The Goodies visit Serendipity Farm

Hi All,

This post has been on the back burner for ages. I had a brainstorm about 3 months ago (I did say “ages” there!) when I remembered an episode of a kids show that I used to watch back last century, when I was…a kid. As someone who had their formative years in the early 70’s I grew up with the remnants of the swinging 60’s and the peacenik 70’s emergence. I wore flared trousers and grew my hair long and as an Aussie kid I only had 2 television channels to watch. A commercial channel that on the school holidays usually had extended cricket games that seemed to go for weeks and the ABC. Our antipodean version of the BBC and we shared most of our television programs as well. We shipped off Rolf Harris (good idea on hindsight 😉 ) and neighbours and you gave us The Goodies. Everything is forgiven U.K. for The Goodies.


I loved The Goodies. Even though the ABC must have really wanted to get their money’s worth as they aired it constantly. One series would end to be replaced with the next. A constant stream of Goodies and now part of my early childhood patchwork of memories. The Goodies was a show about 3 men who hired themselves out for work. Their claim to fame was that they did “Anything, Anytime” and they rode around on a 3 seater tandem bike. Not sure if that is even a real thing but they did so it was for the purposes of this post. At the time we all laughed and enjoyed the program but when I was reminiscing about it with Steve (who strangely didn’t watch it), I realised that The Goodies was a show WAY ahead of its time. Much like “The Good Life” the show about a couple who dropped out of living commercially and turned their suburban home into a self-sufficient block with good humour, gentle satire and the ability to completely engage an audience as only a good U.K. sitcom can do.

Despite Earl's best intentions, this aquilegia keeps coming back from the brink of damp ruin

Despite Earl’s best intentions, this aquilegia keeps coming back from the brink of damp ruin

Although poles apart, The Good Life and The Goodies both had the same message. The world in the 70’s was just starting to realise that over commercialisation was hurting the environment, our hip pocket and our chances of surviving as a species. Both programs highlighted a current of people wanting to get back to the land and live wholesome lives. Where The Good Life was hands-on, The Goodies aired issues of the time in a crazy and zany way. Painting issues with good humour is like Mary Poppins and her spoon full of sugar, it certainly makes the medicine go down in a most delightful way.

Telopea oreades a native Tasmanian waratah along the walking route that we took today in Beaconsfield

Telopea oreades a native Tasmanian waratah along the walking route that we took today in Beaconsfield

I remembered a particular episode of The Goodies where Tim, Bill and Graham went to visit Tim’s uncle’s farm to see how “real” food was produced and were shocked to discover that the farm was catering to public demand for “fast food” in hilarious forms. The episode dealt with the serious issues of genetic modification, our food being incredibly unhealthy and bad for us because of public demand for it (supply and demand) and cruelty in industrially farmed animals WAY before PETA was even thought about. As a small aside, I just checked when PETA was formed and found out it was 1980 9 years after The Goodies “Farm Fresh Food” went to air. As usual the boys were able to make these serious issues hilarious and light heartedly bumbled their way through the episode blowing up “battery hens” along with the hens that were fed directly from the mains ;).

See girls...I DO wear the shirt that you gave me ;)

See girls…I DO wear the shirt that you gave me 😉

At the end of the episode, Tim’s uncle refuses to feed the animals to the boys because, like most people buying generic “meat”, “eggs” and “milk” from the supermarket shelves, he never put 2 and 2 together when it came to animal cruelty and mass food production. I am not preaching veganism here folks, I am preaching sustainable and healthy farm production where the animals that you eat are produced in a healthy, entirely natural way without having to pump them full of hormones, antibiotics and goodness only knows what else just to get them onto the supermarket shelves A.S.A.P. at the smallest production cost to the farmer and the true culprit of all of this, my dreaded middle-man – “The Supermarkets!” Can we cue some danger music folks!

The final episode of head banging on Serendipity Farm...for now...

The final episode of head banging on Serendipity Farm…for now…

I wanted to illustrate this post with images that I sourced online. I couldn’t find any! This episode seems to have been one of the more obscure episodes and as such the diehard fans haven’t been spreading the love but the other day one of my wonderful blog mates Tanya from the exotic yet entirely sumptuously wholesome blog me a link to this very episode! I mean…what are the odds?! I would more likely win the lotto than get my hot little hands on this episode of The Goodies but here it was, right in front of me…30 minutes of memories and the entire contents of this post all wrapped up in someone on the other side of the world’s memories also.

One of three glass cases we bought for an extremely cheap price at Bunning's for "something". Still in the cupboards gathering dust. This one is going to live with Stewart and Kelsey and will become a Wardian Case (look it up folks ;) )

One of three glass cases we bought for an extremely cheap price at Bunning’s for “something”. Still in the cupboards gathering dust. This one is going to live with Stewart and Kelsey and will become a Wardian Case (look it up folks 😉 )

The U.K. in the 70’s was a hotbed of change. Maggie Thatcher and her heavyweight political thugs were setting up what was to be a bloodbath of the common man, tearing apart the unions and sending wage and industrial relations back to the dark ages, something that the U.K. is still reeling from today. The Goodies were a mix of middle of the road conservatism (Tim), scientific inventive know-how (Graham) and crazed way out sherbet sucking hippy (Bill) that melded together to expose and solve (in their own indubitably hilarious fashion) many of the problems that Britain was going through where in reality, the situation seemed dire.  If you have ever seen the punk episode where Tim wants to go to the punk ball you will know what I am talking about. Who saw THAT ending coming eh?

Still raining...sigh...

Still raining…sigh…

Aside from hilarious chronological and political story telling the music was wonderful, the dialogue was hilarious and full of double entendre that kept our parents snorting with glee where we had NO idea what was being alluded to. We last century kids got hefty doses of realism thrown in with our humour. No-one felt the need to shelter us from reality and indeed Sesame Street was a FAR different place when my children were watching it than it is today. NO sanitary wiped, germ free, everyone lives forever nonsense, they even integrated an episode where one of the main characters, Mr. Hooper (or “Looper” as Big Bird called him) actually died and decided to share it with the children watching. Everyone was genuinely sad but it was real folks. Kids NEED real, not being wrapped in cling wrap and stuck in the fridge till they mature like so much artisanal cheese.

Earl vs Steve. Earl 1, Steve nil

Earl vs Steve. Earl 1, Steve nil

I also remember an episode where chemical toxic waste was being served as tomato soup in drums and it turned everyone into clowns. Another double entendre and a very clever one at that. Dealing with the heavyweight issues of environmentalism and cutting edge humour wouldn’t have been an easy task but The Goodies were up for it and the results are still hilarious today. The Goodies were one of my favourite childhood television shows and thanks to ABC “thrift”, one of my children’s favourite television shows as well. We could do with less Telly Tubbies and a whole lot more Goodies when it comes to educating our kids about the real world and allowing them to develop a good sense of humour at the same time.

A man and his dog

A man and his dog

I think that might be all about The Goodies. I was going to ramble on for an entire post but I just fizzled out. You can all breathe a sigh of relief but do yourselves a favour and head off to Youtube where the BBC has actually released a fair few Goodies episodes for us all to enjoy. If you haven’t ever heard of The Goodies before you can settle down with a hot mug of whatever takes your fancy and a bit of cake (yes, you have permission for cake!) and have a good old fashioned last century politically incorrect chuckle at the antics of a few crazed Englishmen…go on…you KNOW you want to ;)…

It’s been wet-wet-WET on Serendipity Farm and I don’t mean that 80’s Scottish band who crooned “Love is all around” by the way, I am talking about precipitation and specifically, the kind that has been digging more of the twin canyons in our driveway out making negotiation of said driveway an “extreme sport” to say the least. I have had a bung knee thanks to an attempt at being somewhat fashionable and wearing something with a small heel to my last shopping adventure resulting in a decidedly unfashionable knee swelling event. Steve has been braving the mornings with Earl and an umbrella. He foolishly took both dogs yesterday and on the way back home in the pouring rain (sans umbrella, he only has 2 hands folks!) he let Bezial off his lead on the walk back up the driveway who promptly steamrolled him over into one of the gaping driveway canyons resulting in language that can’t be reproduced here in polite conversation.

The new bbq in situ with its Earl Free Protection Zone constructed around to minimise dampness

The new bbq in situ with its Earl Free Protection Zone constructed around to minimise dampness

We have been cooking, plotting the downfall of the possums and various weed populations and arranging and re-arranging the furniture and most importantly we have been waiting. Waiting for the rain to stop and for a chance to get out into that garden that has erupted into a crazed growth spike thanks to endless rain and elevated temperature. I have been racing out in between rain showers and raking the driveway and lawns to get fallen branches to put on our ornamental gardens to foil the chooks from scratching all of the mulch from the soil. I WILL beat the chooks…you had better believe it! One “chook” in particular is living on borrowed time. We allowed one of our white chooks who had been clucky for the better part of 6 months to hatch out a single egg. She managed to prevent the feral cats from consuming this baby until it turned into a rooster…sigh…a rooster that is now turning its randy eye onto any and everything. Poor ducky has taken to not going back into the roost as this rooster finds her particularly attractive. Tonight, it is going to become an ex-rooster and a delicious pot of chook stock. Problem SOLVED!

Steve's statement about my "help" to construct the bbq...

Steve’s statement about my “help” to construct the bbq…

I think the same white chook is sitting on about 7 eggs hidden over in the side garden where the tree fell down. She is just about due to hatch them out and unless we get to her and her chicks first and throw them into the communal enclosed outside area that now houses a wonky rooster that survived being set upon by his dad and his brother, a hen with 1 largish chick and a hen with 3 babies, the feral cats will think that they are fair game. It’s dog eat dog here on Serendipity Farm and Bezial is worried! Steve has headed into town to brave the Launceston locals and to do our fortnightly shopping. We are buying another copy of Kaspersky, our Russian hit man anti-virus software who has been protecting us to the max since we bought it from Office works. There are many other anti-virus software packages but what we can get here in Tasmania, let alone from Office Works, is severely restricted so Kaspersky, our proven saviour, is IT. We will load it onto our newly liberated Windows 7 rich laptop so that yours truly can surf Pinterest with impunity on the sofa till I fall asleep at 7.30pm and Steve can then use it to find guitar tab to play while he watches his horror movies

Dog love :)

Dog love 🙂

Some time on Friday or Saturday, my arch nemesis will return. D.S. I don’t even WANT to type the rest of it will rob all of we Eastern border dwellers of an hour of our sleep. That’s not 1 hour folks, that’s an hour a day! Call me a mathematical plebian but even I know that when you add it up that makes approximately 182 hours of robbed sleep in time. It’s bad enough for the people that have to get up an hour earlier to go get ready to go to work but think of we magpies…we hopeless RSS Feed Reader and Pinterest addicts who need to get up before the blackbirds sing to satiate our wanton desires and you can start to see why I ABHORE D.S. I only realised that it was the dreaded D.S. when I read a post from Sarah at the holistically wholesome and sustainably engaging quirky New Zealand love fest that is . Sarah alerted me because N.Z. just commenced their own D.S. Sarah, unlike me, didn’t whinge or complain even once about it. I would imagine that was because Sarah (again…unlike me) is a natural morning person. Narf7 isn’t a natural morning person. I am a natural night-time person who endures mornings to get what I want. D.S. is like inserting bamboo skewers under my twitching early morning eyelids folks and I can only thank goodness that Steve and the dogs aren’t up to see me before that first elixir of mellowness known as “tea” soaks into my grouchy internal organs and seeps outwards to lend me an air of somewhat contented bewilderment

That big jar next to my Vitamix contains "Hilda the Booch" my new Kombucha scoby

That big jar next to my Vitamix contains “Hilda the Booch” my new Kombucha scoby

Here's a closer view of Hilda. The glass isn't really grotty, it was painted once and the bits in the line are all that remain. I got the scoby from David at Wholesome House, our favourite health food shop.

Here’s a closer view of Hilda. The glass isn’t really grotty, it was painted once and the bits in the line are all that remain. I got the scoby from David at Wholesome House, our favourite health food shop.

I foolishly got Steve to set the alarm for today. I have a bolshie desire to foil myself being forced into waking up an hour earlier and giving any powers that be a degree of satisfaction in this little black ducks lack of preparedness for this annual fleecing of hours. I stumbled out of bed with one eye glued to the other wearing only a pair of Steve’s boxer shorts (I DID tell you it hasn’t stopped raining here…) and a sports bra (probably backwards…it no longer matters 😉 ) and turned on the P.C. to see that it was 2.45am. 2.45am?!!! The temptation to head over to my saucepan collection and select 2 particularly loud specimens complete with lids to walk around the house banging together but I figured that it was my own fault for not setting the alarm myself and decided to get dressed instead… Bezial had suffered enough!

It's Steve's and my 13th wedding anniversary on October 7th...we plan on celebrating redneck style. Check out the moonshine glasses that Steve found in town. We will be sipping our port in style!

It’s Steve’s and my 13th wedding anniversary on October 7th…we plan on celebrating redneck style. Check out the moonshine glasses that Steve found in town. We will be sipping our port in style!

So Wednesday finds us somewhat sunny but deep in study again. That’s the thing about living the life that we do…it’s not all beer and skittles you know. We have to pay the ferry man for our lifestyle choices and so study we must. We have to put our veggie garden on the back burner and get stuck in to our final unit of this course where we learn to put everything that we have been learning together and make a website… technically we have to make 2 websites…one each, but let’s not nit-pick, at the end of the day we get to turn out a real and proper website! This has excited Steve and I to the possibilities of making more. We might make one for Earl and Bezial… it would probably get more hits than mine. People love dogs ;).

Our attempt to prevent the wallabies from scarfing the tender new weeping maple leaves. I am pleased to say it works! So far...

Our attempt to prevent the wallabies from scarfing the tender new weeping maple leaves. I am pleased to say it works! So far…

Before I bugger off and let you all get your lives back after tumbling you around the brain of narf7 and hopefully not damaging your psyche’s too much in the process, I want to share an amazing vegan food blog with you all. Don’t roll your eyes; this one would make the most discerning gourmet twitch with delight. I found this blog through the annual Vegan M.O.F.O where crazed vegan food bloggers decide to beat themselves over the head daily and post a food post a day on a particular theme. If I was ever to be crazy enough to join them I would choose Stromboli because Steve would eat every single one of them and STILL want more at the end of the month but I digress…back to .

Have you ever seen a jasmine tea "flower"?

Have you ever seen a jasmine tea “flower”?

Neither had I till our friend Roxy gave me one

Neither had I till our friend Roxy gave me one

After pouring boiling water gently over the tea "flower" it started to open...

After pouring boiling water gently over the tea “flower” it started to open…

This vegan food blogger took a month worth of “cupcakes” and ran with it. When you think of cupcakes, you think of little sweet cakes with some form of icing (frosting to you Northerners) on top and perhaps a few sprinkles or a cherry to grace the top if you are feeling particularly adventurous on the day…well NO MORE folks! Dr Cal has deconstructed the average cupcake, found it wanting and knocked it right out of the ballpark! In his amazingly innovative way, he has undertaken a Frankenstein approach to cupcakes and every single cupcake that has rolled off the production line this MOFO has been an eye opening scintillating creation that boggles the mind. Think sweet cupcakes that take you all over the place with decidedly unusual ingredients and then forgedaboudit folks and think savoury cupcakes…savoury? Why not! Gorgeous little cupcakes that would be fantastic served at a pot luck or picnic and that would be an instant conversation starter at any “bring-a-plate” event anywhere. Dr Cal (forgive me sir, I don’t know your real name 😉 ) is as eclectic as his cupcakes and every single recipe on his blog is amazing. Do yourselves a Molly Meldrum favour and head straight over there…do NOT pass go and forget about your $200, you are going to need it to buy all of the crazy ingredients that you need to make every single batch of these heavenly delightful cupcakes and just make them and mainline them. Who needs drugs when you have cupcakes like this to free your mind from the oppression of everyday hum-drum life? Kudos Dr Cal and here’s to a lifetime of educating we jaded and oppressed vegans back into the folds of creative invention I salute you sir!

The tea "flower" almost fully opened

The tea “flower” almost fully opened

Isn't it pretty?

Isn’t it pretty?

It was like a beautiful anemone at the bottom of the pot and the tea tasted lovely as well :)

It was like a beautiful anemone at the bottom of the pot and the tea tasted lovely as well 🙂

That brings us to the end of this post. About time, it is just about to hit 3000 words but you know how it is…needs must when your muses prompt. What are you still doing here by the way…you should be marveling and “Oohing and Ahing” at Dr Cal’s gorgeous creations! See you on Wednesday when narf7 may or may not be able to fit through the door after making and eating almost all of the months MOFO cupcake creations 😉

Today's Word Cloud picture

Today’s Word Cloud picture

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  1. The Veggie Green
    Oct 02, 2013 @ 19:33:49

    Loved your post, had me smiling to myself 🙂 I remember the Goodies well, they were the highlight of the tv viewing week! Also followed DrCal’s MOFO blog, what amazing creations – someone give him a book contract!!!


    • narf77
      Oct 03, 2013 @ 04:11:20

      I know! Isn’t he amazing? I have already offered to write his press material (not sure he is going to take me up on it though 😉 )


  2. LyndaD
    Oct 02, 2013 @ 19:52:44

    Being of the same vintage, i remember these shows well. My favorite being The Good Life. We were heavily censored when young but this was deemed acceptable for all. It was all so funny back then but as you say, well ahead of its time. That flower is amazing – ive never seen one, so thanks. Its been blowing a gale here and i assume young Jess is freezing her tushie off in Balan.


    • narf77
      Oct 03, 2013 @ 04:10:30

      I think Jess is too busy to ever have a cold tush ;). Mine is cold as I haven’t been able to walk all that far lately thanks to a dicky knee sustained from years of being portly that decided to swell up and go to seed on me. The Goodies were part of an Aussie kid “of a certain age’s” life and we all remember them fondly :).


      • rabidlittlehippy
        Oct 03, 2013 @ 09:02:39

        Tushie is warm but my toes are frizzed. 😉 Tushie only warm as Im wearing a wool banket wrapped around me whilst I do anything but BE busy. Lazy morning of web conference (half listened then given up as bad idea with kids), porridge and coffee. I’m RSS reading whilst the kids watch bob the builder.

      • narf77
        Oct 03, 2013 @ 09:43:10

        They will remember Bob the builder like we remember the Goodies! 😉 You never know, there might be a future post for Allegra in it 😉

  3. Ally
    Oct 02, 2013 @ 20:16:27

    I spy a clarinet! Does Steve play? I played the clarinet in my youth.

    Well, as you know, I’m a fan of Dr. Cal too. I’m going to tackle the baklava cupcake first. How about you?

    I like your dampness barricade for the BBQ. Is it working?


    • Ally
      Oct 02, 2013 @ 20:17:58

      Oh, and I think a stromboli theme for MoFo would be awesome! 🙂


    • narf77
      Oct 03, 2013 @ 04:08:09

      The clarinet has a “woo-woo” story to go with it. My mum visited us at Christmas 2011 and drove us all mental by hijacking what was going to be a simple fuss free Christmas and going over the top. We ended up letting her do whatever she wanted to keep the peace and after she returned home she passed away 7 days later. Aside from the shock, it was a small comfort to know that she had, indeed, had the “perfect Christmas” that she wanted and it was worth us giving in to her desires for that simple reason. She didn’t have a lot of money (who does these days?) and kept insisting on buying Steve something for his approaching birthday in January and Steve said “I don’t want anything Margaret” but we knew that she would buy something that she couldn’t really afford anyway (that was how mum was) so I suggested that she gift Steve my uncle (who had died a few months before) Doug’s clarinet for his music room. We had also talked about an old tortoiseshell tatting shuttle that had belonged to my grandmother that mum said she would send if she ever found it as I had expressed a desire to learn how to tat lace. To cut a long story short, mum had apparently packed up and sent off both the tatting shuttle and the clarinet on the day that she died (according to the post marks) and never had time to tell us and we got the package while we were deep in grief 7 days later. Sometimes you just never know… I am going to systematically make every single cupcake recipe of Dr Cal. He is an amazing vegan cook. Have you seen the other recipes on his site? Insanely creative and all looking scrumptious. That’s why I followed his blog, there is more to the young fella than cupcakes 😉


  4. Jo
    Oct 02, 2013 @ 22:56:47

    My husband was telling me that The Goodies were only ever aired once on the BBC, don’t know if he was making that up, but lots of Brits have never seen it, can you imagine? I’m glad you had a lovely wander down memory lane..
    And thanks for reminding me about the change in time that must not be named..


    • narf77
      Oct 03, 2013 @ 03:57:39

      Sorry about that Jo…I am stumbling around half asleep most of my days because I am getting up at 2.50am and my brain is in a permanent fug thanks to my bolshie refusal to be compromised in ANY way by d.s. (it doesn’t even deserve capital letters! 😉 ). Hope it doesn’t make you a zombie for too long 🙂


  5. christiglover
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 05:46:06

    You live so close to the Miracle Level, Fran! A friend in Spain sent you a Goodie episode, and the VERY ONE you wanted? Last week you found the computer program manual you wanted at the tip? This is telepathy and pure magic, fyi. I love this post. I love how Goodie humor lasts and multiplies and heals, even though I’ve never seen nor heard of this show! I love talking about the 70s.

    It was the wettest September on record here, so I understand wet. And potholes. We’re giving up filling them in until after the annual grading and graveling, which Edeltraut is collecting money for even as I type.

    “…and a sports bra (probably backwards…it no longer matters )” lololololololol Thanks for the lovely visit. Love from Olalla. 🙂


    • narf77
      Oct 03, 2013 @ 06:39:12

      🙂 Good to know SOMEONE understands the “why bother at the moment it is just going to fill up/degrade/get worse till it stops raining” mentality 😉


  6. teawithhazel
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 06:49:31

    i’m too old for the goodies but my younger brother has talked about loving it..i do remember watching a few episodes of the good life though..they must have been re re re runs by the time i saw them..

    happy anniversary on the 7th..x


    • narf77
      Oct 03, 2013 @ 09:41:05

      Thankyou Jane, my grandmother loved the Goodies so I don’t think anyone is too old for them ;). Cheers for the felicitations and if we aren’t too drunk from drinking cheap port from our redneck mugs we will salute you in our own indubitable way on Monday 🙂


  7. rabidlittlehippy
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 09:16:37

    I too grew up with the Goodies but in a sort of underground movement in our house. Dad approved but dad came home after it was finished. Mum did not and we weren’t allowed to watch it. We would slowly slowly so as to make no noise, slide closed the sliding door between mum in the kitchen who watched the tv in the back room over the breakfast bar, and us in the lounge watching the other tv and then, with the volume turned down completely, turn on the forbidden Goodies, turning the volume up millimetre by millimtre to a barely audible level and we would watch it until Mum discovered us, only to repeat the performance again once she had finished her telling off. 😀 One of the few times my brother and I collaborated in perfect harmony. 😉
    I’m sure Mum knew but there are only so many times you can deal with kids doing the same crap over and over and over (as well I know now 😦 ) and she was more inclined to just give in to keep the peace (I’m too bloody stubborn for that).

    The dreaded DL… that I have feared since early teen years where first I discovered the delightful pleasure of sleeping in has, in recent years become an amazing boon. I cannot wait for DAY LIGHT SAVINGS!!! There, I said (bellowed) it! 😉 Yep, I love it. It means that when Orik climbs into bed with us around 5am at the moment it will in future be 6am which does far less damage to the psyche than 5am. It does however blow out bedtimes from 7:30-8:30 to 8:30-9:30 which means we work on getting them into bed earlier and then they wake up earlier, returning it all to 5am invasion by the cute and fluffy bed hog who kicks. Ok, it doesn’t look so shiny now 😦 I’ve followed the process through but for those glorious first few weeks I will take the win. 🙂

    Well I have great plans for today, actually I had great plans yesterday thwarted by that self same rain (here’s a thought – the rain that has fallen today might well have been drunk by a pteranodon 80 million years ago 😉 ) that washed out planting plans and our builder who will work through almost anything. Here’s hoping we get in the last 2 raised beds today, compost turned, seeds planted, bean teepees built (Jasper is aching to use the secateurs) and then if we finish that, I want to tie down the pear and apple trees to espalier, lay down paper and more for a no dig garden along the fenceline and maybe even trip up to Diggers for blackberry bushes (thornless). I haven’t a hope in hell of getting it all done!


    • narf77
      Oct 03, 2013 @ 09:45:53

      I can’t imagine a mind that wouldn’t let kids watch the Goodies?!!! Kudos on the energy and if you do go to Diggers, poke them with a stick and tell them to get a wriggle on with that yacon for me ;). Have a great day 🙂


  8. Chica Andaluza
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 23:12:13

    I’m so glad the Goodies link helped! Am resolved to watch more episdoes as soon as I get time. Packing like crazy today to head to England tomorrow – the car is full and the pups are acting like lunatics! I loved the Good Life too – that was so ahead of its time as well. Hope the knee is recovering. Our clocks don’t change until the end of the month and I’m dreading it – why can’t they just leave things as they are?! We’ll get to the point in England when we’re workign where it is night time about 4pm 😦


    • narf77
      Oct 04, 2013 @ 03:28:51

      We have the added thing of having to remember what time it is in the U.K. as Steve and his mum regularly phone each other once a fortnight to keep tabs. Steve occasionally forgets that the time has changed (doesn’t automatically tell us like our clock does here) and has been known to get his mum out of bed on a Sunday morning which is tantamount to sin! 😉 (he IS a catholic 😉 )


  9. Allotment adventures with Jean
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 11:19:16

    My young grandsons (5 and 8 years) introduced me to The Goodies when we went away to the Gold Coast recently to celebrate my 70th. They bought Goodies DVD’s with them and played them constantly. Laughing at the same jokes for four days. Got me hooked. I lived in the UK until emigrating in 1980. Can’t imagine it’s taken my little Aussie grandsons to introduce me to the BIG THREE when I was living in the UK when this program was first produced.
    Ain’t life strange.


    • narf77
      Oct 04, 2013 @ 13:06:41

      Jo said that her husband was from the U.K. and that it only aired once there. It must be like river cottage here, we Aussies know a good thing when we see it ;). (That plus the ABC wanted to get it’s moneys worth out of The Goodies so we got them looped constantly for about 20 years 😉 )


  10. gardeningkiwi
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 15:18:35

    Hi Fran. Thanks for the wee shout out – you really made me laugh! I’m not really a morning person, but everyone else in the house is so there is more of a “if you can’t beat them – join them” approach to starting the day. The good thing is ‘DS’ brings tomatoes, oh and strawberries, and sweetcorn and peas and …. oh all manner of yummy things. It’s a means to and end. Cheers Sarah : o )


    • narf77
      Oct 04, 2013 @ 18:08:42

      I am still sulking about my civil liberties being taken and shaken around…you would think I would be used to it by now but I come from Western Australia and they don’t have it over there! Why on earth do we Easterners need it eh? sigh…anyway, you are right I will keep my eyes on the tasty prize and that might go part of the way to stopping me twitching and muttering under my breath about it 😉


  11. Littlesundog
    Oct 08, 2013 @ 04:31:22

    I had never heard of “The Goodies”, but I’ll be checking out more of it. I see you gave me a bit of my “Earl” fix… rear end and all! Ya gotta love him! The “real” life shows have always been the best. It’s what I hope I can relay someday when my book about life lessons from Daisy goes big, and I can write children’s books about life lessons of nature. It isn’t always pretty… but it is real, and there is wisdom to be gleaned.


    • narf77
      Oct 08, 2013 @ 04:34:52

      I would LOVE to read your books. Let me know when you get them into print. I am sure to have tiny half Texan grandchildren in the near future and I am going to have to give them a half aussie, half american education when it comes to books so children’s books written by real people are right up there and I can’t think of anything better than Daisy to give my prospective grandchildren a taste of “the old country” 🙂


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