Daylight savings and cocktails on the cheap

Hi everyone

I must admit Daylight Savings has knobs on. I cant say that I was EVER a morning person but when you are getting up at what was 4.30am last week its very hard to tell yourself (while you are laying in bed in the dark) that its good for you and even harder to motivate yourself out of bed. We have found that we get a whole lot more done if we get up early and usually have the dogs walked (minimum 4km) before 8am and we are then ready to take on the world. Its just a pity that we are both fast asleep like nana’s by 7pm in front of the television. Its also a pain to remember that we are now ahead of our respective interstate and overseas relatives. My family live in Western Australia so thats another hour on top of the 2 hours ahead that we regularly are. To be honest, I think that Daylight savings is just a way to force us to get up earlier. Its along the lines of Denmark (the country) now trying to introduce a tax on saturated fat. Its just another way to make people tow the line. I have an amusing mental picture of people in back alleys shamfacedly buying butter…. Talking about Denmark the country. I wonder if anyone can tell me how a letter posted to my mother in Denmark Western Australia with the appropriate postcode on it, could end up going to Denmark in Europe? Another thing…how come it takes less time for a standard letter to get to Steve’s mum in the U.K. than it does to get to my mum in Western Australia?

We have spent the day working on our final unit of our Diploma of Horticulture. We are thinking about joining  The Australian Institute of Landscape Designers & Managers. Sounds wanky, but its a way to keep learning and to also keep on top of where we are going with our studies. We know that at our age (40’s) we are unlikely to get jobs in the industry but we have a solid grounding in business (we studied that first) and would like to put our knowledge to good use by starting our own business. I am an  idealist. I have been told that its not a good quality, but I think that sometimes its your ideals that get you  through when everything else deserts you and I would love to teach people how to do things for themselves. We all need to be taking our lives back and learning as much as we can about sustainability, growing our own food, living in tune with nature and teaching our children how to think for themselves and develop problem solving skills. Too many of us live lives disconected from the land where our sustenance comes from and should anything happen to that food chain, ask yourself “where would I be?”. Anyone can grow a windowbox of tomatoes or herbs and it doesnt take much more than that to significantly reduce your grocery bills and give your children some amazing life lessons. We would like to share everything that we have been learning for quite some time now and we just have to work out how.

Back to Cocktails on the cheap. I am currently drinking one. I have given it a name. Its an “Organic WTF”. Its comprised of 3 parts home made fizzy peach wine, 1 part pineapple juice and the rest home made sloe vodka. Its “interesting” to say the least, but its cheap and it gives you a buzz so thats alright by me! We collected the sloes from the hedgerows along the roads near Evandale. There are thousands of shrubs all covered in the astringent little berries. Sloes are a member of the plum family and seem to be mostly seed. I must admit to trying to eat one and losing all moisture from my mouth in the process. Not as awful as raw olives, but not particularly palatable. After a good couple of months soaking in vodka and then a second splosh in a bottle of port (as recommended by a reputable website) the berries are now quite tasty, having yielded their astringency into the vodka and port. The port is long gone (I dont like vodka much) but it was a very interesting exercise in how to make something for free. We went on to make home made blackberry wine using blackberries, sugar and bakers yeast which makes a perfectly acceptable substitute for brewers yeast and that delivered somewhat more of a kich than brewers yeast as well. We got the peaches from a local farm where the peaches have become somewhat of a liability to the Chinese people that purchased it. They are only interested in the cherry orchard that came as part and parcel with the peaches and so this year we were able to buy kilos of peaches at $1 a kilo at the height of ripeness. I have never tasted anything so nectar sweet in all my life and Steve (who is VERY fussy and doesnt like fruit as a rule) was eating them whole and making appreciative happy muttering noises whilst doing so. Its not hard to value add things and as mentioned previously, the internet is an amazing resource as is the local library. Go make yourselves the fixings for your own personal cocktail on the cheap (I have just about finished my organic WTF, sorry I didnt leave any for you….. :o)


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  1. athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for.
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 07:49:23

    Chris made wine a few years back, apple, blackberry, something else I can’t remember the name of, but it came from a tree along our driveway, and peach….the peaches we bought, and they weren’t organic, so I wouldn’t drink that one. Also, I think everyone loves fruit if they get really, really good fruit. There is a world of difference in freshly picked fruit from your own ground and something organically grown close by to that of transported fruit found in the grocery.


    • narf77
      Apr 04, 2013 @ 09:28:23

      You are certainly right there…we have a small orchard on the property that has been left to its own devices BUT the possums have had free reign for years and come every year to strip the trees of fruit and leaves. Next year they will be met by a complete net covering and a triumphant crazy woman hopping from foot to foot with joy 😉


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