Change of posting time and for Andy and Sabrina

Hi All,

It became incredibly obvious to me today that I am going to have to change the time that I post my blog posts. We have started studying again and have been walking the dogs a bit later since the weather has cooled and it is still dark in the early morning. It is a whole lot easier to study before we walk the boys because we are bright eyed and ready to go and so I am going to postpone posting (lots of “post” there) until evenings because I get lots of free/spare time in the evenings to formulate posts, resize photos etc. and Steve is all for it because he gets to hog the television and Austar remotes (a mans dream) most evenings. Its a win-win situation for us and you can have your posts first thing in the morning. Some of you get up quite early in the mornings and should you wish to check out what is happening on Serendipity Farm before you go to work etc. you can. This is a very quick post to share that bit of information with you and now we have some guitars and equipment to share with Andy and Sabrina. Sabrina is my niece, my sisters daughter and Andy is her boyfriend. Sabrina wanted to show Andy some of Steve’s guitars and Steve is ever willing to oblige a fellow guitar enthusiast. It’s just a pity that we don’t live closer as he could give Andy lessons because in a past life he was a guitar teacher in the U.K. with 50 students and a thriving business.

This is Steve’s guitar room. As you can see it looks like a bit of a typical musicians room and is off limits for my need to sweep and vacuum. The cabinets are full of equipment and guitar tab books

This is a Cole Clark lap steel made in Melbourne that Steve seldomly plays but read that Ben Harper was given one and said that they were really good so now he has one of his own…it is going to be a while before he sounds like Ben Harper playing it (OUCH! That was my clip behind the ear for that comment…)

The white guitar is Steve’s original Squier Strat, quite rare and Steve’s first guitar that he learned to play on (1984). The browny red one next to it is a telecaster. The amp is a marshall with a line 6 head (no idea but Steve is dictating these words and I am just the trained monkey typing…) the effects unit on top of the amp is a Digitech (old but very good) and don’t forget that baby blue ukelele…you never know when he might want to play “Somewhere over the rainbow” like Jake Shimabukuro…

Another marshall amp (100watt valvestate) and head with a GNX4 multi effects unit on the floor and behind that are 2 wah pedals (Ibanez “Weeping Demon” and “Cry Baby”) he also has a Digitech special aniversary Jimi Hendrix pedal in the cupboard as well.

This is a Fender Strat semi-accoustic guitar that gets a lot of playing time in the lounge room and that Earl is most probably going to eat one day

This is an RG2550 Prestige Ibanez that was originally blue. It got chipped and Steve had it redone by a car sprayer masquerading as a luthier. It looks nice but Steve wanted it perfect so he wasn’t very happy with the results. It has custom pickups and the scratchplate is custom as well

This is a cheap flame fender that Steve bought to lure Earl away from his good guitars (I bet he would still throw a wobbley if Earl ate it though…)

This guitar is very important to Steve. It is a Gibson Les Paul Studio and it belonged to his dad. Steve’s dad was in the Liverpool music scene and played in the same clubs as the Beatles. He knew Ringo Starr quite well and when he died, Steve wanted his guitar. He was one of Steve’s key influences in getting into guitar and he and his dad used to play along with his dad’s band at pubs occasionally. When we got it sent to Australia it was taped to a set of mini wheels that someone else was importing…go figure why you would strap a guitar to a set of metal wheels but the case didn’t take it and the headstock got snapped. A very common snap with Gibson’s and the person who repaired it did a really good job considering.

This is a Maton (Aussie made guitar) “Stockman” electro-accoustic guitar. It has a really lovely tone

Here is the music room again with a few of the guitar cases. Taking photos means lugging them all out and then putting them all back. The wardrobe in the music room is full of them and so is the wardrobe in our bedroom…13 in all (and 15 if you count the ukelele and the banjo) You can also see the banjo on the wall next to the Australian Flags so when the rednecks come, we will be armed (and well camoflaged…)

Now we are getting to the expensive babies in Steve’s collection. This is an Ibanez J Custom. This one was purchased with the sale of his 50th Aniversary Fender Strat in the U.K. and was brought back in Steve’s suitcase in 2 pieces (neck and body). We got in at midnight and got in the “To declare” line and by the time that we got to the front of the line the poor customs man was looking back at the HUGE line of Asian people loaded up with all sorts of weird foodstuffs that he exrayed the case…saw the guitar…looked at Steve and said “go on”…Steve thought that he was going to get done for trying to avoid import duty (which he was) and saved about $1000 on import tax thanks to that massive great line of Asians bringing in weird food. Cheers Asians!

This is a Patrick Eggle Vienna Pro. It looks a whole lot like a PRS and plays and sounds like one as well. A lovely British guitar that most Aussies won’t have ever heard of. Brian May (queen lead guitarist)  had one and Tony Iommi  (Black Sabbath) was sponsered by Patrick Eggle for a while so was the guitarist from UB40 (should anyone care that is…)

This is Steve’s precious left hand Jimi Hendrix Fender Strat. He never plays this so it is in immaculate condition. It is completely upside down because Jimi Hendrix was a left hander. Steve just had to have one…

As you can see the lettering is back to front but if you stand in front of a mirror it is perfect

This is Steve’s Blue Steve Vai Jem (7vsbl) bought with the procceeds garnered from the sale of his fathers guitars when we went to the U.K. after he died. They no longer make these guitars and it was purchased here in Australia in Perth Western Australia

Ok thats your bloomin lot for today. Lots of guitars and “stuff” and very little anything else. Remember you theiving lot…we have 2 very VERY big dogs! Earl is not going to let you take those guitars for the very same reason he barks at the cats…if ANYONE is going to eat those chickens (guitars) it is going to be him! See you all tomorrow with the first of my evening posted posts.


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