Cook to Kirk

Hello all

Fran is tired from todays work and has instructed me (ok she didn’t) to post some here for her. Its been a weird week here and we didn’t know if it was a weekend or weekday, we have done a little work and had a little time home bound due to the inclement weather. Fran is as i try and tap out here in the shower and Earl is guarding the door , he likes to do that when we head into the room i think he thinks we come out all different as we smell a lot cleaner to him and look shinier. Now i don’t know if these words will make the blog but i am trying to help Fran as she want to play Zelda and is a little over today lol she is making the pipes sing and screamed out there’s F@#$%^^ air in the pipes,,, ahhh that’s a unpleasant noise and i think Earl thinks his kin are coming. We finished the garden today and whilst there had a good chat with the bloke next door , he seems like a nice man and we fed his dog some treats which she seemed to really like. The boys sat in the car and where very good while we did the cleaning and finishing up but they kept hearing something barking at us which perturbed them a little.

Fran isn’t going to like my spelling here and she may have to re type all the words, im just trying to help . I went to see a friend of ours today and spent a little time discussing life and  stuff with him and also was able to offload 4  yes 4 dozen eggs from the 12 dozen we have sitting in the fridge, we are going to have to become eggatarians i think as are the dogs so serendipity farm will be making a lot of gas in the near future and we will have even less friends that we do now lol. I’m sorry i am a little disjointed with the words here but im not the wordy brains of this operation as Frans the one for that and im more the …. not sure as i am now called upon to draw things and my art is like an egg… always the same lol. ok I think its time for the 2 finger oops make that 2 and a thumb wizard to say see you soon and go and trim his wonderful wifeys hair before we both snore our ways into sunday .. see you all soon and here’s Fran. Back again , i found spell check and have made this look like i can type lol ok time to go im just trying to make more words here see ya

I take a few moments to have a shower and someone invades P0land while I am gone! I just had a read of Steve’s bit and decided to leave it there. We are yin and yang and that probably took him the better part of 20 minutes to type that as he is a little out of practice. We used to spend our days and nights tapping away on keyboards for the 2 1/2 years that we conducted our online “relationship” and were both very glad of a rest when it came to translating our words into our actions I can tell you! I read that bit about eggs Steve…we may well be able to harvest all of that gas that you and the dogs excrete with obvious joy and satisfaction (I, of course, am MUCH more discrete ;)) to run a generator on Serendipity Farm (always looking for a sustainable angle ;)). We worked really hard today to help my sister get her rental property that tennants had absolutely trashed looking halfway reasonable (well…the outside bit anyway…) because it is up for sale. It will be the last tie to Tasmania that she has and I won’t have to patrol the place with my beady little eyes every time we decide to go for a walk in Beauty Point. The blackberry nest that had been growing for years is now no more and the Beaconsfield tip is blackberry rich. We decided that due to the incredible popularity of our last post, (you are ALL PLEBEIANS!…sigh…) that we would take the opportunity to turn this post over to the dark side and do a little sticky montage for the 46th aniversary of the very first episode of Star Trek. What sort of nerd would I be if I didn’t celebrate this amazingly poignant parallel of life? A BAD NERD…that’s what! So here goes…a stickmans homage to Star Trek…

Here we have it folks…The Sourdough Enterprise!

Just in case you can’t quite get it into your head that this amazing model of the Starship Enterprise could have been made by one untalented woman living in Tasmania…here it is again from a different angle! Marvel at my skills…marvel at the way that I have reused a loaf of inedible sourdough bread to render this fantastic facimile with my own deft hands. I know its amazing isn’t it! You can’t tell it from the original can you?

See…absolutely an exact copy of the original! I feel a new sculpting career coming on!

First there was Captain James Cook…then he died and his bones were scatterered at sea. As you all know from our last post, James Cook was the initiator of The Stickman Party but how on earth does he figure in this post? We are about to reveal something incredibly secret to you all reading today…something so secret that it might shift the time space continuum and give us all hives! Captain James Cook is actually…Captain James T Kirk!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, how incredible is that and how the heck do we figure that? Well follow me here people…This is Steve’s rendition of how this amazing event occured…(it’s up to you to put the wibbley lines in here like they do when they are going back into the past on those 60’s remembering scenes…wibble…wibble…wibble…)…

Captain James Cook was killed on 14 February 1779 by an Hawaiian chief called Kalanimanokahoowaha and after being flensed in a most royal manor they preserved his bones which were later retrieved and buried at sea…but that wasn’t the end of Captain James Cook! (do you wibble for going forward into the future?…er…wibble wibble wibble…) The original pilot of Star Trek did not contain Captain James T Kirk, but rather Captain Christopher Pike. Where was Captain Kirk? He hadn’t been cloned yet folks THAT was where!…

The crew of the enterprise finding the bones of Captain James Cook on a beach in Hawaii…”Watch out Lt. Uhura an Alien is approaching!” and decide to use the D.N.A. of this lost soul to see just who the bones belonged to…

Dr. Leonard McCoy and Mr Sulu (who was the ships physicist early on) reserecting the bones. When they realised who’s bones they were dealing with they decided to keep it hush hush apart from telling Mr Spock and swearing him to secrecy (Illogical…but true…) and pushed for the New pilot episode with one “Captain James T Kirk” as its star. They won and the rest is history… Captain James Cook IS Captain James T Kirk! The first episode of Star Trek, aired on September 8th 1966 (last century for all of the kiddies reading) with Captain James T Kirk (a.k.a. Cook…) at the helm of the good ship Enterprise and history bears this truth for all to see

A little known incedent occured on 15th February 1779, the day after the gory death of Captain James Cook…

While Captain Cooks remaning men were mourning his death on the Endeavour and the Hawaiians were doing what only Hawaiians do best after slaughtering a great white chief, feasting and drinking and generally having a good time, Chief Kalanimanokahoowaha decided to take himself away from the madding crowd and spend some time gloating alone about his newfound fame as head of the Chiefs thanks to his murderous personality when from out of nowhere, a strange figure materialised, causing Chief Kalanimanokahoowaha to lose control of his bladder AND be disintergrated in a most horendous way…as they say in SouthPart “Don’t Fu#! with Wendy Testerberger”! and the same can be said for Captain James T Kirk/Cook…the man can bear a grudge for a very Very VERY long time!

To all of my long suffering blog followers, please forgive me for this post…I have had a VERY long day and am very tired…to all of my new Stickman Followers…Knock yourselves out and enjoy! 😉

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Allotment adventures with Jean
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 07:07:20

    Dear Fran (and Steve) this is a very funny post. Got a bit racy at one point “translating our words into our actions”. I’m an old lady so I had to have a little sit down LOL.
    I loved the sourdough/space ship Enterprise.
    You have been working so hard. Hope this week is a little easier.


    • narf77
      Sep 10, 2012 @ 10:31:28

      So do we Jean…so do we! The sourdough spaceship Enterprise is now cut up and not even the possums will finish it off (in fact, one possum felt strongly enough to share his about it by peeing on a chair out on the deck!). I went from vinegar bricks to Dwarf bread! (edible, but so hard you can’t eat it). I might have progressed through the ranks but my attention span is low and Herman is now dehydrated and vacuum sealed away in my “failed crafts” cupboard along with the stained glass, the knitting (no collars or sleeves) and the caligraphy set 😉


  2. christiok
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 13:20:52

    Did he eat a cookanut? 🙂 LOL


  3. bakermom
    Sep 11, 2012 @ 01:43:29

    Now the dog is looking at me funny for laughing the the computer instead of her. This was a great post, which proves that you are at your best when you are tired and have had a bad day/week/month. It brings out the creative gibberish in you. Hubby must see it, since he is the Star Trek fan-o-moondo and was watching it at its conception. (as a wee lad). Of course, we had it on dvd and now blue ray, 2 copies, I am not sure why, plus the stupid movies they made. But none of this can top the sourdough Enterprise! And of course, this is all accurate history so who can argue. Great research there Dr. Who! Or should I say Sherlock. Okay, Dr. Sherlock!


  4. bakermom
    Sep 11, 2012 @ 01:48:12

    By the way, do you think you could go to appearances/widgets and add a ‘follow blog” widget to your sideboard? Then people could click on and follow so much easier.


    • narf77
      Sep 11, 2012 @ 06:26:53

      I have a follow widget at the top of my page, can’t you see it? It’s there as my mum managed to follow me and she was one of the most technologically defunct people that I knew 😉 Let me know if you can’t see it and I will do some research.


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