wet wet WET!

Hi All,

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. Apart from a manic day in the big smoke having a meeting with sensei Nick, doing our fortnights shopping, catching up with my daughters and whipper snipping their overgrown grass, I felt decidedly ill, had a nasty headache that had been going for 2 days and was so very tired that I wanted to go to bed at 5pm! I forced myself to stay awake till 9 and dropped into bed to have one of the best nights sleep that I have had in ages. This always seems to happen (the couple of days headache and tiredness) whenever I start a healthy eating program so I would imagine its my system trying to discard all of the rubbish that I have eaten since the last time that I cleaned out my system. Whatever it was, it wasn’t nice and so I didn’t bother to post yesterday. I woke up refreshed, only mildly ‘headachey’ and raring to go. We headed off into the grey morning at just on 7.30 with the boys for a decent walk. We stopped at the Supply river where we walked to a most interesting ruin of a flour mill. You can walk further to a cart track, waterfall etc. The supply river was so named because an expedition was sent out from some of the first ships to discover Australia, to see if they could find fresh water. It was discovered and was apparently such good quality that the site was listed as a place for ships to stop and get fresh water on their traverses to where they were going. It was obviously not THAT good or there would be more than just a flour mill ruins and a cart track left, but its still very interesting and one day, when its not pelting down raining we will head off over the rocks with the boys and will go for a long walk on the cart track. The rain started to come fast and quite heavy so Steve and I looked at each other and just decided to carry on. We crossed the road and headed off down the walking track towards Paper beach. Coming from Western Australia I don’t think that I will ever get used to these rock beaches. I love to pick up little unusual stones to put in my plant pots but walking on these beaches gives you a major workout as you try to balance yourself and when your being pulled by the equivalent of an excited mack truck, you need your witts about you!

We carried on up the track and the boys were very excited by all of the wildlife trotting back and forth across the track. Pigeons, sea birds, potaroos, wallabies and all sorts of other scurrying things kept racing through the undergrowth around us and the wetter it got, the more excited the boys got. Bezial has a small proportion of labrador in him. You would think, by the extreme water sports that this dog gets himself into, that he was a complete water dog, but he will only go in up to his chest. He LOVES puddles and can be happily trotting through puddles for hours before suddenly being struck “puppy” and going mad, racing about, running through the water and having a great time at his poor human anchors expense. Earl is always up for a run or a game so this suddenly escalates from Bezial being stupid into out and out crazy time. Who needs shoulder workouts? NOT ME! The pathway is only a single path and so Steve and I spent our time either being dragged behind (on the way to Paper Beach) or dragging a sullen dog (mainly Bezial, but Earl is learning fast) back towards the car. Either way, Steve and I will soon be able to double for the hulk with the shoulder muscles that we are developing. We got absolutely soddenly saturated. We were planning to bake today, all sorts of bread, biscuits, rock cakes etc, but decided that we may as well head into town again and get ourselves some good quality walking shoes. Walking the boys twice a day for an hour at a time, we have discovered that regular shoes just don’t cut it. We need something a bit better quality so that we don’t have aching feet for most of the day. We got home, wrung out our clothes and put them out on the balcony to drip their muddy water outside. Hopefully poor Frank next door didn’t see me stripping down to my undies and bra on the balcony or he might never recover from that vision!

We headed to town to get our shoes and wandered around the sports shops looking at incredibly overpriced pieces of plastic that purport themselves to be miracle workers and enable the wearer to do superhuman feats of athleticism. The first shop that we went to didnt have much. I checked out the ladies section and decided that all the pretty white and baby pink/blue offerings at $200+ were not for me. It wasn’t so much the price (Steve will differ on that point!) but more the colour…can you imagine me walking through the bush with the boys wearing pretty pink ‘ladies’ shoes? I DONT THINK SO NIKE/ADIDAS/PUMA etc….!!! I want something that is going to be comfortable, going to last, going to survive offroad hiking and me being dragged through some of the most unimaginable gross things that the boys can find to drag me through so we headed off to the next sports shop. I hate shopping, just for the record. I hate spending lots of money on anything. I am not tight, but if I have to spend heaps on something thats not worth it, I get a bit gritzy. Steve is worse than I am but he is more affected by ‘brand names’ and shiny things. I just want to get something that will do the job, with Steve it sometimes has to have a name. I was initially shown a pair of ladies shoes (after complaining about all of the ‘pink’…) that were somewhat grey and mauve (not pink but not far removed!) for $180. Why were the ladies version $30 more than the mens version of the same shoe when they had half the material in them? No idea, ask some poor Vietnamese sweat shop person who could tell you, who earns $1 a day making these shoes. In the end I decided to buy mens shoes. I have size 10 womens feet. Good sturdy feet to hold me on the ground where nature and gravity have placed me and thus wish for me to remain. I got what I wanted, Steve got what he wanted, we even asked, and got $10 each off our shoes so that paid for our coffee later on. We headed back to the car where Earl was eating the carpet, and drove off to get the boys some frisbees for playing in the offleash area at Gravelly Beach. We don’t get to let them off much as most owners have a pink fit when they see our boys, let alone allow them to sniff/play with little fluffy, so we have to be very careful to only let the boys into the offleash area when no-one else is there. We cant let them run on the beach as firstly they wouldn’t come back (an American Staffy trait) and secondly, should they happen to come accross someone laying on the beach or another dog, they would ‘frolic” and the results would be devestating! We are responsible owners. We make sure that our boys don’t scare other people and as such, we have to minimise their fun times to on leash and the occasional offleash in an enclosed space. Steve picked up some frisbees from ChickenFeed and so next time we are in the offleash area, we will take some pictures if we manage to get the camera out  before Earl or Bezial have eaten the frisbee that is…

When you get up early, the day seems to go for a whole lot longer. That might sound like simple common sense, but I think its more than that. Its like the unseen university in Terry Pratchett novels, theres more to this than meets the eye! You get up earlier and the day just seems to go slower. Time seems to reward you for putting the effort in to drag your poor sorry carcass out of bed before the sun rises, and you are not only able to do more, you actually feel like you have accomplished a whole lot more as well and at the end of everything that you have to do, you still have time to relax at the end of the day. We are penniless hippies and as such are time rich, money poor anyway, so adding more time to our already abundant pile is great. It gives us some time to think about how we can stop getting angry at cyclists, it gives us time to lay on the couch watching daytime television (not worth the time, but Steve seems to be enjoying it while I type this blog) and it also gives you more energy, but you really need to match getting up early, with going to bed before midnight to get this benefit. Steve picked up some cheap pants at Rivers today. I need to add here that Steve is a unique individual. Everyone is ‘unique’ but some people are more unique than others. Some might even say eccentric! Usually artistic people. Steve is a musician, he used to have a business teaching guitar in the UK. People who know him for any length of time realise that he changes his appearance more than he does his socks and if you haven’t seen him for a while, its sometimes a bit of a shock to realise who you are talking to! I put this down to Steve being an Aquarius. I am not a great believer in horoscopes. They are garbage and designed to make money for frauds and charlatans but there are, as in most things, some simple grains of truth involved with when you are born in the year. My daughter Madeline is an Aquarius and as such is a unique individual. She is artistic, she is ‘different’. I accept this and am proud of her for being different. Steve is ‘different’ as well. sometimes alarmingly so! My son Stewart, and daughter Bethany are both Aries and as such are both extremely generous to other people. They are warm and funny and great value to talk to but don’t make them angry as they are also prone to anger. I am a leo and have what can only be called an ‘outrageous sense of indignation’ when it comes to how people relate to each other. I can’t stand people who think that they are in any way ‘better’ than anyone else. I have this burning desire to be fair and open with people and expect the same from others. I don’t understand how people could pretend to be anything other than what they are. Its so much hard work and not worth the effort! I know that I have passed this need for equalibrium on to my children and that sometimes results in the odd ‘rant’ against the establishment, other people and government bodies. I guess I come from ranting stock to be honest so I shouldn’t be surprised that I have the odd need to tell people that they are idiots. I need to learn to keep my opinions in my brain and one day they are going to get me into trouble, but until someone explains how to do this, I am just going to have to express my opinions to cyclists, selfish a-holes, posturing idiots, wankers, manipulators and general ‘Richard Craniums’. Is it just me or do there seem to be a whole lot more of them about lately?

Back to Steve and his pants. Most people can’t get away with the ecclectic mix of clothing that Steve likes to wear. He was born with a good shape and at 46 still has that good shape (read thin…). With the amount of chocolate, crisps and rubbish that he eats you would think that he would have put on some weight, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he is doing a Dorian Gray on me and when he sleeps at night, all of the calories that he has eaten through the day migrate over to me and ooze into the region of my hips, thighs and bum…THANKS A LOT STEVE (he says ‘your welcome’…..sigh….) Steve can get away with wearing all sorts of weird and wonderful things and they somehow look good on him. Most men his age are a little bit envious of how good he looks. Hes like Peter Pan (again, the wrinkles that he deserves seem to migrate at night to my side of the bed….). Hes an Aquarius….I am a Leo….thats the exact opposite side of the Zodiac. Where Steve is competant, I am not and visa-versa. We are a good case of ‘opposites attract’, but in so saying, we are both stubborn as mules, perfectionists and hermits. They say that you grow more like your partner (and strangely your pet!) as you get older and spend more time together. I hope that I NEVER start to look like Earl (apart from how thin he is!). I live in hope that Steve’s naturally thin genetics will start to rub off on me….I think its got more to do with him constantly moving around and never stopping. I am good at conserving my energy, he is not and therein lays the reason for my big bum! We will bake bread tomorrow, we will bake all sorts of things tomorrow and we will take photos and show you just what we baked. Steve is making his famous chilli tonight. We used to volunteer as cooks for the Launceston Salvation Army. We did a stint about once a month cooking for 60 people, and making 2 choices of food for the homeless. We had to try to make food that was tasty, hearty and at the lowest cost that we could so that the Salvo’s could raise a bit of money by selling food to their parishoner’s at the same time as giving the homeless free food. We worked hard to do this and Steve’s special chilli was something that everyone looked forwards to, so-much so, that we had requests to make it as one of the choices most of the times that we were rostered on. We were able to come in under $50 most times and providing 120 servings of 2 different kinds of food for $50 is pretty good value. We got somewhat dissillusioned with cooking for the ‘homeless’ when we started to realise that most of the homeless people that we cooked for were homeless because it suited them to be so. Many of our services to help the poor and disadvantaged are predated by unscrupulous people who are trying to get as much as they can for free. Very selfish, and also very representative of the people with their ‘hands out’ at many of the City Mission, Salvation Army and other caring networks. Its disheartening to learn how many of these people are milking the system and worse. I guess we all have to live with what we have done in our lives, we face our karma when it comes, but knowing that there are people out there taking charity away from people that genuinely need it makes me very angry.

Ok thats my rant for today! I am off to make something for our dinner tonight. Its only 4.40pm and it feels like 9pm. Time is stretching out for us and its only fair that it does as it really sucks getting up at 6am! :o) Have a great evening and rest of the weekend and don’t sweat the small stuff, its simply not worth it :0)



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  1. athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for.
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 01:53:50

    I will spend money on good hiking shoes, which also double as my work shoes. I was fortunate enough to find a second pair for $30. Chris is really the shopper. I am not. We both are suckers when it comes to book stores though. I am also a Leo – August 6th. I’m not really your typical Leo stereotype.


    • narf77
      Apr 05, 2013 @ 04:06:51

      I am August 5th 🙂 Not sure if I am a stereotype at all BUT I am “me” and thats crazy enough to keep poor Steve (an Aquarius) constantly on the go 😉


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