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Hi All,

Today I will be flying from Albany Western Australia to the capital city Perth. I will be met from the plane by my friend Kym who I met when I was 16 when attending year 11 in high school. Kym was from Albany and I was from Denmark and there was an unspoken taboo that the two groups of students remain separate and didn’t mix. I had chosen speech and drama as one of my subjects and after Kym watched me in one of our class performances she approached me and we had an instant camaraderie that has spanned so much more than distance and time. We had found each other through Facebook again and remained in contact especially once I started this blog. Kym and I are going to meet up after 30 years and the two 18 year old kids that we were when we last saw each other have given way to middle age and middle aged spread. We are both mums of older children and my son, who will be turning 30 this year, is Kym’s godson. There is something precious about a friend who will phone you up after reading about your mother’s death and after not having spoken to you in 30 years. Who will do so knowing that it is going to be awkward and most probably emotional but who does it anyway. Thank you so much Kym for your support and your friendship and today I get to see you again. Both of our mums are gone. We have so much to talk about and when I head back to Tasmania I am going to put photos of your home and your garden on the Serendipity Farm blog. I want to take a picture of the rose that you planted for Iris your mum. I would like to share you with everyone that visits Serendipity Farm because I am proud to have remained your friend for so many years.

Enough of the mushy stuff! I am heading back in time now…back to Monday 9th before I headed out to where I am in reality today. I am starting to get mental confusion regarding these posts so goodness only knows how comprehensible they are to my constant readers! I want to tell you about Steve’s bug house. We have the 2 bug houses that we built last year sitting on a bedside unit next to Steve’s side of the bed. If you asked us why we had them there we couldn’t tell you apart from “we haven’t gotten around to putting them into the garden yet” a most common malaise for many things lying around in unusual places on Serendipity Farm. They are just waiting in their temporary home to move to more permanent surrounds. Steve was watching me pack for my trip and noticed some sawdust next to the smaller bug house. He thought that it was borers emerging from the wood and was a bit miffed until I pointed out that at least it was an insect living in his insect house… while I was muttering about having to iron things (a most dreaded of tasks) Steve was inspecting the bug house for the insect invader when a large native wasp flew straight into the hole that the sawdust had been nibbled from! While we watched, the wasp buzzed about inside the hole a bit and emerged to fly out to the lounge room where it hunted for one of the blowflies that spends their days banging their heads against the windows in the lounge room until they sustain permanent brain damage and drop to join their fallen comrades. It returned to the hole in the bug house and when it realised that we had rumbled it (not hard to realise when a huge great camera lens is shoved right up against your new home) it emerged, flew around us a few times and headed off out the screen door to hunt further afield. How amazing! Here we were, thinking that the bug houses wouldn’t encourage anything outside and one of the outside bugs has moved inside the house just so that it can live in our trendy bug condominium! What a privilege. Not too sure how much of a privilege it will be when its babies emerge and invade our room in Ernest, but until that day, the wasp can live protected from predators inside.

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I bought my clothes for the trip today and it’s strange to think that I will have been wearing them for days by the time that this post is posted. It’s going to be hotter where I am going but it truly is a very different heat to Tasmania and 30C in W.A. is like 25C here. Hopefully I have managed to take all sorts of interesting photos for you all to see. I will be taking photos in Perth for you to see just what a beautiful city it is. When Steve first came out to meet me way back in 1998 we met on neutral territory in Perth and spent time getting to know each other there. We had been talking online for a year by that stage and although we knew each other so very well we had never met before then and the backdrop of Perth gave us 6 weeks of getting to know each other. That 6 weeks came to an end too quickly and after another year of long distance living Steve moved out to see if living in Australia was going to be his new state of being. 12 years later we have found ourselves on Serendipity Farm. We spend all of our time together. We very rarely spend a day apart let alone the week that we have just been forced to endure. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and my best friend and true other half is not with me. Steve would have loved to have visited Perth again. He felt an instant affinity to Perth when he first got there and we made at least 1 yearly pilgrimage to Perth to stock up on spices and various ethnic food that was unavailable in Albany where we eventually settled.  So much water has gone under the bridge since we started this journey but every step led us to where we are now. Every time we made a choice, it brought us a little bit closer to the life that we are now leading. I guess what I am trying to say is that you can never know what life is going to bring you. Where you might be feeling like nothing is going your way or you will never meet the person that will give you meaning to your life you have no idea what tomorrow will bring. The death of my mum has shown me not to take anything for granted ever again, but it has also shown me that every moment of abject pain is balanced by a moment of true pure happiness. Wish me luck on my flight home tomorrow. I hate flying but tomorrow I am going home and a new part of our journey will begin. See you then :o)

Fran has been telling me it’s hot and humid, not at all like it is here and she wants to come home, we all miss her here and can’t wait till she gets back. Not to sure how she will get back yet that all depends on my mechanic and the power company and if I have access to a phone, I have just made previsions though so she will come home one way or the other. Ok I just like to post a tiny bit or real time here for her readers , some of which I think are on holiday and not reading because I’m sure they would have contacted us by now lol . She will be home soon and has charged me with some pics for tomorrow and I am going to raid the hard drives and see what we have.


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  1. Pinky
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 11:34:22

    She’s almost back Steve. Only another 24 hours to go roughly. Thank you for letting her come back. We wish you all could have come back. We’d have found places for you to stay in the house. We’ve been reading the blog many times a day as well.
    Take care and we’ll hear from you tomorrow?


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