The penultimate to my big travel day

Hi All,

This is going to be a very small post. To everyone saying “hooray”! You can stop getting used to it because it is an anomaly rather than the norm. I am heading off tomorrow back to Western Australia for a week to go to my mum’s funeral. The rest of my family are over in Western Australia. We can’t all afford to go over so my 2 daughters and Steve have to stay here and give me moral support from afar, but I have my amazing friend Kym batting for me in Perth and I will stay with her for a day after not having seen her in about 30 years. I also have my son Stewart who whether he gives me any sort of moral support or not, is going to see the kilometres on his car gauge spiral somewhat as I am going to “borrow” his car. Sorry Stewart. I know I haven’t mentioned this before now but pretty please? I want to take so many pictures of where I am and what I am finding for you all that I will make my late mothers happy snapping look like a restrained event. I want to show you all the incredibly interesting and often only to be found in the endemic area plants and trees that make the lower south west of Western Australia the precious botanical hotspot that has given it a new degree of importance and that has seen it listed as the only botanical hot spot in Australia. This is the place where I was born. I grew up and that I returned to as an adult with my children. You can’t take the place that you were born out of the equation when you are listing those things that make you the unique individual that you are. No matter how rich or poor, how adventurous or how staid your family life was, the environment that you were born into and that you grew up in leave an indelible mark on your soul for the rest of your life.

I wish I was going back in better circumstances, but despite the emotional tides that will ebb and flow much like those manic tides in the river that I now live on, I know that I am going to touch down in my heartland and as such, I am not going to waste this precious time to document so very much when who knows when I might ever get to this amazing place again for quite some time. There will be sadness and there will also be irreverant humour. That’s how we get through things and that isn’t going to stop any day soon. We will remember mum, I will have my own private goodbyes to say and we will head out of that funeral service celebrating that amazing woman who gave us birth, raised us fiercly to know right from wrong and when we chose “wrong” stood by us and kept loving us no matter what. We have to go to town today to pick up some clothes and shoes so that I can appear semi-normal to my family and friends in Western Australia and not terrify these people with my nomadic appearance. It is so easy to grab the first thing in your wardrobe and team it with the second thing that you lay your hands on and when coupled with a pair of odd socks (Earl has a sock fetish) and some Doc Martins or Mack work boots, I would make a most alarming vision to most people. My mum would want me to be “neat and tidy”. Steve is even going to brush his hair for her on the day when he is sitting out on the deck with a glass of red for both him and her (good excuse Steve…). We just want to do what she would have wanted us to do. Its for her, not us.

Ok, I have to hurry here. I have to find a most incriminating picture of my son to send to him to show him that I did learn something from my mother who’s fierce need to hoard pictures of us all allowed her to maintain a dossier of terrible photos of us all and one of the worst of me personally, my dear son just found when helping my sister and her partner Jason to sort through mums things and is threatening to put on my facebook page. Good luck with that Stewart. I have so many incriminating photos of you and you have a whole lot more to lose than I do now :o) “bring it on!” I love how life starts to seep back into you when you think that grief might just do you in. It is like new growth in the spring. At first everything seems dead and nothing is growing or moving, but suddenly you start to see tiny signs of new life all around you. Nana doocark died too mum. She was getting thinner and was starting to stand in little patches of sun to warm her poor old tired bones. She didn’t have that energy that you had when you were here at Christmas time so we were expecting this. We made her a little nest in the hay yesterday when she could no longer walk. Neither of us could help her on her way, we are big softies, but we did what we could for her and this morning she wasn’t here any more. We are going to eventually find a soft spot in this rock strewn place to bury her and then she will have a tree planted on her in your honour. One of our precious babies so that at least 1 of them is out in the garden where you kept imploring us to put them.

And so I come to the end of this post. Not much today, but those “city duds” are calling me from their various shops and the dogs need something to have for their tea tonight. The cats aren’t far behind and so that slow unfolding of greenery after the winter that came so suddenly into our hearts, is starting to turn into a new day of leaves, tendrils and possibilities. You are coming with us mum so hold onto your hat, we are going on a pretty wild and bumpy ride!


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  1. Pinky
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 09:26:55

    We certainly did find some most “interesting” photos of years past Fronkii over the last few days! You know what? We were happy and screaming with laughter in most of them. Some of the clothes, when we were wearing any that is, are outright hilarious and I know mum was shooting the moment to catch it in time forever. I’m more than happy to take you driving dear Fronkii if Stew needs his car or you can always use Mums. I think she would love to be with you on your photographic journey using her car. Its battered and scraped about (remember Mums driving?) but is still ok to tootle around in and I put in a new fuel tank for her a few years back when hers rusted through and its a bigger one so you can go further!
    Sorry to hear about Nana Doocark. I love chickens too, maybe ducks more but she saw out her last few months in paradise on the farm and will make a most tasty compost for a new plant.


    • narf77
      Jan 09, 2012 @ 13:35:45

      You know how honest I am being? I might just “out” myself when I get back in the blog and post that bloody photo of me in the bathers and that way, NO ONE can ever use it against me again :o). You know that mum couldn’t see any of our faults? She never saw that I was overweight for most of my life, she never noticed that we were crabby and she always thought the best of us. I am going to have the best time sharing her love of gardening with Annie and her readers and I need to take HEAPS more pictures of mums garden when we go in to dig everything that we possibly can up. I think that Jim will come with us that time. He wants to take her potted plants and you know how he is pretty much the only one of us that inherited her natural ability with plants. We had to learn and pay a shite load for that privilage. See you tomorrow old stick and if we both get into mums car is it going to be able to handle the pair of us? :o)


  2. Pinky
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 21:33:00

    Hahahahahahahaha the car will cope methinks. I dont know that I inherited her gardening ability, I can watch plants grow and water them but I want a garden that dosn’t require me to do anything much other than sit and drink wine in a comfy chair with a wooden table and a pond full of frogs or fish. Lots of pavers/tiles/slate and a couple of nice deciduous colourful trees. Lots of mosaics on the inside garden walls. A nice gardening person to come around once a month to check on it. I am the lazy gardener Fronkii. Ooohhh and some pretty lanterns to hang from branches when the bloody easterlies give up their wild blowing!


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