Bye bye for a week

Hi All,


I am heading off to Western Australia today. Earl broke out of the dog enclosure (ate his way through the wire) and attacked Pingu and I think he dispatched one of our young roosters as we cant find him and he had been a bit lame. Steve is taking the trailer in today to pick up some stakes to make a fence while I am gone to keep the monster inside the barrier (next thing is an electric collar Earl so think VERY carefully before you eat this fence!). Steve will be posting the 8 posts that I have left to be posted. If anything appears to be an anomally it might be something to do with that. Thanks babe for doing that :o). See you all in a week. The next few days of posts are all higgledepiggledy but at least you have posts. Wish me luck…I hate flying and see you all next Wednesday when I am back where I belong on Serendipity Farm


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  1. Pinky
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 10:35:22

    I’m so looking forward to seeing you Fronkii. We will look after you and, no doubt, give you new posting material for The Road to Serendipity.


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