Numero Uno Dog

Hi All

It has come to Bezial’s attention that he has been somewhat neglected in the blog postings so far. As the very first dog that we purchased some 4 years ago, in fact, around about ‘now’ 4 years ago he feels that he needs to have a greater representation on the blog. He is the chief peace keeper, guard dog and generally the voice of reason. Whenever someone tries to rip something up…Bezial is there to moderate and inform the authorities. Some might see this as ‘dobbing’ but Bezial would like to remind them that whistle blowers are a much maligned group that should be given more kudos. Bezial, a.k.a. Emo Dog, has quite simple needs. He requires: –

  • Top quality dog food on tap
  •  Top quality snacks NOT dog food or anything related to it
  • A nice place in the sun to lay and then a nice place in the cool to lie when it gets too hot in the sun
  • Someone to dob err…”inform” on
  • Someone to give him a scratch, cuddle or generally smother him with love so that he can then squirm out of their grasp whilst secretly liking it a lot…

Not much at all really. He would also like to point out that his seriously mentally challenged humans do NOT understand him and that he is willing and open to any new humans who might live in better circumstances with NO other pets or children who are preferably millionaire dog adorers to take him home. We bought Qi because we figured that Bezial would be lonely and bored when we went to full time studies. We brought her home, Bezial was delirious with joy with his animated new toy…for a couple of days…then he realised that this was going to be a permanent situation and everything went downhill from there. It ate his bones…it wanted to cuddle up to him at night…it developed a personality and then finally it did what ALL good bitches do, and took over the house! By the time that we left our home in town, Bezial was no longer top dog and Qi was queen bee.

Bezial adored it out here. He lay in the sun. He had total freedom to wander wherever he wanted. He got all the attention. He could lie wherever he wanted, eat whatever he wanted and generally it was a dog’s paradise. The only problem is that Emo Dog can’t help himself, and needs to manipulate every situation to his own ends. It always starts with his food. Before we got Qi, he would refuse his food for days if he thought that he could get some sort of power out of this act. When we went to Polytechnic for the first time…3 days no eating. After that he had to start eating as Qi would polish it off for him if he didn’t…”you don’t want that prime steak Bezial? Well I might just finish it off for you…” You could almost see his mind screaming out “NOOOO don’t you know what you are doing?” at her. The problem with Qi is that she is very clever. She soon learned that Bezial was king of manipulation and toed the line thus rendering him King of manipulation again. They would go for days not eating to make a point. We would go to Hobart and leave the dogs with the girls…no eating and hangdog eyes…we would stay a bit late at Polytechnic one evening…no eating and hangdog eyes…we would not be able to go for a walk due to torrential rain…you guessed it…no eating and hangdog eyes. This was our burden to bear for not doing what we were told.

When we moved out to Serendipity Farm, Bezial was great for about a month. He just couldn’t help himself and started to push it all over again. We saw it as loneliness…IDIOTS…we bought Earl to quell his “missing Qi”…MORONS…apparently we have NO idea what Bezial wants (see his itemised list above for refreshment of the contract…) and as such are to be seen as dolts who shall be ignored. Bezial has been most entertaining since we picked him out in the Pet shop thinking that he was a teeny little Staffordshire Terrier, to grow only to the height of Steve’s knee…(yep…MORONS :o)

Here are some of the Highlights of Bezials career to date…

At the top of this post is a picture that was sent to us by my friend Anne who is a top quality graphic designer who saw the picture below and decided to render him in ‘ink’. He is indeed ‘one cool dog’ but she never saw what he did with those sunglasses after he managed to get them off…

We might start back when we first got Bezial. A perfect angel of a pup. We were staying out here at Serendipity Farm for 3 weeks and decided to buy ourselves a dog. Actually, Steve wanted a dog and like the loving wife that I am, I let him have one…This perfect angel of a pup was amazing…for 1 week…after that he had realised that this was his new life and from this early age started manipulating and pushing his boundaries. He is a very sensitive dog, but when he was a pup, he was a little bruiser! You wouldn’t know by looking at him, he was always a pretty boy

Bezial had an idyllic life with all of the love and attention (read ‘spoiling’) that a good dog deserves. Here are some photos taken before Bezial turned 1

Bezial has always been a water lover. It comes from the 1/325 part labrador from his mothers side. You would think that he was mostly labby by the way that his eyes glaze over whenever he sees a puddle. You can forget about keeping your shoulder in is ‘located’ position when he gets to a lake or to the sea

Bezial has an amazing tennor voice and is always ready to have a singalong whenever Steve gets out the harmonica (but he pales into insignificance when Qi is on the scene!)

“Fair enough…you want the chair…lets share it…”

“Its your own fault for leaving your knitting basket open…by running I am in NO way admitting any sort of liability…”

Bezial being incredibly patriotic on Australia day

We didn’t pose this shot…Bezial loved this pig and cuddled it every night until one day he decided that he was too old for pig love and tore piggy up with gusto

Here are some photos of Bezials big day…the day that he turned 1


10 minutes later…the pig was his arch nemesis. A hand puppet pig that made oinking noises that he had been trying to get hold of for months. We gave it to him on his birthday and he rendered it down to lardy stuffings

“Hmmm…and what might THIS little interesting thing be eh?…”

Now THATS more like it!

I have just about filled this post with pictures and there are so very many more! I am going to have to save some for another day people. Bezial is satisfied now and that means that he might just eat his dinner tonight. Then again…if he gets a look at his birthday tea he might be on a hunger strike until he gets that again…today we are baking and we are going to be making the boys some delicious melting moment biscuits. Not because they have been the best boys in the world (far be that from the truth!)…not because we love them dearly (although we do…) but because otherwise Steve is NEVER going to get one of the new White Wings Creamy biscuits because the dogs scoff them all before he gets to get one! We will finish off with a couple of final photos of Bezial. A couple of future posts will be dedicated to Steve and Bezial renovating the house and to Bezial and Qi and once he settles down from that post (which might result in serious non eating for a week!) he can share the spotlight with El Chupacabra again…

Here he is with his “guaranteed” indestructible ball…5 minutes after we gave it to him.

Here he is hoping beyond all hope that by looking cool and wearing the Elephant pancakes hat, that he might be able to get himself a nice big stack of pancakes and whipped butter…sorry Bez. Maybe thats why those ugg boots that you see to the left hand side of this picture didn’t live much longer?

The way to a dogs heart is through his nose…

Here is Bezial back when he had a halty (Black Dog brand of COURSE) before he broke it and it never got replaced. He was a terror to walk and still can be, but back then this halty gave Steve back his shoulder. Here Bezial is standing up looking down on Brisbane Street in Launceston from near Petrach’s book shop. This town is Bezial’s biotch…

“Get up…get up….get up…get up…get up…get up…get up…GET UP!”

Whatever…I give up…just stay there!

One of Bezial’s many girlfriends

Bezial meeting my daughters Indian Ringneck parrot Taylor for the first time (this didn’t end well. Taylor 1, Bezial nil)

Bezial might just be going to get me into trouble here…my daughter made this cake. A most DELICIOUS white chocolate mud cake…both of my daughters are fantastic cooks…this cake was left to sit while the icing set and Bezial just couldn’t help himself. Pity thats a macadamia nut and not a white chocolate piece isnt it Bezial?

I had to wait until Bezial was asleep on his chair before I could sneak this shot of him into this post. I would like to point out to all of my children that I retain several photographs that are most incriminating or embarassing of all of you. I am not a stupid woman and realise that one day, should I ever need to go into a home, that you are all in charge of which home I will end up in and as such, these photographs should at least get me into something with internet access and a library (take that how you will kids :o). I am also of the belief that should ANY of you rise above the masses and become some sort of quazi dictator or famous person, that it is of great importance that you remember your roots and I have several photographs that will remind you should the need ever arise :o). Here, Bezial is remembering his ancestral Jamaican roots mon…

Now to end this rather photo intensive post (that Bezial has just approved with a tail wag incedentally) a few shots of Bezial doing what he loves best…sleeping…

the dog form of E.T.

Bezials favourite place in the sun in the house in town

And finally, we all knew that you were a human/dog Bezial and here is the proof…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mum
    Nov 20, 2011 @ 13:19:16

    They’re good shots of Bezial Pen, & the second video was well done.Aren’t you clever eh? ET, eat yopur heart out! I can understand that bird driving you nuts with that loud peeping all thje time. Is it still around? I seems to remind me of a bird I cannot remember! Make any sense? It’s sunny so I’m off out the back to gather stuff for the new bed.


  2. athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for.
    Apr 19, 2013 @ 06:01:04

    Bezial reminds me in appearance of Barney. We could never trust Barney around food like that. He would have gulped your daughter’s cake down before you could blink.


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