What happened to wednesday?

Hi All,

I cheated a bit this morning. When we got back from walking the dogs I sat down over my first cup of tea (procrastinating my ass off…) and started my blog for tonight. Here’s what I wrote…

Its just on 8am and I am back from an hours walking the dogs, sitting down to my first (of many) gargantuan cups of tea for the day and an austere bowl of hot water soaked oats with a bit of dried fruit in it. The cuppa is because I NEED IT. I once tried to give up drinking tea. I have come from a long line of avid tea drinkers and have been drinking tea since 2 years of age and so the 3 day headache (that showed no signs of ever letting up) when I tried to stop my consumption showed me the error of my ways. The only dairy that I consume is in my cup of tea. I used to drink soymilk but due to the concerns about genetic modification etc, I don’t want to support that industry any more and so back to milk as I can’t drink tea black. Its not for want of trying, its just something that I cant do. I can scull gallons of black coffee, black as tar and just as thick. I used to drink 10 x 600ml cups of black brewed coffee a day until I started to twitch weirdly and couldnt sleep at night. Back to tea and back to milk. The second thing (the ‘austere’ breakfast) is to help me in my quest to lose about 30kg. You are ‘supposed’ to eat breakfast but its never been something that I was particularly good at. When we moved out to Serendipity we started to only eat an evening meal. Not for frugality, but simply because we were too busy to stop throughout the day so we simply didnt. I got used to that and now eating breakfast is something foreign to me. Its not hard to lose weight. You just stop eating everything except vegetables and you can eat as many of them as you like, your weight will drop off. The problem with this way of eating (which I just so happened to live for about 6 year back in the day till I turned orange from all the pumpkin and carrots that my body had to process…) is that you need more than simply veggies, as healthy as they are. You need protein, carbs (easy, eat potatoes! :o), and a little bit of fat. I no longer know how to eat ‘normally’. does ANYONE know how to eat ‘normally’ any more? I doubt it. I don’t think that there is a “dietary standard’ in posterity sitting somewhere in Greenwich to be held up and measured by so with all the money to be made out of we poor overweight people (and the insidious moves to take control of our own diets out of our hands via fat taxes etc…), every day something new is added to the “bad food” list and something new and prohibitively expensive (and wanky/foodie and very profitable to those toting its benefits) is substituted as “must have or you will die” into our dietary diaries. I am having to learn all over again what is supposed to come completely naturally to me! How to eat a normal, balanced diet. Its got to be something that happened because we live in a 1st world country, dietary ‘confusion’ doesnt exist in third world countries where whatever you get is sheer luck. I might start my dietary hunt for recipes to get me back on track by sifting through some third world country recipes, lots of grains, beans, vegetables, soups, seaweeds etc and very little of anything else. Anyway, whatever I choose to do, I am going to drop a fair whack of weight soon so please don’t comment about my newly appearing wrinkles as they are “badges of health” and I might start to look more like my age as my skin isnt pulled taught by its underlying adipose tissue, but its got to be done and so I have to do it! Wish me luck….

Its probably really lucky that I DID procrastinate my ass off, as wednesday seems to have disappeared somewhere! After I typed that bit of bloggish amazingness (yes…modest as always…) we settled down to get stuck into the last of our AutoCAD that needed to be done and suddenly its just on 8pm, neither of us have had any dinner, we only stopped for an hour to take the dogs for a walk this afternoon and its dark! Wednesday up and buggered off while we were slaving away! I don’t think that we have worked so hard on a unit for a long time now. We potter through and do a bit every day, but this unit is very intensive. You finish your day brain dead and having to stop because your brain simply won’t do what it is supposed to do any more. You make stupid mistakes as your head is stuffed full of all sorts of gumpf and it gets to the point that you are doing more damage than you are work so you may as well just drown your sorrows in a nice cold beer… that is how alchoholism starts! Remind me (if I am not at A.A.) in a year or so, to do a thesis on the correlation between horticulture and alcoholism, I think I am onto something! My daughter Madeline is our resident brain regarding AutoCAD. She is a very clever girl and worked for 2 years (or more, I can’t remember it was a while ago) as a draftsman. She used this mechanical torture device on a daily basis and lived to tell the tale! We have not used her help this year. We are stubborn mules. She asked me today if I needed a hand and it was SOOOO tempting to say “here, do the bloody lot!” but we are stubborn mules… and stubborn mules have to do everything for themselves (and end up drunk and insane in the process). Thanks Ming for the offer of help, but we have to learn to do it ourselves. We are doing pretty well considering one of us is a technophobe who cant turn on our latest television or change channels (which gets to Steve a bit when he is in mid snore on the couch and I insist on waking him up to change the channel…) and the other one is a crazy man who refuses to work through processes but rather presses buttons, knobs, ANYTHING rather than read an instruction manual, so you can see that its a wonder we haven’t blown up the computer, let alone thrown it through the window. We demand respect for the work that we are about to hand in on Friday Nat! The sad thing is, we won’t get any respect, just “constructive critisism” and sent home to re-do it :o(…

We woke up this morning just on 6am to the dulcet tones of Bob Marley (mon) telling us “Don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing’s gonna be alright”…how could you not wake up smiling listening to that song eh? It certainly put me in a better mood (till I got back from walking the dogs and had to sit down and design a detailed drawing on AutoCAD of a retaining wall and a top view of the same thing….). We had a hard time trying to remember to “not worry about a ting” when nothing seemed to be working when we had to convert our drawings to be ready for our sensei to print out. We figured it out eventually, but as mentioned, it is 8pm and we have lost a day of our lives and I HAVEN’T EVEN HAD A DRINK TODAY…..!!!! If I want to lose weight, I am going to have to save my drinking for when I really deserve it after a hard days slog in the garden when I will really appreciate it (and have worn off the calories in advance). Do you feel sorry for me Nat? You should! I watched a show last night from earlier in the year. I should mention here that I don’t own a time machine and am (as far as I am aware at this moment…) not able to travel back and forth through time at will. You will all be the first to know when I do as I will be betting a shite load on the next Melbourne Cup and will win!, however, we DO have Austar and a Mystar box (no advertising there, if we could swap to Foxtel we would be outta there Austar! But you have the monopoly at the moment so its you or sad sad tv…) so we can record things that we want to watch at a later date. We have been so busy that we havent had time to watch these episodes of “The Great Brittish Bake Off”. We taped them back in July! The worst bit is that I keep seeing ad’s for shows that I would really love to watch but they are long gone! (Bugger!!!!). Sue Perkins who is an hilarious comedian and some other woman that I don’t know host it and its judged by some grey haired man who is apparently a famous chef (I don’t know who he is so he can’t be THAT famous!) and Merry Berry the UK cake doyen. Its the typical system of lots start, they all bake, the worst get voted off and eventually some are still there and claim some sort of baking prize. I don’t care about the format, its the same as all of the reality TV crap, but this one is good as I like to bake :o). I watched 1 1/2 episodes last night before falling asleep on the couch and having to go to bed like a zombie, tonight I plan on getting through another 1 1/2. I have lots of them and am not losing interest like I did with “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” which started to bore me to the back gills. It doesn’t take much to do that to be honest. I would rather be hunting for things online and listening to my CD’s whilst doing so. I learn so much more and don’t end up comatose on the couch (like some male and his dog’s that I could dob in but you can guess who they are!) but rather mentally stimulated by something that I have found. Its like winning lotto for me. I LOVE finding information for free that helps me to learn or do something that I don’t know or can’t do at the moment. Its precious. Its like finding an amazing book that you just cant put down that you are totally immersed in and when you finish it, its like losing a great friend. I haven’t had time to read a book in AGES! When I was a kid I read everything. My daughter Madeline was reading books when she was 3, My son and other daughter Stewart and Bethany (if you are so artarded that you need me to tell you which is which, you should probably be watching “The X factor on the telly about now shouldn’t you?…..YOUR MISSING THE GOOD BITS….) sigh…now all the numpties have raced off shrieking to their tellies, the rest of us with brains can settle down and hear about how amazing my kids are. They all love to read. I don’t think that the girls do much of it any more as they are too busy designing a computer game for their step brother, messing about on their computers and watching ANY movies and television series from before 1970. Anything after that is apparently not worth watching. See girls…I DO blog about you :o).

I have one last thing to say to you all today before I go and soak my brain in television to try to anaesthetise it ready for tomorrows efforts. I get online newsletters from lots of sources. Some of them gip me and are just vehicles for advertisments, I get rid of them quickly, others are just hanging on by the skin of their teeth doing a fine balancing act between advertising and just enough content to keep me from pressing the ‘spam’ button each week…I have a few that I really love getting a couple of cooking blogs, a cooking website and recently Steve and I purchased 2 special collars for the boys to train them from none other than CESAR MILLAN! One day soon, we will get the collars and our boys will be instantly well behaved, will no longer eat plants, will do EVERYTHING that we say, will sit, stay, roll over, fetch the paper (without eating it or rendering it soggy) and will generally be amazing dogs thanks to Cesar because everything that Cesar does is amazing so these collars must be as well. If they don’t work we are out of pocket to the tune of $120. If they do work it will be a miracle, but desperate times call for desperate measures! I also subscribed to Cesars newsletters (had to get SOMETHING for our $120!) and the first one had a youtube video of subway dogs in Russia. These dogs get on the subway with everyone else and get off at the stops where they want to be. They cross at the green lights, they are amazing! The bit that I wanted to mention here was DON’T MESS WITH RUSSIAN WOMEN!”. Here’s why. There was apparently a subway dog that progressed to being a subway refugee and everyone loved him. A Russian fashion model had her handbag dog on the subway and this dog just happened to growl at dahling little flufkinz and the model pulled a knife out of her handbag and stabbed the dog dead straight through the heart! Now is it just me or is that seriously effed up! Stay away from Russian women all you lonely old dudes…you have been warned! (especially models, they are psycho’s!). I am off now to finish cooking Steve’s chicken pies for his dinner. Its just about 8.30 and he is pretty hungry so he isn’t going to be happy if I keep sitting here while his pies are burning! A great piece of kitchen kit is an electric pie maker. You heat it, you stick pastry in, you fill it, you put the pastry on the top, you close it and 3 minutes later you have delicious pies (or toasted sandwiches if you are clever like I am :o) and its great when you are running late as you get what appears to be something that took ages to make, on the table really quickly with minimal effort. I got mine from my mum years ago before I came to Tasmania but its one thing that I wouldn’t leave with the girls in town (sorry girls, I NEED IT :o). Have a great evening to all my subscribers and wanderers who just happened upon this blog by accident. You will very soon realise the error of your ways, but until then hopefully something makes you smile here and sends you on with your search a happier and more aware person. Nighty night all, off to snore on the couch…


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  1. athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for.
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 01:36:36

    I can’t stand coffee, love tea….started off drinking sassafras tea when I was young.
    Chris is a coffee drinking. Dairy is my downfall. We both love dairy. We are both lacto-vegetarian, meaning no meat or eggs. I used to love eggs.


    • narf77
      Apr 05, 2013 @ 04:03:03

      I ADORE cheese. It was one of my prior addictions and it was the hardest thing to give up when I went vegan. I started out vegetarian (after being unable to stand eating meat in my last pregnancy for whatever reason) 24 years ago and have been vegan for almost 16 years now. My equation is that cheese = a bigger bum and as someone who has had a massive derierre that wouldn’t fit through doorways in a prior life, I don’t want that again. Not for vanities sake but for my health. I had trouble just walking around and had constant knee pain and now I can walk as much as I like in all seasons and rarely have any pain at all. It is worth giving up cheese for that sort of freedom 🙂


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