely words 🙂 I can’t believe people don’t just take a deep breath and read all the way through your uber long posts – if they don’t then they miss all the ramblings, asides and Fran-isms that entertain, amuse, delight and inform us all! I for one can no longer imagine my Thursday mornings without a leisurely stroll through Serendipity Farm and the surrounds of Sidmouth accompanied by the wildly hilarious anecdotes of Narfie7, the hilarities that are Beziel and Earl and the odd mention and even photo of the completely drool-less Steve………I am completely won over by the fact that he got worried and got into the car with Beziel at the helm to come looking for you and Earl – what a hero!! There are so many who might have said ‘Thank God for the peace and quiet’ and left it at that! 🙂

    I too did not realise you were quite so close to water – it is the one aspect of my life that I find difficult to live with – I miss my ocean views, I miss the crash of waves and the glitter of sunlight on water, the smell, the invigorating ozone fix of a quick wander – I miss the sea! I was brought up not far from it and have lived not far from it most of my life – but the best times have always been when I lived right beside it! I live in hope that I will get the opportunity to once more live and sleep beside the sea before I leave.

    Despite the lack of rain [and believe me, you can have some of mine – anytime you want to come get it] your garden looks remarkably fecund! I know I say that every week, but every week it becomes even more fecund – so one must keep remarking on t! The zucchini brownies are going to have to be tried – just as soon as I find me some zucchinis that haven’t been sprayed to death….. Are you going to put up your recipe page? I really want you to do that as I will then have my own ‘Narfie7 Wholefoods Cook Book and Home Remedies’ all in one place. If you could work on that instead of pinning on Pinterest it would be up and running next week…. just a suggestion 🙂

    The walk must be remarked on – the length of it, the fact that Earl had such a good time, the photos and the belated arrival of the heroic duo Steve and Beziel in their trusty dusty 4×2 and the fact that an 8k walk might become a weekly event is almost too much to get my tiny head and under-walked body around!

    Finally I will end by noting that I have received comments that indicate there are people in this world who actually own more than one Steve Spoon. Just saying.


    • narf77
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 10:22:43

      Steve says “if you keep the praise coming I will make you 100 spoons!” And if you are clever you will keep him to that and sell them in your Etsy store to fund that sea change 🙂

      I think when you are born and raised by the sea its part of you and flows in you and without it you are less than yourself. I know that the further I got away from the sea (and water in general) the more depressed I would get. There is just something about water and it is more important to us women. Our bodies react to the moon just like the sea does and we need that connection, grounding, whatever you want to call it for our cycles and to keep us centred.

      I would LOVE some of your rain. I was right shirty yesterday when I got my galoshes on and my rain hat and ran outside, little happy narfie7 face up to the sky to wait for my promised…PROMISED downpour and it never came. We had (according to the department of weather guessitude) a 95% chance of rain and we somehow managed to squeeze ourselves into the 5% chance that we wouldn’t! Talk about the odds eh? I am going to get a lottery ticket this weekend as we are obviously amazingly lucky 😉

      I love that word…fecund…it’s marvellous isn’t it. I often tell Steve “I am going to water the fecund garden again babe” and he smiles from the couch and waves goodbye to me for an hour or so of my precious life 😉

      Look, one of us is going to have to move. As someone who lives by the sea who hasn’t got a mortgage and who has so many zucchini’s…SO MANY ZUCCHINI’S! That she is wondering if she can make a small unit out the back of her house with them, I reckon it might have to be you.

      LOL! Consider me chastised ma’am…I will write on my chalkboard 100 times (or until I run out of chalk…) “I shall not pin on Pinterest until I finish my new blog page” I did give you the link though 😉 Those brownies are scrumptious and vegan and I reckon you could make them with thick date paste and a bit of extra flour rather than using sugar…OR you could get very clever and make date sugar! Apparently if you dry chopped dates spread on a baking sheet on baking paper out slowly in the oven till they are brittle, you can blend them up and they turn into a sort of very VERY dark brown sugar that you can use in cooking. I haven’t tried that yet but soon Brunhilda (my winter bestie) will be playing ball again and I will have 2 slow warming ovens (one for proofing and one for dehydrating) at my fingertips again and you just watch me THEN! My narfs nosh page will be so full you won’t know what to do with yourself for cooking 😉

      Yeah…spoiled aren’t they, those people (whose names shall remain anonymous shan’t they Christi…) for whom spoons seem to drip from their fingertips 😉 Steve is about to make me another delicious one off spoon for me to give away on my blog. I have a ready-made precious thing to offer up that costs us the price of a trip up the block and a bit of a gander to see what wood is laying about ready to be “rendered”. You can take your chances in the spoon game with the rest of my dear constant readers and if recent comments are anything to go by, there are all of 7 of you so the odds are good! 😉

      I am sending you some salty sea air, a twinkle on the waves and some sea breeze that appears to be picking up at the moment along with the bluest sky you ever saw and a great big slobber from Bezial in lieu of another spoon just now. That should make up for being a sole spoon operator 😉


      • christiglover
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 11:10:54

        Ahem. I heard that, Fran. I won one of the spoons, Pauline, and the other was one that Steve was already crafting for moi, the sweetie. Sooooo….I have been a Winner on each of your blog giveaways! Believe me, both of the events made my life. When I get to Hawaii, who knows what I’ll make the two of you. 🙂

      • narf77
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 11:34:01

        “JEALOUS!” 😉

      • thecontentedcrafter
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 12:34:28

        I’ve never told you this before – but Tasmania does run in my blood – I am related to the saturnine and suave and mostly drunk, Nazi sympathiser Errol Flynn of late great Hollywood movie fame – he was cousin to my grandfather. My Irish/Tassie grandfather ran away from Tassie [leaving a wife and somewhere between 6 – 10 children, numbers vary, the Irish are not so good with sums apparently] with the nanny – or housemaid – again, stories vary – absconding to Auckland where he fathered another 9, 10 or 11 children [depends who you are talking to] of which my father was the last – at least as far as anyone knows I guess.

        I don’t know if such a background gets me welcomed into Tasmania with a civic reception and much blowing of bugles or if it has me blacklisted for life and beyond! Or even if it makes me worthy of any more Steve Spoons….

        It had crossed my mind that should you do a give away of a Steve Spoon on your blog I would refrain from entering, giving other lesser mortals a chance to own such satiny loveliness as makes the heart sing and the hand to stir. However, on hearing there are only seven readers to compete against, the odds look pretty good and as there are at least two of them who already own more than one Steve Spoon each and they should disqualify themselves or else appear before us all as very greedy, that makes the odds even better and I shall enter in with full expectations of being the final name on the list as revealed by Beziel or Earl, [whoever gets the last chew on the list] as I am an incredibly fortunate and very spoilt Contented Crafter 🙂

        But, as I was saying, if I’m allowed into Tasmania I will happily move, to live beside the sea air and eat zucchini brownies and I’d even volunteer to take Beziel for a little wander, not too far as both of us have gammy hips apparently, if Steve gives up whittling spoons and cleans out the shed – it could work out quite nicely 🙂 We’d just have to wait until his little Kingship has departed this mortal coil – which might be a while yet as he is only 7 and appears remarkably healthy and full of beans.

        So tell Steve he can make a few more spoons yet and the shed is safe for a few more years.

      • narf77
        Feb 20, 2014 @ 12:54:34

        Sounds like the typical Tassie male…there is a curious thing about being male in Tasmania, for some reason there are 4 girls born to every 1 boy here and thus the most misshapen lumpy numpty drunken yobbo with whiskers sprouting from every orifice tends to be fought over by lovely Taswegian girls to the death lending them the (false) impression that they are both gorgeous beyond belief, and invincible…thus your family history is more than believable as I see it going on around me every day 😉

        Jess has more than 1 and so does Christi so that brings the odds down to one in 5…not bad! Remember that the winning entry is selected by a most unique and prestigious method of “walnut chomping”. Earl is offered a bowl of walnuts in their shell that are discretely numbered (you never know…Earl may be able to read and the draw has to be completely unquestionable…) and is allowed to choose his nut. He is obviously incredibly suspicious of the whole affair because most of the time we are chasing him around yelling at him for stealing things like toothbrushes, zucchini’s, books, trousers and most recently Steve’s socks that he trotted around the house with them dangling out of his mouth like impotent vampire fangs as a most MARVELLOUS game with Steve getting more and more grumpy as he had to weasel under the bed (and then back out again) because Earl was enjoying this game immensely! But after a while he tentatively selects a nut (all the time ducking his head in case a newspaper is just about to land on it!) and the game is on as we have to chase him around the house to retrieve it…

        I am LAUGHING!!! I am laughing so much I almost fell off my chair…Oh Pauline you just made my day! I can see you now… streaming out from behind Bezial as he spots a wallaby in the bush and just “goes”…screaming doesn’t work by the way. I have tried it and it is entirely overrated as a means of getting large and most determined dogs to stop. Best you just lay back and think of England till he decides to stop 😉

        Bezial has a gammy shoulder, an old war wound he got when he jumped out of our car at 60km/hour and was very lucky not to be squished like a grape :(. You will have to share the shed with the chooks as they have decided that it is firmly within their rights to sit out the hottest part of a summer’s day in the relative cool comfort of the shed so I can’t vouch for the sanitary conditions but at least it is cool 😉 If you are living in the shed with Bezial you can bring Orlando as Bezial is a cat fancier. He won’t admit it to Earl but he loves cats and was even witnessed touched noses with one of the ferals. It was a delight to see but he completely and utterly DENIES that he ever did it! (At least while Earl is listening…)

  8. gardeningkiwi
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 07:16:57

    Hi Fran. How is it your garden is so green?! Maybe the netting provides a degree of shade from the scorching sun. My garden is a bit like me at the moment – Tired and Grumpy (although I am only grumpy with the weather) I can’t say we have had a ‘proper’ summer as we have had too much wind, rain and grey days. Where are the endless blue sky days of my childhood? or I have adjusted my memories to suit my desires?
    Maybe the key to a green lush garden is the Narf Model and we shall all be emulating it in seasons to come!
    Cheers Sarah : o )


    • narf77
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 10:00:36

      I think that the netting does the trick Sarah as the rest of my garden is dry dessert and there are tumbleweeds (well…scotch thistle seed futures…) rolling around all over the place! I think your blue skies came here and I would be most grateful if you sent our rainy skies back to us with a scolding so that they don’t bugger off again! You can have our blue skies…we are OVER them ;). I just got to “S” on my RSS Feed Reader and am just about to read your post about summer and now I don’t have to tell you to stop complaining as you have stolen our rain on your blog, I can do it right here! 😉


  9. Angela @ Canned Time
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 08:00:57

    You’ve been a buzzy-bee in the kitchen Woman! Must be cooling off some now there? And you’re brownies look lovely but I’m sure even more tasty too!
    Now I have something else to envy you for………..that walk with the Earl, what a gorgeous view to enjoy. I love walking in the morning too, it always seems to set my day in a good direction.
    Enjoy that outdoor weather……soon enough you’ll be cooped up like us on the other side of the planet 😉


    • narf77
      Feb 20, 2014 @ 10:03:54

      And I, for one, can’t WAIT to be cooped up! I looked out the window this morning and saw it was dark with grey clouds and I almost did the happy dance as I might get a chance to stay home but alas it was fibbing and I had to head out with rubber legs on his daily urinate around the district again 😉 I have been heading off before it gets too hot and it has started to cool down a bit, in the mid 20C’s which is lovely for us but we could do with a bit of rain as we are as dusty as all get out around here 😦


  10. cityhippyfarmgirl
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 13:22:17

    Brownies are painful to take pictures of. Painful.
    Now I’m still chuckling at your nose being a cask…ah the imagery 🙂


  11. Littlesundog
    Feb 21, 2014 @ 04:03:40

    Oh Fran, I read every scrumptious bit of your writing – usually over two cups of coffee. I don’t always respond to everything in your post, because my brain isn’t so organized anymore and it takes me too long to write (I spend too much time trying to “get it just so”). I truly enjoy the photos because they tie in so well with what you’re telling us and creates that visual we desire! I especially love these walks you and Earl take. It’s what I love of my own walks in the woods… so many things often overlooked that you notice that makes the walk a pure delight!

    I will be trying this brownie recipe… today. I can’t stop thinking about them!!


    • narf77
      Feb 21, 2014 @ 04:36:28

      They are scrumptious, easy to bake and the end result makes you want to eat them all. What more could you want from a brownie? 😉


  12. Chica Andaluza
    Feb 21, 2014 @ 05:37:17

    Oh you lucky grl, I am “squeeing” for you over here on my sofa! The dogs are a bit perplexed but hey…I love that word 🙂 I do read your paragraphs but by the time I get to make a comment there is so much going on in my head that I can’t decide what to comment on. Am I a nutritarian or just an all round greedy hoglet? The latter methinks. Not a brownie fan but these do look particularly wonderful and I know Big Man would love them. Had to laugh as I pack all sorts of things he claims not to like (courgettes and aubergines specifically) into food which he proclaims to be delicious!


    • narf77
      Feb 21, 2014 @ 05:52:22

      We girls have to do what we can to trick the tricksters! There is a degree of pride to be had from handing your man a plate of something that they woof down with glee, that in another form would see them recoiling like you were serving them “Prime snake” 😉 My dogs just look at each other with a degree of resignation as if to say “she is at it again…you want to go out onto the deck? It’s safe out there…” and walk off 😉 I am a greedy piggy and a proud one. I am proud that I love food and that I know good food when I place it in my mouth and that most of what goes into my mouth is good these days 😉 A nutritarian is a silly person who thinks that they have to give themselves an elite and “new” moniker in order to make themselves appear special. They will be the first to do a runner when the newest, latest, greatest most SPLENDIFEROUS trend comes along (nowdays that’s about 5 minutes after the last one…) and it makes you wonder why you would want to befriend someone who is so willing to invest themselves so fickly in something to dump it and run off at the drop of a hat…what kind of friend are they going to be when the shit hits the fan eh?!!! 😉 I haven’t tried stuffing eggplant into Steve in any form as I love it too much myself and am an UBER greedy piggy when it comes to eggplant. I can’t see the point of attempting to try to get Steve to like it when I adore as much of it as I can get into the house in any one sitting so I just allow him to continue to think of it as “ech” so that I can have it all! Is that a bad thing?!!!


    • narf77
      Feb 26, 2014 @ 15:05:24

      I just sent you an email with a PDF file all about kefir and what to do with it once you get the dehydrated grains. I am figuring that it might go to your spam folder so guessed that I should attempt to tell you this in another format and WordPress seems like just such a format 😉


  13. rabidlittlehippy
    Feb 22, 2014 @ 08:29:12

    I have one thing to add, I stole SQUEEE from Facebook way back when I was still a Facebooking addict. Not my word but I do love it so very much. I have 3 little squee-ers now too and the youngest is the cutest of all when he runs amok screaming “ska-wee, ska-wee, ska-wee!” 😉

    Love your veggie gardens and I’d see about slinging those gorgeous punks of yours before their weight breaks their unripe arses off the vines on which they precariously hang. 🙂 Pantyhose left over from a previous life make great slings or so I hear.


  14. Namita
    Feb 22, 2014 @ 23:40:58

    Hello Fran, The tags of your post say humour, laughter ,life……so true. I saw a lot of Indian stuff there. Rajdhani Besan, Daal fry etc …etc… What did you make with besan? We make pakoras, halwa (fudge), laddoo (sweet balls) etc….am also planning to bake a bread with Dan Lepard recipe.
    You make me roll in laughter (A long stretch of road where Earl gets to sniff the delicious smell of fresh warm cows. I wonder if that is the doggy equivalent of fresh coffee and bread to us?)
    Lovely vegetation there…..love your world Fran!
    Our Cat is well now. She is ever hungry …..and has started her catty antics. We love her. Will post some pictures soon.
    Love and regards,


    • narf77
      Feb 23, 2014 @ 03:11:04

      I just found an excellent new small Indian grocer in the city Namita and it made my heart sing! I used to buy a lot of Indian groceries and as a vegan that was where my very first forays into non meat cooking occurred. I use besan for all sorts of things especially Pudla and Socca that don’t need egg and where you end up with pancakes (savoury or sweet) and a delicious flatbread “omelette” respectively. Being vegan doesn’t mean having to do without, it just means you need to look a bit further for excellent ways to prepare what you have at your fingertips and Indian and Asian cuisines have been preparing meat free dishes for thousands of years. I also make Pakoras but have studiously avoided trying to make halva as I would eat it all myself and wouldn’t fit into my trousers anymore! ;). I am sure your cat adores you now. You saved her and cats are very clever creatures. You will be rewarded for your kindness with the love that only something that has had no love previously can find within themselves. Can’t wait to read about her 🙂 Earl sends slobbers 😉


    • narf77
      Feb 23, 2014 @ 03:20:02

      This is an awesome Indian vegan blog that I follow with a fantastic recipe for Puddla that spans both cuisines magnificently. Just thought you might like to check her out. She is incredibly inventive :)’



  15. Joanna
    Feb 23, 2014 @ 19:23:31

    Morning Fran!

    I save reading your post for Sunday morning, when cuddled up in bed with one of Earl’s biggest admirers and a dreamland heatpad, yes it is still winter here and Zeb has no intention of getting out of bed, whereas B has abandoned the bed hours ago and is building virtual railways on his computer (oh yes he is). And Squee of Squees ! I have discovered that reading your post on a smartphone is just excellent as the photos look big and I can just scroll peacefully down, revelling in the glory of your morning walk and those wonderful images, share your breakfast, admire the fecundity of your vegetables shooting for the sky and spreading horizontally and just having a great time out there in narfworld. I love the happy dogs in the car and Steve sleeping and playing dream-guitar and know exactly how you feel with the packets of interest from the Indian grocer store, I have a small collection of bel poori boxes on my shelf too. Luckily the blackberries I go and collect in the late summer do not grow in my garden but on a public estate where anyone can pick them. Love your friend’s images and can understand your joy, life is beautiful isn’t it? Now to find some porridge and some cider apple butter and have breakfast xx Jo


    • narf77
      Feb 24, 2014 @ 03:41:05

      Cider apple butter? YUM! My porridge is buckwheat these days but not because I am gluten intolerant (or jumping on the bandwagon), but because I discovered that it is loaded to the back gills with nutrients, lowers blood pressure and works wonders if you have bad circulation (“moi”) and coupled with the iron in my date paste and the goodies in my sesame milk my breakfast makes me “zing” in the mornings and lasts me right through till my evening meal should I need to bypass lunch for any reason. Cider butter sounds like the bomb! I hope you had a lovely Sunday and your Sunday morning read in bed sounds positively decadent and luxurious. If I lay in bed I end up with enormous fur stoles that like to lick parts of themselves that are not to be mentioned in polite company (with my head in the slurping line) and they also like to lay upside down, legs spread far and wide and kick you (literally) out of bed as you are upsetting their flat-back qi with your human presence 😉


  16. Spy Garden
    Feb 24, 2014 @ 00:24:43

    YUM x 5 on all the food, your patty pan squash look identical to the ones we grew last year (Patisson golden marbre scallop: love that mouthful ahhaha). Yeah those food rules trends are so annoying. Love your wild garden and getting me so excited for spring!! I need to start my seeds indoors NOW! Also, I NEED that trampoline turned magic carpet deal. LOL that is awesome.


    • narf77
      Feb 24, 2014 @ 03:43:31

      I am keeping a watchful eye on the tip shop, gumtree (our version of your Craig’s List) and on the side of roads for anyone hurling out a trampoline base. I don’t even care if it is rectangular! I can see me hovering a foot off the ground attempting to stop my cup of tea navigating itself off the edge whilst I slowly sway (or maniacally swing…) and try to read a book whilst fighting off motion sickness…Can’t wait to see how you fill your amazing garden this year…we in Australia live on last years trends from other countries so what you guys plant this year is our next seasons feast 🙂


  17. cathyandchucky
    Feb 24, 2014 @ 13:04:24

    Wonderful blog Fronkiii 😀 I haven’t been on wordpress for about a month. I guess I’m having a post marriage hiatus. I will be putting a blog up sometime today (24/2) I am with you, albeit hobbling, on your wondrous 8km walk. That is one of the things about where you live and that is the gorgeous walks you can just head off on. My pots and plants are looking rather bedraggled as I’ve had to move them all off next to the brick wall so they can put in the new decking and patio and even though I water them every other day they don’t care too much for being windblown everyday 😦 thankfully today is still and (unthankfully) is going to be humid. Have a great day. Oh and you could harvest all the green tops off your vegie patch and make silage for the cows that have no green feed 😀


  18. Yelena
    Feb 25, 2014 @ 13:49:48

    Speaking about dust: My God, yo should see my floors now, I have no time to clean, and with snow and salt this winter it is a disaster. Today I have a chose to clean or do one more still life (usually it takes me a whole day), so I worked with my art and I am very glad, it’s come out perfect. So many thing is going on in your life, you have such a rich soul and very good people around you. I am very happy for you!!




    • narf77
      Feb 25, 2014 @ 14:45:38

      I love that you went for your art Yelana. I love that somewhere out there, there are people that create beautiful things and that floors don’t matter :). I love your photography and part of the reason why I headed like a moth drawn into the flames from a pin I found on Pinterest was that your images are so beautiful. You are a true artist Yelana and who cares about floors when creation is afoot 🙂


  19. Hannah (BitterSweet)
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 06:12:25

    If you’re that set on removing your blackberry vines, then please, oh please, give them to me! I would give anything to have berries growing in my yard, and we’ve even attempted to plant all sort of varieties in every form you can think of (seeds, sprouts, small bushes) to no avail. I really think it’s just the location now… Blackberries may not exactly thrive out here in Hawaii, but I’ve seen just about everything else growing in various backyards. Anyway, that’s all to say that your weed is my treasure.


  20. Boomdeeadda
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 17:19:41

    WOW! Yes, where to start indeed. I feel like I was away on a holiday to some exotic land. I’m was so excited to follow along on that gigantic walk with Earl. I love his name BTW. I sure miss that about Buddy. I swear, our dog would totally have a smile the whole time. He always turned his head a bit and looked back with the biggest brown eyes and silliest grin. “Yep, I’m still here Bud”, I’d assure him.

    It’s really interesting how so many people I enjoy reading are Vegetarians. Me too. I’ve been a dedicated Vegetarian for just over a year but an almost none meat eater for most of my life. If we were invited to friends or neighbours, I’d often take my own food.

    I see you are already in thick as thieves with the adorable Pauline 😀 It really is like “being hugged by butterflies”, HA I love that image. Lucky you to receive your new treasures. I mailed a package to her mid-January from Canada and it still hasn’t arrived there. I should have gone for first class air but it was Ca-RAZ-ee $$. So off it went by canoe I suppose because why else would it take so long?

    Speaking of crazy, what a giant garden you have under wraps. Is that a sunscreen or something? Well its 1:18am and my little squinty eyes are closing. How a great week Narf77.


    • narf77
      Apr 12, 2014 @ 03:32:11

      Hi Ms Boom
      The only thing exotic about Northern Tasmania is that we have HUGE slugs (leopard slugs that not only eat your plants but eat other slugs too…) and a plethora of leeches as soon as we get a day of rain. We named Earl after “Earl” of “My name is Earl” fame and he is exactly the same. A (sort of when he can remember to be) recalcitrant who is attempting to be a good boy. I doubt that Earl would turn around much to see if I was still there, if I dropped off the end of the lead he would just go faster ;). I have been vegetarian in one form or other for 24 years now. I couldn’t eat meat when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter and it was the first of my 3 pregnancies where I ended up thinner at the end of it than when I started! I figured “I am onto something here!” and from that day on was vego and about 5 years later I turned vegan. I am not a rabid blood hurling vegan card carrying Peta member though as they threw me out for holding roosters while Steve chopped off their heads :(.
      I think we vego’s have a way with words and tend to be happier people. I don’t know why, we just do. I love Pauline to bits. I also love Aly’s who is one of my dear constant readers and whose growing conditions echo our own come summer. I sent Pauline some dehydrated kefir grains but the NZ customs seized them as biological entities who were fully intending on taking over the state. Not sure how they let the very same thing go through a month or so before to another blogger that I sent them to but apparently this particular batch must have had “Earl” written all over them 😉
      I know what you mean about the postage. To send 20g of dehydrated kefir grains to NZ cost $11 and another batch to Spain cost $18. At least the Spanish grains arrived at their destination! The post office certainly has a racket going that makes the Mafia look tame!
      Steve and I are lazy permaculturists. We would LOVE to just potter around the periphery of our house shoving things into the ground higgledy piggledy but we have native animals hell bent on eating everything that we plant so we had to create the giant circus tent of protection that has done a pretty good job aside from the fat possums trampolining their way to anything that dares to raise it’s head above 4ft in the air. It is amazing how determined a fat possum can be and when he invites his friends and family along to the trampolining session they can add an element of sag to a large expanse of netting that the manufacturer had never considered! It’s all live and learn here on Serendipity Farm and most of it is 3 steps forwards and 2 steps back but we think we are winning (but then again we might just be optimist’s 😉 )
      Cheers for the lovely comment Ms Boom. I really love your blog and when I headed off to see why you called your blog what you did and saw that gorgeous video and heard that wonderful childhood memory song (that my twitching grandmother actually taught us! 😉 ) I knew I had come home to another hub of sanity in the world. SO glad to have met you ma’am and am looking forward to reading your future posts avidly 🙂


  21. Boomdeeadda
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 04:27:29

    LOL, you have such a generous spirit. Your reply is longer than most of my posts 😀 I’m laughing at the idea of trampolining circus possum’s looking for some tasty bits in your rambling garden, that would really make some great video. Hubbies home tomorrow from a week away, so I’m madly doing a house makeover, including ironing 10 work shirts that were on my list the day he left…LOL I can certainly find a million reasons why not to do housework and ironing, but today I must crack the whip at myself. Perhaps I’ll come up for air later 😀 If it seems too quiet, send in the troops, LOL. BTW, we used to watch My Name Is Earl all the time, they had me hooked from the get-go when he’s hit by that car in the intro. Watch out for giant slug eating slugs and enjoy the day! Cheers


    • narf77
      Apr 12, 2014 @ 04:55:51

      I tend to comment copiously. It proves that I don’t have a life ;). When we first made the circus tent I would imagine the very first possum that leapt from a nearby tree onto the structure would have been launched into the stratosphere as it was drum tight. “Ground control to Major Tom anyone?” ;). Rain makes it heavier and saggy and we have had a lot of rain lately and those possums take full advantage and tag team it to scoff anything with height that protrudes through the sag. Note to self “FIX THE SAG!” Another one of those 3 steps forward moments methinks ;).
      I don’t do iron. I am incredibly lucky to be married to Stevie-boy the eccentric Aquarius ex punk and Goth (first time around no less! I bask in the reflected glow of his cool where in my teenaged years I was an ABBA and John Denver fan but we won’t talk about that…) whose mum stole him from a gypsy pram in Liverpool U.K. and pretty soon after realised her mistake and when trying to reinstate him with his kith and kin, discovered that she was stuck with him as they had moved on. You have to learn from your mistakes. Pat certainly did! 😉 Stevie-boy can wear a single item of clothing until it falls from his person in tatters. He is a natural born tramp and as such it is VERY hard to iron things once he has assumed possession of them 😉

      I loved “My Name is Earl” SOOO much I bought the box set :). Have a busy and clean day ma’am. I shall be listening to the dulcet tones of lumberjack come punk come horticulturist come tired comfort food demanding Stevie-boy and his chainsaw for the best part of the day as he (swears) hacks his way through the portion of a 10 tonne load of firewood logs that are no doubt going to be blocking our driveway 🙂


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