When “The Booze Bus” comes to town…

Hi All,

We might like to imbibe a little of the amber fluid on the odd occasion on Serendipity Farm but don’t panic dear constant readers, we didn’t drink and drive and live to suffer the consequences…Steve just had a brilliant idea for a business. We are in NO position to take this idea anywhere and even if we had the money to facilitate its start-up, we have much better things to spend our money futures on than the rabid New Year’s delusions of a man fond of a tipple who is currently on the wagon…we were walking the boys this morning and I could see a light bulb of an idea switch on while we were talking…”I have a GREAT idea for a business” said Steve. “You know icecream trucks?”…Yes…yes indeed I know icecream trucks, or the legend of “icecream trucks” anyway as everywhere that I have ever lived has managed to maintain a severe dearth of the perambulatory frozen sweetened dairy variety of truck. “What if someone delivered alcohol to people…what if they were on the road from 6pm till 12 and were open for delivering booze to people out in the country who either couldn’t be bothered to head into town or who were unable to do so for whatever reason…”…yes…yes I can see where you are going Stevey boy…a constant stream of supermarket trucks up and down the Batman Highway delivering to our immediate vicinity has lent this idea a bit of strength…”It could be called “The Booze Bus” and the driver could wear a suit and a pork pie hat and dark sunglasses and could be called a “Booze Brother”…”…o…..k….. “And the bus could actually trawl for business like an icecream truck only instead of Greensleeves…it could play Tubthumping!”… I have to give it to him. The man can certainly navigate himself around an idea! No funds Steve…no endless tap on the keg of life is going to deliver you that dream any day soon but to anyone out there entrepreneurial enough to take this idea on board and take advantage of the fact that whenever there is an economic downturn and funds are low there is a distinct spike in the sales of alcohol and people go back to the movies…the masses have to have SOMETHING to entertain them…feel free to take Steve’s dream BUT there is one clause…when you are millionaires from the profits of another man’s dream…could you just send one of those booze buses down Auld Kirk Road with “Tubthumping” blaring as loud as it can and stop right out the front of the Auld Kirk Church, drop off a freebie carton (you owe him that much…) and make a broken man’s day? 😉


The Booze Brother himself with his entourage…


Looks like one of the entourage has left the building! Thems the perks of being a “good dog” when you go out…


“Me Alone”…what happens when a dog thinks that he is cleverer than he is…this one thought that because I was making a cake, we were going to leave them on their own the day after (our usual polytechnic routine)…this one refused his tea…this one’s stomach was grumbling and THIS one won’t look at the camera…

Somer of Vedgedout blogging fame http://vedgedout.com/ has given me permission to blog about my experiences on her green smoothie challenge. She recently made a free PDF of this plan available for anyone who wants to start the New Year off with clean gizzards who doesn’t want to resort to falling prey to salmonella or a wandering gastro bug to give them the same results. I decided to try it because after taking a look at the plan, it certainly gave you a lot of choice and aside from the obvious health benefits, you might just lose a bit of weight in the process. I still have a few kilos to lose before I am completely happy to call my weight acceptable but I like to lose weight slowly now because years of yo-yo dieting has taught me that if you get something quickly and with very little effort or determination to change it very rarely lasts.  Admittedly it took me about 30 years to learn that but better late than never is my motto! I am really enjoying the processes of this plan. I like working through the choices and I am even enjoying my pond water with frog spawn. You don’t have to choose “pond water with frog slime”…I am just partial to it now. I add chia seed that has an interesting tendency to swell up and become decidedly frog spawny and I put tonnes of home grown fresh spinach into my smoothies so they end up verdant green and reminiscent of algal bloom on a duck pond. The best thing about this plan is that it gives you the ability to customise it to your own wants and needs. It is completely meat free and grain free (aside from a bit of quinoa in one of the soup recipes) but I figure that anyone could handle a week of this. I very rarely manage to eat/drink everything that I am supposed to eat in a day because there is so very much of it! It just goes to prove that you can eat a low calorie diet without feeling empty…you just need to be clever about what you are eating. If you like to eat a LOT (like I do…) then increase the veggies in your diet…eat HEAPS of them, especially the green ones because they tend to be low calorie and very filling. I no longer diet and if I wasn’t expected to weigh myself to share with the rest of the group of people worldwide that are undertaking this challenge I wouldn’t bother. I go by how I feel and I am feelin’ fine my dear constant readers…I am waxing lyrical, I am not grouchy in the mornings and I have lots of energy so I am calling this plan a success. You could technically eat this kind of food for the rest of your life. It is full of vitamins and minerals and it is positively brimming with vitality but I love my grains and starches and want to integrate them back, albeit in smaller portions, to my regular diet so I will be revisiting this green smoothie challenge on a regular basis to keep my intestines happy. I might do this once a month it is that easy to follow and I am someone who quintessentially bucks following “programs” of any kind. I heartily endorse this free program and anyone wanting to feel a bit healthier or lose a bit of weight feel free to head on over to Somers and download the plan. She is a most gracious host :o)


Prime crunchy sweet organic home grown cucumbers 🙂


A barrow load of chicken coop hay about to be used to mulch the capsicum garden


What happens to rocket when you show it a good time…note the capsicum in the foreground (a bit of a “Where’s Wally?” moment 😉 )


The pile of rocket extracted and mulching complete!


A newly refurbished capsicum and chilli garden bed well covered in spent hay to keep the moisture in the ground where it belongs to cut down on watering in the month and a half of summer that we still have in front of us


Possum invaders!…sigh…back to the drawing board!


Bread clips from too many loaves of supermarket cheap bread 😦

I just tossed another bread tie into a small bowl that I keep them in. I once saw a blog post on how to turn them into things…to repurpose them but all I have is a bowl full of them. It stands as a constant reminder that I should be baking bread…baking bread is actually very easy and incredibly therapeutic. It doesn’t even take all that much time aside from the proofing so my only excuse is that I am too lazy to bake it and these little tags remind me of how I am a slave to the bread “man”. This recipe doesn’t even require the obligatory kneading! I have NO excuses… http://gggiraffe.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/no-knead-honey-and-oat-bread-ii.html I try to give myself excuses “It’s only for the chooks…Steve doesn’t eat much of it…it’s cheaper than making your own…” but it all ends up at the same place sustainable “FAIL!” I don’t like failing…I fear I have a type A personality and failure is tantamount to …well…failing! I know how to make bread. I make GOOD bread…I will feel a sense of accomplishment when I make bread BUT there is something stubborn and primal inside me…call it my middle aged child that bucks my desired ordered system and wants to read a book or go online or phone a friend…it’s a sad sorry state of affairs when you are having a parent teenager battle with yourself! “Get off your derrière and bake some bread and while you are at it, you could wipe those crumbs off that breadboard, put that washing on and you could wipe down that counter”…”You NEVER let me have any fun! It’s NOT FAIR! I HATE YOU”… a body could end up needing therapy if they allowed their teenaged selves to win!


Isn’t this Stapelia hirsuita gorgeous? At this stage it looks like a beautiful purple hairy star…


It then turns its petals up and forms an orb of foetid stinkiness to attract the blowflies and other carrion scavenging insects that it needs to pollinate its beautiful but nose-holdingly stinky flowers…we don’t care, its too beautiful not to love 🙂


Myrtus communis (Common Myrtle) a wonderfule xeriscape plant that has edible fruit that are used to make a type of liqueur in the Med. I just love these flowers and might propagate some more of this lovely shrub for some of the dryer areas on Serendipity Farm

I was just considering retitling this post “Never mind the bollocks…this means WAR!”… We are fighting an ongoing battle with possums that sees them gaining ground in the night and us having to rethink our fortress and add all sorts of protective devices to the best of our abilities to stop the little buggers! Yesterday I removed an enormous crop of rocket that had gone to seed and was bitter and inedible. Obviously the possums thought so too because they had left it well alone, even though I now realise that they had been into the veggie garden questing for food! I thought that Steve had left the veggie garden open yesterday because the netting was loose. Steve had been checking out the size of his capsicums nestled amongst the tangle of rocket and I thought that he had just done his usual half-assed job of closing up the veggie garden when he emerged but today I realise that the rocket actually did a sterling job to protect the veggie garden against the possums that had tentatively pushed the netting till they were able to get in. Not so much luck today (for us, anyway) because the bitter rocket was gone and the tender capsicums were exposed and highlighted by a lovely empty garden bed full of easily navigable hay…you can guess what happened and they took some tomato with them and although I know that capsicums are perennial, the two that were completely decimated are most probably not going to bear fruit this year. We were walking the boys in Deviot today and stopped at the hall where the wonderful community of Deviot have built a lovely fully enclosed heritage apple, pear and herb garden and we had decided that we were going to copy their idea to build our much larger fully enclosed veggie garden. Steve, after inspecting the damage to his capsicums (not only did they chew the leaves, they took a single bite out of his precious first capsicum rendering it rooned!), has decided on using a large yacht mast that was left in the tangled pile of metal next to the veggie garden to erect a sort of circus tent style roof for the veggie garden when we make it in autumn (so that we have softened ground after the rains) and it will be fully enclosed in ex-fish farm netting. It will be a HUGE enclosed garden and good luck to the possums even getting a sniff at our coming season’s veggies! I want to enclose our small orchard eventually as the possums hoovered the pears from the last of the pear trees the other day. I didn’t cover them so I guess I deserve the dearth of fruit but I am starting to wonder at how many possums are parading the grounds of Serendipity Farm after dark there must be a veritable army of them!


Our local “Loire Valley” equivalent “Marrion’s vinyard”. The West Tamar region is well known worldwide for its quality wines and this little vinyard is a fine example of its ilk


Lonicera hildebrandiana (Giant Burmese honeysuckle) in a garden on one of our walks this week


2 of the scented geraniums that I have grown from cuttings taken from plants on the road verge on past dog walks


Bakewell slice made for a man who was lusting after “something sweet”…

Steve is off pootling again…he pootles at will now and spends lots of his time creating spoons out of enormous piles of wood shavings. I am using the wood shavings in my compost bucket and can’t wait to see the fungi that grow from some of the exotic woods that he is working with. I have just finished a week of green smoothie challenging and aside from losing 2 ½ kilos effortlessly I feel amazing! I feel bright and vibrant and clean and have decided to incorporate this plan into my everyday eating repertoire. If it aint broke, don’t fix it! I was broke…I fixed it ;). It would seem that the possums were held at bay last night with the measures that Steve and I took yesterday to curtail their night scoffing. Nothing was touched and I noticed that our eggplants are going gangbusters and since I mulched with hay around their bases they are taking off and are flowering all over the place. I love a good eggplant in the morning and these little finger eggplants promise to give us a good harvest this year (so long as the possums aren’t hatching any plans that is…). Aside from bouncing around full of good health I have a spring in my step because everything is starting to come together and work in cycles like I had hoped. Where we cleared out the side garden the buddleia is not only attracting bumble bees, regular and native bees and a plethora of exotic looking butterflies, it is shading everything underneath it and giving it respite from the heat of the sun. The garden is starting to take off how we want it too and I have been collecting seed and cutting material on our morning dog walks that I can then propagate or broadcast around the garden when we get home. I got some Washington hawthorn cuttings yesterday that we are going to trial and see if we can’t grow some of these valuable habitat plants that have edible fruit and that have the most amazing autumn foliage display. The thorns on these babies would dissuade the most persistent predator and if we can grow some, they will be planted around Serendipity Farm as hedging for the local birdlife to nest safely in. All in all I am feeling incredibly happy with my lot these days despite us remaining the penniless student hippies that we were last year. The sun has stopped frying everything in its pathway and the lovely 25C days that we are having have allowed Steve and I to be both creative and relax at will over our holidays from Polytechnic. We are doing what we want to do and are enjoying every single minute of it. We will be back at school soon enough, but for now, we are loving our time to ourselves bums up in the garden and in a wild flurry of woodchips.


Two more beautiful spoons…the top one is made of Native Tasmanian Olivewood (Doral) and the lower spoon is made from Blackheart Sassafras (Atherosperma Moschatum) and the black line is actually caused by an interesting fungal relationship with the plant and makes for a very striking result…who KNOWS what wood Steve is going to use for the Valentine’s Day spoon 😉

I might finish todays post there folks. This Saturday we will be offering you another chance to get one of Steve’s beautiful handmade spoons…this one is specifically for Valentine’s Day and will be perfect to give your sweetie so let us know if you want to enter to win a spoon and you will make Earls day! The more walnuts in that bowl, the happier Earl will be :o). The draw will be open to anyone, anywhere because the cost to send a wooden spoon to just about anywhere in this wonderful world is extremely cheap and we truly enjoy sharing See you all on Saturday :o).

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  1. Littlesundog
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 01:42:41

    What a lovely read first thing in the morning with my coffee! I feel like I’ve been on a little tour of beauty and learning from another land, and am now ready to face a simple day here on the ranch! I enjoy the photos… especially today’s Stapelia hirsuita! Those spoons are amazing! Perhaps some day I will have one in my very own kitchen!


    • narf77
      Jan 17, 2013 @ 04:37:56

      I have just put your name into the next (Valentine’s Day) spoon draw. All you have to hope now is that Earl picks your walnut :). I can’t think of a more random way to pick a prize draw ;). Steve even managed to source some Osage Orange wood (from Texas) but it is SO tough, he is going to need some new tools just to work it! I think his Osage Orange spoon is on hiatus ;).


  2. Allotment adventures with Jean
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 02:53:32

    I love these photos of your veggie garden Fran. Going off like a rocket by the look of it. The two new wooden spoons are absolutely beautiful. What busy people you are. Incidentally, would the booze buzz come this far????


    • narf77
      Jan 17, 2013 @ 04:41:51

      If Steve was driving it Jean…right to your door! ;). You are in the next draw for the Valentine’s Day spoon :). We will be even more busy come autumn which is the best time to plant out potted plants. We want to plant out an entire grove of hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts AND erect protection around them, we are going to make a giant sort of circus tent out of ex fish farm netting to make a massive walk in veggie garden that is completely protected from the munching wildlife and we have a plethora of trees and shrubs to get into the ground so that they can start to put down roots before winter hits and they will then get the best start in Spring. Autumn is most definately our busiest time! We are enjoying bumbling around on our holidays from school and this year is going to be a very interesting one because we will be designing websites and Steve is thinking about making one to sell spoons 🙂 Sort of combining a hobby with homework I guess 😉


  3. Debi at Life Currents
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 10:08:15

    Howdy! I finally sat down and took some time to read your lovely blog. That’s what a little under-the-weather will do for me, I actually sit! Not such a bad thing when I get to read wonderful things. 🙂
    I love the idea of a booze bus. I would order from you. ‘Course, you’d have to drive to SoCal.
    I love me a tasty green smoothie. Here’s mine: http://lifecurrents.dw2.net/green-monster-smoothie/ I drink them all the time now. Just love ’em. I now have the Veged Out blog open to read as well.
    I make bread all the time in my bread machine. I love that machine. Takes all the work out of it, and you get fresh homemade bread. Bread for French toast; bread for dinner rolls; bread for sammies. Highly recommend it.
    Your husband’s spoons are beautiful! I mentioned before that I told my husband about them. And, I love the photos of your beautiful farm. I just harvested some tomatillos and lemons that I’ll post pics of on my blog soon.
    Have a lovely day & a lovely week!


    • narf77
      Jan 17, 2013 @ 15:47:48

      Hi Debi…you are in the draw for Steve’s next spoon which is going to be a Valentine’s Day spoon drawn on Saturday 26th Jan (coincidentally Australia Day 🙂 ). Cheers for liking our tumbledown little crazy excuse for a “farm”. The only animals that we have are maniacal ninja chooks (chickens in Australese), a whole lot of Aussie possums a few wallabies a largish Kangaroo who so far hasn’t done much aside from bound through the undergrowth and scare 10 months growth out of me and our dogs Earl and Bezial. We are really just 2 penniless student hippies living an Idyllic lifestyle on the Tamar River thanks to an amazing set of circumstances. Fate I tells ya! ;). I can’t wait to read about what you are doing with your lemons and tomatillos. We found some tomatillos on the side of the road. They grow well here aside from when it gets frosty (which we don’t get on Serendipity Farm) and someone must have been taking a shrub to the tip (waste disposal) and some fruit bounced off. We found it when we were walking the dogs…did a bit of research about the fruit and found out that you get the best results when the seed is frozen for alittle while. So we are going to give them a go. We are very adventurous when it comes to growing things and as we were both studying horticulture together there wasn’t anyone to put the brakes on when we went a bit crazy so we ended up shellshocked city dudes with 900 potted plants moving to the country to a 360 degrees turnaround in their lives (although…technically that would have brought us right back to where we started…maybe it was 180? Maths was NEVER a strong point with me 😉 ). Anyhoo…you have a lovely day and a lovely week right back atcha. So-Cal sounds like a diet drink that you would have with some of the booze on the booze bus by the way “Vodka and So-Cal…No rye with my whiskey…I’ll have So-Cal thanks…” 😉 I love Californians, they are like Aussies…a little bit bonkers 😉 We have our own resident Californian living around the corner from us… he is a little bit crazy and thats why we love him 🙂


  4. foodnstuff
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 12:20:08

    I love those spoons! Put me in the draw again, please.

    (Can you use some parsnip seed?)


    • narf77
      Jan 17, 2013 @ 15:34:29

      Yes Please! (on the parsnips) and you are officially in the Valentine’s Day spoon draw :). What should I be planting (seeds) for a winter veggie harvest now? I have NO idea about winter veggies aside from broad beans and kale and 7 garden beds full of broad beans and kale are going to wear a bit thin (especially on Steve who hates them both 😉 ). I bow to your expert opinion oh great sage 🙂


      • foodnstuff
        Jan 18, 2013 @ 21:39:21

        I’m planting kale, broccoli and cabbage now, for winter. The chooks love kale so I need lots. I’ve fallen in love with red cabbage, lightly steamed with butter and dressed with a dash of balsamic vinegar and sugar, so I’m going to try growing it for the first time.

        Parsley and fenugreek seeds heading your way soon.

      • narf77
        Jan 19, 2013 @ 05:08:37

        Thank you in anticipation Bev 🙂 I will plant them most lovingly :). How are your teparary beans going? Did they amount to anything? I, too, love red cabbage and it is amazing in spring rolls. I used some when I made kimchi which made my kimchi a very pretty colour. I love kale and planted what the packet of organic seed said was Cavello nero and it most definately isn’t! I will be planting lots of kale and I will take note of the cabbage and broccoli heads up and will be planting the beetroot bed with them ASAP. Can you plant Brussels sprouts now? Not too sure about them. Are peas a winter veg? See how little I know about them! I think I am going to have to go on a research bender this weekend 🙂 Thank you again for the seeds 🙂

      • foodnstuff
        Jan 18, 2013 @ 21:40:33

        Duh! I mean parsnip!

      • narf77
        Jan 19, 2013 @ 05:13:57

        Lol! Parsley, parsnip whats in a name eh? They both grow a root…just one’s root tastes a bit better than the other ;).

  5. christiok
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 15:39:32

    I can smell that geranium across the Pacific, and feel your smoothie energy carrying you through the rigors of Midsummer 🙂 The plant pictures this week are outstanding! We are checking the mailbox carefully each day now for our spoons….I’m looking forward to seeing your handwriting on the package! lol


    • narf77
      Jan 17, 2013 @ 15:54:39

      Might not be able to understand my handwriting because it is a little bit messy (who am I kidding…a whole LOT messy!). Steve said to tell you that he meant that they will turn up today meaning Thursday 17th (you are a day behind us) so lets just see if he was right ;). The rigors of Midsummer are turning me brown! I spent the morning going mental out with a pile of lawn clippings and oak leaves that Glad and her daughter Wendy gave us (a great BIG pile that filled the trailer…) and using them to mulch all round the veggies in their garden beds. We chose a really good spot for veggies as it is open and gets lots of sun but in saying that, they dry out pretty easily so I am putting that horticultural info that my poor lecturers tried to stuff into my head (while I was researching grafting and layering 😉 ) to good use and trying to remember it and I am chanelling mum and Dame Edith Murdock who was an amazing Aussie garden designer who died at 103 recently…I figure I need the coaching so hopefully she is giving me some good tips :). I didn’t include a note with your spoons as we were rushing to make sure that we got them sent but you should be happy about that because I type a billion times better than I write. You know how they say that babies that skip a step crawling have a few problems later in life? I skipped a step writing (I sucked at cursive 😉 ) and ended up with a distinct inability to write well. I would LOVE gorgeous handwriting and envy people who can write well. I love calligraphy and actually tried it once but my lack of patience and my bad temper rendered me ink spattered and anxious…not good for me! I “Forgodaboudit” in a big hurry! Fingers crossed that the spoons get to you soon 🙂


      • rabidlittlehippy
        Jan 17, 2013 @ 22:15:25

        Dame Elisabeth Murdoch? 😉

      • narf77
        Jan 18, 2013 @ 06:06:05

        The head of the Murdock clan…Ruperts mum. She died recently and she was an utter Aussie icon. 103 years old, a philanthropist (as most wives of overbearing capitalistic men who thrash their way to the top are…yin/yang 😉 ) and she made the most magnificent garden. Check her out…she is now my inner muse and has cups of tea with mum as they sit in the ether telling me what to do. Mum has a big old mug of tea and Dame Elizabeth (I probably called her something else but I MEANT Elizabeth 😉 ) is sitting there with a dainty Royal Doulton but they are both wearing gardening clothes and swapping tips and are in joint control of my gardening ability. Thank GOODNESS for that! I have an incredible wealth of information that I can rattle off like a sub-machine gun at a moments notice…I am a veritable font of knowledge but the practical has always been my downfall…I can’t put my garden in my failed crafts cupboard so I have to labour on (giving in is a sport to me 😉 ) and push myself out of my comfort zone. I must admit…I really REALLY enjoy what is starting to come together out there. Chaos with a smattering of processes and cycles that are starting to knit together to form a garden. Pretty soon Steve and I will be building our vegetable circus tent (sans circus afro 😉 ) that should see me being able to grow just about everything I want to including a few dwarf fruit trees under its enormous canopy…stay tuned…Dame Elizabeth (not Edith…that was probably HER mum chanelling HER 😉 ) and mum will be riding us like seabiscuit! 😉

  6. rabidlittlehippy
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 22:11:24

    OMGOMGOMG! Another spoon giveaway! BRING ON SATURDAY! He he he, just a tad excited 😉
    I hear you on the bread making although the taste of my homemade bread was always enough motivation to drag my very lazy arse out of my chair to make the stuff BUT… I have the answer for you… And an even healthier answer yet again. Tell me my dear, have you ever heard of artisan bread in 5 minutes a day? It’s a book I’ve heard of and touched once and it’s reported to be pretty fantastic. You make up your dough and chuck it in the fridge. It kneads itself (yes, it does the hard bit for you) and all you do is take it from the fridge, chuck it in the pan or shape your loaf and bake it. And now for the even healthier answer… You can do the same with sourdough! How do I know this last wonderful tidbit of information? Because I make sourdough bread for the total weekly effort of 15 – 20 minutes! Yup, that’s about 6 – 8 loaves a week of homemade, organic sourdough bread. And just email me your address and I shall divide Bertha and send over a pouch of her wonderfulness. I reckon express post on a Monday and she should arrive happy and healthy no later than a Wednesday and all she will need is feeding up for a week and Bertha II shall be create ready to take over the bread making world. 😀
    Your geraniums and honeysuckle look fantastic and I would bury my cyber nose in them to inhale their divine scent albeit your Stapelia hirsuita has burned the hairs from my nose. Pity it’s such a stunning looking flower! And thanks for the brilliant idea of chook straw mulch! We’ve been using wood shavings although they’re all gone now so I’m moving on to the straw but we’d just been composting it afterwards. I shall cycle it through to mulch now. Then the chooks can do their bit in helping our tomatoes do their thing. I have hopes of a harvest now thanks to copious amounts of blood and bone.
    Love the sound of your slime and spawn. I’ve had chia seeds in juice before and they go all fantastically slimy when they get wet. It’s mega cool watching them slime themselves. And the black chia even looks totally like spawn too. lol Giving me ideas for kids meals… Lettuce leaf, wetted chia seeds, sprouted beans for tadpoles? You get the picture.
    On that note, jealous of your 25 degree days. T’was 36 here in Ballan today and reached 40 in Melbourne. Should be Mel-burn after the firelighting morons who were out in force today. Bah! Gross stupidity. Anyway, it’s over 25 degrees inside our house as I type so yeah, a little envious of the temperate climes of Serendipity Farm right now.


    • narf77
      Jan 18, 2013 @ 05:45:58

      I am overexcited now for 5.30am! I just got Steve heading out in the right direction in the dark with his thermos under his arm to go fishing for the morning and then I noticed that I had comments on the blog. 5.30am usually involves me stretching a lot, the odd yawn…1 eye has managed to stay open for a reasonable amount of time and is soon to be joined by eye number 2 and I have my precious bucket of tea in front of me to gird my loins and get my day started off properly and I just bypassed my eyetime processes and went straight into wide awake hooting! You generous girl you! I would LOVE to have some of Bertha :). Steve says to tell you (from the dark side of the drivers window 😉 ) that if you dontate a daughter of Bertha (who would then be renamed as Audrey because basically it’s creed would be FEED ME! 😉 ) he will make you a special spoon :). I have a dehydrated sourdough starter sitting on my shelf in the pantry in a vacuum pack bag. I got herman (he doesn’t get a capital because I still have issues with him…) from someone in N.S.W. and he never quite made the grade. He was virilently sour and made vinegar bricks that I could have made houses out of and even the possums and wallabies had trouble eating the results when I shredded it and broadcast it with angst. Could you send me a “How To” with Bertha 2? I have a few people here that really REALLY want a starter but between us we have turned out vinegar bricks (Herman), rancid starter that went brown (Monicka’s heinous excuse for whatever it was that she spawned!), overflowing maniacal madness that went from Happy Herman spawn to the dark side (Michaels sad effort), something that thought that it was the blog and that exploded all over Roxies hearth and took her a week to scrub off and I gave a bit of dehydrated Herman to someone who hasn’t gotten back to me yet. I tried SO HARD to get Herman to work with me. I gave him everything…I was a slave to him and he gave me vinegar bricks :(. I was, at one stage, feeding 6 starters at once for various friends to have a go as Herman was the only starter that showed any promise at all (and that didn’t keep turning alarming colours). He was handsome, he had a scintillating personality, he promised me SO much but he deserted me in my hour of need and so I kicked him to the curb girlfriend! ;). I have him sitting on his shelf in the pantry in dessicated stasis thinking about his actions and what he DIDN’T do…I am SO excited about being able to bake bread that doesn’t taste so sour that it would be preferable to drink straight cider vinegar than to even nibble on a piece (and you didn’t need iron choppers to do so! 😉 ). I will send you an email with my address 🙂 ).


  7. Joanne
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 22:45:53

    haha that would be AWESOME especially around college campuses! I know I for one HATE going to the liquor store….and it’s just a few blocks away!


    • narf77
      Jan 18, 2013 @ 06:08:19

      Looks like Steve’s idea has struck a nerve…should he ever win the lottery (highly unlikely because we don’t buy tickets 😉 ) he will start his business…we might make it a big van and sell homemade takeaway deliciousness at the same time door to door “A beer and a curry for 4 please”…”A bottle of Vodka and some enchilada’s…cheers!” 😉


  8. wendi
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 04:27:30

    Hee hee- a booze bus! love it! In Seattle, there’s a funny little bar on a bike- it’s hard to describe, but anyone who sits on it has a set of wheels to ride…kind of strange and wonderful and scary at the same time. Steve may like that, yes?

    Your pics of dogs and flowers bring me such joy- two of my favorite things. And with the winter looming long and large, here, it’s a nice reprieve to see sunshine where you are.

    Always enjoy the lush array of words you offer-


    • narf77
      Jan 19, 2013 @ 05:13:16

      Cheers Wendi. I get a kick out of snow pictures as well :). Over here it is quite delicious at the moment. It’s a steady 25C and this morning has a nice chill in the air which lends me to believe that we might have a nice cold winter where we can really fire Brunhilda up and put her through her paces. I plan on cooking an amazing array of things this year and baking a lot of bread. Glad you like the flowers and the dogs…Earl likes the flowers as well but we have to keep him away from them because he has a tendency to overeat ;). Have a great weekend and sooner than you know it, you will be in spring 🙂


  9. Kym
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 16:05:55

    I finally get to read your blog! We still don’t have internet at home. Thank goodness the new phone keeps me in touch with fb lol. I’m hoping to get it sorted by tonight, so fingers crossed I will be able to read the rest of your blogs that I have missed. The veges look great, and of course the spoons are a delight. I was hoping to have some veges and herbs of my own, growing this weekend but… when I went to my local hardware store it has about 5 plants, none of them veges or herbs and they were in a sad state of affairs. So I will have to wait now until we drive the 2hrs to Kalgoorlie for a visit, to get my stock “up and running.” You get so spoilt for choice in the city, I will have to remember I am on country time now. It will happen when it happens 🙂 Please enter me in the draw, I know that it is greedy but I covet them so much lol. x


    • narf77
      Jan 19, 2013 @ 16:53:06

      Entered to the max girl :). Welcome to the world outside city life…you are going to have to get used to it again but you will get to sleep better and the time to do what you want in an unhurried way. Hopefully you get the net on soon. I think I would go mad without the net now! I could possibly be found using Wii fit all day, all night hoping beyond hope that it might somehow connect me to the net lol! 😉 At least I would lose a few pounds ;). Fingers crossed for the net being on soon 🙂


  10. thinkingcowgirl
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 00:41:00

    A completely covered veggie plot would be fantastic – a complete solution I suppose. Count me in for the spoon draw please! Love seeing all these exotic blooms so far removed from being wrapped in blankets while the fire warms up…
    Going to try parsnip in a cake today 😉


    • narf77
      Jan 21, 2013 @ 05:19:05

      YUM! They work amazingly well in a chocolate cake as they are naturally sweet and somehow manage to make it moister and more unctuous. Let us know how it goes :). You are in the draw now so just hope that Earl is in the mood for walnuts on Saturday (although he has been practicing by pinching walnuts whenever Steve goes into his guitar room and leaving them cracked on the floor for unsuspecting people (read ME) to step on with their bare feet 😉


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