Why we haven’t been in the garden much lately

Hi All,

Here is a very small extra post for today. We just worked out how to change our Autocad drawings into word documents and then into JPegs (pictures) and now we can share a couple of our design plans with you. These are for you mum and Pat mainly. Especially Pat as Steve is the Autocad genius. Check out what your clever son/son-in-law has been up to with a bit of help from his missus…

This is a side view of how to build a fire pit for our friends design (our friend in the witness protection that we just outed!!!!!)

Now here is a drawing of just how clever Mr Steve Pimblett actually is…he designed this one all on his own and it was to describe how to afix a set of gates (this set of gates actually…)

Onto a set of gate posts to enable these free standing gates to be anchored onto a hexagonal picket fence surrounding a gazebo…here’s the plan that Steve designed…

And here is our concept plan that sort of describes what we are going to do….

So there you have it…a whole lot of effort and we thought that our friend who is going to have to move now and take up a new identity…was just letting us use her property to affect a design but now she has the gazebo…she has bought 30 of the 98 rosemary shrubs that she needs and she is going to make this design! That makes us feel really good because she has been an amazing friend to us since we met her in our horticulture class and these are only 3 of the 6 plans that we did for the eventual design. Next year we are going to do our Landscape Design Diploma and there will be no stopping us…anyone out there want some plans? We can make nice ones now :o)

By the way Madeline…haven’t we come a long way since we asked you how to hatch things last year? :o)

By the way, if you want to see the pictures a bit bigger (mainly for mum and Pat…) just click on the picture you want to see and it will get bigger so you can see it better (that goes for all of the pictures on the blog)


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  1. Mum.
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 15:29:16

    See what you can do now! I like I can see your names on the design too Pen & Steve! It has gone rather wintery today, but at last I have just taken more stuff to the red cross shop of Uncle Dougs Almost tossed a small box of 45 records in too, till I had a look through. Uncle Doug had them, along with that mighty big tea chest yet to delve into. I shall send them off to the girls to have a bit of fun with, & you & Steve will be able to remember a few too !Just for the fun of it. If they don’t want them, Madaline can take them to the mission shop.


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