Getting restless for order

Hi All,


No…I am not going to form a quorum and take over government in Tasmania (although I dare say I would do a better job than any of the major parties (or minor indeed!) that are currently toting their credentials as “government” contenders). How’s this for a platform…”If you elect me as ruler of Tasmania (it needs to be a dictatorship as anything else would be too vulnerable to being watered down by political correctness…) I will educate your children. I will make them go to school and I WON’T give them extra credit because they can play sport. I will shut down the forestry industry and BEFORE you start coming at me with a pick axe, I will ship anyone with an I.Q. lower than 10 off to the mainland for retraining (that should account for almost 100% of the forestry industry as we know it Smile). I will put money into education, law and order and our ailing health system and I will ensure that we live within our means. I will do this by making sure that people on welfare payments (about 50% of Tasmanian’s) are able to make changes to the way that they live including living more sustainably and teaching them how to live within their means. I will personally get the biggest Mack truck that was ever invented (probably something from the W.A. mines) and run over all of the wanky pushbikes in Tasmania. If you are going to complain about this you can lay down with your pushbikes…anyone saying ANYTHING about how Tasmania is going to be saved by the tourism industry had better be able to back it up with facts (that they didn’t compile themselves on their I-Pad) or they can lay down with the pushbikes as well. No more subsidising wine, cheese or ANYTHING that smacks of elitism in this state where the true state of affairs, where most of us are unemployed or underemployed, is covered up. Tasmanians need a good education, the ability to be safe in their own homes and a health system that isn’t in crisis. They need to be able to have a degree of faith in their government and that it is their voice, not the voice of the highest bidder. Last but not least… I will not be handing out any fish to anyone. Every Tasmanian will be given their own metaphorical fishing rod and taught to fish!”


There you go…the Fran Pimblett creed for the common man. Steve and I are starting to get restless. We have had a very long break from our studies and now we need that order and stability that studying brings to our lives. We have had a brief hiatus from working on Serendipity Farm due to bereavement, illness and the hottest summer in years taking its toll on our plans. We have decided to actually listen to our old lecturer the poor long suffering James…and do our planting in autumn. This ties in with our general malaise regarding the start of 2012 and our renewed desire to get stuck into studying. The natives are restless here on Serendipity Farm and too much time breeds a sense of discontent. Both Steve and I are not very good at sitting still doing nothing for long. After my recent blackberry accident where I slipped on the concrete septic tank whilst collecting blackberries I am less able to “do stuff” but more determined to get our lives back on track and flowing again. I think that we have started to stagnate here on Serendipity Farm and that is simply NOT acceptable. Tasmanian schools now have 4 terms to align them with the rest of the real world. That means we get less stress through the year and our breaks are spaced more evenly rather than 8 weeks at the end of the year which really starts to wear thin. I dare say Tasmanian children would lynch me for saying that…isn’t it lucky that no Tasmanian children read this blog? Talking about the state of Tasmanian children today, check out this most industrious pair and their goal to “do something” for each day of their 8 week holidays. Some of their exploits beggar belief! Surprised smile)


Some local school boys from around Serendipity Farm region (I am officially scared!) spend their holidays “productively”…



I have felt autumn on the way for about a week now. I think it started when we got the very first rain that we have had since Christmas Day last week. It all started with us erecting our overhead watering system that has given us back a fair bit of time in our day and no-one has to do paper rock scissors any more to spend an hour and a half watering this area of the garden. We subsequently carried (in the trailer) around the rest of our larger specimens to this area and only have a small patch of young maples and a newly constructed tiered section of younger more tender plants around the side of the shed to be hardened off and grown on that need to be hand watered and the maples are watered when we fill up the poultry water bowls and the plants at the side of the shed are watered regularly and easily by hand, neither of which takes more than about 10 minutes to accomplish. We are forever attempting to streamline processes on Serendipity Farm as time seems to get swallowed up in great gulps by the processes that come part and parcel with responsible stewardship of animals, property and vegetation. Where we had a nice, small easily managed garden in town, here we have an acre of jungle, where we once had 2 dogs in a well-designed area we have animals all over the place in various stages of development and all circling each other suspiciously (as well they might do!). Life is a whole lot more complicated and full of more processes than any city dweller could possibly imagine when you move to the country and have a little bit of property. Mowing the grass is a major task on Serendipity Farm. The lawned bit is no problem but the remaining 3 acres of “grass” need to be tended as well lest they become a fire hazard. Suddenly “giving the dogs/chooks” water means taking a good 30 minutes out of your day and filling up all of the water containers located all over the main living area of Serendipity Farm to make sure that nothing (hens/cats and wildlife) misses out on water. Then we fill up the food containers… that are a morning and night job. In the morning the hens (and sparrows) get fed. At night it’s the dogs and the cats (and chooks if they can duck in and grab some cat food before Steve swats them away). All of these “processes” take up time and whether you want to take part in the processes or not, you are bound by the unspoken rule of ownership that insists that you do the right thing by your livestock etc. We were watching a show on T.V. yesterday about people that neglect animals and animal hoarders. It’s all about taking responsibility for yourself and your pets. I just don’t get why someone would take on owning a pet if they were not willing to put in the effort to do it properly. Having no money is simply not a good enough reason to abrogate your responsibilities because these animals have only you to deal with their day to day care and if you can’t be bothered to do this, why do you have the animal in the first place? It beggars belief to watch people living in a motorhome with 26 animals in various stages of starvation and decline. Seeing how cruel people can be with their animals makes me furious. Forget outrageous indignation, I am straight past that and into lightning red, chilli hot rage when I see how terribly some people mistreat the poor long suffering animals in their trust. “Trust” is a very subjective word when used in this context isn’t it? I was also thinking about how they put down dogs that “can’t be rehabilitated”. How many of us would be euthanised if we had the misfortune to be born as canine rather than humans eh? I know that my life would be hanging on by a thread thanks to my naturally suspicious nature and my haste to vocalise my point of view. I dare say I would be some kind of hefty old bitch with the hairs on my back bristling at the merest suggestion of something out of the ordinary occurring. I also see myself with my snout constantly at the ready for a bit of a snarl…where would you be if you were a member of the canine confraternity and aren’t we VERY lucky to be at the top of the food chain and able to choose whether or not we bite the postman!


Isn’t this an interesting insect? It reminded me of a silk worm but this fellow decided that he was going to live in the large maple tree next to the steps. Perhaps we can use them when we teach our Tasmanians to fish? (that will teach the little bugger from eating our maple! Smile)


I forgot to show you my delicious brass door knob. My family has weird taste so don’t correct me on my use of the word “delicious” here! I really loved it and for $1 I bought it from the Exeter thrift shop and it now graces a door that used to be a sliding door but that has been changed by Steve to open in and out…whew! That was quite a sentence! All it was really designed to do was show you that we use our minds to solve our problems as cheaply as we can whilst all the time trying to gain some sort of aesthetic pleasure out of what we are doing…oh… and it also shows how handy Steve is being able to do just about EVERYTHING. I am thinking about giving him a middle name (can’t be having the poor boy only get 2 names now can we?) of “Factotum” (Latin, meaning general fix it man Smile)



This little fellow was discovered in the glasshouse living on a large hoya that we had put into the glasshouse to see out its days (it wants to take over the world so we limited the size of its world…). This little fellow is clearing out the insects that keep attempting to scoff the hosta’s and various other delicious tender green leaves that thrive in the glasshouse. Here is a case of nature working in a cycle of balance. Froggy gets food, froggy reduces the pest problem, froggy makes us happy by simply being “froggy” and froggy reduces the need for pesticide to nil. Its a win-win situation for all as froggy is most happy living in the lovely moist and humid glasshouse.


Here’s another picture of froggy and his new abode. His cousins the outside frogs live amongst the plants where we have erected the overhead watering system.


I think that you have all probably noticed by now that I have given up trying to match photographs to the post. Occasionally, more by good luck than planning, you will get photos that actually have something to do with the post at hand. Most of the time my paragraphs will be broken up by photos that appear to have nothing to do with what I am talking about. I figure you just have to zoom out… you have to keep going back far enough till the picture becomes relevant to the post. I am talking generalising here folks…when you see a picture of the boys obviously taken at the beach and I am talking about some new plant that I am contemplating growing, remember both the plant and the dogs (and the beach) are all situated in Tasmania! See…I just zoomed out until I found something that linked the picture and the content of the post. I now expect you all to exercise your own brains and make whatever associations that you see fit to tie in these random pictures to the posts that they are linked to. It might be fun…you can make it a game (for those of you with very little else to do I might even be doing a public service here…). Today’s pictures are a motley collection of various seemingly unconnected photos that are being linked together by this segue from my normal posting that is to be considered the only time that I am going to be explaining this principal to you all so you had best pay attention or perpetually be confused by my strange habit of putting unrelated pictorial material in with seemingly unrelated posts. You have been told now dear constant readers so don’t say that I didn’t tell you as I will smugly (and most annoyingly) point out this paragraph to anyone questioning me in the future regarding this matter. I am in the process of copying and pasting this paragraph into its own separate word document and filing it in with “important documents” so that I can find it very quickly. I told you that I was type A didn’t I?


I would like you all to take a minutes silence for this little pumpkin vine. It had grown despite all odds in the compost heap and had managed to get to this size before Big Yin and his feathery cohorts invaded and scratched the compost bin down to bare earth along with shreds of this little green warrior. Oh well…shovel it back in and start over again…(the story of our lives on Serendipity Farm Smile)


This is Steve’s favourite rooster “Strider”, named because he looks like one of the striders from Star Wars. Stewart, who visited recently, said that he should be a strider from The Dark Chrystal…I don’t think that Steve saw that movie Stewart…


I took this photo because it reminded me of when Stewart was visiting when dad was alive and we all painted dad’s yacht on the same dry dock area as this blue yacht is getting it’s facelift on.


I have been a bit forgetful lately and forgot to put these pictures in with the post where I mentioned Helen the librarian. She was telling me about how all of this area had been a lovely sandy beach when she was a child. It just goes to show how an invasive species can change a riverbank doesn’t it?


That houseboat has obviously been there a while and good luck to them getting it out of that seagrass bank…


Gravelly beaches answer to crop circles….


I know that some of you will have seen this picture before but I just had to post it as well. Steve used it for his very first post on his new blog and I wanted to show you where all of those hundreds of dollars worth of plants, electrical equipment and various other munched articles have actually gone…into producing a dog with a great big “heed”! At least HE is happy!


Familiarity is starting to breed discontent with my newfound addiction to the Wii game “Animal Crossing Lets go to the City”. Twice in 2 days the power has gone out for a period of 2 seconds, but just long enough to render my hours of playing a total waste of time and worse still, that darned mole thrashes me senseless each time. I have no way of reasoning with the mole and have to sit there shamefaced while I am verbally abused by a cartoon character hell bent on making me feel sufficiently ashamed of myself so as not to “reset” without saving in the middle of a game ever again. The only way that I can get the annoying little sod to “shutty” is to turn off the console mid harangue but that results in a future date with an even more irate mole than the one that I am dealing with now so I just have to take my most undeserved medicine as it is meted out. How unfair is that? I am thinking about sending an email to the people that designed this game. First I will praise them on their obvious genius and clever initiative to invent this game in the first place (see what I am doing there? I am getting them on side with me before I start to complain…always a wise move). After I run through some of the better qualities of the game I will say something along the lines of “there is only one problem with your game”…my new besties will be vulnerable now and more willing to listen to me and what I have to say as they now think that I am one of them… I will go on to say that they didn’t factor in power outages as a perfectly valid and good reason as to why someone would reset the game. They need to put some sort of surge sensor into their game or the next time that the mole beats me around like a red headed stepchild, I am going to bring my game of Animal Crossing “Let’s go to the City” to their nearest City and shove it where the mole regularly retreats to after he thrashes me within an inch of my life in his ever increasing verbal tirades…I also had to spend over an hour trying to fish one of my stupid cartoon animals lost keys out of the river and it was almost midnight before I achieved that goal. The game is starting to become like a whinging child in a sweet shop who has spent all of their pocket money and who is employing every trick in the book to avail themselves of the most delicious treats on display everywhere…simply put… the game is becoming more trouble than it is worth. I am starting to remember why I stopped playing it last time. I was suddenly put upon to plant trees in various sectors, there weren’t enough flowers… everyone had me running about all over the place to get them various items of furniture, fish, flowers, bugs that were increasingly harder to get and suddenly my little oasis of calm where I could retreat and organise myself senseless from the real world had become more stressful than the world that I was attempting to retreat from! What sort of game is that!? I think that I am just about to set the game aside for another year or so. When I decide to play again I will wake up with bed hair… I will have cockroaches in my rooms. Some of my neighbours will have moved out on me and the remaining stalwarts will harangue me and tell me that they thought that I was dead. There will be weeds all over the place that need to be dealt with and I will have totally forgotten why I stopped playing the game in the first place. I don’t think that Animal Crossing was designed to be a cute animal cartoony alternative to the PlayStation 2 and 3 Simm’s game…I think that the creators watched Jumanji one too many times! See you all tomorrow when I may, or may not, have stopped playing this game. When you are addicted it is sometimes hard to give it up…

(you see…I CAN do a shorter post :o)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Roz Takes
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 11:15:48

    Hi Fran, after watching your video I wondered if it is only the people in the Forestry industry who have a low IQ. Was good for a giggle tho.
    I sympathise about the game. I was talked into games on Facebook and now can’t seem to give up on them even tho they irritate me. “Friends” are always asking for bits and pieces and I send all the time, but no one recipricates, consequently I have half finished quests everywhere.
    Did you look into the books I suggested?Here is another “Desert Flower” the story of Waris Dirie. Check it out on the computer.


    • narf77
      Feb 16, 2012 @ 11:36:04

      Sorry about not replying to you about the books…I am in the process of requesting them from the library and will let you know what I think :o). As my sister mentioned, books are a very subjective thing and one persons amazing read can be anothers boring waste of time. I have read a bit of Colleen and enjoyed it so I will give those books a go. Lord knows they can only be better than some of the Mary Anne Shaffer list! I was totally addicted to Facebook games and would spend hours in my restaurant or tending some animal or other and then one day I gave it up cold turkey because it ran so slowly that I was pulling out my hair and yelling at the P.C. and Steve was starting to get worried about me (he might have to have me comitted and who would cook his tea then?). I don’t go to Facebook much now. It just trundles along without me loading reams and reams of bampf that I occasionally check up on. Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall is constantly telling me things along with someone called “Vegan Dad” and a lady who cooks amazing vegan recipes but I can’t be bothered following it all. I am all for a simple life and Facebook simply took over mine so I took it back :o)


  2. Kym
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 23:57:33

    Ok Fran I’m just going to say this quickly and get it over with( I’m trembling…). You are getting a tad unhinged about the pushbikes. Ok there I said it. Remember, at least they are doing something healthy so therefore shouldn’t need to use the few precious health resources that you have in Tassie 🙂 x


    • narf77
      Feb 17, 2012 @ 00:06:11

      In the “real world” someone on a pushbike is just that…someone on a pushbike. In Tasmania the “art” (couldn’t be something simple like exercise) of riding a pushbike has been elevated to extreme levels. They are allowed (because the pushbike riders are all lawyers, doctors and all of our politicians) to ride around in massive pods of lycra clad idiots doing 20km/hour in a 100 zone and you simply can’t get past them. They drive through red lights, they veer around in front of you when you are driving without giving hand signals, they give you the finger if you look at them sideways they are ASSHOLES. There…I said it. You guys are apparently lucky with the pushbike riders that you get over there, but we have them like a plague of rats and they are increasing in numbers all of the time and should be eradicated :o). That is my opinion and I am sticking to it…


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