I’m back!

Hi All,

Thankyou all for putting up with retrospective posts and for Steve for faithfully posting every day while I was gone. The past week has been a mishmash of happy and sad, emotional highs and lows. Seeing the best in people and the worst and a lot of soul searching. I don’t like flying at the best of times but flying over to bury your mum has knobs on. I was very lucky to be seated next to a real life Dame Edna (sounded just like her) who fell instantly asleep and snored from Launceston to Melbourne. I had a 5 hour hiatus waiting for my next plane and read the best part of Nige’s book. Warm, cuddly and a bit risque, just like Nige.  After that, I was seated next to a lady from Wagin Western Australia who had been over to Melbourne for a best friends wedding. We had a seat between us free and so her baby was able to sleep the whole way over to Western Australia. We had 3 babies on that flight and never heard one of them once. Once I got to W.A. I headed off to the Skywest part of the terminal and it was another trip down to Albany, this time seated next to a man who I had gone to school with and we caught up on our respective bits of gossip and information. I had the most amazing hospitality from my sister and her partner Jason who put me up and fed me daily, her daughter Sabrina and her partner Andy are the most amazing young cooks and we were fed restaurant quality food for my entire stay accompanied by glasses of good quality white wine that never quite reached the bottom of the glass…

Mums funeral was beautiful. If she was watching from somewhere, she would have loved it. She had a beautiful jarrah coffin and lots of lovely flowers. So many people turned up to see her off and my brother and I accompanied her to the crematorium to make sure that she wasn’t alone. I tried so very hard to write something to say at her funeral. My family (on both sides) are very emotional people (sooks, was my word…) and I knew that there wouldn’t be any dry eyes. After writing, tearing pages, filling the bin…I decided that my blog post that I dedicated to her was everything that I needed to say and so I shared it with my relatives and mums friends. My sister and brother and I had been somewhat estranged for a while but we put our differences aside and of everything that we did for mum, she would have been the most happy about that. I stayed with my brother in his little hand made stone cottage that he rents out in the bush. Everything is recycled and wooden and I loved it. He had removed most of mums potted plants which was extremely lucky because her neighbours decided that they might like to have the rest and took them on the day of her funeral. I think that was what made me the saddest. If they had asked, we would have given them lots of plants but plants, bird baths, secateurs, anything that they could take were removed when we took a lock off the side gate and asked one of them to water the garden as it was so very hot and the garden was dying. I really don’t understand how anyone could think that it was ever alright to take something from someone, let alone someone who has died. I know that people like that will get their karma, it just made me so very sad

When we were cleaning out mums effects it felt totally wrong. I had to do this when my father died but I didn’t get this sense of “taking things out of mums handbag” that I got this time. I selected a few things from mums place. I couldn’t take much and as it was, I ended up paying steeply for being 3kg overweight on my baggage. I have a few precious, carefully selected items to remember mum by. I asked for, and got her camera. She was the happiest snapper of them all and kept every one. My son and my sisters partner collated 9 large boxes of all sorts of photos and they are just the pre digital photos. I found a Entada gigas or sea heart seed pod that my grandmother apparently kept and mum had after her. I might even see if I can’t get it to grow… Sea hearts are very interesting plants and if you would like to know a bit more about them, you can check out this link…


I spent most of my time in Western Australia helping my sister and brother to sort mums belongings out and tried to take some photos for you in between. This post won’t be a very long one. We have quite a few things to sort out today and I just wanted to say “Hi” to you all and say that there is no place like home :o). Thankyou to my sister and her partner and family, my brother and especially my son Stewart who drove me everywhere and who was always willing to go the extra mile for me. I also stayed with my amazing friend Kym and her wonderful man Bruce. I had the best time guys! So much lovely Margaret River wine and that enormous bottle of Dimple that you had been saving has the most amazing flavour Bruce. My trip home was uneventful and easy and the closer I got to Tasmania, the more excited I got. It wasn’t half as excited as the boys were thought! I had bought them a hilarious rubber pig that made a most interesting noise when squeezed and a ball that made a very interesting noise also. Earl got a kong but now we have to get Bezial one as they both love it (and the treats that got stuffed into it). All in all I survived that journey that I wasn’t looking forwards to. Our family was reunited and we had a fantastic last night all together, sharing a delicious meal that our niece and her partner cooked. We lost mum, but gained our family back again.

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I have so much to share with you in some future posts. Today we have to head into town or be invaded by starving chickens. I got up this morning and had a good look at the throng of milling chooks that were waiting for a bit of bread to be lobbed over the balcony and realised that the “chickens” are bigger than our older birds. I didn’t realise that they would be growing exponentially. Steve put in a lovely fence to stop Earl from getting out and frolicking free but the chickens are getting so big, if he gets out again, I don’t know who would have the upper hand. Pingu’s leg is almost mended and she is happy in her little outside cage for the moment and the 5 feral chicks are all much bigger now and still alive despite being dumped by their mum before I headed off to W.A. Serendipity Farm has gone on and I brought the heat that we had to endure in W.A. back with me. See you all tomorrow when I can share some of my W.A. pictures with you and when I will be better able to compose my poor addled brain to share my adventure with you in more lucid tones. Have a great day. I have come back after doing a lot of soul searching and thinking and with a whole new ethos. Keep looking at this space because we are going to be really going places with Serendipity Farm :o)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Roz Takes
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 12:04:32

    Hi Fran so nice to have you back and lovely to hear that everything went well.
    We all at times have our Family problems and so wish we could be on the same page and it is wonderful when differences are solved.
    Cannot understand people who steal, plunder a deceased’s property. Bogans all!
    Glad your flight was uneventful and I am looking forward to photos and your next Blog.


  2. Kym
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 12:56:39

    It is lovely to see you back in the saddle. Steve was great but short in his posts lol. I kept thinking of lots of things I was going to show and tell you, but time was too short! We are hatching up a plan to make it over to you guys this year, we will see how it goes. I have given the garden a bit of a prune today, and given the fruit trees another feed mixed will seasol. I will find that picture of the rose in bloom and send it over. Take care x


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