Sorry to American individuals

This is going to be a very small post. I occasionally do a small post to make a point. This one is to say sorry. I have to admit I have a bit of a problem with “American’s” in general. It’s not because I am racist, but it’s because as a race “American’s” tend to forget that they are but one part of an entire world and forget the rest of us and our contributions to world harmony. I know that there are many amazing American’s out there. When I gripe and complain about “American’s” it is the kind of American that talks incredibly loudly about how fantastic they are at inappropriate moments. The kind that is crass and obtuse and who doesn’t pick up on cues that whoever they are talking to is not interested or is obviously uncomfortable. The rest of the world is tired of being told that we are at America’s beck and call and that America rules us all. We don’t like to be told that we are sub standard and that “EVERYTHING” is better in the good old U.S.A. It pisses us all off to be honest. Especially when we know it simply isn’t true.

In saying that, some American wrote “Friends”. Another one wrote “Futurama”. Some Americans got together to organise the internet (along with other worldly contributors) and American’s have made some very important steps towards our society as a whole. You just need to remember that it wasn’t all YOU! You don’t HAVE to be the best. Just be yourself. As a race, your people are pleasant enough. I am very sceptical about how there seem to be a large proportion of your populace that will listen to and blindly follow whoever is in government no matter what they are obviously doing to feather their own nests and the same goes for blind religious acceptance. I am a Christian but I am NOT a zealot! Ok, I wanted to say sorry in case any individual American stumbled onto this blog and was taken aback by my obvious dislike for “Americans”. I needed to clarify that this isn’t you. It’s your perception overseas. I have met some intersting and likeable Americans but our perception of you has been skewed by your media and how you treat the rest of the world. We are all one big group of people stuffed in various places and you just happen to be stuffed over on your part of the globe. America is going through problems just like the rest of the world and  we would like to think that you will learn from what has happened to you like the rest of us have to. Don’t throw Obama out. He has done an amazing job towards making your people appear real to the rest of the world. George W. Bush had plunged you into the abyss when it came to public opinion anywhere other than the U.S.A. Patriotism is a way to get you to do what the government and armed forces want without question by the way. You can be proud of your country, but that doesn’t mean that you have to take up arms at the drop of a hat without questioning why…

Stop bashing Canada. It’s a beautiful place with lovely people. I can’t understand how you can take the piss out of their accent and their genuine friendliness when you have middle American worn like a prosthetic huge gut wrapped right around your bible belt! I love the way that being a “Geek” is now socially acceptable. I love Indie music and good Californian wine. I love the beauty of your country and the mystery of it’s indiginous people (however I am well aware that they are hardly the “majestic race” that they once were and that there are problems rife throughout their community mostly from being dependent on welfare…we have that as well and do gooders are NOT helping the situation as they need dignity and self respect rather than hand outs…). There is so much to love about America and individual American’s but you have an enormous job in your public relations with the rest of the world. I would rather live in France than America and the people there are genuinely rude.

So here is my humble appology to the individual American that may take offense. Please don’t. It isn’t aimed at you. If you can’t take a good hard look at how your country is trying to drag the rest of us kicking and screaming down a rocky slope of media and big business doom then you are sorely deluded. Perhaps you need to come over to another part of the world and see how the rest of us see your country? It might be a great thing to walk a mile in another countries shoes to get that perspective. You have been mislead by so very many people and you need to be less trusting of big business and your government. Don’t believe everything that preachers tell you either. Find things out for yourself and go visit some of those Geeks, they are your true leaders!


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  1. Pinky
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 10:06:14

    My, my , my Fronkii! Just where in all this blog is the said apology?? 😛
    In your previous blog you talked about the show come dine with me. I’ve been watching the Greek version of this on SBS and its hilarious, with subtitles! They put 5 completely different people together and each one has to cook for them all each night or week or whatever and I found it amazing even though the voiceover guy would say daft things that made no sense whatsoever or the subtitles were all wrong. Enjoy seeing Maddy and Beth and I wish you well with the blackberry bush. You would do well to try and purchase a brushcutter so you can stand back from it and just mow away. 🙂


  2. narf77
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 10:36:59

    I think you mean the “said offense” of being outrageously indignant at Americans? Well if you read this blog there are various mentions of anti-american sentiment (and in the next few posts you will see it while I am at the girls…) I had been thinking about it and decided to applogise for any individual American who took offense. I don’t want to judge a whole race by the actions of many and just wanted to redress any past (and most probably future) “individual” wrongs rather than upset anyone who feels that I am personally slighting them. I have no problem with individuals. I take them on their own individual merit but America as a whole needs to pick up its game and stop trying to tell the rest of us how to behave when thats ripe coming from them! Its always harder to see your own faults and very easy to point out those of others and the word “Hippocrate” comes to mind whenever I think of “American’s” in general. That’s why I was appologising, because sometimes I come down pretty hard on the poor old individual Yank and I didn’t want to upset any of my constant readers who are obviously a cut above the rest :o)


  3. Roz Takes
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 11:19:29

    Hi Fran
    Actually I was expecting a rant about certain “Australians”who disrupted goings on in Canberra and made us the laughing stock of the world! However I fully understand your feelings towards “The Yank” as mine have been similar since the Vietnam War.
    Give my love to the girls, tell them I miss them. Erin has gone to Wales again this time to do more of Europe.


    • narf77
      Jan 29, 2012 @ 11:47:27

      I didn’t know that Erin had gone in the first place! I must check Facebook more often! We went to the U.K. for Christmas in 2005 and Madeline spent her 18th birthday there. I hope that Erin has a ball. Wales is a really beautiful place (not too far from Steve’s mum in Liverpool :o). I will give the girls your love. They are living the life of Reilly in town and are both going to be studying this year. Madeline is going to be studying to be a Laboratory Technician and Bethany is doing art. Put your orders in for her “creations” now if you are brave :o). I didn’t think that little storm in a teacup was worth commenting on. What a load of media bampf that was! Who gives a damn if a few outrageously indignant Aboriginals shove our useless slow talking prime minister and wake her up from her self induced stupour? Good on them! We would all love to give the silly woman a shove when she completely ignores the populace and does whatever she sees fit to further her own adgenda (and that is coming from a labour voter! She is most certainly stuffed come the next elections…) was that a good enough rant? Vietnam was the first of the wars that we sent our poor armed forces off as cattle to the slaughter to defend American honour (and their drug addled view of spooks in the cupboard…) and we have been falling for it ever since! We are still sending our troops off to further American profits in the oil fields etc. I am going to stop there as I can rant for Queen and country if I am not stopped :o) Have a great day and keep us up with what is happening on your side of the family, no-one else tells us anything!


  4. Das Wree
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 16:30:10

    Don’t be silly, Americans can’t read!


    • narf77
      Jan 30, 2012 @ 08:05:39

      Most of this appology was aimed (as it is my year of living honestly) at my Photobotos reader. There…I said it. I decided that they might not like my “Anti-American” sentiments and didn’t want them to stop reading the blog. If they do, however, I guess they will have to be collateral damage because honest is most probably one of the most important things that we can be in this life (and should Das Wree be correct…they won’t read it anyway! :o)

      Can Photobotos take a little critisism of their fellow countrymen (not aimed at them?) who would know? We Aussies (and people in the U.K. and many other countries in the world to be honest) are taught to be self deprecating. I think that this is a great leveller. Forget trying to elevate yourself above the rest, we are all a common people. I am NOT saying that no-one should ever try to strive to achieve. People who strive nobley to advance our human condition and save lives, open our eyes and give us awareness are to be commended. It’s just rock stars; actors; politicians and anyone else who “falls” into their incredibly highly paid jobs through no particular talent that seem to be right up there when it comes to we “common people” having to be exposed to them all over the place.

      Real people can weigh things up. Real people can measure and contemplate and laugh at themselves when they do stupid things. The American populace have trouble understanding this. 15 minutes of fame seems to be the highest form of achievement that the average American can achieve in their lifetime and they strive all out to achieve this with whatever means that they can regardless of whether or not it actually makes a worthwhile difference to the human race. There…I said it again. If you take the piss of our politicians we won’t be up in arms, we will laugh along with you. If you run down our actors, most of them will have a laugh with you (apart from Nicole Kidman who thinks that she is some sort of Australian icon along with Kylie Minogue…both deluded old ladies…) and that laconic level headedness didn’t come from being told how unique and important the individual is… it came from learning your place in society and just how bloody lucky you were if you made it big. No man is an island and no man is better than any other man nor should they be elevated above anyone else due to their own personal sense of self worth. There endeth the lesson!


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