The last Bonnie Beach post

Hi All,

Well it’s Wednesday and it’s the last of the Bonnie Beach posts. I hope that you have been enjoying our little exploration of one of the walks that we regularly take our dogs on. We like to keep them varied and walk all over the place with them. We don’t like to get bored with our surroundings and it’s always more exciting for the boys to revisit somewhere that they haven’t been for a while and re-mark all of those poles, shrubs and rubbish bins that other dogs have been ‘posting’ on. Hopefully something exciting has happened in the last 3 days that I have managed to take photos of and document so that you have something interesting to read about tomorrow! I guess you will just have to check in and find out for yourself won’t you? :o)

Look! It’s the hamster from the other side! We made it around the block without having the staffy at the house at the end of the main road run out to frolic with the boys, Lassie didn’t bark anywhere near as much as it (can’t tell if it’s a male or female under all that fur!) normally does but I guess the staffy made up for that and as soon as we departed Lassies territory we entered the sheepdog next door’s territory…sigh…you might ask us why we walk this way? Take a look at the photo’s…it’s worth it :o) you can see egg island well in this photo. It’s a teeny sometimes island off the end of the point.

Doesn’t this sparkly water look inviting? It most certainly was to a hot overweight black American Staffordshire terrier with a smattering of Labrador in him. Earl even went in up to his knees (elbows?) and Steve was just glad to be almost at the end of the walk. You can see a prime example of problem solving being employed by Steve in this shot. Bezial loves water, Earl tolerates it. Bezial wants to go out up to his belly, Earl doesn’t. Steve wishes to remain in one piece and not get torn in half by 2 dogs going in opposite directions and so we fished out one of our spare leads from the car (we are very resourceful) and hooked it up to Bezials lead so that he could lumber out as far as he wanted whilst Steve and Earl remained happy and dry on land.

This is the boat ramp at Devil’s Elbow. This is where Steve launches his dinghy on the incredibly rare times that he heads out into the river by boat. On a Saturday morning and a bit later on Sundays (Tasmanians love their sleep-ins) you can find this ramp packed full of 4 x 4’s and boat trailers. It’s a lovely place to launch your boat, close to everywhere and no-one is going to break into your car or pinch your boat trailer. Bonnie Beach is over the other side of the water and around that far point on the right hand side of this picture and we live further around the coast to the right of this shot.

You can clearly see how Egg Island really IS an island in this photo. In the other photo it looked like an isthmus (go look it up…). “No man is an island…but lots of them are isthmus’s! :o)  Most of the water craft in the picture are wooden boats. They were bought by 2 industrious young men who managed to cobble together a few thousand dollars and buy the lot. One day their investment will be repaid or more likely their water craft will develop bad cases of borers and will sink. Either way, good luck to them!

This is our road. It looks like a bush track out in the wilderness and you would never guess that the highway runs parallel to it. We feel like the Leyland Brothers whenever we come back from town. We have walked the boys up and down this road more times than I could count and have developed a healthy respect for it. You can tell the locals, they are the people driving at a reasonable speed.  The tourists are on the wrong side of the road taking happy snaps doing 100km/hour. We have learned to sense oncoming cars before they careen around the corners spraying us with gravel and step as close to the side of the road as possible despite the sheer drop down to the river. We have become veterans of this road and the boys assume that they own it. Should you be coming down Auld Kirk Road any day soon, DON’T DRIVE LIKE A BLOODY MANIAC. You have been told :o)

Here are our newly straightened up gates and gate posts (courtesy of Steve). Looking at this photo now, they still look wonky, but it’s actually my photo taking skills (or lack thereof) that make this look tipsy. I just had to laugh because I just noticed that the Acacia melonoxylon (Blackwood) tree to the right of the gates appears to have a face. It looks a bit like beaker from the Muppets just before Dr Bunsen Honeydew subjects him to some form of scientific torture. We have started with Ents, and are moving on to Gollum’s next… (Plenty of clay just under the surface)

This is a better photo of the gate post. Nice and straight and tidy isn’t it? I thought about not putting this photo on the blog because it shows our street number then I thought “should any prospective stalkers decide to come visiting, they will deserve what they get at the end of their hike up the driveway!” :o)

Here is our newly decorated gate. Well it was newly decorated on Sunday when church was on which accounts for the uncustomary amount of cars lined up opposite our house. Today, it is old hat and most probably some of the decorations have been pinched. That’s ok, we were prepared for that and have plenty more :o)

Lastly we have a photo of the boy’s chairs either side of the wood stove. In winter you know exactly where to find them and we gave up trying to keep these chairs ‘human only’. Luckily (for us) the woodstove heats the entire house and we are not huddling together shivering for warmth while the dogs bask in the luxurious heat. You can see what is left of Bezial after his walk. This is Bezials happy place. I think that he is under the impression that neither Earl nor we can see him. I am quite certain that Bezials happy place is populated with humans fawning over him, fanning him, feeding him choice and most select gourmet items that he is summarily refusing whilst Earl is chained to a millstone somewhere being forced to grind grain for Bezials daily bread.  Wherever he is, his feet are remembering running in the water and he is happily gruffling in his sleep and that, my dear constant readers, is that for today. I am off to finish My Side of the Mountain, you are off to do whatever it is that you have planned for Wednesday and we will meet again tomorrow at the same time, same place for our daily assignation.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mum
    Dec 14, 2011 @ 08:58:02

    Steve has done an excellent job of your entrance Pen! It sure looks a lot better as you drive in now.Hey, I can’t help thinking if people got a tiny shock when they tried pinching the gate deco. It would add to the display wouldn’t it? I loved the photo along Auld Kirk Road too, won’t be long before I am coming along there now. I’d like a tiny cabin on Egg Island, if it was a bit further out, to escape any drop ins ! Nice to gather your senses there eh? I wonder how many people take the time to explore these beaches & out of the way places. I can think of nothing nicer. Something far from the madding crowd.The countdown is on. Perth in a week !


  2. Kym
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 00:39:43

    Shame you have to have the dogs on a leash all the time. It’s a beautiful spot, looks like it would be good to take the tinnie out and get some fish. Bags not gutting them though lol. That would definitely be the guys job. We could sit back with a cold beer and watch them while they did it. Then they could cook them on the barbie while we thought about what salads to make. Oh well we can daydream can’t we.


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