Who do you think you are?

Hi Folks

After some recent email conversations with the most delightful Pauline from “The Contented Crafter” where narf7 did her VERY best to alienate and enrage a potential dear friend by likening her to the most (in my eyes) gorgeous Kate Bush much to her chagrin, I started to think about who we think we are vs. who we “actually” are. I got to thinking that we should all take a good look in the mirror and then head over to get someone without a vested interest in their safety, to explain what they see when they look at us. I know that I see someone completely different to the person that everyone else sees because those photos are all LIES! I don’t look like that! Same goes for the voice but that’s another story…


Kym, Bruce and Stevie-boy looking decidedly feral in his Hong Kong Phooey shirt but note the altogether happy face…”beer makes EVERYTHING good!”


The same Kym and Bruce but sans Stevie-boy and a narf7 appears to have attached herself to one side of them. No beer though, straight kombucha for this little black narfy duck 🙂

I told Pauline that I had been prancing around the kitchen singing The Police hit song “Roxanne” at the top of my lungs and she expressed a degree of concern for my neighbours that is entirely unwarranted (if you know Frank, you would know what I mean 😉 ) however it did get me to thinking about my obviously incredible singing voice as experienced from inside the middle aged husk of narf7 vs. my “actual” singing voice as experienced by the rest of the world.


Talking about Pauline, she makes wonderfully artistic mixed media art. This isn’t one of hers but it is similar to her fantastic works of art and I just really loved this saying :). Says it all really


I have been an entirely spoiled narf7 this week. I received 2 boxes of the most gorgeous dark chocolate covered marzipan from a wonderful fellow blogger in the U.K. who pens the delightful Zeb Bakes. Cheers for the deliciousness Joanna, it didn’t last long but while it did, it most certainly did the trick! 😉


Bev from The wonderfully enlightening, sustainable and altogether Permaculture soaked blog Foodnstuff sent me this wonderful tome (see girls…I SPELLED IT RIGHT THIS TIME but I am no WAY going back to amend it in back posts 😉 ) it is cram packed to the back gills with wonderful and most sustainable hints, tips and recipes and like most things from New Zealand, it is pragmatic and straight to the point…”No bullshut” here folks!


And I also received a most unique and wonderfully practical gift from Jess at Rabidlittlehippy who sent me 12 beautifully sewn (not a seam out of place…how does she do that?!!!) produce bags so that I won’t have to put my veggies into plastic bags from now on. I will be able to use these wonderful bags and do my little bit to reduce plastic waste :). I am thinking that I might do some potato printing on the front of them (knowing lazy narf…I will just cut the potato in half and dab it into some ink and make smiley faces on the bags but whatchagonnadoeh? 😉 ) and when anyone asks me where I got them, I am going to direct them to Jess’s site. You had best get that Etsy stall going Jess as the customers are going to be lining up… 🙂

I had to make a voice recording of myself for last year’s course. I had to do this because my lecturer is a sadist who wanted to torture me. I had to listen to myself and hear someone who I didn’t recognise and who made me cringe. Did I really sound like that? I thought I had a rich cultured voice but it turns out I have a decided Aussie twang, I sound like Denise Scott with hay fever and if that’s how I sound when I talk…what on EARTH is my singing voice like?!!! Have I been torturing everyone for too many years than I wish to admit? Was my ex-husband actually right?!!!


“A vat of carob and buckwheat smoothie and thou (Mr Terry Pratchett) sitting beside me in the wilderness (on the couch)” is pretty much all I need to make narf7 a blissed out little hippy 🙂


An early morning image of what an 8 litre jar of buckwheat looks like…and eggs…


What looks to be an uneasy truce between my kombucha on the left and my non-dairy (sesame milk and date paste) kefir on the right…


One of the (many) benefits of having 2 daughters who are not only excellent cooks, but who like to experiment with Asian cuisines and unusual recipes and ingredients is that the shop owners of the places that they frequent and spend vast amounts of cash in, tend to be most grateful for their patronage…SO grateful in fact, that they give them 2 calendars for the New Year. One for them and one for their mum :). “Cheers Anthony!” If you are ever in downtown Launceston Tasmania and feel in need of some Aloe juice, or you want some Korean bean paste or some fermented beanshoots, you could do a whole lot worse than heading off to Tsing Wah and spending a few of your tourist dollars to support this excellent business 🙂


This is my new brain. I got tired of relying on the old one to have it let me down again and again and again. I also got tired of trying to sort through all of the scraps of paper with hurried and fervent little notes from my inside self to my outside self scribbled down in unreadable handwriting so I decided “enough was ENOUGH!” and here is my new brain. Contained within shall be neat and most tidy lists of things to do, the order in which I want them done and copious quantities of dates, numbers and other most interesting and important things that I want to keep track of…or…most probably…I will still keep scrawling notes in the dark and leaving them strewn around because that’s what I am used to 😉

Who is that middle aged greying long haired golem impersonator gambolling about waving her liver spots at the camera and attempting to be sued by Denise Scott for impersonating her voice very badly? Is that me? IS THAT ME??!!! If so, why is Steve still here?! What DOES he see in me?! Why on EARTH hasn’t he fled screaming never to darken the gateposts of Serendipity Farm again? I have no idea folks. I get the feeling that we should all be anonymously and secretly videotaped going about our daily business. We should then be sat down and made to watch the results. The puddle of expired ego that results should be scooped up into a pretty bottle and stashed on a shelf at eye level where we can be reminded that sometimes we just aint who we think we are…but for the most part I am…I sing like an angel “ROXANNE!”, I look like a tanned and happy Valkyrie and my voice is strong but pleasant and in NO way contains any form of Aussie drawl…I said IN NO WAY! And we shall speak no more of this alarming and most enlightening of thoughts because my ego is sploshing sadly at me from the shelf next to the phone…sigh…

50 no way

I found this when I was trying to find an image of my daughter Madeline’s mug to share with you…altogether more appropriate for me!


Then I found this…and quickly became enamoured of it…

I know everything

Anyone who knows me (and many people who don’t) would say that this was the absolutely ideal mug for me 😉


I LOVE this mug…no pressure! 😉


This one is even better! Entirely up to me what “shit” I want to get “done”  and in what order

Where was this mug when I needed it

Oh WHERE was this mug when my kids were refusing to eat their dinner! 😉 That’s enough pilfering humorous mugs for today. I am probably on Amazon’s most wanted list for flogging images (shhhhh!…you never saw it here!)

Its Tuesday suddenly. Where did the rest of the week go? Oh yes THAT’S right…it melted! I am feeling a little melancholy today for some reason and so I have decided to immerse myself in good music and sing my way out of it. I listened to the best of The Killers first and that did the trick. Now I am onto U2 and Mr Bono and I are strangely in tune…in sequence, because I was cutting up the dogs meat and was suddenly struck by a need to pee…I am only ever desperately struck by a need to pee when I am up to my armpits in something nefarious and Mr Bono started to sing “She moves in mysterious ways” and I was, indeed, moving in mysterious ways. Sort of shuffling and hopping like those African Bantu tribes men just before they do that big hop. I wasn’t quite game enough to attempt the big hop and was having enough trouble with the shuffle bit but I had just been reading Wendy who pens Quarter Acre Lifestyle  from over the water’s (New Zealand) post about how the universe rises up to meet you if you are prepared to meet it half way and it made me smile that Mr Bono and I should meet each other half way in order to attempt to make my dear constant readers have a bit of a chuckle on hump day. “Your job here is DONE Mr Bono”…you can go back to your castle or wherever it is that you live with the Dali Lama and Mother Teresa’s ashes content that you were of use today…


My latest Mr Pratchett novel that I am devouring and savouring slowly because it’s the last one (in my possession) in the Discworld series. I am waiting on the latest novel to be printed in paperback so that I can add it to my collection and savour it at my leisure 🙂


Proof that I am a shameless hoarder…


More proof…


Now you can’t blame me for wanting to hoard that fossil! Nothing like outing yourself for the blogging world to see (but it won’t stop me hoarding 😉 )


Talking about hoarding…pantry 1…


Pantry 2…


And a VERY tidy pantry 3 complete with Earl the wonder dog photobombing the shot 😉

My eldest daughter Madeline turned 26 today. That means that I am the mother of a 26 year old woman. Not only that, but I am also the mother of a 24 year old in April and most shockingly, a 32 year old in that same month. How can that be? Surely I am only 30 myself?! Madeline has a mug that says that “It took me 50 years to look this good” (don’t ask). The sad thing is that in my case it is true! I have been holing up inside ostensibly to reduce my RSS Feed Reader that ate Paris while Kym and Bruce were here visiting but in all honesty I am frankly terrified of what the garden has metastasised into out there. The long wet winter and the sudden onset of heat seems to have awoken the Kraken (blackberry) in a most alarming way and what should be tendrils are giant squid sized branches reaching out to grab the unsuspecting (read narf7 on her way out to the washing line). Anything thicker than my wrist is to be feared and we are just about to transcend that goal. I am doing my best to eat the blackberries young to prevent them from spreading but they have awoken to my plans and have decided to triple fortify themselves AND give the chooks somewhere amazingly impenetrable to lay the few eggs that they feel like laying in between hatching out huge clutches of chicks…I am starting to panic about how focussed and virulent everything that isn’t human has become on Serendipity Farm…


The ubiquitous garden (triffid) shots that you, my dear constant readers, have come to expect each week…


As you can see, the garden has taken over the area and is doing whatever it damned well pleases and who am I to argue?


This photo was an attempt to show you the compost heap experimental garden without actually having to haul my lazy carcass over to the far corner of the garden…did it work? 😉


Part of the reason why Serendipity Farm is full of asparagus with more growing every year. Most of the existing asparagi (is that the plural?!) are covered in these little red fruits that apparently taste good to birds because they get ingested and the seeds “dumped” all over the place and I, for one, am absolutely delighted! I can’t vouch for Frank but I reckon that’s another tick against my name in his “most despised” list 😉


Jerusalem artichokes going mental. I will be transplanting them in a better (more protected) area where they will be allowed to spread to their hearts content with no complaints from me!


Steve’s shed looking suspiciously tidy for once…oh wait a minute…that’s because “I CLEANED IT!” sigh…

“Oh I LOVE this song!” Every time I hear Mr Bono sing “One” it makes me melt…it bleeds deep into me and Mr Bono and I are “one” :). Does that happen to anyone else out there? When you read, watch an amazingly good movie, listen and sing amazing songs do they become part of you? I often find myself dancing around the kitchen twirling like a narfy dervish to the songs that I listen to and infusing like a fine aged cold pressed coffee. MAN I love music :). I was told a story regularly by my Grandmother and my mother about how when my Uncle Wally brought home the Beatles single “Aint She Sweet” that I raced out of the room that I was otherwise occupied in and suddenly started to dance like crazy. I obviously amused them because they recanted that story well into my adulthood. The thing is, I DO love music. It isn’t just “music” it really does become part of me and I can lose myself in it for hours. I can bliss out and completely change my mood if I am feeling grumpy or twitchy (both to be avoided) and I could just listen to music all day and all night if Stevie-boy wasn’t partial to watching crap T.V. and complaining about how loud the music is and how he can’t hear the loggers cutting down the trees or the Mountain men hunting “bars” (yes…I deliberately spelt that wrong…that is how they say it!) over the top of my exemplary singing (he would say “screeching” but what would he know eh?!)


Prospective olives…


Prospective Myrtus communis berries…


Prospective figs

January seems to have lifted up her skirts and is in full pelt to get out of 2014. February is going to be a bit grouchy about having to take over so soon methinks. I am SURE January fudged it a bit and is going AWOL too soon. February will hardly have finished his cup of coffee before he will have to put on his bowler hat and come to the party…it’s just NOT cricket January! Steve turns 49 on Monday and has decided that he and The Mumbly Cumumbus are going to meld this year and so gifts are to be of the fishy persuasion. I don’t mind. Steve has the best fun out pootling around on the water and I am all for him having the best fun in life 🙂 I feel for my daughters who are going to be ferried around the local fishing shop as Steve takes the lead pointing at lures, shiny things, red beads, squidgy little plastic prawns that stink to high heaven and goodness only knows what else in order to amass his “present” from them. It is always an adventure to trail behind Steve. That’s why I will be staying put and “watching the dogs at home” 😉


3/4’s of Serendipity Farm is covered in agapanthus flowers at the moment


This is a salvia…it is blue…it is tall…it is pretty…it comes back every year after dying down over winter…if you want to know any more about it you had best Google it because narf7 isn’t going to deprive you of precious time researching (and she can’t be bothered to go look up the name 😉 )


Another gratuitous flower shot, this time Nigella damascena, one of my imports


This is the only gazania on Serendipity Farm. Most probably because I love them 😉


Crocosmia and Feverfew ensuring that the soil doesn’t turn into dust and blow away


Buddleia davidii or butterfly bush


Buddleia globosa, a yellow ball shaped version and as you can see, favourite fodder for bees 🙂


A narfs eye view taken from the newly painted bench where I parked my derierre to read the other day


Same bench, but a slight swivel of the wrist to the right…


And lastly, the view behind the bench (and yes…those ARE Christmas lights in the window…thankyou for noticing 😉 )

I have just been outside wandering around aimlessly taking photos for this post so I guess that means that it is “all over red rover” and “finito” and “Arividerci Roma” for another Wednesday. It’s drop dead gorgeous day today on Serendipity Farm. The sky is blue, the trees are (still) green, there is a lovely cool breeze blowing and what a difference to last week! I am revelling in just being alive today and feeling incredibly grateful and thankful for my lot :). Have a fantastic week and see you next week when I will probably be covered in scratches from head to toe because I fully and most DEFINITELY intend on tackling those blackberries…”NO PRISONERS!” 😉

About the best thing a bike could be used for

Finally, I would like it known that this is the absolutely, positively BEST use for a racing bike yet! 😉

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  1. thecontentedcrafter
    Jan 22, 2014 @ 16:44:00

    I just spent half an hour writing a really witty and erudite comment for this entire post, hit ‘post comment’ button and discovered that my isp has yet again fallen off line…..I can’t believe I have to do it all again! Arrrrgggghhh!!

    So, I’ll do a shortened version.

    Wonderful post Fran – you look just like a Germanic Valkyrie and Steve like a wirier Thor!

    Love the garden, love the mugs, love the friends, Love Mr Bono [and Mr The Edge] I suggested you try singing and dancing carrying Earl, I carry a dead-weight cat and find this brings the volume down considerably [less air in the lungs etc] and benefits the neighbours music appreciation as well.

    Love the bike – sent hearty congrats to the creator.

    Ended with my version of the Kate Bush debacle, which varies considerably to yours and I posted a reference for you as a miracle working image builder and psychotherapist, explaining I was cured of my dysfunctional inner 6ft tall nordic blond goddess and now cheerfully embraced my short, round brunette gypsy.

    Vive Kate Bush and Narf7!!

    This comment lacks the joie de vivre of the first, plus the sparkling asides and even a story of a NZ friend visiting me in the UK [on the subject of accents] which I shall now save for a later day.]

    Please feel free to either blame or thank Trustpower NZ for their crap internet connection 🙂


    • narf77
      Jan 22, 2014 @ 17:00:17

      Many a time I have yelled “BUGGER IT ALL!” after losing comments that took up the better part of an A4 piece of paper so now, I type them into a notepad doc and copy and paste them. If they disappear…I CLICK PASTE AGAIN! I love it when I get the better of wily technology! ;). If I was to try to heft Earl AND sing at the same time I might actually expire from the effort. Earl weighs the better part of 33kg and would be hanging there like a lead balloon as I tried to reach those high notes from “Roxanne” never an easy task unburdened but add Earl to the party and I might just manage to reach that brown note (don’t ask…just be content in knowing that I can’t hit that note…just yet! 😉 ).

      “Trustpower”?! How on EARTH could you actually “trust” something with a name that insists (with dictatorial arrogance at that) that you do eh?!!! I blame them completely. I blame them for all kinds of things actually. They are my new scapegoats de rigeur and shall remain so until something better comes along! Glad you are embracing your inner diddy (no idea why the scousers call gypsy’s “diddies” but they do 😉 ) and twirling like the most becoming Esmeralda that you are. WISH I had your gorgeous hair!

      Can’t wait to read about the accents. Poor Steve is suffering at the moment with his. Every man jack one of his mates and even just “average Aussies in the street” appear to be just waiting to hear the dulcet tones of the lesser spotted “Pom” to tease him mercilessly about the cricket…all I can say is “just you wait till the world series football and lets just see who is drowning in their lager then boys! 😉


  2. Angela @ Canned Time
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 03:06:59

    Help! Send us some of your heat, and some veggies while you’re at it….have you grown olives before? Everything looks so tidy and productive! What are you hiding from us there at the farm? I can’t believe you’ve been so productive in all that heat and still have energy to share it all with us (except for that awesome chocolate I note) But it really does look like you guys are having the best summer despite the heat wave. I love the bees and those butterfly flowers are downright Mother Nature’s perfection.
    I also melt when I hear ‘One’ And I congratulate you and Steve on maintaining such a beautiful and self-preserving plot of land there. Its nice to share with you as I sit bundled up at 3 degrees outside. I’m wearing a red winter cap inside today, arrrrggg! Great job there Fran!


    • narf77
      Jan 23, 2014 @ 03:27:38

      I love the weather at the moment (here) as it is nice and cool in the mornings again and the days are nice and mild, just how I like it :). I even wore a jumper most of the day yesterday. The veggie garden is just doing it’s own thang at the moment. I am just letting it grow like topsy and am trying hard not to think about things like “succession planting” and “harvesting” and “crop rotation” etc. like most veggie gardeners do ;). Hope your weather mellows out soon. Only 57 hours and 29 minutes till your spring! 😉


  3. Chica Andaluza
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 03:38:36

    Olives eh – we will be going into competition with each other! And agapanthus everywhere, you lucky thing! I have one tiny plant in Bexhill but am hoping it will spread this year. And the looky likey thing reminded me that I look quite like Caroline Quentin in her Jonathan Creek era – did you have that programme? Birthday greetings (belated and adance) to your loved ones….all the best people (well, some of them) are born in January 😉


    • narf77
      Jan 23, 2014 @ 03:43:32

      I loved Jonathan Creek (as did my kids) :). How about when she was in “Men behaving badly?” 😉 You might have a point about January folk but we Augusters are just about to get there (the speed at which 2014 is going…) so look out when we do…we party hearty! 😉


  4. teawithhazel
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 06:33:39

    i’ve got pantry envy fran..i couldn’t fit a proper pantry in my kitchen when i re did it a few years ago..instead i have 3 drawers and one small cupboard for oils etc..the drawers work really well by the way..but then what does one do with all the preserved stuff? it goes into the cupboard in the spare bedroom..and what about bottles of alcohol? they go in the laundry..and what about all those flours? they’re on the bench in the laundry and in one of the laundry cupboards..in other words i’ve got food stuff all over the house..oh..i forgot..the 10 kg bag of onions is in the garage..anyway, in my next life i’m having a walk in pantry like nigella lawson’s..


    • narf77
      Jan 23, 2014 @ 09:08:22

      LOL! My “Pantries” are 1 actual pantry, one broom cupboard and one spare room wardrobe and anywhere else that I can (hoard) stuff things is fair game until Steve starts to mutter and then I just “clean it up” and it’s all lightness and magic again ;). My onions and 10kg of spuds are in one of the pantries (the ex broom cupboard). So long as you don’t end up with the swine of a husband that Nigella just dumped you should be fine… just make sure that the walk in pantry is in the prenup in your favour 😉


  5. quarteracrelifestyle
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 06:50:50

    Loved this post, very entertaining 🙂

    Your pantries are tidier than mine Fran, I wouldn’t even consider photographing mine but I have a good excuse – I have a tiny kitchen and one pantry, EVERYTHING imaginable goes into it, wherever there is room for it! We converted an old laundry as a food storage area but that’s even worse so feel proud of yours, at least they are publishable.

    I also love music and listen to it all day, if a shyte day I will sing along to cheer myself up, head phones on, loud as ….doors and windows closed because I am under no illusions I have a good voice. Even the old dog Bob will give me horrified looks.

    I can sooo relate to your daughter turning 26. My baby was 37 a couple of weeks ago and every birthday of my kids reminds me, I am aging, too quickly. I still feel in my 30’s. I had a terrible experience last year that bought this home for me. I use reading glasses, can’t see a thing without them. So, quick checks in my dim bathroom mirror always had me looking good lol, well…. sometimes. I went to the chemist to get a lipstick and kept my glasses on after checking for the cheapest. So Wendy goes up real close to a mirror with her glasses on to check the colour.. OMG, what a shock, this wrinkly old lady staring back!!! I got such a shock! Roger came out of the doctors to ind me sitting in the car in one morbid state of mind. It is what it is!!!!

    Why did you think of Kate Bush with regards to Pauline ?

    Love your garden photos, love the bike gate. And all your gifts, you are one lucky lady. I went to buy some produce bags, a pack of 3 was going to cost $9, I don’t think so. And choccy marzipan?!


    • narf77
      Jan 23, 2014 @ 09:19:58

      My “pantries are only tidy because Kym and Bruce came to visit and I figured I might have to find something in them ;). Bezial and Earl actually come in from outside when I start to sing to see if I am alright! ;). You have a 37 year old?!!! HOW! You look younger than me and I started when I was 18! There must be something in the water in N.Z. (that’s it…”STEEEEVE…WE ARE MOVING TO NEW ZEALAND PRONTO!” 😉 ).

      I have a bathroom mirror that apparently has a portal to another mirror that is in the cupboard somewhere (probably under the towels…) that has me looking GORGEOUS dahhhlink to my face but that is lying its bollocks off. The other mirror in the hall tells me the truth in no uncertain terms. As a new convert to the truth I am with you on “it is what it is”. Roger thinks you are the bees knees so who gives a bollocks about aging eh? Unless you need your looks to get what you want, they are probably not that great a currency to be holding onto 😉

      I saw a picture of Kate Bush in 2012 accepting an award at the Brit award ceremonies from the delicious Tom Jones and she was the spitting image of Pauline! Same hair, same look and I couldn’t wait to tell Pauline who promptly showed me that I should probably think before I gush as what I think is gorgeous is someone elses twitching moment :(. I never was very good at reading people 😉

      I am sure Jess would consider making you some produce bags. She is a most wonderful lady and the marzipan is because, aside from me being ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL (looks like I have an alternate ego in the cupboard under those towels as well 😉 ), I am just about to embark on a journey to Hobart in order to find and photograph a statue with a little journal of poems that Joanna (Zeb Bakes) and her dad compiled. I think it is to make him smile…anything that makes someone smile is right up the top of my “must do” list :). The marzipan was scrumptious, delightful and is most seriously gone. I can’t read people for crap but I can certainly appreciate their marzipan out the wazoo! ;).


      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:36:16

        Ah ok, yes I had to tidy mine before we had visitors too but they’re back to “normal” now.

        Don’t let that photo fool you, it’s all fuzzy and used strategically because of that. I don’t put my ugly photos (of which there are many!) in the public arena. I usually have hair everywhere and look exhausted lol. It’s not the vanity thing (well, maybe a little) it’s just a reminder that I AM aging and life is short. I don’t know where the years went to!!

        Oh dear!! Knowing Pauline a little I think she was probably very kind and good humoured about it 🙂

        No, I will just keep on with recycling bags, good as anything 🙂 Jess does sound a most wonderful lady 🙂 🙂
        Enjoy your trip to Hobart, it sounds more fun than my grocery expedition to town I just returned from (with a Moro bar tucked in my bag) I was going to make healthy chocolate balls when I got home but this craving just overtook me….!

      • narf77
        Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:41:53

        Cravings have a way of overtaking even the strongest of us especially when we are stupid enough not to eat breakfast before we head out the door…I almost caved to a Subway when I was in town on Monday! My daughter gave me a hard stare so I didn’t, I ended up eating fresh cherries and a small bag of roasted mixed nuts…MUCH better for me (but I bet that Subway would have tasted ACES! 😉 ). Pauline is a sweetie and aside from a bit of honest angst we sifted through the husks of my dignity and worked it out 😉

        I hate most pictures of me. Nature made me look more Germanic than I deserve to and very pointy (especially now that I have lost weight) and with my dead straight hair that wants to meld with the borg and that has NO weight to it (aside from when I am trying to dry it and it takes about an hour with the hairdryer!)…I fear I am NO beauty queen ;). Lucky I never traded on it eh? ;). Life is short but at least we know it is and it won’t find us blinking at 70 going “where the heck did our life go?!!!” We are in it every day 🙂

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Jan 24, 2014 @ 05:52:26

        Yep, going out into that world without having eaten first is a dangerous thing 🙂 I love my cafe coffees but they generally leave me racyy and edgy….walking past cafe’s and smelling that most gorgeous of aromas just has me sniffing out the source like a dog with food and before I know it I am driving like someone on speed lol.

        Pauline is a sweetie, I am pleased it all ended ok 🙂 🙂

        Fran, I think you look gorgeous, truly I do. I don’t see you quite as you see you 🙂 And you have life and soul beaming from every pore of you 🙂 Features are not important (none of us like the way we look, seems to be human (female) nature!) Character is far more important. I have a younger sister who was always extremely vain, in fact she never had kids because she didn’t want to ruin her figure. Came her 50th birthday she was so upset about it her husband arranged a holiday to Europe so she could wake up in Paris on her 50th…(yeah, I know, them’s the breaks!!) She is finding aging very hard, I just find it hard because I love my life and want it go on forever, wrinkles are a reminder that ain’t going to happen. At the same time I know many who have died early in life, always reminders life is a gift.

      • narf77
        Jan 24, 2014 @ 06:57:53

        Don’t get me wrong…I am not complaining about how I look, I just know that batting my eyelids is going to get me “do you have something in your eye?” rather than “oh YEAH baby!” should I ever try to use it to good effect ;). I can’t drink coffee now. My stomach is treacherous and has removed coffee and wine from my regular food list :(. I love me a good cafe that smells like both coffee and toast. You can find me inhaling both of these gorgeous aromas and bacon…if there are bacon sniffs to be added to the mix I am one HAPPY camper 😉

        That is really sad (about your sister) but if it gets me a trip to Paris I might try it on! 😉 I have to say I am healthier and happier now than I have ever been in my life and that’s not just “making do” talk, that’s for reals. My new way of life has me champing at the bit to get up and get stuck into living each day. It seems my bolshie need to bollock daylight savings was the making of me in more ways than one 🙂

        We all die. It’s a fact of life…death and taxes and all and the fact that death is a taboo subject makes it all the harder for people to deal with as they age. I want to just wear out, slow down and one day stop working like a faithful old jalopy that someone can put out into the field and grow daisies off my seat 😉 Our next door neighbour Glad is 91 (92 this year) and I doubt that she sits in doors all day thinking “maybe today is the day!” She is outside, walking around, fossicking in her garden and just absorbing the world around her and if it’s her last day, so be it. Accepting your own mortality is amazingly liberating 🙂

        I love that we “women bloggers of a certain age” (confraternity of crones 😉 ) can share our thoughts, our ideas, our experience and our honesty so that other people out there who might not be as “enlightened” (in other words, are still giving a stuff about superficial things 😉 ) can see that it’s not such a terrifying thing this “aging” and that lining some bastard middleman Botox agents pocket with silver and gold in order to look 30 for the rest of your life (have you SEEN Barry Mannilow lately??!!!) and be able to literally see out of the back of your head from all the facelifts you have had is just pure unhappiness tied up with a ribbon of someone else’s profiteering from your fears. Accept it and move on to living with purpose and dignity where each day could be your last but “what a day!” 🙂

      • quarteracrelifestyle
        Jan 24, 2014 @ 19:08:55

        No, fluttering my eye lashes has never been something I could do successfully either lol. I’m more likely to just say something stupid and get off something on the grounds I can sometimes appear not quite all there!

        I guess accepting your mortality can be liberating…I think I will be more like my mother, determined I am not “going anywhere” even while dying. That pulled her through many seriously ill times and I hope that will be me also. My grandmother was the same and lived to 96, still doing her garden at 95.

        No, I haven’t seen Barry Mannilow but I can imagine, I just don’t know why people do that to themselves. I worked with a woman who had a facelift, she had staple marks all around her hair line, it’s hideous and she looked no different a year later.

      • narf77
        Jan 25, 2014 @ 04:19:24

        I just remember that cat woman…who on EARTH would choose to look like that rather than have a few honest wrinkles! My grandmothers lived to a ripe old age as well so there is hope for us :).

  6. rabidlittlehippy
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 09:19:49

    The universe has a very strange habit of helping me at the moment, not that I am complaining. I posted yesterday about my migraine from Tuesday and again on Wednesday morning and I was suggested feverfew from Quarter acre lifestyle. Not only did I JUST read this but you post a photo of it!!! AND after a brief (read 1 minute to ascertain the truth) google search it appears the pyrethrum that I am growing isn’t actually pyrethrum but feverfew. Thank you Universe! Your generosity this week has been overwhelming. Now how about that fig? 😉

    Great post. I know EXACTLY what you mean about not sounding like we think we sound. I sound awful on recirding, singing not sooo bad (who am I kidding ;)) but my spoken voice sounds so high pitched and nasa whereas i know I have a lovely speaking voice. 😉
    My pantry is also ordered, usually to within an inch of its life and everything has its place. Hence i can tell when martin has been in there or more importantly, when monkeys have been accessing forbidden goodness. 😉 Being OCD has its uses. 🙂

    Happy birthday Bethany. have a stupendous birthday.

    As for the bags, you extoll their virtues that simply aren’t there. Whipped up on the overlocker and any straight seams are pre existing from the old sheets from which they were made. Oh, right. shhhh. Yes, I am a superb seamstress and na, they were nothing! *said in a deep rich and vibrant voice as opposed to a tinny nasal one* 😉

    Here’s another serendipitous moment. Collecting some wire from freecycle last weekend I was given some buddelia cuttings. EXACTLY the same 2 you have. 🙂 I commented on the beautiful yellow pom poms (just to compliment them) and came away with branches thereof. G then added in some of the pretty purple ones too. I figure my orchard plans of apples interspersed with either a buddelia (flowers to attract bees) or a tagasaste (nitrogen fixing) are coming along beautifully.

    And thank you for mentioning Gazania. You might love them but I know they will grow here as they’re all down the middle of the freeway and they will look beautiful out on the scrap of grass that in your wildest imagination you may be able to consider a nature strip (of sorts). Did you get inside my head (frightful thought) and look up all the questions I had before writing your post to answer them all for me? In that case, where’s that fig! 😉


    • narf77
      Jan 23, 2014 @ 09:42:02

      Bethany would be saying “Why is she wishing me a happy birthday? My birthday isn’t till April!” 😉 I think you mean Madeline? 😉 I know someone (the feverfew proposor from Quarter Acre Lifestyle) who would absolutely adore a few produce bags. I would make her some myself but she wouldn’t know what they were for when she got them and the holes in them would be SO big not even a cauliflower would stay inside/put! We can’t all be brilliant at everything and I bow to your sewing genius 🙂 I didn’t think you liked them (figs)? ;). Just found an excellent website (sent you the link) that promises to be the bomb. Pinned some of their stuff and got a nice comment from them and a promise that more excellent stuff is on the way :). Don’t you just LOVE it when summer is a lovely median temperature and the sky is blue and the bees are buzzing and the dogs are fast asleep (wait a minute…that’s just me 😉 ) and Steve hung the whipper snippers up in the garage too high for narf to reach so I have a perfectly good excuse why I am going to read today rather than whipper snip :). Wish you were close, got a pickup of cheap mushie compost and straw on Saturday and will be spending the day bagging it up with permies from all over the place (bolting out of the woodwork 😉 ). Plenty to go round but postage would be prohibitive!

      Didn’t you know I can read minds? (Neither did I up until a few moments ago…) I reckon we are just on the same wavelength, what with me being your aunt and all…gotta be SOME similarities (aside from that tinny high pitched squeak of a voice that is 😉 ).


      • rabidlittlehippy
        Jan 23, 2014 @ 10:29:08

        Sorry Bethany and happy birthday Madeline. Just in keeping with wishing you a happy 60th! 😉
        Given that that said person mentioned a removal of my migraines I think I might just see what sort of sheeting I have available for more of said bags. And given that martin needs to often stay home for parenting duties he might just about spot the far to fly me over to deliver them personally if it works for me too. 😛 Well, almost.
        I wish I was close too and not just for that mushie compost. I swear you and I would talk both the fore and hind legs of that poor old proverbial donkey, swapping cultures, techniques and knowledge.

        Going to take a photo of what I thought was my pyrethrum and can you let me know if it has been mislabeled and is truly blessedly actually feverfew? It is in the same family and does the job of keeping away the flies. The chooks hang out near it all day long but don’t eat it and nor do the sheep which is cool. It’s nice to have a safe pretty in the garden. 🙂

      • narf77
        Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:08:44

        Pyrethrum is a ground cover. We get it invading our gardens because it is a crop here in Tassie 🙂 Feverfew is taller and grows prolifically. Pyrethrum spreads by growing sideways. Between us I reckon we could pick the entire donkey up and run faster! (Especially if Earl was “helping” 😉 )

  7. Born To Organize
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:24:39

    I had fun reading your slice of life post, N7. What an amazing garden! Is the cover to protect from heat or to keep out critters?

    What an incredible view from your deck. How do you ever get anything done???


    • narf77
      Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:35:53

      If we didn’t have that cover (that extends all around the perimeter of what is a tennis court sized area) we wouldn’t have vegetables thanks to our thieving bollocks native possums. I had my first veggie garden last year and it ended up looking like fort knox and I couldn’t even get into it BUT neither could the possums! 😉 You get used to views. It is lovely to sit out there with a cup of tea and just mellow out though… think I might just do that now! Cheers for reminding me of how lucky I am 🙂


      • Born To Organize
        Jan 26, 2014 @ 13:08:46


        Wow…a garden the size of a tennis court. That must keep you fabulously busy and engaged. We have critters, but living in the suburbs limits our exposure. We do see the occasional raccoon and plenty of opossums, by day squirrels and crows. Your garden is fab.

      • narf77
        Jan 26, 2014 @ 14:32:36

        Cheers ma’am 🙂 I look forward to following your wonderful garden exploits come the new season. We get to garden all year round here so hopefully I might get some winter veggies in (if my chaotic life doesn’t step in and broadside me 😉 )

      • Born To Organize
        Jan 26, 2014 @ 18:04:13

        Life fills up, doesn’t it.

  8. Spy Garden
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 13:31:02

    Your hoarding is quite attractive so it doesn’t count as hoarding. The fossil is a great find. Garden is BEAUTIFUL! The nigella is also called “Love in a Mist” and we grow those too. Also love the mug shots (banging…head…on…desk). Meanwhile in Spy Garden it’s opposite day. Three degrees I think!


    • narf77
      Jan 23, 2014 @ 13:34:41

      3 degrees eh? Here its in the mid 20C so lovely and warm and the cicada’s are clicking and I am wearing a jumper and am just about to head out onto the deck and swill me some kombucha and read a good book (if the dogs will let me). Gotta find something good in summer 😉


  9. Yelena
    Jan 24, 2014 @ 02:25:24

    I love your saying “Jerusalem artichokes going mental.”-))) You are very funny girl, and I like that-)) Very positive and enthusiastic. I am getting to know you every time more and more! Your place is so beautiful and warm, we have a snow and cold weather. A lot’s of hot tea for us, and no garden yet-)))


    • narf77
      Jan 24, 2014 @ 04:36:12

      At least we share the same sense of humour AND tea…anyone who loves hot tea is a good friend of mine 🙂 I drink a lot of tea whatever the weather. The only thing that stops me from drinking it all day is that it has an unfortunate end result of me having to get up all night in order to offload the tea that I drink all day ;). You only have 56 days till spring! I know, because I can check an online “spring” calendar and can find out :). That means we only have 56 days till autumn which is the best time to plant out trees and shrubs and one of our busiest times of year here on Serendipity Farm and I love it when the autumn leaves change colour :). I am experimenting with buckwheat now and love it. I didn’t realise how hardy it is and what a great cover crop it makes for vegetables here in our hot climate in Australia. I just made a really delicious buckwheat granola cluster type healthy cereal that I am going to post about on Wednesday :). Enjoy your cups of tea as soon enough it will be hot and you might have to swap for iced tea 😉


  10. Littlesundog
    Jan 24, 2014 @ 07:55:33

    I’m tired today and a little bit down with back trouble so I’ll keep this short (because sitting for long is a killer!! LOL). Fran, I love what you wrote today – the title was catching, and so very much what I’ve pondered on this week. A simple twist and my back has me gimpy and moving much slower – something of age that I must accept. I cannot do what I used to! I look in the mirror and I see wrinkles and sun freckles that didn’t exist ten years ago. But I’m happy, and I know just who I am, when I certainly didn’t ten years ago. I absolutely love what you commented to quarteracrelifestyle – you hit the nail on the head. Many women I know have had that face overhaul or the little nip and tuck, or botox, or spend a fortune at the stores buying clothes or the latest of this or that… but for me, I embrace who I am and how I got here, and I love ME!! I can’t say I always had this wisdom or liberation or freedom in my life – but that is the really cool thing about being a woman of a certain age. I own my life, and I could give a rip what anyone thinks about what I’ve lived or what I look like.

    Now, you have me curious and I must see if I can check out Barry Manilow. LOL I love you Fran… you crack me up!


    • narf77
      Jan 24, 2014 @ 09:10:53

      Barry Manilow looks like a crab with his eyes on either side of his perfectly seamless head 😉 The saddest thing was to watch him totter out onto the stage unable to blink or speak much and try to sing “Mandy” with lips that really didn’t want to assist him…why oh WHY can’t these people age a little bit gracefully? That would make it SO much easier for everyone else 😉


    • narf77
      Jan 24, 2014 @ 09:12:16

      “Go Gandy…guuu game gand gu gabe gigout gaggin…gut I gooshed gu agay…” ROTFL silly vain old bugger like he doesn’t have ENOUGH MONEY NOW! Sigh… 😉


  11. Linne
    Jan 24, 2014 @ 16:24:58

    Wow, Narfie7! Who do I think I am? I’ve been asked that before, but not in such a nice way 😉

    I’m not sure; it may depend on the day . . . my age ranges from about 14 to maybe mid-30s, with an occasional dip into the late 40s. Some days I may be a follower of Mother Teresa or Gandhi; most days not.

    Every day I’m a music groupie wanna-be. I love this line from a Runrig song I’m just listening to: “we will raise up our voices; we will raise up our voices and though I am so far from you now, we will never sever.” (translated from the Gaelic).

    I’d have a hard time deciding what group to be a groupie for, though; that could take several lifetimes. Kashtin, The Corries, Runrig (of course!), Great Big Sea, The Dubliners (with Luke Kelly) . . .

    I had a good singing voice as a child and sang in a school choir one year. I still remember most of the songs . . . but I didn’t sing for many years and my voice went downhill quite a bit. I have little range anymore.

    As to looks, I have none; I’ve always been a real plain Jane. I can’t think of anyone I resemble, except one bus driver I’m friends with said I’d make a good Mrs. Santa. Not my ambition, lovely as she is . . . 😉

    I still feel skinny (but am not) as I was for most of my life. I’m fairly tall, very intense (not that it shows on the blog, right?) 😉

    I’m VERY bookish, love learning and can sit up all night talking about a wide lot of philosophical issues and ideas.

    No, if I had to choose, I’m torn between being a Navajo woman with her own sheep and horses, spinning, dyeing and weaving, herding them, living in an 8 sided hogan, drying peaches from my own trees. Living in the shadow of Canyon de Chelly. OR . . . a Lakota woman with my own tipi and horse herd, able to make whatever my family needs.

    I have a streak of Ninja in me (I seem to have a lot of streaks, actually, but they rarely surface in public). Now that you have me thinking about it, I have a lot of contradictions in me. I have a Buddhist/Quaker streak right next to the Ninja bit. I like certain types of order, but am rather messy in my home life. I like the simplicity of Japanese Zen rooms, but also the complexity of Victorian homes. Mostly I love Arts and Crafts crossed with Hobbit homes and a touch of Gypsy wagon in there, too.

    Ok, enough about me. I doubt I’ve made anything clearer . . . 😉

    Those are great pics from your visit with Kym and Bruce. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

    Chocolate covered marzipan! MMMmmmmm

    That book looks quite interesting; I haven’t checked yet to see if it’s in our library system; somehow, I doubt it.

    Beautiful shopping bags, truly. If you buy transfer paper meant to go through an inkjet printer, you could print and iron any image you want onto those bags. (just remember to reverse any with words included; don’t ask how I know . . .) I agree, Jess had better get on it with her machine. If she teaches the older kids to sew, she can have her own sweatshop in no time . . . 😉

    My recorded voice sounds different to me, too; I think it’s the lack of resonance we hear inside our heads . . . if that makes any sense . . .

    That carob smoothie looks suspiciously like the Chillatte I love at Second Cup. Will have to take a photo next time (tomorrow!!!). I still haven’t cracked a Pratchett book to see if my taste includes him nowadays. My older son loved his work, I remember. I may stick with Kay for a while yet; wish the next one would come out, but I expect it will be at least another year and more . . . sigh . . .

    Great jar your buckwheat lives in. I haven’t eaten that for aeons . . . might have to try it again this summer. I like all the grains, so far.

    Great new brain, Narfie7! Let us know how it works for you, eh? I have several of these in various shapes. I like the IDEA of being organized; the practise lags somewhat behind, distracted by ‘blades of grass’ lol

    I think all of us out here have a good idea of why Stevieboy stays with you (indeed, crossed the ocean to be with you); but I’m not telling . . . and while we’re talking about voices (we were, weren’t we?) I happen to love the Aussie drawl; don’t be so quick to let it go, ok?

    Great mug shots 😉 especially the second with its typo; what a chuckle.

    I like the To Do List, too, and the last one; could have used that when I had kids, too. Not that mine refused to eat anything; I always said the only eating problem with them was making sure there was enough on the table. And they were skinny (but super active from day one!)

    Music for Melancholy; that could be an album . . . I’m still listening to Runrig as I compose this tome (hah! and I nearly wrote ‘compost’, but caught myself; maybe it should be composted; it’s long enough, eh?)

    Music is where I see the generational divide rise up; but it’s good to be introduced to new stuff from time to time.

    You are NOT a hoarder (banks are hoarders!!); you are an artistic and sensitive interior decorator . . . so there!

    Nice pantries; we have loom pieces standing in what passes for a pantry here. Therefore stuff is squirrelled away where-ever . . . We do have two Hoover cabinets, though; one antique (now mine) and one a pale imitation, but it does the job.

    Belated happy birthday, Madeline; I can’t believe your Mum has a daughter over 50; she looks so young!!

    Not talking about MY FeedReader, thank you . . .

    Kraken . . . perfect name for blackberries (unless one is Medusa). Good thing they produce such yum berries; still . . . if they just weren’t so . . . Genghis Khanish.

    OMG . . . this song just started; probably not to your taste, but it’s Runrig back in the 70s . . . good thing I didn’t know about them then; I’d have emigrated and been a groupie to this day . . . 😉

    ~ for anyone with odd musical tastes . . .

    Your garden is so amazing I’m surprised you don’t just rig a couple of hammocks and move in . . . absolutely fantastic and worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears that went into putting up the nets. Lush doesn’t even begin to do it justice . . .

    Ok, you got me; tomorrow I will listen to “One” (sorry, I’m a Philistine when it comes to some decades; but am happy to be enchanted by new stuff these days. Remember, I would have cut off both arms before I would have listened to The Pogues; now they’re a big favourite . . . no explaining some things . . . I’m just weird that way.

    Music, yes; may there be music for ever . . .

    I wish Steve the happiest of birthdays and trust that your daughters have fun pootling around in the fishing shop with him. My dad and brothers loved fishing and my youngest took up flyfishing a couple of years ago. I can jig for cod with home-made gear, but have not caught fresh-water fish (yet). I’ve gone fishing plenty, just not caught anything . . . Cod, on the other hand . . .

    Beautiful flowers and a stunning deck view; you must really love sitting on the deck, now that the work is done . . . it’s so gorgeous.

    Is that gate yours? or one you walk by with Earl? It’s amazing!!! I like the old standard ‘pedal backwards to stop’ girly bikes with the cut-down frame so you can wear long skirts (and a wide-brimmed hat) and look elegant, with a basket in front for fresh flowers and French bread from the market . . . Not sure where that elegant streak comes from; doesn’t quite fit with my ‘bush hippie’ personality (who I really am, when push comes to shove). And yes, this is the best use ever for a racing bike. I tried one a couple of times, but lying practically flat, unable to appreciate the scenery, having to remember about the umpty-billion gears AND the hand brakes . . . nope, my poor Luddite self was not able to make the adjustment . . . But as a gate . . . YES!! 😉 Great post; nearly as long as my reply LOL and I’m not sure I ever really answered the question ‘who do you think you are’? ~ Linne


    • narf77
      Jan 25, 2014 @ 04:17:53

      I think you just won the award for the longest comment to a blog post EVER! 😉 I will check out the celtic song/group but my daughters are more into celt music than I am. They were threatening to move to Iceland a year or so ago and no doubt have stashed some of the music away on a hard drive somewhere. I have NO idea who I am but am quite happy being me :). I am going to potter around in my veggie garden this long weekend (Australia Day weekend) and start planning the space I have and what to put in there. I whipper snipped the long grass down and discovered that there IS a shape to the garden under all of that grass! ;). Wish me luck. I can see several thermos’s of tea being swilled and many pencils being chewed and stuffed behind ears and a whole lot of scribbling and crossing out before we hit next Monday 😉


  12. Linne
    Jan 25, 2014 @ 10:41:54

    😉 Thanks to your recommendation, I used WordPad and did NOT lose it! It’s happened to me so often and it’s quite frustrating. I didn’t actually set out to write such a long comment; but it was late and I’m at my most wordy then. (beware of sitting up with me late at night after I’ve had a coffee or three). I have no idea why I’m so drawn to this group, but I am. I love that they stand up for their language and culture without being aggressive or obnoxious about it. They soothe me . . . Your daughters may like them; if so, I’d be interested to hear about it.

    I’m happy being me, too; hard to explain what ‘me’ is to others, though; seems like we become more aware of our inner complexity as we get on with achieving ‘a certain age’ ha! I love that phrase!

    Looking forward to seeing your garden liberated from the grass and whipped into a bit more shape. I love the wildness and then it gets sorta out of hand and I feel I want to restore at least enough order that I can get IN there and harvest, darnit! (well, I did, when we had a garden).

    I DO wish you lotsa luck! Have fun with the teaswilling, listmaking, crossing out and all . . . have a great weekend and an even better week. ~ Linne


    • narf77
      Jan 25, 2014 @ 12:40:25

      We would probably be ok for the first night where I would have jetlag and would think that it was the middle of the day when it was the middle of the night over there BUT as soon as my early morning brain woke up that I was trying to trick it I would be unconcious at 6.30pm and snoring in one of your armchairs drooling down my shirt in a most unbecoming fashion…not very good company ;).

      Cheers for your encouragment Linne. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get out the door and into that wild tangled mass of vegetation…a few kind words of encouragement to give me a gentle push in the back in the right direction (rather than under the bed reaching for a box of that chocolate covered marzipan and a good book…and a torch… ;).

      Ditto on the excellent week. It might be cold but you have that gorgeous cardi to get back to. If I had skills like yours I would be making stunning fairisle curtains for the house. I might be severely lacking in good taste but what I lack I more than make up for in enthusiasm…”fairisle steering wheel cover and gear stick knob anyone?”…how about “fairisle bin cover and mailbox?” or “fairisle vest for the mailman, the neighbours dog AND the cat across the street!” Maybe the world was clever to decide that fairisle and “me” don’t go together 😉


  13. Jo
    Jan 25, 2014 @ 17:20:07

    Fran, next time you pop around I will lend you Terry Pratchett’s latest. I must have been very good because I got it for Christmas!


  14. Namita
    Jan 26, 2014 @ 23:33:48

    Hello Fran ,
    Your posts light up my day…..they make me laugh, they make me smile, they make me get up and ponder, they make me reflect on the realities of life. I loved that mug saying “life is short so am I”
    we are also working on our vegetable patch. radishes have come up, tomatoes are growing in size….zucchini is bearing flowers but i doubt about it bearing fruit. Some great experiments happening in kitchen too….making (rather starting) gooseberry wine.
    Found a diseased cat probably abandoned by its owner. we are getting it treated. she has severe dermatitis and infection in eyes. Poor cat. Hoping that she responds to the treatment and gets well soon
    How is the weather there? seems some relief now. Here we are still living in fog with the Sun peeping occasionally from behind the clouds.
    Waiting for your next lovely post,


    • narf77
      Jan 27, 2014 @ 03:25:20

      I am very excited about your making gooseberry wine. Are you going to do a post about it? My zucchini’s are growing like crazy but I think my soil might be a bit too rich in nitrogen because they are producing a HUGE amount of foliage and the fruit is a bit hit and miss on my yellow zucchini plants but I should get more than enough of the black/green kind to make up for it and for the first time I am growing patty pan squash and am looking forward to working out recipes to make with them :). Gardening is great fun isn’t it? 🙂

      I am so glad you rescued that cat. After treatment she is going to reward you with so much love. Rescued animals understand what a terrible life is and when they are handed a second chance, they are usually the best pets that you can find because they know what the flip side of love really is :).
      The weather is starting to heat up a bit more but it is the middle of summer and we are just about to enter our hottest month so that’s to be expected. Not as bad as that earlier heatwave but I am making sure to water some of the thirstier gardens in order to make sure that they don’t die over the next few days and keeping a keen eye on my vegetable garden but I think my complete lack of organisation when I was planting it out has seen a huge growth spurt and all of the foliage seems to be keeping the moisture in the soil nicely. I have SO many pumpkins on the go that grew from various composting experiments but I eat pumpkin every day so they won’t go to waste 🙂
      Tomatoes have had a bad year here in Tasmania. No-one has tomatoes on their bushes yet so we might not do to well in the tomato stakes but that’s ok. Some years are just not good for some things. You have to learn to work with what is experiencing a wonderful year and work out how to use it to your best advantage. Looks like zucchini’s are it on Serendipity Farm! ;). Have a great week and thankyou for your wonderful baking shares over the last week. Every time I see one of your posts these days I get excited! 🙂


  15. Hannah (BitterSweet)
    Jan 27, 2014 @ 08:06:13

    Oh please, that’s not hording… You would be horrified if you took a peek into my pantry! I’ve been known to stock up on a dozen cans of olives, tomatoes, mustards, you name it, if there’s a particularly good sale or coupon. Hey, if it’s got an expiration date that reaches well into the next year or more, why not? At least if my family gets snowed in at home, they’ll have me to thank for the abundance of condiments to feast on. 😉


    • narf77
      Jan 27, 2014 @ 12:48:05

      We don’t get coupons here in Australia. The best we get is a reduced sale (when things are close to code) or the odd “special” which really isn’t all that special and that the supermarkets then whack up the price of everything else to make up for (and you think we don’t know! 😉 ). If my family gets snowed in they will be so shocked they will be catatonic and won’t need to eat for a week 😉


  16. brymnsons
    Jan 27, 2014 @ 17:43:29

    Great post Fran. I have only just had time to sit and read it through, and of course the comments, which can be just as entertaining as the post. It is very hot and muggy here today. I hate the muggy weather, just leaves me feeling very lethargic, and i have so much to do!
    I have to confess that i do put my herbs, in the pantry, in alphabetical order. I know, but the plus side is I can find what I want quickly, except when Bruce has touched them and put turmeric in front of basil, grrrrrrrrrr. Lol.
    Thanks for another great visit, it was nice to see Serendipity in a different season. And to catch up with you guys again of course, I miss the puppies too… I still can’t believe the tar on the road melted!!!!
    We had a lovely time in Bali, which wasn’t as muggy as here! I’m wondering if my sister in law is related to the other lady who went to Paris for her birthday, as mine did too. Only she did produce two girls, so she didn’t go that far!
    I love music and singing but I am under no pretence about my god awful voice. My mum had a beautiful singing voice, but my dad sounded like a dead fog horn. Guess whose genes I got?? Plus in year 7 my teacher made me and another child mime the words to the song we were singing for our assembly. That kinda killed any ideas I had about my vocal ability .
    I am still discovering me to be honest. I am more comfortable in my skin but still not sure about a lot of things. What I am sure of is that I wish I had enjoyed my youth more! But then I guess we all do to a degree. I’m just happy to be so well blessed in my life. Thanks for being one of those blessings x


    • narf77
      Jan 28, 2014 @ 03:29:48

      I was wondering when you would get back from Bali you jetsetter you! ;). Glad you had a good time and we are copping more of that hot weather this week so I can’t even blame you and Bruce for bringing it over with you. Still go that table on the deck so might be sitting there this evening having tea with our feet up and a beer. I will raise one to you and Bruce. I agree with you about our youth. They do say that youth is wasted on the young. I think that we need to be teaching our kids that they should be exploring (within safe parameters!) and enjoying just being kids rather than having to conform to societies image requirements which are getting harder and harder to comply with. I would HATE to be a kid today! Glad you had a good time in Tassie and ditto on the blessings 🙂


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