The effects of stress

Steve and I are VERY different people. Totally the opposite in fact about a lot of things especially about the way that we think. I like to logically progress from one task to the next and Steve likes to careen about from one task to the next with total abandon. He is artistic and has the temperament to match. I am pragmatic and as such find it very hard to deal with manic thought processes. Combined we are very good at covering all the bases and we are both problem solvers so you would think that we would be able to work well together, one’s strength being the others weakness etc…


I can’t say how many times Emo Dog and El Chupacabra have headed out the back door with their tails between their legs thinking that they are just about to become orphans because ‘mum and dad’ are just about to exterminate each other. The only time that we work well is when we work on separate parts of our unit on our own. We have been working together today and we are stressed. Steve responds to stress by passing it on, manically racing around and by becoming extremely agitated and difficult to live with. I respond to stress by eating.
Steve + stress = weight loss
Fran + stress = Hippopotamus
I would just like to say to my lecturer at this point, that I have put on 5kg since we last met with him and that it’s either eat and relieve the stress or stay on my weight loss plan and have a mental conniption and be jailed for life as Tasmania’s only female serial killer. I have chosen to eat and remain married. You owe me a year’s membership to Weight Watchers Nick!

Its Steve’s and my aniversary tomorrow. We met back in October 1997 and endured a 2 year ‘long distance relationship’. Steve ‘visited’ on a 1 year visa from the U.K. as I had been married once before and we wanted to make sure that this was ‘for real’. At the end of the year we knew that we wanted to spend our lives together so we got married in the little church right behind where we lived at the time. Its been 11 years since then. Thats a long time for any marriage these days, let alone an internet relationship to survive. I can’t see Steve and I splitting up as I doubt that there is anyone out there that would be able to put up with either of us for very long to be honest. He’s mad, he’s infuriating, he races ahead when he should most probably stop and think but I wouldn’t change him for the world. I have never met anyone so caring and downright soft inside. ‘Normal’ people are often scared of Steve, but animals and babies (who react with their natural instincts) trust him implicitly, as do old ladies for some reason. He looks like Catweasel in this incantation but next week he will look totally different. I get the feeling that we were ‘meant to be’ because there is way too much ‘coincidence’ otherwise. Do you believe in karma? I do. I think that Steve and I are each others karma. If I keep telling myself that, I won’t push him off the deck next week when we are next tempted to get ‘stuck into studying’…..

Its raining for show day again Launceston. I remember living in Western Australia (over 5 years ago) and it ALWAYS rained on show day even though its hot over there and it was in November. Its murphy’s law and apparently I can plant my tomatoes tomorrow? Pity I haven’t got the garden bed ready yet and they are only 3cm tall and don’t have their true leaves yet. Everything seems to be growing really well at the moment. All of our ‘precious babies’ are growing leaves and are loving the sunshine. I feel so guilty about our potted plants. We are just about to pick up 1m3 of potting mix from Warratah and a bag of Basacote plus fertiliser so that we can repot our babies and allow them to grow in the way that they have become accustomed to. That is going to take a fair while to do and the thought is making me twitch as we have so very much to accomplish in the next month or so. Our potatoes are up and growing. We planted Purple congos…


Which make the most amazing  baked spuds and kipfler’s…

That are great for making potato salad and anything else that a waxy potato could be used for. I also bought 2kg of Pinkeyes. The only problem is that I have nowhere to plant them at the moment so they are sitting in Steve’s music room growing sprouts. Here’s what they look like when we eventually get them planted. They are apparently the most appreciated potato and deserve a place in anyones garden accordingly…

The chickens seem intent on digging them up and we should get out there and make a fence around them but thats one of the many things that we ‘need to do’ and that all have to get in behind our studies at the moment. A diploma is supposed to take 2 years full time to accomplish, but we have to finish it in 18 months as the curriculum is changing next year and our diploma will become superceded. Still valid, but superceded so we need to make sure that we are finished by the end of the year. We have been studying forever and I must admit to being somewhat sick of studying at times. Its not an easy course, but it is amazingly good for your ego to pass units that you never thought that you could possibly tackle. I would recommend study to anyone who is looking for a career change. Its not as hard or as scary as you would think that it is. Its actually fun sometimes (when you are not trying to hurl your 90kg husband off the deck because he is infuriating you so much…) and the sense of accomplishment that comes from actually completing all of the work that you need to do is amazing and gives you such a boost. Give it a go, its soul building.

I mentioned Steve’s music room earlier. Steve had his own successful business in the U.K. and taught rock guitar. He calls himself a “Rock Sensei”. He could teach the most tone deaf of people to play and enjoyed his career immensely. He now gets to play what he wants when he wants which has liberated him a lot. Steve has 11 guitars, 1 lap steel and a banjo. He’s got 2 marshall amps and all sorts of equipment to make him sound more like Jimi Hendrix than the average Joe. He’s not so driven with his music now as when I first met him, but now he plays for enjoyment and El Chupacabra loves to sit in the music room, going deaf when Steve decides its time to shake off the cobwebs. I feel so lucky to be living this life. Its not easy, but its satisfying at the end of the day to be able to sit back with a beer on our deck looking out over all of the work that we still have to do and know that we are doing something to feed our minds and souls is something that I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world. I love my life and am grateful every day that we have been given the chances that we have been given. Hopefully you all enjoy your lives like we do. If not, its time to take stock and really think about what is worth it, and what isn’t and shed those things that are holding you back. We only get to live once and so we had best get stuck into the living while we still are. This post is dedicated to Andy Ducker. A man that I didn’t even really know who lived in my little home-town Denmark in Western Australia. He died recently and was part of the ‘hippy revolution’ that turned Denmark from a mill down (wood) to a tourist destination. Thanks to people like Andy, who think outside the box, the world doesnt need to be seen in black and white terms and there are still (in his own words…)…

“Songs to be sung…dances to try and worlds still to see”.

I hope your just starting out in your next world Andy and that its at least as good as this one.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for.
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 08:02:24

    Definitely believe in karma. Chris and I have had past life readings and regressions. We both saw the same thing. You can see how things work out karmically. I hope we can get potatoes planted this weekend. We have started plowing the garden.


    • narf77
      Apr 04, 2013 @ 09:30:58

      “Things” eat our potatoes including the leaves. Even rhubarb leaves get scarfed here…Aussie native animals have cast iron guts! I can’t wait to see your spuds when they do eventually grow…at least SOMEONE I know can grow them 🙂


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