Narf7’s Bolshie Blissful Buckwheat Granola Clusters

Hi All

No, narf7 hasn’t eaten some “special” green granola and is having flashbacks to the 70’s (even though those were some SWEET times 😉 )…I found a recipe on Pinterest and decided to have a go at making it. As some of you know, I am a most prolific pinner of all things interesting on Pinterest. As a vegan who likes to make as many of her own foodstuffs as possible from scratch I watch Pinterest like a hawk because the vegan community are very inventive and like to share. I have been looking for something “interesting” but UBER healthy to eat for breakfast. There are only so many buckwheat smoothies and only so much buckwheat porridge that you can eat before you start to wish buckwheat had a bit of a wider repertoire. Well it does. Aside from delicious vegan buckwheat pancakes (which are probably next on the list to tick off…) there is this seemingly benign concoction that has opened my eyes up to the wonder of buckwheat all over again.

Buckwheat is the BOMB folks. It’s good stuff. It has all kinds of excellent health benefits but the one that really floats my boat is it is a wonder food for helping regulate circulatory problems. Coupled with the magic of sesame milk and the excellent backup of dates this heady trio packs an incredible nutritional punch whilst delivering some serious benefits including lowering the risk of heart disease. When I decided to limit the grains that I ate I decided to find something to fill the niche and buckwheat was my new Russian ally. Much like its Russian fermenty mate kombucha, it is relatively late to come to the narf7 party and prior to its inclusion I was a most suspicious narf7 whenever it came to thinking about eating buckwheat even though I do love a good yeasted buckwheat pancake.

So desperation often leads to serendipity and this was the buckwheat case. I love the stuff and the earthy depth of flavour that comes from this humble, easy to grow, drought tolerant, perfect cover crop for our climate (can there BE too many superlatives for this incredible cousin to rhubarb?) has made me even more determined to include it as a staple in my diet. Enter the buckwheaty granola recipe of happiness. I decided to give it a go because why not? I did have to manufacture some sunflower seed butter but that wasn’t a problem. I just toasted the seeds in my frypan, tossed them into my trusty VitaMix and made it growl till they turned into molten seedy lava after about 5 minutes of hard grind.

I mixed everything together after realising that I needed “applesauce” and not having any, decided to hurl all of the wet ingredients into the blender along with 2 cut up apples complete with skins and blend till smooth and not wanting to use whatever strange unguent “syrup” the recipe called for I used homemade date paste and the end results of the wet blend was amazing on its own. I would spread it on toast let alone mix it with granola.

Wendy from Quarter Acre Lifestyle (LINK LINK LINK) asked me if I would share the recipe and so here I am, sharing just for you Wendy and this recipe is well worth the effort. The results are scrumptious and healthy and nutritious and I can’t wait to mess around with this recipe to customise it and make it even more narf7 friendly. How about adding cocoa to the mix? Or instead of vanilla, substituting another essence like rose water or orange blossom water? How about juicing an orange and zesting the skin and throwing that into the mix along with the cocoa? Just about any fruit puree would work mixed through this healthy cereal alternative and I, for one, am really looking forwards to breakfast tomorrow 🙂

Blissful Buckwheat Granola Clusters

Taken from this website via Pinterest…

Adapted by narf7 due to necessity and sheer unmitigated laziness and sloth 😉

I doubled the recipe because aside from being lazy and not wanting to have to make it again for at least a couple of days, I like to make things in quantity. It makes me feel rich 🙂

So here is the amended recipe

Dry Ingredients: –

3 cups of raw buckwheat kernels (groats)

1 cup of leftover sesame seed pulp from making my sesame seed milk for my tea (SCORE! I love a good reuse 🙂 )

1 cup of raw sunflower seeds (hulled)

3 tsp cinnamon (the recipe would have called for 4 but I was using Dutch cinnamon which is much stronger in flavour so cut the amount down)

1 tsp fine ground Himalayan salt

1/2 cup coconut sugar but you could make date sugar and that would be even more preferable. I haven’t made it yet but you can find a really good recipe here…

Wet Ingredients: –

4 tbs unsweetened applesauce (I used 2 whole small red apples skin and all raw, blended into the mix but feel free to use applesauce if you have it)

1 cup homemade date paste (more than what was called for but date paste isn’t as sweet as other sugars and I really wanted the mix to stick together and form clusters)

6 tbs sunflower seed butter (or any other kind of butter or tahini)

2 tsp vanilla extract

1. Preheat your covered bbq, or if you don’t want to live on the wild side like the crazy middle aged hippies at Serendipity Farm, preheat your oven, to 150C. Now I am quite sure that our bbq doesn’t go as low as that but I watched the granola like a hawk. Line a large baking sheet with baking paper/parchment paper.


The easy part…even I can mix raw buckwheat groats in with raw hulled sunflower seeds…


This is what remains of sesame seeds after you soak 2 cups of them and make sesame milk out of them. Here you see the leftover pulp. The recipe states that the author used almond pulp and I can’t see any difference so I used this. She also said “just leave it out if you don’t have it” so that’s what I am going to say to…”just leave it out if you don’t have any” 🙂


Add cinnamon “tick”…


Add coconut sugar and sea salt “tick”


This is what it looks like at this stage

2. In a large bowl, mix together the dry ingredients. If using leftover nut/seed pulp, it will remain a bit chunky but not to worry. If you didn’t have any nut/seed pulp spare you could always add a bit of fruit puree. I am going to experiment by using pureed cooked beans but then again, I am food eccentric to say the least!

3. In a smaller bowl (or your blender like I used) mix the wet ingredients until combined. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir until the dry ingredients are well coated and wet.


Organic vanilla, homemade date paste (of which I am NEVER without these days) and the lazy narfs “applesauce”. I did chop the apple up and remove the core but the skin went in and my vitamix did the rest


This is around about where I got to this stage and it said “add sunflower seed butter”…err…sunflower seed butter?…”SUNFLOWER SEED BUTTER!” so after a frantic trip to the freezer I found a big bag of sunflower seeds (thank GOODNESS I am too lazy to have made that cinnamon sunflower seed butter I bought them for…) and quickly threw them into a big frypan to toast them…


Then I put them into my vitamix…


And made sunflower seed butter (good save narf!)


And when you mix in the appropriate amount with the vanilla, the apples and the date paste you end up with this which tasted AMAZING! I could have eaten this with a spoon out of the container (I DID eat this with a spoon out of the container 😉 ) but most of it lived to be part of the recipe…


Add the wet mix to the dry mix…


And you end up with something approximating this

4. Spread the mix onto the prepared baking sheet in an even layer. Bake at 150C for 20 minutes, roughly toss the granola at this stage and bake for another 18 – 20 minutes, watching it like a hawk so that it doesn’t burn. It will be light golden-brown on the bottom and hardens up a lot as it cools.


If I had used molasses or honey or something other than date paste I dare say the buckwheat mix wouldn’t have looked suspiciously like I was trying to make an enormous biscuit (cookie for you northerners) but I don’t eat sugar so date paste it was.


As I had to cook this in a covered bbq that hasn’t got a good temperature regulator it was inevitably going to get slightly “caramelised” but I nibbled those bits and they were delicious…BONUS!

5. Cool completely on the baking paper lined sheet and then store in a glass container for up to 3 – 4 weeks but I seriously doubt it will last that long. It is delicious just eaten out of hand as a healthy snack


And “Voila” tasty breakfast cereal that is eminently customisable, UBER nutritious, completely delicious and a small bowl fills you up for the whole day. What’s not to like?


It might not look at it’s best here but it has date paste and homemade sesame milk and a large mug (bucket) of tea as Sancho Panza to it’s Don Quixote and together they managed to duel my internal windmills most admirably 🙂


1. Don’t worry if you don’t have any almond pulp. You could use up juice pulp here if you like

2. If you don’t have date paste feel free to use coconut nectar, brown rice syrup, honey, maple syrup, agave, rapadura or even regular sugar if you don’t have a problem with it. Brown sugar would be nice. The syrup is so that the granola sticks together but so long as you have a good ratio of “sweet” to dry mix I reckon you are pretty safe and even if it doesn’t clump, who cares! It is delicious 🙂

Ok you lot, don’t say that I don’t share anything with you. This is something that you might want to hoard it is that good. Think of all the add-ins…chopped nuts, dried fruit, fruit pulp, vegetable pulp (I LOVE being able to use up food waste to good advantage 🙂 ), various spices could be added and you could make Chai buckwheat cereal…SO many variations are possible so feel free to head off now and get stuck in with making this delightfully healthy excuse to eat breakfast 🙂

By the way…with the rest of the sunflower seed butter I am going to make this…YUM!

And after the next batch (see…I am already planning on making more!) I am going to try this…

I just LOVE making things myself 🙂

If for some reason you DON’T like buckwheat (?!) here is another exemplary healthy version of breakfast cereal made with puffed rice that you could try just so’s you don’t feel left out 😉

Have a go and let me know if you like the results in the comments below 🙂

44 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thecontentedcrafter
    Jan 29, 2014 @ 19:00:40

    So cool – I can just see you leaping about the kitchen between pantry and barbeque ……In many ways this reminds me of a granola mix I made when my kids were but babes [back in the 70’s] I used a combination of buckwheat and oats and used to crush the seeds in my mortar and pestle whilst chanting ‘bubble, bubble, toil and trouble….’ Back then I sweetened with brown sugar and it was a particularly tasty and nutritious brekky! Nowadays I take in zero sugar and an extremely limited amount of naturally occurring fruit sugars [it appears I am incredibly sensitive to any form of sugar which serendipitous discovery both saved and changed my life.] 😉

    So I’m going to give it a whirl when my latest batch of oat based granola has been all happily transmogrified [?] into the days fuel requirements. I know that’s the wrong word but my early morning start and accumulated years has caused my incredibly vast amount of stored knowledge and English language skills to leak out of my brain and run into the carpet – which has left me with just ‘transmogrified’ … Please feel free to insert the correct word beginning with ,trans’ at your leisure.

    I shall revisit this post to copy the recipes and follow the links for my further eddicational enjoyment – but not til I’ve had a decent sleep!


    • narf77
      Jan 30, 2014 @ 04:23:45

      “Transitional”; “Transmutegenic”; “Transvestite” 😉 about the only “Trans” that this recipe ISN’T is “Trans fatty acid” none of those here…move along please! ;).

      Hope you had a good nights sleep and feel refreshed. The cereal was excellent for me because up until I discovered it, I was either having smoothies with my kefir/kombucha or buckwheat porridge which while delicious, was getting a bit boring. Now I get to experiment. I have been thinking “coconut cream to the wet mix” or “rosewater and cocoa” or “fruit puree”. I know you can’t have a lot of sugars so maybe you could use stevia if you like it? Have you tried xylitol? Not the manufactured from artificial chemical one but the one sourced from birch trees? ANYTHING but Splenda :(. Let me know if you do try it. I love to spread the love around 🙂


      • thecontentedcrafter
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 04:52:08

        Nope, xylitol, I’ve never even heard of the stuff – or if I did, I probably dismissed it as a chemical product.

        My palate is so not used to sugar that I don’t need it or miss it. When I do have something sweet like a dessert for instance on those rare occasions when I hit the town,,,,, it affords the assembled gathering a bit of a giggle whilst I grapple with a taste explosion in my mouth with all the bangs and whistles, stars and lightning that accompany it. I can still have something going on two hours after the event – And the jiggles – my god – I have to get up and jog on the spot, touch my toes twenty times, furiously move my body to get rid of the jiggles – it’s horrible – all on one teaspoon of sugar! It made me really aware of how sugar affects kids!

        Oh, btw – I love the idea of coconut cream to the wet mix – now that could work!

      • narf77
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 04:59:58

        I reckon it would be delish. I use it (2 cans) mixed with a cup of my homemade non-dairy kefir (the finished results not the grains) and some pureed fruit to make a sort of vegan yoghurt alternative. Its delicious. Can you have date paste? I know they are pretty sweet but they are my sugar alternative now as they pack a huge punch in the nutritional department and are more of a sustained hit. I don’t touch sugar. It would be interesting to see us both in action if we were dosed with it. Scientists would pay a fortune to watch we 2 middle aged women doing calisthenics like our life depended on it! 😉 (could also be a humerous television program we could make money out of this!!! “Pauline and Narf go nuts on sugar!” sounds more like an Enid Blyton novel to me! 😉 )

      • thecontentedcrafter
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 05:09:12

        At some stage I’m going to have to move into kefir and kombucha – just have been too afraid to commit really – but there is a dairy issue that I am doing my best to ignore….. My daughter the alternative nutrition expert has been on at me for ages…….

        Dates are the only dried fruit I use nowadays, and sparingly as they pack a punch in my mouth too…. date paste I have never tried. I’ll make the buckwheat granola with no added sweetener and see what I think – if I use the coconut cream I’m pretty sure that will be more then enough for me.

      • narf77
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 05:19:55

        I love the routines of caring for the kefir and kombucha as much as I love the product. They also give me a huge edge when it comes to using them to ferment other foods (to make my own non-dairy yoghurts and cheese alternatives) through to being able to make a loaf of bread without regular yeast and leavened with only kombucha or kefir. I hope my inner machinations are doing well but who would know? All I know is I have a vibrancy now that I didn’t have when I wasn’t drinking them. They make a great smoothie base and are very nutritious as well. Coconut cream kefir is scrumptious! 🙂 Date paste is just dates covered in boiling water and soaked till soft and then pureed. I use it instead of sugar in everything. I need to make it because kefir feeds on “sugar” in milks and as homemade sesame milk is devoid of sugar, I need to add something to it in order for the kefir to culture and survive. They seem to love my homemade blend of date and sesame milk and thrive in it (exploded the other day in the heat 😉 ) so don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t convert milk kefir grains to non-dairy. Let me know if you want some grains as I have some dehydrated in the fridge I could send you if you ever want to start using it and you can make your own homemade non-dairy milk to culture with them easy peasy! 🙂

      • thecontentedcrafter
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 05:42:06

        I just sat here rereading your comment over and over while I thoughtfully munched my way through my bowl of oat and chia cereal mixed with activated seeds, toasted coconut chips and a chopped kiwi, sprinkled with cinnamon and finished with a dollop of homemade yoghurt…..,

        I am interested, just a little scared of the time commitment – but hey, that is just the fear speaking! Are you willing to talk me through the process? Recipes etc…. Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet on this one!! 🙂

      • narf77
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 05:45:00

        Any time you are ready girl. I will send you a PDF (customised to your requirements) of how to rehydrate, restore and get them (grains) going and how to convert them to non-dairy milk (they will have to be started on regular milk for a few weeks till they get back on their feet again after their hibernation in stasis 😉 ) and then I can share all sorts of recipes with you like soaked muffins, bread that Joanna from Zeb Bakes invented and that I managed to recreate with my non-dairy kefir and loads more things. Doesn’t taste bad either so a win-win situation all round 🙂

      • thecontentedcrafter
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 05:51:37

        Fabulous! Lets do it!!

      • narf77
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 10:51:12

        Its a date!

      • narf77
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 05:45:22

        And I can send some over with your spoon 🙂

      • thecontentedcrafter
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 05:52:15

        Yes!! 🙂

      • narf77
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 10:51:36

        Sorry I responded a bit later, I had to walk Earl and water the garden and chooks etc. 🙂

  2. rabidlittlehippy
    Jan 29, 2014 @ 19:53:44

    So so weird that I emailed you for a buckwheat breakfast recipe this morning. On the to try list but as I have no sunflowers I think almond butter will be the go. Or maybe pecan butter? Brazil nut butter? Sesame seeds I have and te buckwheat I have kilo’s of the stuff. 🙂 Sperimend time!


    • narf77
      Jan 30, 2014 @ 04:26:37

      Sactamondo! Experiment is what it is all about. Your experiment sounds delish. I made some almond butter in my vitamix but they are too expensive for narf7’s so the humble sunflower seed is the go. I might experiment with some of the other seedy relatives and might even try peanuts as they are pretty cheap as well. What about adding a bit of coconut to the mix (coconut cream or oil to the wet mix and dried coconut to the dry?)? SO many ways to make this “Yours” 🙂 Hope you like it 🙂


  3. Angela @ Canned Time
    Jan 29, 2014 @ 23:11:16

    Wow! What a beautiful successful project 😉 And I love that you’re sharing some of your recipes Girlfriend!
    What would you think of sprouting the buckwheat prior? I’m a huge fan already but I usually sprout mine before using them in cakes and such.
    Great job, and we all wish we could share some there with you on the farm ♥


    • narf77
      Jan 30, 2014 @ 04:36:12

      Sprouting is my next adventure :). I was thinking that sprouting the buckwheat would give me all kinds of interesting benefits. I haven’t dabbled in “raw” much to be honest. I did it a while back but the best raw things I found were sunflower seed sprouts (YUM) and raw cheezes and sauces and the odd dehydrator success but most of my “breads” and “crackers” were so far away from what I wanted them to be I gave up in disgust. Sprouting the buckwheat is probably the best eventuality from this recipe so I am going to put some on to soak today so I can make another batch ASAP 🙂 Glad you liked the recipe 🙂


  4. quarteracrelifestyle
    Jan 30, 2014 @ 06:30:10

    Ah, wonderful! Thanks for this and a very comprehensive, informative post too that shall have me looking at all this in very many ways. I make buckwheat pancakes and have seen the groats in the shop but never taken the time to research it’s uses. I too have been needing a muesli type cereal and this will do me just fine 🙂 🙂 I often have leftover quinoa or brown rice with fruit etc but I miss my muesli type brekkies. I will be trying this and the sunflower butter and thank you, thank you 🙂


    • narf77
      Jan 30, 2014 @ 10:59:40

      I later thought that using coconut cream would be a good addition to the wet mix as would cocoa. You could mix up some chai spices and date paste or fruit juice concentrate (just bang it in a saucepan and reduce it over a high heat till it is thick and syrupy) or you could use soaked dried figs, apricots etc. You could also add different nuts and seeds for a change and if you had them. SO many ways to make this and they all make me smile. I am making another batch today but this lot will be chocolate (so I can’t tell which bits are “caramelised” in the hot bbq 😉 )


      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 11:19:44

        This is one thing I will experiment with, I like the idea of chocolate, cinnamon and almond 🙂 I will be sure and let you know how it goes, or doesn’t 🙂

      • narf77
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 11:22:59

        OH YUM!!! I am with you there…how about luxury on a stick…macadamia! I am drooling just thinking about it but couldn’t afford those dear little buggers in a month of sundays ;). Oh well…I reckon there are lots more tasty variations that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Let me know how the chocolate, cinnamon and almond goes. I will be making a chocolate version today. Might add chai spices this time and see how it goes :).

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 11:54:27

        Ohhhhhhhh, macadamia. The ultimate in nuts, I absolutely love them but way out of my budget too. The only time I get them is if I buy a milk chocolate block with them in, which I could happily eat every day but common sense/cents tells me that would be extremely foolish. Let me know how your chocolate and chai one goes 🙂

      • narf77
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 11:57:18

        What about…if you made little sort of biscuity balls out of buckwheat flour and chocolate chips with chopped nuts in them. Small little numbers that you could toss through the granola? YUM! That way you could chop good quality chocolate into it as well…or how about coating toasted sesame seeds in chocolate and tossing them into the mix after you have baked and cooled it…or adding chopped mixed dried fruit…YUM!

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 12:02:32

        Lol, the list is endless and you are making me drool 🙂

      • narf77
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 12:08:25

        I am making myself drool…I am also going to make some coconut cream yoghurt sub with my non-dairy kefir today so that I have lots of rich creamy deliciousness to drown my homemade choc chai granola in…we should sell this stuff 😉

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 12:10:49

        You should, there would probably be a good market for well made Buckwheat Granola 🙂 🙂

      • narf77
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 12:18:04

        Not here…this is Tasmania where “Moit and Pordadoes” are a man (and woman’s) best mate. I once catered for a church ladies lunch where apon serving them a salad to go with their quiche they didnt’ touch it. When I asked the ministers wife she looked down her nose and said “we don’t eat rabbit food” (eh? EH?) sigh… If I can’t manage to get them to eat a simple green salad then I have BUCKLIES of getting them to eat something as suspicious as buckwheat! I can’t even buy whole oats here in Tassie and one of the towns is called “Oatlands” and oats are it’s history!!! I am just going to lay low like brer rabbit and nibble my wonderful granola all to myself where me, myself and I completely and utterly appreciate it 😉

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Jan 30, 2014 @ 18:04:46

        No, it doesn’t sound to me like a fantastic product such as Narfs Blissful Bolshie Buckwheat Granola would really sell very well there lol.

      • narf77
        Jan 31, 2014 @ 02:57:35

        Just made a really tasty version (well…one tray of it, the other one “caramelised” a little bit too much 😦 ) of chocolate chai. I opened up 4 chai tea bags and processed them with the wet mix and the results are really yummy, nicer than the first lot :).

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Feb 04, 2014 @ 07:19:01

        About to rush off to work but letting you know I made this – chocolate and almond (a little molasses) Fran this is absolutely gorgeous and I got to eat real cereal for breakfast again!!!! Made the sunflower butter too, very nice! Thanks for these recipes 🙂

      • narf77
        Feb 04, 2014 @ 09:21:42

        You are welcome Wendy. I couldn’t keep this one under my hat if I tried…it would be a sin against mankind ;). Your version sounds absolutely scrumptious! Going to get me some almonds and give them a test drive. I have some hazelnuts in their shell (quite a lot) and some walnuts (again, quite a lot) that I was going to grow but there are only so many nut trees you can fit on 4 acres so I might just crack them and use them to add to some of this cereal. Did I mention that the “dry” mix alone, when mixed with about 2 cups of leftover sesame pulp (from making milk) and a cap full of organic vanilla tasted absolutely scrumptious? I figure you could skip the wet mix entirely if you went with lots of sesame (or other nut) pulp and have vanilla cereal. SO glad you liked it 🙂

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Feb 05, 2014 @ 04:15:30

        Lucky you having enough room to grow nut trees, how I wish…..!

        Do you mind if I share the recipe? It has plenty of room for experimentation ay, I ate some of it dry straight out the jar when I came home from work 🙂 I didn’t have any date sugar made up and like the sound of the date paste so next time will make some of that, it would’ve added a bit more richness of flavour. And I love the sunflower butter too, I made the one from the recipe link you gave, it’s very yummy!

      • narf77
        Feb 05, 2014 @ 04:28:43

        Share away as I shared the recipe in the first place from another site :). I figure, if we tinker with it and add our own flair and flavours it gets all the bigger and becomes a much better share/fit for most people 🙂

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Feb 05, 2014 @ 04:32:13

        I reckon too 🙂 Ta.

      • narf77
        Feb 05, 2014 @ 04:33:44


  5. cityhippyfarmgirl
    Feb 05, 2014 @ 08:27:01

    I’m addicted to buckwheat for breakfast at the moment. I sprout it first, and it just works so much better for me. Funny little things they are groats aren’t they.


    • narf77
      Feb 05, 2014 @ 13:32:05

      I love buckwheat. I am thinking of starting a Tasmanian chapter of the “I LERVE Buckwheat” society. It won’t take me long to drum up more ardent (maniacal) fans. I make porridge out of freshly ground buckwheat groats and a little bit goes a very long way. I am usually full for the rest of the day whenever I add buckwheat to anything and regularity (which wasn’t ever a problem if you are at ALL interested 😉 ) is most definitely something you won’t ever have to consider if you add buckwheat to your diet! I am discovering all sorts of amazing recipes using buckwheat online and I found a gorgeous soba recipe that I am going to have a go at making. I love making things myself :).


      • cityhippyfarmgirl
        Feb 05, 2014 @ 22:09:39

        I’d be interested to know how you go with the soba noodles. I still haven’t found any that don’t have some wheat still in them.
        And I’d be happy to join your “I Lerve Buckwheat” Society. I’m trying to convert people on a daily basis at the moment.

      • narf77
        Feb 06, 2014 @ 03:57:55

        Buckwheat might be magic stuff (excellent for circulation and full of wonderful nutrients) but it is a bugger to stick together when attempting to make it do so. I recon the individual “flour” molecule’s are actually emo’s and “want to be alone” but we can make it dance to the same tune (and stick together) using a bit of fandangling magic (something that vegan’s, in particular, are very good at 😉 ). Here are a couple of recipes that you might want to check out
        The above link suggests how to make 100% buckwheat noodles and uses boiling water to gelatinise the starch in the buckwheat and to make the dough hold together better
        The recipe above, whilst not technically being completely authentic (it uses starches rather than gluten flour to help the noodles stick together) looks like it yields a good product and might be a good place to start

        Hopefully you find one that you like. I get the feeling that you have to be a bit hard core to exclude starches altogether and just go with the straight 100% buckwheat but if you go the boiling water and 100% let me know if you got it to work 🙂

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