Nothing stops on Serendipity Farm let alone posts for Christmas

Hi All,

Firstly, do you like the snow? I had it shipped in especially for you all to enjoy for Christmas. Secondly…

Merry Christmas! I have my doubts that anyone will read this Christmas post but I am putting finger to keyboard anyway just in case there is someone out there somewhere who wants to drop in to Serendipity Farm for a Christmas tipple with us. We are not expecting anyone here next Christmas and might head off to Beaconsfield and help out with the Anglican Church Christmas meal for people who find themselves alone on Christmas day. What a lovely premise? You don’t have to be poor or homeless, just on your own or away from home. I would love to help cook or serve food for something like that and might coerce Steve into doing the same. There is nothing that makes you feel in the Christmas spirit more than giving your time and energy to help other people. That’s what it’s all about folks…back a few thousand years ago someone was born who gave us the most precious gift of all on that very first Christmas…the gift of choice. Whether you believe in God or not, if you are celebrating Christmas, you are inadvertently celebrating the birth of Jesus. I am not going to bash anyone’s ear about Christianity today but just need to point out that all of Christianity came from a single birth. How far have we come since that day? Bollocks if I know! I just know how grateful and humble I feel when faced with the joy of Christmas thanks to 1 man’s choice so many years ago that gave us hope for the future. My optimism comes from this moment in time and I sit here today giving thanks for what was given to us way back then. I will be redolent with food, drink and good cheer today and come Boxing Day, I will be thinking about my New Year’s resolutions for 2012. This year has been a real eye opener and as we slowly released ourselves into Serendipity Farm time, we have learned so very much about ourselves and the world around us. Today we will be celebrating so much more than Christmas. We have so very much to be thankful for and as each day unfolds here on Serendipity Farm, we will attempt to share the chaotic unfolding’s of our lives, what we are doing and where we are going each and every day. Have a most poignant and meaningful Christmas and please feel free to drop by whenever you are passing by this way. Felice Navidad, Merry Christmas and God bless you all on this most auspicious of days :o)

Here are a few photos that we took on Christmas Eve. Mum is cooked up a storm in town with our daughters on one of the hottest days that we have had this year and we are just about ready to face the day. I feel a complete serene happiness today. I walked out on the deck at 6.30 this morning and saw the last of the river fog drifting around the bend leaving wispy trails behind it. The sun was up, it was already warm and I could smell the eucalypts releasing their scent that reminds me so much of Christmas and summer time. We have a plague of enormous black cicada’s with bright red eyes up in the trees harmonising Aussie Christmas carols. They get to these levels once every 4 years and it is so very poignant that they were here on our very first Christmas way back when we first moved to Tasmania. Live goes on…the ducks were quacking to be let out…the dogs were straining at the lead to be walked, water to put in chook bowls, food to be poured out and greedily devoured and all a constant reminder that Christmas is just another day in the slow march of time. This year I am claiming Christmas. As I picked a beautiful bunch of flowers from the gardens to put on my fathers grave, I silently gave thanks for what he left us. Hard work, stress and a whole lot of soul searching, but in a way, it has given me back my ability to reason, to plan, to think laterally and to work with what we have. It has also given me a bit of distance to see where he was and to remember that our parents are just people like the rest of us with all of the flaws and graces that the rest of us have. Thankyou for Serendipity Farm dad. I know that you are watching what we are doing and often judging us harshly but without your gift, I wouldn’t be learning so very much about myself and the world that we are now surrounded by. Christmas is time to think about how very lucky we are to be living on this amazing blue planet out in the middle of the ether. To have the people around us who care about us whether we like them or not and to realise that we all have a place in this amazing universe. Here are those photos…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In these photos, Earl makes snow for Christmas, you can see our clever idea for how to marinate our 2 different kinds of Christmas chicken skewers (one satay and one herb marinaded) in the gift that my son gave me years ago, my most useful vacuum sealer (thanks Stewart, it was a most insightful gift :o) and as you can see, it most definately helped us and came in useful this year!). You also get to see a bit of our kitchen chaos but the focus is the meringues that I made for crumbling into one of Steve’s magnificent creations that I might just put the recipe for here as though we put lots of recipes together, it is technically Steve’s creation and as such we can put the recipe here for you all to have a go at.

We also have that picture that greeted me this morning at 6.30 when I headed out to take my first breath of fresh eucalyptus scented air from the deck. Isn’t it pretty? Thanks dad :o)

The last picture is of our own Serendipity Farm nature Christmas decoration that has just decided to live on our kitchen roof. We walked through the teatree forest with Qi and the boys this morning and noticed that the closely spaced trees are festooned with the most beautiful members of the orb weaver spider family with lovely green on their backs. I haven’t seen this variety of spider before and this little moth seems to be echoing that colour theme. Perhaps Serendipity Farm is coded “Green” in the scheme of the universe? Good oh! I haven’t been raised in hippy ville (Denmark W.A.)  and echoed those earlier green leanings most of my life for nothing! Check out our little Christmas decoration, isn’t he gorgeous? :o)

See you all tomorrow, and here’s hoping that you can still move and are able to stand upright without your heads laying you low from your Christmas day excesses :o)



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  1. Pinky
    Dec 25, 2011 @ 10:44:15

    Hi Fronkii,
    I’m awake and reading your blog. Merry Christmas! The orb spiders didn’t come through though. Love the moth and all the other piccies.
    PS It’s snowing on the screen. Did you do that or is it peculiar to word press?


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