Teeny tiny post to shamelessly promote other blogs…

Hi All,

My daughter has a new blog. She has kindly linked to my blog on her site and so I will do the same. My daughters (and son) are all technologically sound and occasionally have to put their heads in their hands when I attempt to try to integrate myself into the 21st century. I have Steve for that. Please don’t ever run away Steve as if you do, I will not be able to ever watch television again! And in saying that (clever segue coming…) here is Steve’s new blog as well!

First Madeline’s blog…

I have just edited this post as Madeline has decided that she doesn’t want just ‘anyone’ going to her blog…sorry people, you have to miss out on all things cold :o)

Here you will find all things Iceland, old movies, 70’s and earlier sitcoms, great grammar and interesting views on just about everything.

Here’s Steves blog…


Here you will find mindless ranting, bad spelling, musical enlightenment and all sorts of crazy (eccentric) things that might just tickle your fancy, or they might drive you mad. You get to choose which…

There you go, I am now a blog whore! :o)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kreebard
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 10:50:24

    You are infuriating! I didn’t want it removed from the whole blog, just from that unnecessary comment on your other post! It seemed superfluous to have it in a comment like that…


  2. athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for.
    Apr 07, 2013 @ 23:45:54

    I bookmarked your husband’s blog for later. I had to start over on yours as I lost my place. I’m working my way to the present. If not it would be like skipping ahead in a book.


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