Amazing songstress Angela Shella

Hi All,

It seems that my humble little Serendipity Farm blog is attracting some really interesting followers. I would like to welcome Ms. Angela Shella to Serendipity Farm. Feel free to drop in any time that you like for a cup of tea. If we are out collecting wood, eggs or blackberries just put the kettle on the stove and we will be back soon. How amazing is it when people so far apart and from such diverse backgrounds can sit down together over a blog and a cuppa and share their thoughts and lives? I am constantly amazed at who likes this blog and really have no idea why. I just share what happens here guys as a sort of mental therupy and stress relief. I dare say if I didn’t, I would be in the psych ward in Launceston Hospital (if they could find room in there for me that is…). Life isn’t easy that is for sure, but it is most definitely interesting and sometimes what keeps you going when times get tough is a good laugh and knowing the value of a good sense of humour, that’s my contribution. Ms Shella’s contribution is incredible and this amazing lady has the most delicious caramel flavoured voice that I have ever heard. I am proud and honoured that she has decided to check in occasionally and I might just have to clean up a bit around here when she does…put out the good china and pull down the tea leaves for a real pot of tea. Listening to Angela’s amazing voice has actually made me want to take up drinking good coffee in a big way. It’s the kind of voice that you hear filtering through the air in great coffee shops where the owner knows what brings you in…great coffee, fantastic ambiance and really good music. Angela makes REALLY good music…check it out for yourself here at her site…

My personal favourite is “Describe my love” honey sweet cafe latte music with a hint of cardamom…delicious!



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