Bezial kissed a cow and he liked it…

Hi All,

I’m back! I learned a couple of things from my trip to my daughters. When you live inland in a cold climate it gets cold. You can put a lead on a dog but you CAN’T make it walk. Parrots like aniseed “people” sunflower seeds and rats are a whole lot cleverer than I thought. I also learned that Vista was an operating system from hades and we are getting our Vista infested laptop exorsised as soon as we can raise the funds. Aside from gorging itself on as many Windows updates as it could (and we haven’t ever used it online so you can only BEGIN to imagine the gustatory spread that it felt the need to guzzle…sigh…) it took 20 seconds to open a new blank word document, 5 minutes to load a Pinterest board and it kept crashing and telling me that Internet Explorer was using WAY too much memory when it wasn’t. Time to get reformatted and be done with it. What I am trying to tell you is that I got bugger all done in town :o(. I hardly even dipped my toes into the massive tidal flow that is my Pinterest board problem and I didn’t even open my RSS Feed Reader (if a word document takes 20 seconds I could only IMAGINE how long it would take it to load my RSS Feed Reader!). I was forced to twiddle my thumbs and knit. Not bad because in between gnashing my teeth at the laptop refusing to do anything but update itself I managed to almost knit a pair of gauntlets out of that wool that our friend Roxy had spun herself. I haven’t knitted in years and was a bit worried that I wouldn’t remember how but I had obviously done a fair bit of it before I ceased because it came back to me like riding a bike…all natural like. I was smug in my ability to knit myself a pair of gauntlets as I even remembered how to rib! I got to the end of the first gauntlet and suddenly realised that I had NO idea how to cast off!  I am most pathetically going to have to check how to do it online…sigh…


Earl sniffed out the culprit who was sitting and staying shtum on this clutch of prospective feral cat fodder earlier this week. He got a reward of some raw eggs to reinforce his egg hunting (well…to be honest…chook hunting) abilities. Now if we can just get him to do our studies…


Check out this glass of my non-dairy kefir. It’s thick like kefir even though the original soymilk (organic and homemade) I made it out of was thin and watery. It is bubbly, fizzy and tastes a lot like yoghurt. I add extra date puree to the mix so that it has something to keep snarfling in the tundra of the fridge and it seems to love it. I have been freezing it to add to smoothie futures and drink it by the glassful. No idea if it is doing me any good but I now have a great probiotic live substitute for dairy yoghurt that doesn’t involve me having to choke down that insipid sweet mush that they sell as “yoghurt” in Australian shops. “Score!” 🙂

I am letting the P.C. download my massive RSS Feed Reader quotient for the weekend. All I can do is hope that all of you are outside making daisy chains and having gorgeous picnics in some green lush wooded areas to bother with such trivialities as posting blog posts and that most of the Northern hemisphere is joining you. Note that I am studiously avoiding checking the feed by pretending that I absolutely positively HAVE to make a start on this blog post for Wednesday ;). I had a lot of time to just “think” while I was house-sitting over the weekend. I didn’t bother using the remotes even though the girls gave me lessons before they headed out. I just didn’t feel like watching anything and as I go to bed so early there wasn’t much point. I took some music in with me on a memory stick and after downloading it to my daughters desktop P.C. (they don’t use it online) I looped it and played it in the background all day. I wrestled with the laptop and spent a lot of time thinking and patting and playing with the dog. It’s amazing how your mind will fill in the blanks if you allow it to :o). My rapidly (galloping) approaching 50th birthday has its sights on my thoughts and even though I might have wanted to completely forgedaboudit and deal with it in good stead, other people think it’s an important enough milestone to celebrate so celebrate narf7 will do!


Beggars can’t be choosers when they get to 6pm on the day of their post and realise that they forgot to take lots of pictures for their dear constant readers… these are raw potatoes. They turned into some delicious cooked potatoes but Steve ate them before I was able to take a photo


Here are some raw sausage rolls. You remember those potatoes? Same result…snarfled before I could snap.

While I was away one of our friends who live locally decided to test out his tractor and head up to Serendipity Farm and pull down that pesky tree that has been dangling in another tree precariously. So long as we don’t walk underneath it, it doesn’t appear to hold any sort of danger to us but if we manage to get it down we can cut it up for firewood. Guy turned up with his tractor and after Steve hooked a strong rope around the trunk of the semi-fallen tree Guy set forth in his tractor to pull the tree down…except…the tree had other ideas about that. The tractor lurched forwards and shot a spark plug straight into the air causing both Steve and Guy to hit the deck and the tractor to stop working. After spending the rest of the afternoon “tinkering” (as men do when they really don’t know what they are looking at but feel the need to at least look like they do) they had to admit defeat. We now have a large tractor as garden art up next to our defoliated liquidambar tree. Earl has claimed it by urinating on it at least twice and Bezial has detected possum activity in the immediate vicinity. Hopefully it gets sorted out soon and doesn’t become a permanent fixture on Serendipity Farm but at least it is in an unobtrusive place for now. We are assured that when the sparkplug gets mended it will go like gangbusters but for now it is showing its age and having a nap under a blanket.


I probably should have warned the more sensitive of you (you are still reading this blog?) that I was going to show you a photo of one of the fork/hooks that Steve added to this sliver of Tasmanian Blackwood. Please be reassured that Steve hasn’t felt the need to revisit his punk past and he would like it to be known by all and sundry that this is NOT a rude fork…it is a “Peace fork”.

As a person who doesn’t naturally gravitate towards food early in the morning I have been struggling with “breakfast” as a concept. I know that it is important to eat breakfast. I know that it starts your metabolism and your day off right. I know that BUT that doesn’t make it any easier for me to eat it. I started off with the grainy porridge types of cereals but they made me feel lethargic and heavy for most of the day till they wore off. I dare say they were sustaining me but I would rather be springy and active than in need of a nap at 10am. My daughters gave me a really good idea when they shared some “Juk” with me when I stayed with them recently. Juk is the Korean version of Congee, a thin gruel made from rice. Ostensibly it’s eaten for breakfast and by the elderly and the sick and tends to be seen as comfort food. I see it as the perfect thing to eat for breakfast, especially the pumpkin variety. I have my eyes on a variety that involves black sesame seed but for now am happy with the pumpkin kind. I throw in black beans to fortify the mix and although it might be somewhat unconventional, it’s filling, tasty and it hits the spot and allows me to keep going through my day without feeling like I am weighed down. Now I just need to work out how to throw lunch into the mix and I am set!


Yeah…I know…”YUM!” ;). Seriously though, this is delicious. I forgot to put the rice in and just ended up with pumpkin and beans cooked with date syrup and water and it was absolutely delicious.


This is a 2 litre wine bottle. It smacks of the desperation I find myself in that I should stoop to using this image in my post. I am going to try to segue it by saying that Steve used this in his recent animation but he shelved that animation because it was too hard…(maybe I should have used the coffee cup that he eventually used?)…just know that we did, indeed, drink this entire bottle of wine and it wasn’t bad!

I may or may not be still addicted to Pinterest (spoken like a true addict). You know how people who are addicted to porn magazines tell you that they are reading them for the articles? Well I am learning a whole lot from pins that I have pinned to my boards. Just this morning I found this most interesting blog post about how to make your own recycled newspaper yarn. I love the idea of taking something that you either throw into the recycle bin or use to line a garden bed (or start the fire) and make something you can actually crochet or knit or weave with. The end results are quite beautiful…just call them a study in greyscale. Check out the tutorial here…

I don’t think I will be making an all-weather hat any day soon but there are some very interesting practical indoor uses for something made from recycled newspaper yarn, think baskets and bags. I found a tutorial on how to cast off! I can now finish off my first gauntlet and get going on the second one. I also managed to untangle an almighty mess of wool that my youngest daughter had stuffed into a supermarket bag and stashed in her wardrobe. She had no use for it and I asked her if I could have it. It’s that fluffy/fuzzy stuff that is a bugger to knit but I am going to practice making granny squares out of it. You can never have enough bags, shoes or granny squares girls! I really enjoyed picking up a pair of knitting needles again after a long hiatus.


This is the wool that I inherited from my daughter…supposed to be round the other way I know…the daughter should inherit from the mum BUT she didn’t want it any more and I did so lets just call it a role reversal of fortune. I had to untangle the entire mess. You can see I managed to get 1 ball untangled before taking this image

Aside from being assured by my daughters that I was just showing my age, I am getting a great deal of satisfaction out of making something functional. I have some dark sage green wool (khaki?) that I am going to make Steve a pair of long gauntlets out of to walk the dog with. It’s cold in the mornings and that’s the best time to walk the dogs. We rug up well but fingerless gloves don’t come down far enough to keep the breeze off your wrists. I got the great idea from those lovely mitts that Sarah from thinkingcowgirl sent to me a while ago. I have been tumbling them around in my mind to see if I couldn’t customise them to make them slightly more robust. I didn’t want to wear the mitts that Sarah sent me outdoors as “dirt” lives outdoors. It lurks…it waits and it usually adheres itself to Earl whenever he races out the dog door. It is insidious stuff, dirt… no matter how much I sweep or wipe things over it comes back to do the dusty equivalent of a Mexican Wave to me every time I reveal my Italian soul and start waving my arms around all over the place. What’s a girl to do when she is surrounded by male counterparts who could care less about dirt and its nefarious ways? I have to get canny and surreptitiously pretend not to be sweeping but when you have 2 dogs that lie right in front of the broom (they have obviously made some kind of deal with the dust) it’s difficult to say the least.


Here I was most pathetically trying to gain your sympathy with the size of the pile of wool that I needed to untangle and how matted it was…did I succeed? I didn’t think so…

Steve has been dabbling in time-lapse photography and had some fun the other day taking some long exposure images of stars. We recently became aware (thanks to one of our fellow students in our course that we have been chatting online with) that Tassie is being bathed in the gorgeousness of the Aurora Australis most nights. We live on the wrong side of the hill to see it but I am sure I saw it out of the corner of my eye when I was waiting to pick up my daughters on Sunday night. The sky was too red for a winter’s day and after checking a Facebook page that we were directed to that hosts lots of photos of the spectacular I realised that my right eye might just have seen something that the rest of me hasn’t. Steve also did a bit of light painting with his torch down in the graveyard. I can only hope that Frank and Adrian weren’t standing on their deck at the time to see him waving his torch all over the place in the graveyard and aiming at headstones. Grave robbing isn’t viewed with the same understanding these days as it once was! 😉


Yeah…a few balls done here and only a small pile of temper tantrum wool that was too knotted to be allowed to fraternise with the rest. This wool might be a pain to knit but good luck spotting the joins…swings and roundabouts folks! 😉

When we were walking this morning we walked past a heard of young steer (male cows castrated and raised for beef) that immediately took an interest in Bezial. It might have been because he was small and black like they are, it might have been because he was on a lead but it’s more likely because every few metres he was stopping to eat grass. Both of our dogs love to eat grass and if we were to allow them cart blanch in the mornings we would be out for hours while they munched their way through most of the road verge in Sidmouth. We aren’t that patient and Steve was in the process of dragging Bezial away from a particularly green and lush patch of grass when they were both approached by a most determined young steer on the other side of the fence. He put his head down and stared at Bezial who completely ignored him. Earl jumped up in the air, did a mid-air pirouette and had to be taken to the other side of the road in disgrace (the story of Earls life) but the steer kept staring at Bezial and so Steve decided to allow Bezial to meet the steer. I just need to point out here that where Earl is completely untrustworthy when it comes to any form of animal aside from human beings, Bezial is the most trustworthy hound on earth. He accompanies me to the hen house in the mornings and watches excitedly as I feed them. He follows Pingu and sniffs her nether regions with glee because she is “his”. They bonded when she lived in Steve’s music room as a small chick who had only just escaped death and she is the only chook who isn’t afraid of him. He walks through the throng of feral cats and completely ignores them. The only time he chases a chook is when I urge him to run over and stop one of the feral roosters having his wicked way with one of Yins girls and Bezial obliges by pelting over and scaring it off while the hen ruffles her feathers indignantly.


My natural desire to organise things has been outed :(. After untangling the balls from each other I lined them up before untangling the balls from themselves. Talk about double handling! 😉

Bezial can be trusted…Earl can’t. To anyone who has watched the U.K. television program “Black Books” it is the same situation as when Bernard and Manny were left in control of Bernard’s friends wine cellar and drank the very expensive bottle of wine that he was going to give to the Pope. You don’t make the mistake of forgetting which dog you allow out the gate without a collar and lead on… you only make that mistake once. The steer seemed to really want to get close to check Bezial out and by this time, Bezial was interested in the big black fuzzy thing directly in front of him. They both had a really good sniff of each other and then the steer licked Bezial’s muzzle and Bezial licked the steer back. I wish we had a camera because it was a really excellent photo…”American Staffordshire Terrier kisses cow” He might never live it down. He has been telling Earl that he was just tenderising it but Earl doesn’t believe him for a moment! We all know that Bezial is a cow lover now 😉


Woo-hoo! I did it!!! 🙂 Now I have some fluffy/fuzzy wool to use for “something” in the future. By the way Bethany “no you CAN’T have it back now!” 😉

I have a nice mug of mint and ginger tea sitting in front of me. I have a huge pot of homemade Soup Dragon (Steve) made soup on Brunhilda bubbling away and tonight it contains lots of barley. I have the beginnings of a cold slithering around in my bones and 2 enormous bags of oranges that are my way of hedging my bets. Steve and I have been beavering away at our studies and have managed to create 2 passable animations that hopefully have our lecturer patting us on the head and saying “good students” and tomorrow we animate windmills…well…we “attempt” to animate windmills. If you live anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere you are most probably going to be able to hear us yelling tomorrow. Just ignore us; we stop after a while, like the roosters ;). Have a great rest of your week folks. Here in Tassie it’s finally raining! Now that it is, it’s grey and wet and muddy and I suddenly remember why people get S.A.D. in winter. Enjoy your sunshine you Northerners and cheers for finally sending the rain our way :o)

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  1. brymnsons
    Jul 03, 2013 @ 23:03:25

    How wonderful to see Bezial lick the cow, it is a shame you didn’t have a camera but I think Bezial is probably relieved lol. How frustrating your laptop is. you have more patience than me, it would have been thrown across the room I think 🙂


    • narf77
      Jul 04, 2013 @ 03:01:45

      It was lucky I felt like “thinking” on the weekend or the laptop would have been place strategically in the middle of the road in front of the moron in the white car who spent most of the night doing burnouts and donuts around the corner…sigh…


  2. Littlesundog
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 00:54:21

    I have to admit, when FD brought this computer home (he purchased his work computer from his employer when he got his new one) I was not pleased to see the Vista operating system. Having heard so many complaints about Vista, I had concerns. However, I run Google Chrome and have never had a problem at all. With Windows Explorer and Mozilla Firefox I had all sorts of trouble, especially with editing on WordPress. So, now I can say, Vista (at least for me) has not been the horror I expected it to be.

    I’m sending sunshine your way! We have plenty of that here… scorching hot at that! LOL I’d even trade you for a little rain.


    • narf77
      Jul 04, 2013 @ 03:05:10

      Sorry, not ready to part with the rain quite yet…we haven’t had much of it and we really do need it to soak the earth and remind Tasmania that it is supposed to be a green state ;). Vista is terrible on my laptop. We are going to get it completely changed ASAP. Our techy guy said (and I quote) “Vista should NEVER have been used with laptops. It has too much going on in the background and it slows laptops down”. You are the only person I have ever heard say that they are happy with Vista! There is always one exception to the rule and that would be you :).


  3. christiok
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 01:11:47

    Oh no, Fran, I hope you aren’t coming down with the dreaded lurgy! Remember when the B.O. had it in February and you just knew it was making it’s way to Tassie for its continuing winter amusement?? Cast it off!

    And Bezial is the Best Dog, no doubt about it. A tolerant sweet lover. But your description of Earl’s disgraceful cow manners make me lol. He IS amusing. Our animals ALL love grass. We should try it, eh? Stay warm and well, my friend. And enjoy that rain!! Kisses from Olalla.


    • narf77
      Jul 04, 2013 @ 03:08:03

      I am loving the rain :). Luckily Steve and I have lots of studies to do so being holed up doesn’t make us go stir crazy. It does, however, have an effect on Earl if he can’t get his walk in. Earl needs to walk. He also needs quiet time. He spends about 30 minutes a day in his quiet place thinking. I swear he is planning world domination but he needs to take himself away each day and crawls under our bed and hides there for a while. It is getting quite hard for him to get under our bed now and he has to swivel sideways to fit but it is an important part of his day now so he keeps his appointment with the dust bunnies under the bed. Bezial can’t fit under the bed. Maybe that’s why Earl goes there? 😉


  4. Angela @ Canned Time
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 09:01:42

    Hey we missed you!
    Glad you had time away though so you’ll appreciate home 😉
    Hey, Annie and I and 2 other bloggers have a group giveaway starting at midnight tonight and guess what? It’s open to the Whole Wide World!! Yea, you won’t be left out of the festivities and fun!!
    I think you’re asleep right now but knowing you, you’ll be up soon, so check out the gig when you get through all your other morning posts……..thanks Fran 😉


  5. rabidlittlehippy
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 11:44:00

    Obsessive Compulsive much? I can say it though cos I would have sorted the yarn exactly the same way, although possibly balling each colour up as I freed it. 😉 Never try to rib with ostrich or feather yarn either. It didn’t hold in the slightest but it makes divine cowls and scarves or added in to double up with normal yarn it makes lovely soft and fluffy collars. And you’re right, no sign of joins etc but never EVER drop a stitch with that mother cos you will never find it again until it’s too late. I have balls and balls of the evil stuff in my stash. 🙂
    Your weekend away sounded like bliss until you mentioned being laptopless (that’s not as dodgy as it sounds 😉 and in burnout-ville. What’s a girl to do? I totally agree though, knit knit knit! 😀 I hope the time has been refreshing and that your boys all welcomed you home warmly. 🙂 The best bit of being away sometimes is coming back home to the creature comforts we have for ourselves and those that love us. 🙂
    That birthday is galloping up hey, but not your 60th at least *blushes again* 😉
    Send some rain our way too, or at least tell the clouds to dump on Ballan before crossing Bass Strait, regrouping on their way over before dumping on Sidmouth. Rain has been forecast but as of today all we’ve got is bloody wind. NOT what the garden doctor ordered. It blew our 2 day old ducklings all over the place.
    Love the cow kissing too. Animals sure are the funniest of things. Aside from kids that is. 🙂


    • narf77
      Jul 04, 2013 @ 21:48:39

      I haven’t managed to get beyond the letter “L” in my cram packed RSS Feed Reader and I am sure that there are back posts from Ms “little-Hippy” and other blogs I avidly follow. I might have to start at “Z” tomorrow and work back…only fair! ;). It’s been raining for a couple of days here and it’s lovely. 50 is galloping towards me and I don’t really mind. I don’t expect to wake up grey and gnarled overnight. If I do, I will take it in my stride. Lets just hope that Earl recognises me on August 6th or I might be in trouble! ;). Our chooks are all doing their level best to hide eggs everywhere and with 3 roosters on the prowl there are no shortages of opportunities for fertile eggs. I am just waiting for proud mothers to emerge with 20 babies that will be picked off at 100 paces by hungry feral cats… a lesson that those dizzy hens might learn, especially if it is reinforced a couple of times. Sad that the poor little babies won’t stand a chance but if they WILL lay in the blackberry thickets, they are asking for it :(. Ducky thinks that she is a hen now. She thinks she is Yin’s top chick. He thinks otherwise but is kind enough to allow her to run quacking along next to him without delivering a peck on her head for her efforts. I think he just ignores her and hopes that she will go away. Steve and I are going to be flat out for the next month tidying up for the onslaught of friends and relatives that are going to be arriving at the beginning of August. I am going to be exhausted by the end of August and will most probably be feeling every year of 50! ;).


      • rabidlittlehippy
        Jul 04, 2013 @ 21:56:20

        If you start at Z tomorrow it will take you even longer to catch up on my posts! 😉
        You’re toughr than me when it comes to the babies. I was out there dodging goat, roosters, drakes and a majorly pissed off mumma duck to grab her teeny tiny babies and get them to safety. I must hav elooked a sight with my bum up in the air, bright red snow jacket, rain, big clumping boots and hair all everywhere in the gale. lol And yes, we finally have rain! 🙂
        The newspaper yarn looks amazing too. I also checked the link out but not sure I’d “waste” my time on it no matter how robust they tout the stuff to be. I’ll stick to bought yarns for now and fantasize about the spinning wheel I will buy one day with my spare money (snort) to then spend my hours of free time learning how to use (snort again, even louder).
        And at the risk of sounding like I’m applying pressure (which I’m not, I promise) … Check your emails! 😉

      • narf77
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 02:34:37

        I have over 470 blogs I follow and most of them are at the start of the alphabet so starting at “Z” is a clever idea for “R”abidlittlehippy ;). I had a spinning wheel that was just laying around. I ended up giving it away to someone in our hort class. I doubt I would ever use it to be honest. Have you tried a drop spindle? I have been on at Steve to make some. Easy Peasy, lovely things, don’t take up room AND he could make some for free :). Kudos on the baby ducks AND the rain. We were on this P.C. from 7.30am till 9pm yesterday working on animations. Steve animated his windmill blades and the sun and I animated my windmill blades and a yacht. It took us half a day to work out how to make the darned things rotate! We went to bed happy but very tired :). The funny thing is that here it is at 2.15am and I am up again! Must be addicted 😉

      • rabidlittlehippy
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 08:11:54

        Addicted? Ya think? 😛 lol
        I look forward to seeing your animations. The drop spindle sounds like how I first (and only ever) spun. We were taught with 2 sticks on a camp I went on in 1990 out in the bush. It was an awesome camp and I learned heaps of bushcraft, none of which I ever forgot (made a big impression). I will look more into a drop spindle. I would love to learn to spin and then knit a jumper from my spun wool. If I was to be able to fit it in and still have spare time *snort* then I would look to a yarn animal – maybe a companion goat for Anna but with wool. No big hurry yet though I can tell you. 🙂 I’d then have to learn to shear! lol

      • narf77
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 10:36:59

        Or you could get the same kind of goats as Christi. Not sure what they are but they shed and you just harvest the wool as they do. You have to brush them apparently. Here are a few tutorials for how to make drop spindles. It’s the old way of spinning wool that anyone can do…

      • rabidlittlehippy
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 12:13:02

        Sounds like the goat equivalent of a dorper sheep. 🙂 I’ll have a squizz a bit later when I get the chance. Thanks!

      • narf77
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 13:39:25

        Apparently they are pygoras (whatever they are) and they shed their coat. You don’t shear them, you just brush it off them. Sounds like my idea of an easy job! Christi just had most of her meat hens killed by weasels :(.

    • Linne
      Jul 06, 2013 @ 13:22:24

      What’s with the “not your 60th” bit, eh?? Is that a dig at the more (what’s that word I want? I forget . . . oh, well . . .) whatever members of the hippie clan?? We just get NO respect anymore . . . good thing I won’t remember, eh? . . . . . . . ~ Linne


      • narf77
        Jul 06, 2013 @ 13:45:02

        The 60 bit was because Jess slipped up and said that I was 60 rather than 50 and she got embarrassed ;). I have a cold so I actually feel more like 70 at the moment. Best get stuck into those oranges and lots of garlic…(and some honey and chilli…and ginger!)

      • rabidlittlehippy
        Jul 06, 2013 @ 15:32:26

        No it’s a dig at myself for putting my foot n my mouth all the way to the neck by mistakenly thinking our dear friend Narf was 60 instead of 50. I’m still cringing at my faux pas months later.

      • narf77
        Jul 06, 2013 @ 16:51:32

        Lol…now you have to cringe MORE because Linnie is incensed aren’t you Linnie! 😉 (Hopefully I spelt that correctly or she is up in scented smoke! 😉 )

      • rabidlittlehippy
        Jul 07, 2013 @ 19:00:40

        I had to check your spelling. I WAS hoping for a mistake (I have to admit 😉 ) but the scented smoke is just as incensing as being angry – same spelling. 😛

  6. Allotment adventures with Jean
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 20:31:37

    So enjoyed reading your blog Fran. I don’t know what to comment on first, but I love your balls of yarn, so pretty.
    I checked out the making yarn out of newspaper link. Is that for people who “don’t get out enough” do you think? (As someone who spends a lot of time looking at raindrops on lettuce leaves and marvelling – perhaps I shouldn’t make comments like that.)


    • narf77
      Jul 04, 2013 @ 21:36:08

      I am thinking about starting a ball of newspaper “wool” and making the biggest ball of newspaper wool in the world. I figure I am going to get into the Guinness World Book of Records somehow! May as well be for something free 😉


  7. Chica Andaluza
    Jul 05, 2013 @ 00:06:23

    I love the random photos and am impressed that you can buy 2 litre bottles of wine! Lucky you with the wool – looking forward to seeing your creations. You could make doggy coats, I am sure Earl and Bezial would be delighted 😉


    • narf77
      Jul 05, 2013 @ 02:38:48

      I have already thought of making Earl a coat with that particularly fetching pastel pink and white ball. The thing is…Earl is predominately white and has never managed to stay that way all day since we got him! I just know he would find a blackberry thicket to roll in or he would command poor Bezial to nibble the coat off him. We haven’t seen another one of those 2 litres of wine. If I am being honest (and I still can be 😉 ) it cost us $10. So that’s $5 a litre which is incredibly cheap because most bottles are 750ml. Steve enjoyed it at the time but he isn’t enjoying red wine when he drinks it at the moment. Same with beer. We are thinking his body might be rejecting it but his body obviously has a soft spot for his Irish heritage because it seems fine with Guinness 😉


      • Chica Andaluza
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 04:08:30

        Eek – alcohol allergy?! You never know though. I get terrible migraines with red wine but luckily white and rose are good! Poor Earl, white like Luna, but only for a few beif moments each day 🙂

      • narf77
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 04:24:49

        He makes sure that he doesn’t stay white…something about “camouflage” and “hunting” and being masculine. He also sheds his hair like shark shed their teeth. No idea why he was born with hair because he seems to want to reject it mere seconds after it has peeked out of his skin! I sweep at least 3 times a day (wooden floors) and there is always a small furry animals worth of Earl hair at the end of my sweep. I am thinking of keeping it and knitting a new Earl for if the old one ever manages to hurdle the gate and spend his last few vainglorious moments reducing the countryside to carnage before going out in a blaze of glory…

      • Chica Andaluza
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 06:45:40

        I think Luna must be an Earl “Mini Me” – it’s the same here!

      • narf77
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 07:11:43

        We can only quake in fear at the thought of the two of them ganging up on the unsuspecting outside world. I dare say Luna has a bit of freedom. We can’t afford that to Earl. He has to walk on a lead at all times and we can only let him off in off lead parks. He would kill every feral cat on the property and would take all of our chooks with him before jumping the fence and killing every cow, sheep, etc. that he could…sigh… some dogs are born to hunt! Come the revolution he should start paying for himself! 😉

      • Chica Andaluza
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 17:08:32

        Yes, Luna was mightily shocked when we were in Bexhill and she has to have a lead on in many places. If there were a revolution it would be “off with her head” as she behaves like aristocracy most of the time, lounging around and looking fown her little snout at us mere mortals 🙂

      • narf77
        Jul 05, 2013 @ 17:24:25

        In that form she resembles Bezial who lounges around most days doing sweet bugger all aside from raising the odd eyebrow in my direction to see if it’s dinner time yet. Earl is currently outside in the rain barking at feral cats…Bezial is laying prostrate in front of Brunhilda who is pumping out the heat… you tell ME who has the brains around here! 😉

  8. Jin Ai
    Jul 05, 2013 @ 05:36:34

    I’m just starting out on my journey on fermentation. But can’t get kefir grains till August. So sad. We just got a dog. I’m sure she’ll love to meet Earl!


    • narf77
      Jul 05, 2013 @ 06:01:15

      I have dehydrated kefir grains that you are welcome to have some of now if you like. Where are you (in the world)? I managed to send some to New Zealand from Tassie (here) with no problems. They are easy to rehydrate and as I only just dehydrated them there shouldn’t be any problems with rehydration. Let me know if you want some 🙂


  9. Linne
    Jul 06, 2013 @ 13:26:57

    As always, great photos, great post! and lots of LOL!! I’ve been crazy busy and have read, but not commented on your earlier posts. Hoping to catch up next week. But we all know how that can go . . . Any chance of a recipe for the pumpkin-black bean breakfast? I have both on hand (tinned, so no cooking), as well as brown rice and a few of my lovely dates. Anyway, no rush; I know the Feed Reader runs all our lives these days; I’ve ignored mine for nearly a week now; just can’t keep up along with everything else. ~ Linne


    • narf77
      Jul 06, 2013 @ 13:50:19

      Hi Linnie, I just cut up (we do it old school style here, I don’t even know that we can buy canned pumpkin in our supermarkets!) my pumpkin and simmered it with some date syrup (made from adding the last of the date soaking liquid to the remains at the bottom of my vitamix blender when I have made date paste), a bit of ground ginger and let it simmer till cooked and soft. I pureed it (it mashed with a wooden spoon) and then added the black beans in. I like quite a few but the Koreans wouldn’t use all that many. Here are a few online recipes for the “real deal”. I don’t use ground rice, the Korean’s do…it’s their recipe so obviously I have bent it to suit me 😉

      I love congee and this gives me that comforting mush for breakfast. I am going to try making some black sesame juk next week. I have some chestnuts in the fridge (fresh) and might cook and puree them to see if they will give me something tasty as well. I love experimenting 🙂


  10. athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for.
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 03:45:12

    Being a weaver I’ve certainly been in some tangled messes myself. Happy 50th! I remember my 50th. Chris really made it special for me. In a few weeks I’ll be 60. We’ll be spending it with our grandson, daughter and son-in-law which is also very special….hopefully we will also take in a small beach trip. I hope you are doing something great for your birthday!


    • narf77
      Jul 16, 2013 @ 03:48:34

      If I remember correctly, you and I have very similar birthdates. Mine is in early August 🙂 Ditto on having a great birthday and you will have a ball with your grandson :).


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