I chirp, therefore I AM!

Hi All

Pingu lives! Not only does he live…but he chirps incessantly unless it’s dark…it’s awfully tempting to make it ‘dark’ for most of the day, but we are not just doing this to make our lives easy we are trying to help a malnourished, unloved little chick feel like part of the universe again. I have never been very good at spelling. It’s something to do with the side of my brain that I use the most. People who are analytical, logical and not overly creative with their thoughts are also amazing spellers. I am somewhat logical, pretty analytical but have a lien towards creativity with my thought processes and the way that I write therefore spelling seems to bypass my brain. I can look at words and know that they are not spelled correctly. I just don’t know how to spell them, but that is where the internet comes in. Apart from when it fails you when you are trying to teach your daughter not to be cheeky that is…I will just point out that Wikipedia hasn’t failed me much in the past. It didn’t fail me in my ‘life lesson’, I just used it incorrectly and didn’t double check (like I usually do) because I was tired and addled after a chirp filled night and a good dragging around the countryside at 6am by El Chupacabra. If that sounds like “excuses” to my daughter…perhaps it is, but ‘thems the breaks’ and that’s how it is. You can be VERY sure that I will double check next time.

Today (Wednesday if I am not too much mistaken…) feels upside down. When we get thrown out of our routine, chaos occurs. We have Pingu on top of the fire damper on the stove (don’t panic people, he is safe, we have wired him in!), we have 2 dogs that are behaving impeccably, sitting, staying doing everything that we ask them to do because they “would like our nice new squeaky toy now please”, so here is hoping that Pingu doesn’t manage to get out of his little cage as an unpleasant fate awaits him if he does. He/she isn’t going to have to be in there for too much longer. We have a dog crate that El Chupacabra arrived in from South Australia that he can move into once we buy him a heat lamp today. He can then bask in the tropical heat overnight when we can’t make him endless hot water bottles to keep him at optimum temperature (like fine wine…), we have a meeting with our sensei but not like our normal early morning meetings so again, we are thrown for the day. Our meeting is at 3.30 and so we are hovering around, ready to go and it’s just after 11am. We have already rescued another chick who had decided to take a swim in the adult hen’s bucket of water. We have now removed the water, made the hen’s a chick safe source of water, put lots of water around for the babies (that’s why the other chick almost drowned, it was thirsty) in shallow bowls because they will drown in quite shallow water and they keep filling up their water containers with mud. I only noticed the chick because I was just about to put the remaining few chicks in the coop out into the sunshine to peck and scratch around and saw him floating apparently lifeless in the bucket. I grabbed it, raced back to the house (after remembering to close the door to the coop), Steve grabbed the hair dryer and we thought, several times, that it was dead because its eyes were closed, its head was back and it was cold. I must admit that these chicks are resilient, because after a thorough warming with the hairdryer and then snuggling down into Pingu’s hatmum, about 30 minutes later it is back outside with its family, pecking around, drinking from the shallow dish and you would never have known that it was on deaths doorstep. It looked worse than Pingu when we found it. Pingu is the runt of the litter. As such, he was rejected by all of the mother hens and has failed to put on weight. Against the other ‘normal’ chick that we rescued today, he is half the size. We are hoping that with some care and love that we can save him/her and teach it how to peck at food. There is something very grounding about making mother hen noises and pretending that your fingers are a beak and who cares if you look like an idiot if you can save a tiny little life.
I do a lot of hunting around online. I have mentioned that in previous posts. I would like to share a couple of the sites that I liked so much that I subscribed to their newsletters. I have been unsubscribing from a lot of newsletters lately. I am tired of incessant advertising and just want to get information rather than the hard sell, so a fair few have been deleted but these two sites and newsletters are worthy of a visit if you are interested in natural therapies and in fermented products for health. I am of the belief that “Knowledge is Power”. I don’t mean the kind of power that allows you to take over small countries, but I guess it could be the case, what I mean is that you can make your own choices, do things for yourself and generally live a more full and meaningful life if you know and understand what is important to you and your family. That’s why I look into things like this, it’s first and foremost interesting, and secondly, it gives me the power to make decisions and choices about my lifestyle that may enhance my life. Let’s face it, you only get one go at this (as far as I am aware, and no-one has come back and told me any different so till they do, I’m sticking with this belief) so we may as well do the best that we can. I also believe in balance, because without it, you can be living an amazingly healthy lifestyle 24/7 and have no time at all for anything else.

Here are those sites that I was talking about. They deal with eating ‘real food’ rather than popping pills when we come down with something. I guess you would call it holistic healing rather than paying some vested interest to minimise your natural symptoms. I know that sometimes people need to take some form of medications, but most of us will reach for a pill packet without much thought as to whether or not we really need them. The chemical manufacturers are the biggest lobby group out there resisting change, because they make MASSIVE profits out of what they do and it’s scary how many of us simply opt in to mindlessly believing that pills that a doctor prescribes are going to help us. Most doctors are getting kickbacks for pushing specific types of medications. They are only human remember….should you want to give natural alternatives a bit of a go, you can have a gander at these websites. They are a good start to hunting around and learning to manage your symptoms naturally, rather than chemically…



Choice is the only thing that we have to direct our lives. It’s a bit like a “Where’s Wally” book on a massive scale. Each one of us making choices that change the world. YOU might not think that you play an important part in the greater scheme, but who knows how important your choice whether to give a homeless person some money or just walk past them is? To be honest, who knows whether you choose to eat a full English breakfast or a bowl of cornflakes makes a difference, all I know is that each and every one of us was born and is still alive because we have a purpose here. It makes me depressed to see people living their lives as if they don’t matter. It also makes me angry to see ‘disenfranchised youth’ feeling incredibly sorry for themselves because they don’t own EVERYTHING. I was listening to the radio the other day and heard a doctor who works in third world countries talking about how he is constantly dealing with malnutrition, lack of water and the constant effects of poverty but he also said, and this is what I found the most interesting, the people are NOT depressed. They tend to be stoic, happy and pragmatic about everything that is happening to them. They are just glad to be still alive because they have come face to face with death on a daily basis, and realise the precious gift that we have been given. We in western civilisations seem to think that we have some greater purpose above life. I am of the belief that we are all equal and that’s what I base my life on. It pisses me off to see anyone thinking that they are ‘better’ or somehow more important than anyone else.   I appear to be having another one of my ‘rants’. I think I will stop there :o) I am not sorry about thinking out loud. I just wish that all of the people out there who have an unerring belief in their own self-importance would stop and realise that we are all in this together and whether you like those of us who are somehow superfluous to your ethos, we are here, and we are NOT going away just because we offend you in some way. There are actually 90% more of us than there are “perfect…normal” people so like most civilisations, one day there will be some sort of revolution against the oppressor’s…I have my placard in the wardrobe ready to rumble at the first signs of uprising…

We are just about to head off to town to hunt out that infrared heat lamp for Pingu, walk the dogs in town and perhaps buy them a muffin and ourselves a good cup of coffee. We need to get the dogs some more food as they scoffed their way through 20kg of prime quality pet beef steak in less than 2 weeks and Earl still looks like he has just come from Ethiopia in the grip of famine. He seems to be expanding exponentially and is all bones and muscles. Steve has just taught Pingu to peck at his food. Steve is apparently Pingu’s mother. If we can get Pingu eating (he is drinking fine) well, then he has a good chance of surviving. The other chicken is out in the yard and you would never know he was almost dead this morning. Life goes on apparently and so do we, on and on and ON with working towards trying to knock this final (and seemingly endless) diploma unit off its post and gaining a most well deserved break. This will be the first break that we have been able to take in just on a year and a half where we haven’t had to dedicate it to stress in one form or other involving my father’s death, his tangled estate or trying to keep studying through all the hassles. Life isn’t easy, it’s tough. We all know that, but this Christmas holidays, we are going to throw ourselves into our garden. We are going to get down and dirty and to grips with removing what shouldn’t be here, pruning and tidying up what should and adding what needs to be here. Come next autumn, we are going to have this place prepared and ready for a mass planting of all of our potted plants. That way they get a full 2 seasons of regular rainfall under their belt before we have to commence a watering regime. In so doing this we are going to try to rediscover our joy of life that seems to have been shoved back down repeatedly through the last few years. Steve and I are going to start doing things that we actually ‘want’ to do, rather than ‘have’ to do. It will be nice to finally sit down on the deck with a beer looking out over the view and not feel guilty because we should be doing ‘something’ else. You all get to take a side seat over your cups of tea and coffee and watch us as we do. Hopefully we are entertaining enough for you all and that we keep managing to find things to amuse you. You’re a tough audience, but we love you all :o)

Just a quick addition to this post, we have been in to see sensei Nick and we are pleased to say that he didn’t shoot us down in flames and seemed somewhat pleased to see what we have done so far. Thats always rewarding to have your lecturer not pick too much wrong with what you are doing so we will have the rest of our work in to him as soon as possible. I have a couple of photos for you of Pingu. He has now started eating for two by the way and is most probably going to be the biggest Plymouth Rock rooster that anyone has ever seen. Can you picture Steve, Bezial and Earl walking with Pingu on a lead? I can and it would be chaos! Anyway, we have a photo of Pingu in his repose on top of the stove. Please don’t faint, he is actually on a lukewarm stove and the damper is down so its just warm. It kept him warm all day till we headed out, stoked the fire and put him on the floor in front of it while we were away. He can’t go on the floor while we are in as he would be dog snacks.

This next photo is of Pingu eating. As you can see he is only teeny compared to my hand and he was so hungry when we got back from Launceston (after not wanting to eat all day) that he started to peck the phone cord in the picture. Its good to see that he is now attempting to eat by himself as apparently if chicks don’t get shown how to peck at food by their mums, they are very hard to teach but Pingu thinks that Steve is his mum and so whenever Steve taps at the food with his finger, Pingu pecks as well. A man of many talents and he can now add chicken mother to that! (Some people would call him a ‘mother’ but not many a chicken mother!). We picked up an infra red heat bulb from a pet shop in town as we did some research online about how to keep teeny chicks warm as that is what does them in more than anything (apart from floating around in a bucket of water that is…) because they need to be 35C for the first week of their life, then 5C less a week after that for 4 weeks when they can take regular temperatures.

Here you can see Pingu’s new infra red bulb that we bought a lamp for as well. The bulb was the most expensive bulb that we have ever bought! Pingu is worth it though.

We rigged up Earls crate that he arrived in from South Australia and heres what it looks like set up in Steve’s music room with an old Microphone stand keeping it in situ.

We just had to take the second shot to show you as it looks like Pingus red brothel! Either that or he is sharing the stage with Bono as Mephisto this halloween.

We are off now as its almost 8pm and we haven’t had our evening meal yet. Its probably almost 9pm till we do get it and we are hungry! See you all tomorrow with the continuing saga of Pingu and the day’s of his life.


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  1. mum
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 21:24:58

    `A layer of sawdust on the floor of the cage helps Pen, & grind a bit of porridge oats small fior Pingu to peck at. he looks quite healthy too. I can see he will follow Steve everywhere as he grows. When we had the poultry farm years ago, we had kerosine lamps in big tin covers to help keep the chicks warm. Pingu is royLalty!Can you imagine around 500 chickens all at once” They used to get hard lumps on each toenail of getting in the feed too. It used to be just barely damp pollard & bran mix for them to pech at.They survided okay, & looking at Pingu, he’ll survive well!. Sounded like you’re getting there with the studies too love. Won’t be long,& you can both heave sighs of relief–FREE !


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