Bonnie Beach Post 2

Hi All,

Today is the second day of posting some photos taken at Bonnie beach. While I was taking these photos I was wondering how long it is going to take some bright mind out there to develop sensory photos. You can see colour, a bit of depth, shape and texture in a photograph, but you can’t feel the heat of the day, smell the pine tree scent, taste the sea breeze on the back of your tongue and on the back of your neck or understand how different the sun feels when you are standing slap bang underneath the hole in the ozone layer. I guess that is why photos look so much better than you remember. You are living the scene with the heat, the dogs pulling, the sun beaming down and heating you up, the various scents (not all of them nice) and they all distract you from what you are looking at to a certain degree so a photo seems to be so much more vibrant than your memory. We are very lucky to live where we live. I had someone in California like one of my posts yesterday. It’s the very first time that someone totally unconnected in any way to us or to the blog has done something like that. Perhaps it’s my new found ability to tag things? Who would know! I went to this person’s blog and was in awe of their amazing photography and suddenly felt a little shiver of happiness that this obviously intelligent, amazing photographer and his brother who has created this lovely blog thought that my humble little post was worth liking. Thanks to the internet, we can share our thoughts with anyone who wants to share. I managed to connect with someone in California. I will most probably never know anything about these people apart from their amazing photography, but we are able to share the world and give ourselves a mutual appreciation of this amazing world that we live in via the net. Here is that lovely blog should you want to take a peek. They promise “One AMAZING photo EVERYDAY!” and invite us all to come back and keep them honest. How could you resist going with that sort of a challenge eh? It’s well worth visiting :o)

Here are the 2nd lot of photos that we took on Sunday. It’s now Tuesday and who knows what has happened as I am typing this way back on Sunday! Laziness hasn’t entered my life in a big way, but we have plans to get stuck into the garden big-time through this week and so I need a few easier posts up my sleeves. To all of you constant readers breathing a sigh of relief at the smaller posts don’t get used to them! They are NOT the normal state of affairs and I will be back to those ranting monologues before you can say “bollocks!” :o).

This first photo for the day is of a particularly nice driveway that I saw on the walk. I am trying to compile a catalogue of photos and pictures of garden designs and “things” that I find pleasing. I am going to try to analyse them so that I can get some idea of what a garden that ‘works’ is made up of. This is my analytical way of conquering ‘artistic design’. Tear that sucker apart and stick it back together and hopefully all of the ‘magic’ hasn’t leaked out of it in the process :o). I might end up creating Frankenstein gardens or Angela Anaconda type creations…oh well…I can but hope that ‘artistic’ can’t be quantified and marked and is seen as personal choice. Here is an entrance that I found pleasing so into the catalogue it goes!

Isn’t this succulent amazing? It is HUGE! I shamefully found myself thinking that I could surreptitiously pinch a bit of it as we walked past, but even I haven’t got the balls to stuff a massive great chunk of this down my shirt and expect to get away with it!

The little white tubular lily like plant in this photo is Arisaema triphyllum or commonly known as Jack in the pulpit. Apart from being a most interesting and worthwhile plant to grow, I had to take a photo of this specimen because I have just read the book My Side of the Mountain and apparently you can eat the tuber of this plant cooked like a potato, but they HAVE to be cooked. See… I learned something from a kiddie’s book from the library! Never EVER let your pride stop you from doing something that you really want to do :o).

How’s this for a manicured lawn? The people that live on this property have a teeny little house (more shed than house) and the most weed free perfect green lawn that I have ever seen outside of a park. I can only begin to imagine how happy these people are now that the property next door, previously owned by my brother and tenanted by teenagers and prize losers who my poor brother inherited from my late father, has passed into the hands of a local. The block is being cleared, all of those weeds that used to fly over their perfect lawn hungrily landing and implanting their vile spawn will be minimised and the perfection and clinical alignment will be more easily enabled. This might be a ‘perfect’ lawn, and these people might have some nice garden beds and a well-made veggie bed, but you know what? It’s TOO perfect. Too tidy, clean, manicured, BORING! There…I said it! This one is not going in my catalogue…

This is not a case of “Lassie come home”…it’s a matter of “Lassie bollocks off!”. This dog follows Bezial and Earl the whole way around this picture perfect property barking incessantly at them and driving Earl to distraction. Bezial isn’t much better and pulls to find a pole to pee on to show Lassie who is boss. Poor Steve has to take them both as I can’t hold them when they are pulling so I spared you a photo of him being hauled, and hauling the dogs past Lassie. It is at moments like these that I am somewhat glad that those sensory photos haven’t been developed yet as you would be able to hear what Steve was saying as he danced the dogs around the road…

Aren’t they handsome? Bezial is still dripping and happy from his earlier swim and Earl is thinking about candles past. Butter wouldn’t melt in either of their mouths but it would melt on the top of Steve’s and my heads as the sun was particularly warm and we had just about had enough of walking by this point. Lucky we were on the home stretch!

Now I see why Earl is practicing yodelling…he has aspirations of greatness and is planning on running away to live on nob hill with these folk in their Swiss chalet! Do you think that they would notice him wandering about in their shrubs?

Here is a closer look at those glorious conifers. Is it just me or does this photo remind you of Don King? Wouldn’t you love the space to have something that majestic delineating your house from all of those nearby? They are visible for miles down the river and are a land mark. When Earl moves in, I dare say he will pee on each one of them in turn…

Here’s your last photo for the post and the day. These 3 neighbours have obviously gotten together at some time in the past and decided that to fence off this massive great (for want of a better word) common would rob them of their amazing view down this stretch of endless green well mowed grass. Wouldn’t it be great to get along with your neighbours like that? And wouldn’t it be terrible should the middle one sell and hoons moved in with their pit bulls, rap turned up to 11 and loud parties that went all weekend… I bet the common would take second place to a massive big fence should that ever eventuate! :o) See you all tomorrow when we can all be seated and share the last of the photos taken on Sunday. It will be Wednesday and I managed to eke them out till then. What a clever little vegemite I am :o). To anyone flitting around the net who has accidentally found themselves caught in my blogs web, ‘vegemite’ is delicious to some of us, hideous to others and a mystery to the rest of the world. Dark, sticky, salty as heck and with a flavour that you simply can’t describe, someone, somewhere chose to eat it one day and to their credit, found it palatable enough to manufacture. I am a bit like vegemite. Salty, dark, sometimes unpalatable but always ‘interesting’ in my own way. Take me or leave me, as a well-known large forearmed man once said “I am, what I am!”. See you all tomorrow :o)


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  1. Mum
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 11:13:00

    I had done quite a bit here when I was interrupted, so have to start again. Thanks Steve for Nat King Cole this morning, one of my favourites. He had a beautiful voice. Weren’t those photographs from California lovely? Sounds like someone with a like mind, there are many of us too. People have lost their sense of adventure if you ask me, too scared or lazy to pull the thumb out & go see the world, or what’s out there in nature. With wages as high as they are now, they can afford to. Hey, try just a leaf off that cactus love, from little things, big things grow ! No harm in trying, & a leaf could be easily stuffed down the shirt ! The boys are looking good,with their nice shiny coats too. Wouldn’t both dogs have a ball let loose in the swiss cottage? I can see bezial teasing that collie, peeing where the other dog can’t get to. We have what I call nuclear windy weather today. Williams & surrounds have been flooded & inland, so no mail or paper for a few hours today! At least it’s nice & cool for a while, but sad for the farmers halfway through harvest! Up to Perth a week tomorrow!!


    • narf77
      Dec 13, 2011 @ 13:41:44

      We have been out removing dead trees from the driveway again. You are not going to recognise it when you get here! (We hardly do!). Its lovely, sunny but about 22C and I have just watered everything outside. I think we have more roosters than hens but hey, we can always toss them over Jenny’s mate’s fence (she loves all animals and doesn’t kill anything). Mum hen still has 5 babies and Effel still has her 3 so that is 36 so far and 2 damned broodies that we are going to suspend in a bucket of water! NO MORE YINS! :o)


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